Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 12 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 12

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 12

My heart is beating impossibly fast in my chest. The anxiety I was fighting off a few seconds ago is swirling in my stomach. I look away from Ryan and find myself staring at Blake.

He’s already staring. His piercing blue eyes burned through mine as we sat in silence. I fight the urge to look at Stacy, already knowing she was murdering me with her eyes. This will not end well.

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I could see him weigh his options, the internal struggle he was currently having. With a shaky breath I force out. ” Maybe I should go.”

I could feel their eyes on me. I made a mental note to kill Ryan for putting me in this position when we’re alone. Yes I wanted to kiss Blake so bad, but not like this. I wanted him to do it willingly, I want him to want me just as bad as I want him.

I get up to leave only to be stopped by the guy from earlier. “You can’t leave until the game ends. We’ve discussed this before, if you leave you get shaved bald.”

I snap my head to face him, feeling the color draining from my face.I sit down quickly. “You didn’t mention going bald if I decided to leave.” I said shakily. Why did I stupidly decide to play this game in the first place?

He smirks before shrugging nonchalantly. “Must’ve slipped my mind.” He then turns to Blake. “It’s either he goes bald if he doesn’t do his dare or you go bald if you decide to leave.”

I clench my fist. I love my hair, I’ll look like aunty Roro’s pet Bruno if I go bald. I’m having a battle in my head, weighing the consequences of what could happen if I decide to leave. But a familiar voice cuts through my internal struggle.

“I’ll do the dare.” Blake utters.

“What!!” Stacy roars.

“What?” I breathed out staring at him wide eyed. His blue eyes don’t show what he was really thinking. I was lost. Maybe he just doesn’t want to go bald.

He grins and gets up, completely ignoring his raging girlfriend. “It’s just a dare Stacy.” He says over his shoulder. I feel myself press my bum harder on the wooden floor. My hands are trembling and I push them in my pockets. Away from the view of everyone.

He’s close now. I crane my neck to look at him. He smiles before stooping down before me. His blue eyes are locked on my lips for a second and he brings his head impossibly closer. I give out a shaky breath, already feeling the tingle on my lips from what was about to happen.

“I can leave Blake.” I whispered as he reached over and pushes a tendril of my inky black hair behind my ears. His fingers graze the soft flesh of my neck sending a shiver down my spine by the contact.

A gasp escapes my lips and his eyes flicker to them. “I don’t think bald will look good on you Ley.” He teases and trails his hand to the back of my head. His long fingers find their way into the tangles of my hair. “Besides, I love your hair.”

His gaze darken as they focus on my parted lips. It felt like I had stopped breathing, stopped hearing as he swiftly drew my face towards his. I could only let out a shocked breath before feeling his warm lips mold with my own.

My eyes fluttered close as he pulls me impossibly closer, as if having my lips wasn’t enough. He sucked in my bottom lip earning a gasp from me. This wasn’t like the books I’ve read, this was way more intense.

I tried to mimic his movements, loving the way he nipped the flesh of my lips. I find my hands moving from my pockets to thread my fingers through his soft hair.

My mind is cloudy, unable to think of anything but him at the moment. The way he took my lips with his, it was like he couldn’t get enough, branding me, marking me until he was in my veins.

I couldn’t hear anyone around me anymore, I couldn’t think anymore. Everything was Blake and I loved it. His tongue snakes out and licks the seam of my lips. A tingle starts in its wake and I find myself parting my lips further so he could sneak his tongue in.

A sigh of pleasure leaves my lips when his tongue rasp against the smooth surface of my teeth to dip into my mouth. I could feel how wet I became, how damp my panties were by the way his tongue tangled with mine in a slow dance.

He tasted divine and by the groan that escaped his lips I could only hope that he was enjoying this just as much as I was. He pulls my head closer if it were possible and angled his head to allow his tongue to go in deeper.

It feels like an eternity until I feel him being yanked away from me. I open my eyes quickly to see Stacy dragging him away from me. “It has been two minutes.” She hisses glaring at him then me.

But he doesn’t acknowledge her, instead his eyes are focused on me. His darkened eyes dip to stare at my lips and a tiny smirk crawls on his face.

My eyes trail down from his heated eyes to his lips, loving the way it looked red and raw from my kisses. I did that. And I loved every single second of it.

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