Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 61 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 61

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 61

Her hair is perfectly curled, not one strand out of place. Mascara thick on her lashes and the tiniest hint of a smirk curling at the corners of her lips as she turns to fully face me.

I’m breathing angrily staring at her. The feeling of anger and resentment has my fingers curling into a fist at my sides. “Lying bitch? Is that anyway to talk to Blake’s future baby mama?” Her eyes glint with mockery.

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I scoffed. “From what I just heard you’re not pregnant Stacy. Faking a pregnancy to get Blake back? That’s low even for you.”

She was bound to be caught sooner or later. She needed to know that her stupidity would only have humiliated her when everyone would know the truth.

She narrows her eyes and sucked her teeth.” I didn’t do this to get Blake back, I mean that would be a bonus. But not everything is about Blake Ley. I simply wanted you to feel the hurt I felt when he broke up with me for you. Out of all people he chose you.” She snarled.

I let my bag drop to the floor.
The girl beside her laughed like what Stacy had just uttered was the best joke on this planet. I felt fury envelop my form.

I hated that she made us believe her words, I hated that it had caused a strain between Blake and I’s relationship. And I F*cking hated that she kept calling me Ley.

So without thinking I lift my fist and jammed it straight onto her nose, just like how Blake taught me. Blood sputtered out followed by a loud nasily screech. A loud cry tore through the bathroom as Stacy stumbled back on to the bathroom counter.

The girl, who I’m not familiar with flinches back away from us in shock. Her lips parted and eyes wide from fear. Stacy quickly reaches up and tries to stop her nose from bleeding.

“You bitch!” She screeched, tears rolling down her face. Instead of feeling regret for breaking her nose I felt smug. I stalked up to her until we were eye level.

“Stay away from me and my man. If I see you anywhere near us, I promise that I will do far worse.” I whispered deathly.

She tensed in fear, her eyes widening in alarm when she noted that I was not joking. Seeing that she indeed feared me felt absolutely amazing, I did not care.

“Do you understand?” I asked, hostility dripping from my voice. She doesn’t answer, perhaps fear had clutched her so hard that she lost the ability to speak.

“Do you hear me!” I roared, glaring at her. She flinches back her eyes widening, before she nods quickly.

I nod. “Good.”

I backed away and put on a fake sweet smile. “Now go clean up that blood, you’re a mess.” I winked, picked up my bag and walked out of the bathroom.

Relief. That’s what I felt when I left Stacy there bleeding. Relief that she was not infact pregnant. Did I regret punching her? Not one bit. I smirked as I headed to my next cla*s, my spirits a little more lifted.

That was one problem out of the way.

Ashley Grey to the principal’s office now.

The annoying voice of Principal William rings through the intercom. Everyone turns to face me in surprise.

Okay that was probably the first time I had ever gotten called to the principal’s office. But damn couldn’t they mind their business?

Ryan raises his brow in question and shoots me a I need answers look as I got up to leave. I shrugged and mouthed later. I picked up my bag and made my way out of the cla*s.

Honestly he just saved me from sleeping through that boring cla*s.
As I made my way through the hallway I noticed that the girl who was in the bathroom with Stacy was just heading out of the principal’s office.

She smirked when I pa*sed her by. I only opted to raise my middle finger and sauntered over to the office.
Today I was annoyed and I quite frankly did not care that I was not acting like my usual self.

I opened the door, not that all surprised that Stacy was seated before him. Head ducked and tissue held up to her still bleeding nose.

“Sir you called me?” I asked innocently as I walked over to them and plop down on the vacant chair beside Stacy.

The office oddly smelt of fart and I wondered if it was principal William’s doing or Stacy’s. Either way, they both reeked of it.

He narrowed his eyes and leaned forward on his desk. “What is the meaning of this Ashley?” He nudged his head to Stacy who had not lifted her head quite yet.

It was good that the fan was on because if not, we all would be cooked inside of there judging by the closed windows. Did he ever let fresh air in?

“Sir I do not know what you are talking about.” I feigned confusion, looking at Stacy. It is at that moment she lifts her head and turns to stare at me. Her eyes widen and she quickly looks away.

He let out a low sigh like he was exhausted and turned to face Stacy. “Stacy care to say what you told me earlier?”

I crossed my arms over my chest and waited. It was a good couple of seconds when she decided to speak up. “Principal William, I was all but minding my business when Ashley came up to me and punched me-“

“I did?” I asked, slightly amused.

She stiffens, her hand that held the tissue shaking slightly. “Let her speak Ashley, I gave you your chance.” Principal William hissed in impatience.

I narrow my eyes. “Sir this is all a ploy. You know me, I could never hurt anyone.” I said in a very sweet voice.

What has gotten into me today?
“Didn’t I say let her speak?” He demands.

“But sir-” I protested.

“Silence Ashley!” He roars slamming his palm atop the wooden oak table. I flinched back and pressed my lips together.

He pinches the bridge of his nose and sighed. He leans back in his chair a second later and looks at us.

He then nods as if getting the answer to the most difficult question. “Stacy go to the nurses office to check the injury to your nose and as for you Ashley, go home.”

“What!” Stacy screeched. “You’re just going to let her off the hook like that!? “

He breathes out an irritated breath. “I am not letting her off the hook. Didn’t I just tell her to go home?”

He lips part in shock. “Sir this is barely a punishment!”

He narrow his eyes in annoyance.” Do you have a better suggestion?”

“Yeah! Like suspend her or expel her.” She suggested in a very high pitched voice.

I rolled my eyes, not interested in the conversation. If he wanted me to go home then I’d do exactly that.

“I’ve already expelled and suspended too many students for the year Stacy. I’m not expelling or suspending Ashley, who’s never been in trouble before. This accident will never happen again, is that right Ashley?” He turns to face me to gauge my answer.

I nodded half interested. “It will not happen again sir.” I told him half of the truth. If she annoys me again I couldn’t promise that I’d not punch her again.

He nods. “Good. Now you may leave.”
I nod, get up and walked out of the office.

“This is bullshit!” Stacy’s now distant voice screeched.

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