Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 65 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 65

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 65

I glare heatedly at Blake. “You caused this!” I roared walking up to him and punched him right on the chest. He staggers back startled, not expecting me to get physical.

“You just couldn’t keep your damn mouth shut!” I cried punching him again but now my hits were getting sloppy. He didn’t try to stop me. He stayed there peering down at me as I jammed my tiny fist on his chest.

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“You caused this.” I said weakly, sniffling.

He stops my fist and pulls me to his chest. Hugging me like my life depended on it. It probably did. His scent envelopes me as he brushes his hand down my back soothingly.

He didn’t speak, just stayed quiet while pressing me to his chest. I hear him let out a sigh. “I’m sorry Ley.” He grumbled above my head. I finally come back down to reality, removing myself from his comfort.

I peered up at him and glared. “Yes you better be sorry if my dad does something stupid.” I pull away from him completely and turn around to saunter over to his motorcycle.

I feel his confusion as I perch myself on the back of his motorcycle. I turn to him and arch a perfect brow. He stands there staring at me, gawking at me like I was the most beautiful woman on the planet.

As much as the thought had my heart singing in joy, I knew we needed to kill a lot of birds with one stone before I could feel comfortable enough to be free with him again. “Well aren’t you coming?”

He shakes his head like he had been in a trance. “Where?”

“We are going to follow my dad to Peter William’s house. Hopefully we get there in time.” I mumble the last part. I notice Blake still hadn’t moved.

“Well hurry up Blake! If my dad does something stupid, I’ll never talk to you again.” I hissed impatiently.

That got him moving because a few seconds after he had settled in front of me we were off. My hands wrapped securely around his torso as he sped through the half empty street.

I feel the blood rush down my face as I stare alarmed as dad proceeds to the William’s front door. He knocks and waits patiently while mom runs up to him, unsuccessfully tugging him away.

Blake slows down and parks beside the sidewalk. I hop off the motorcycle swiftly, barely caring that I almost fell as I run over to my parents. I didn’t care to look back to see if Blake was following.

I run up the stairs and help mom tug dad away. “Dad please don’t do anything stupid.” I pleaded as a fresh wave of tears built up in my eyes.

He turn to me, glaring furiously. It has me halting and gulping at the pure anger in his eyes. “I will not let that bastard go free. It’s bad enough that I could not have done something sooner. How do you think I feel that I heard this from someone else instead of my own daughter?”

I shrink back. “I’m sorry daddy-“

His eyes narrow. “Were you even going to tell us?”

He takes my silence for my answer and nods in disappointment. He uses the bat to knock on the wooden door. It rattles.

“Kain I know you’re in there! Open the F*cking door and bring your disappointment of a son with you!” He roars startling both mom and I.

“Asher baby, maybe you shouldn’t do that.” Mom whispered as dad went to knock on the door again with the bat. I was thankful that it had not pierced the wood or caused damage.

I feel Blake’s presence behind me. “I called my mom. She’s on her way.” He whispers to me. I wanted to feel relieved but then the door opens and reveals Kain William’s.

He glares up at my dad since dad was a few inches taller. “Grey, you have no business with my son.”

Dad snorts. “I have no business with your son, you say? Like how he had no business in trying to force himself on my daughter?”

I see Kain pale but he rights his composure. Something tells me that Kain knew of this encounter more than we knew. “My son have never seen your daughter before-“

“Bring out your bastard of a son out Kain! Stop F*cking talking for him. Come on, didn’t he think he was man enough to force himself on an innocent girl? So why is he acting like a pussy now?” My dad roared trying to enter the house.

Kain blocks his way gulping.” Be on your way Grey or I’ll call the cops.” Kain William’s warned.

Dad scowled. “Do you think I give a F*ck? Go ahead and call them and see who will be the one going to jail-“

“Leave my dad out of this.” Peter comes around his dad, pushing him behind him.

“So the bastard shows his face.” Dad grinned wickedly. He turns to face me, well behind me in particular. He stares at Blake. “Is he the one?” He asked Blake for confirmation.

“Yes, he is the one alright. The bastard that tried to force himself on Ashley.” Blake snaps behind me.

I had stayed frozen the minute Peter showed his face. How could I possibly think that I could simply forget about that day? Seeing his face triggered me. I find myself stumbling back more into Blake.

He clutches me tightly as if to rea*sure me that I was safe in his arms. I was safe with him. Dad turns back to stare at Peter, sneering.” I will make sure you pay for what you did to my daughter. I will ruin you until you gravel at her feet for forgiveness-“

“I did try to apologize to her!” Peter shout. He turns to me.” I tried apologizing to you.”

Did he think a simple apology would fix what he caused. The nightmares, the anxiety thoughts of staying alone? The feeling of being helpless? Did he really think an apology would save me from these things?

“Yet you’re stalking her and taking out photos of us like the perverted creep you are!” Blake sneers pulling me tighter to him as if to protect me.

Peter’s brows furrowed in confusion. “Stalking her? Taking out pictures? I did no such thing.” He says honestly.

A huge black jeep pulls up. It was very familiar and I wasn’t surprised when Blake’s mom and dad came out, walking towards us. We were all too occupied by watching Ryn and her husband come our way to notice that dad had gotten close to Peter.

A cry of pain pierce through the once silent area. I snap my eyes to stare in horror at Peter’s leg. Dad had managed to slam the bat on his leg and by the looks of it, it was broken.

“You may not have taken the photos but you still forced yourself on my daughter!” Dad yelled, getting ready to slam the bat again on Peter’s leg again but Blake quickly rushes to his side and halts it. Mom gasp in shock whilst I felt the air leave my lungs.

Peter falls down on the floor, clutching his injured leg as he cries in pain. “You bastard!” Kain William roared as he bent down to help his son.

“Asher Jesus christ man, I thought I taught you to hit them in the crotch first.” Blake’s dad says coming towards us with officer Ryn. She turns to her husband and glares. “You can’t say things like that in front of a cop Ace!”

“Babe it’s not like you’re on duty.” Mr Reed grumbles, helping Blake pull my struggling dad away from the injured boy.

“Yeah but I still saw everything and heard parts of it. You know what this means don’t you Asher?” She questions. I think we all knew. Dad would be arrested.

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