Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 67 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 67

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 67

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Ryan asked as I strutted over to the table. Blake’s back was faced to me as he ate. I didn’t want to come here and face him but I was so tired of being weak.

I needed to realize that a guy cannot have that much power over me even if that guy was Blake.

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So after crying my eyes out in the bathroom, I grew some balls and decided to swallow my feelings and face him.

Upon hearing Ryan’s question he turns around to face me, fry between his parted lips. I tear my eyes away from him not wanting to feel the pain again. I looked at Ryan and shrugged. “Nothing is wrong.”

Ryan raises a thick brow and drags his eyes down my body. It was not in a sexual way, just in curiosity.

“Try telling that to your red rimmed eyes and tousled hair. Oh and your empty hands without your lunch. ” He murmured unpleased that he didn’t know what had happened.

I suppose my hair was tousled because of my hands tugging at the tresses in anger earlier.

“I’m not hungry.” Was the only thing that left my lips.

“What’s wrong baby?” Blake asked when I reached beside them. I don’t answer him, instead I walk over to Ryan’s side and plop down on the empty chair beside him.

Baby? How dare he act like nothing happened.

My blatant anger and the way I completely ignored Blake had awkward tension zapping through the air. I hear him sigh as my eyes refuse to leave the table.

“Okay so what did I do now?” Blake asked.

I raise my eyes to meet his and glared heatedly. “You have the audacity to act like you don’t know why I am giving you the cold shoulder!” I spat.

His eyes widened in shock. “Baby I don’t-“

“Don’t call me baby!” I yelled. The cafeteria goes quiet and so does Ryan beside me. My breathing accelerated, my chest moving up and down quickly.

I see the surprise in his blue eyes and the love that swims through the orbs. It makes it hurt even more. My vision blurs and I fight to keep my anger at bay.”How could you?” My voice cracks as I look at him.

He opens his mouth to speak but I’m quicker than he is. “How could you kiss her? I saw you both in the cla*s.” I whispered in a broken voice.

Realization dawns on him. “I did not kiss her Ashley, she kissed me.” He snaps. “She wanted to talk about the stupid pregnancy. I decided to listen, next thing I know she’s pulling me towards her-“

“You didn’t pull away.” I noted angrily.

His jaw ticks. “If you had stayed a second again then you would have seen when I had pushed her away.”

“So what excuse will you have for not telling me about the kiss before I brought it up? Were you ever even going to tell me?” I asked, clenching my fist on my thigh. I needed to punch someone.

“You have a lot going on Ashley, I didn’t want to worry you over something so stupid. I was waiting for the right time until everything settled down a little.Stacy does not mean anything to me, not now not ever.” He voiced. “You’re the only one that means something to me Ley.”

Seeing that he didn’t ease me he sighs in pain. “I pushed her away as soon as my senses kicked in. I was not expecting her to pull off something like that. Not when we were just speaking about her doctor’s appointment.”

I snorted still not buying his words. “Doctors appointment for what? For a non existant pregnancy? Did Stacy even tell you that she was not actually pregnant?”

Everyone in the cafeteria was shocked at my revelation. I didn’t care if the nasty blonde was here, listening to me whilst I outed her lie. I looked around the cafeteria and a smirk forms on my lips at a squirming Stacy.

She sat in a corner, her nose covered in white bandages. Around her eyes were covered in red and purple. It was probably caused by her injured nose. I stood up, palms flat on the surface of the table.

“Did you not tell him that I was the one who broke your nose? No? Didn’t want him to ask what for?” I yelled glaring at her. The people around her scoot away as she squirmed in embarra*sment.

“You were the one who broke Stacy’s nose? Jesus Christ who is this bada*s and what has she done to my bestfriend?” I could hear Ryan ask beside me but I didn’t answer. Blake was surprisingly quiet, listening to what I was shouting at Stacy.

“Why don’t you tell him Stacy? Let everyone know how much of a waste of space you are. Tell them how you faked a pregnancy just to get back at me. Tell them how low you could get just to feel good about yourself even if it is just for a second. Tell Blake the F*cking truth!” I roared at the end, my nails digging into the wood. Everyone gasped, probably from hearing me curse.

Her eyes widen. “I-I-” She stuttered.

“I-I what?” I mocked.

Her eyes move from mine to stare at Blake. He’s already looking at her with a bored expression written on his face. “I’m not pregnant.” She finally confesses. He doesn’t look surprised by her revelation instead he rolls his eyes.

“I knew that already.” He snorts.

So he knew all along yet he still listened to her talk nonsense in the cla*sroom about a stupid doctors appointment?

Her eyes blurred. “I’m sorry Blake, I love you and wanted you back. I thought it was the only way. I love you so much.” She cried hicupping. Blake wasn’t the one to answer her, I was.

“Good because you two deserve eachother.” I spat walking around the table.

Hearing my words Blake is quick to stand up and blocks my path. I don’t peer up at him instead I leave my eyes on his white shirt. “What the F*ck do you mean Ashley?” He’s angry but I can’t find a bone in me to care.

“Move out of my way.” I mumble glaring holes into his shirt.

“No not until you tell me what you mean. ” He snaps blocking my way when I try to sidestep him.

I peered up and glared into his equally heated eyes. “You know exactly what I mean Blake. You knew she wasn’t pregnant yet you went to talk to her privately about a doctor’s appointment. Seems to me that you wanted her advances on you.” I spat.

His jaw ticked in rage. “Do you hear yourself right now? The thought of Stacy ever touching me again makes my skin crawl. Do you even know what doctor’s appointment we were talking about? “

I scowl. “I don’t F*cking care what doctors appointment y’all were talking about.” I huffed.

“I was talking to her about the appointment that would let me know if the baby was mine. Ofcourse I knew she wasn’t pregnant this is why I brought it up so she’d confessed before making herself more of a fool.” He snapped.

I narrow my eyes. “Somehow I find that hard to believe.”

His face morphed into pain. “Do you always think so lowly of me? Do you always have to run like a coward every damn time something gets serious?” He grits at the end when I showed indifference.

I blanched in shock. “Did you just call me a coward?” I gasped out.

“Ley-” He starts to apologize.

“Don’t.” I snapped. “Leave me alone and don’t follow me.” I spat side and side stepped him.

This time he didn’t try to stop me as I walked out of the quiet cafeteria.

I just needed to cool off, everything was just happening at once that I took it out on Blake. I just needed space to think. So with that thought, I took my bag from my locker and made my way outside of the school.

I needed to be far away from that school until I had a cleared head. The light breeze blew my hair back as I walked away from the school, away from Blake.

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