Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 14 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 14

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 14

“Wake up!” Arden’s voice yells behind the closed door. He bangs the door three times before I hear his loud footsteps become a distant sound.

I sigh, turning over on my back and throwing the blanket off my body. After sneaking back in last night, I went straight to bed after changing into my pajamas. The events from last night kept replaying in my head.

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It all felt like a dream. A silly dream. There was no way that Blake kissed me like I was his. Or did we even kiss to begin with? I was starting to think that it was all a hallucination.

A tired groan left my parted lips as I got off my bed. My body felt tired, I felt tired. But of course today was school and if I don’t go, dad would be suspicious.

My bare feet tread over the cold floor as I make my way across my room. My fingers wrap around the door knob and turn. It opens simultaneously with Arden’s. He smirks, already dressed for school.

“Had a fun night?” Arden mocks before closing his door. His bag straps slung over his shoulder as he walked ahead without waiting for my answer. “Blake owes me fifty bucks by the way.”

With narrowed eyes I watch him disappear from my line of vision down the stairs. What time is it? I turn around and look over at the clock on my nightstand.

The time reads 7:15. A shocked gasp escapes my mouth and I’m left running into the bathroom to get ready. I’m never going to a party again. I scold myself. Never in my life was I ever late for school.

Slipping on my converse I make my way down the stairs. It’s oddly quiet, which is unusual for my family. By now Arden would be making some silly joke that I wouldn’t get and mom would be cackling with laughter while dad shoots her love sick eyes. Now that was our usual but not this sudden quietness.

I got closer to the kitchen with the strap of my bag slung over my shoulder. I’m entirely confused as I enter the kitchen. Mom has already placed breakfast on the table that I unfortunately wouldn’t get the time to eat all of it.

Arden’s head is bent low as he gobbles down his bacon while Dad’s eyes are set on me as I walk in. His sternness makes it all more uncomfortable. I nibble on my lip and walk in nearer.

“Good morning.” I greet and walk over to the table to pick up a slice of bacon and throw it into my mouth. I could feel Dad’s eyes on me and squirm already knowing I was in trouble.

“How was last night? Sorry I couldn’t join you but it would’ve seemed weird for a guy my age to tag along. Now wouldn’t it?” The words fly out of dad’s mouth.

I cringe turning to face him. His face is stony and I knew he wouldn’t keep it up for long. He never has, even though he tried. Dad was a softy for us and that’s his weakness.

“I’m sorry daddy-” I started, pushing the gla*ses up to keep it from sliding off my nose.

“What if something happened to you!” He rages calmly.

I snap my eyes to Arden. His eyes were already on me as he stifled his laughter. “You traitor!” I hiss.

He raises his hands up in surrender with a piece of bacon sticking out of his mouth. “Hey it wasn’t me.”

“Leave Arden out of it, though I’m disappointed he didn’t come to me when he saw you sneaking out.” Dad cut me off when I was about to argue. I crossed my arm and waited for the lecture.

“I saw you leaving with Blake last night. You’re not very good at sneaking out babygirl.” A smirk makes its way to his lips at the end of his statement. I groaned internally. Yeah I know, you didn’t have to tell me twice.

“Dad it was just this once, I promise to not do it again. ” And I meant it. Sneaking out was just not for me. Last night took a turn and I don’t think Blake and I’s relationship will ever be the same again.

I hated to admit it but last night shifted something between us. I just didn’t know if it was good or bad. I really hope the kiss didn’t come between us.

Dad’s eyes soften before sternness darkens his features. “Yes you’re right about it not happening again because you’re grounded for an entire month.” He says calmly. My eyes widen at his words. Grounded for an entire month?

“Asher baby.” Mom says for the first time since I entered the kitchen. She shoots me an apologetic look and turns to her husband.

She walks up to him and wraps her arms around his broad frame before burying her head in the crook of his neck. Even with his age dad didn’t seem to age much.

The only thing that would give someone a hint of his age were the tiny specks of white hairs that peppered around his hairlines.

You could barely see them unless you get near him enough to spot those ‘ugly losers’ dad seemed to call them. Mom rubs his shoulder before whispering something into his ear. He visibly relaxes before kissing her temples.

He turn to me before sighing. “Fine, you’ll only be grounded for a week.”

“Hey that’s not fair, if it were me you’d give me an a*s whooping!” Arden argues.

“Language!” Dad says sternly.” Now hurry up and finish eating so I could drop you guys off.” He finishes then reaches over and picks up his mug that I was sure was filled with hot coffee.

With mom still by his side he drags it to his mouth before taking a sip. Later regretting it when it had seemed to burn the tender flesh of his lip. “Shit!” He hiss and swiftly places the mug down.

“Language.” Arden mocks before plopping a bacon into his mouth. I laugh at the look dad shoots him and reach over for another piece of bacon.

Mom quickly goes to work, cooing at her husband as she dabs his mouth with a cool rag. “Oh baby, be careful next time.” She whispers. He didn’t want to admit it but I could see how he enjoyed being babied around by mom.

“Okay let’s go kids, y’all are late already as it is.” He says and grabs his car keys. “See you later baby.” He whispers to mom before giving her a chaste kiss that later turns into a full blown out makeout session.

“Oh god dad, you’ll have enough time to makeout with mom, let’s go before we witness y’all having sex.” Arden groans. I gasps at Arden’s crude words, feeling embarra*sed even though I wasn’t the one who said it. But before dad could scowl him, he’s already out of the house.

“He takes after you Asher, there’s no denying it.” Mom laughs before looking over at me. “Have fun today at school baby. But not too much fun.” She winks then giggles when I roll my eyes. Turning around I headed out of the kitchen and made my way outside. Another day in a hell hole.

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