Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 24

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 24

Dad’s back stiffen before he swiftly turns around to face me. His brows almost to his hairline as he regards me in shock. I couldn’t blame him, I never got into trouble, never caused it either.

But now hearing that his well mannered daughter was the cause of a fight that involved her brother was definitely not something he heard everyday. Mom leaves the boys and walks over to me. Her eyes portray worry as she brings me to her side.

The tears I blinked away a second ago now flowed freely, coating my cheeks with moisture. I sniffled as mom pulled me more into her embrace. “I’m so sorry daddy, I’m so sorry.” I cried as mom shushed me, brushing her hand down my lengthy tresses.

“It’s all my fault, I did something stupid at the party and I’m now paying for it. It’s not Arden’s fault, it’s mine, he was just protecting me like he usually does.” I said hoarsely. Dad’s eyes soften drastically before walking over to me.

“Mind telling us what you did Ashley?” Dad asked gauging for a reaction from his question.

Arden groans loudly, gaining everyone’s attention. “Dad leave her be, it’s not like she murdered anyone.” He rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and leaned back on the wall.

“Yeah like you almost had done?!” Dad retorts, not at all pleased. He then brings his attention back to me. “What did you do to cause a fight between Arden and his cla*smate?”

Arden snorts, yet again disturbing the conversation with his blunt indifference. “Dad you really need to relax the guy’s not dead.” He says boredly blowing out a fake yawn.

“Arden enough of your nonsense, you need to understand that what you did was wrong, stop acting like you did a good thing!” Dad hissed turning to glare at him.

“I was protecting my sister, I was protecting Ashley!” Arden roars, his blue eyes glared into Dad’s. “So I think it does count as a good thing.”

“From what? I need to know what you were protecting her from!”He turns to me, his expression a mixture of fear, fear from hearing what Arden was protecting me from. “Did anyone try to do anything to you, babygirl?” He says softly.” Did anyone touch you wrongly-“

My eyes widened in understanding at what he meant. He thought someone tried to sexually a*sault me.I could already see the gears in his head shifting as he planned to murder whoever tried to rape his babygirl.

“Oh God no dad, it’s not that, I swear!” I rushed out to put his mind at ease.

He visibly sags with relief. All the while mom is silent beside me, rubbing my back soothingly. I sighed and got ready to tell him exactly why I was the reason for the fight.

“Blake was dared to kiss me and went through with it.” I said hastily, almost incoherent but the shocked look on their faces made me know that they heard me perfectly clear.

“You kissed Blake!” Mom gasped pulling away to stare at me more clearly.

I nodded and tear my eyes away from them and stared at the wall. Too afraid to see the judgement in their eyes. “Everyone got to know about it and there are now rumors circulating the entire school that I’m a whore for kissing my best friend that is taken. The boy was saying nasty things to me and Arden went to fight him to shut him up. ” I finished off. Well was taken.

“Well I couldn’t say that I hadn’t seen this coming. We all knew this would happen sooner or later. Though I never bargained for it to be this soon. I would’ve really liked it if you were at least thirty.” Dad says in a surprising calm tone.

“Oh come on Asher, we weren’t thirty when we had Ashley, I say she should’ve done it sooner.” Mom giggles. My brows furrowed in confusion at their calm voices.

I don’t understand, aren’t dad supposed to argue with me for kissing a boy, even though it was Blake? And shouldn’t mom be on his side, agreeing with him that what I did was wrong? Why are they so calm about this?

“Why aren’t you guys arguing with me? Telling me I’m wrong and that you’re disappointed?” I voiced out my thoughts. Dad brows furrowed and mom looks utterly confused, like my question didn’t make sense at all.

“Why would we be disappointed? We could never be disappointed in you Ashley.” He says softly and turns to face Arden. “Neither can we ever be disappointed in your reckless brother.”

Arden smiles at his words. “Although tonight I’m making an exception.” Dad smirks. Arden’s smile falters, he rolls his eyes and starts walking away. “Dad, we’ll continue this bickering tomorrow, right now I’m going to sleep. I’m tired .” Arden says over his shoulder.

“You’re tired? I’m the one who had to defend their son a few minutes ago!” Dad yells after him.

“Potato patato.” Arden waves off disappearing up the stairs.

“Like I said baby, he takes after you.” Mom giggles as she sees dad’s frustration.

Dad turns to her and winks. “Should we try for another that will take after you? “

I cringe knowing where the conversation would lead up to. And that would be with me in mortification at their flirting while they took it up a notch and start to make use of dad’s words.

“So you guys aren’t mad?” I mumble softly.

“Why would we be mad? Ryn and I have been planning y’all wedding for years. Your dad’s paying by the way.” Mom says in honesty.

Dad’s eyes widen. “When did I agree to that? I don’t think Ace would even let me have the chance to anyway. The brute is too proud to let me do it alone. I think he’ll either agree to split it in half. He’ll definitely want to contribute-“

“Are you guys seriously planning my wedding right now? Blake and I aren’t even together! Like I said it was just a dare and I don’t think it’ll lead up to anything serious.” My voice grew soft at the end of my sentence.

“Wait what, y’all aren’t together yet?” Mom whispers sadly. I shake my head and stared at the floor. I couldn’t believe how this conversation turned from bickering about the fight to my relationship with Blake. Relationship?

“No we aren’t.” I breathed out on a shaky voice. “I told him we should not pursue anything-” My voice cracked at the end, not being able to finish from the emotion logged up in my throat, preventing me to.

“But isn’t this what you wanted baby? You’ve loved him for years. And I’ve seen the way that boy looks at you Ashley and he definitely loves you. ” Mom says softly, running her fingers through my loose inky black tresses.

Love me? Yeah right. If that were true he would’ve been with me a long time ago, instead he slept around with different girls until Stacy. The only reason he’s now interested was because we kissed. What would’ve happened if we hadn’t?

“It’s just that I’m scared.” I told her. It was partly true. I was scared but not what they think. I was scared that I’d lose him. What if we failed to make it work? What if it ruins our friendship? I rather have Blake as a friend and not have him at all.

“If it’s about those rumors, I’ve already planned to come to your school tomorrow to put an end to it. I’ll talk to the principal-” Dad says.

My eyes widen as I cut him off. “Please no dad, leave it be. They are just words, I can handle it. ” I rushed out.

“There’s no going around this Ashley, I’m speaking to that principal one way or the other.” He stated.

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