Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 69 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 69

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 69

This is how I imagined it to be if I were in an accident. Darkness, confusion and pain shooting behind my head.

My body felt heavy like I had drunk too much and now lost the ability to move my limbs.

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Through the pain and the numbness I could hear the closing of draws. Good then I was waking up. I forced my fingers to move, doing one at a time.

They felt stiff until I clenched them.
It is then I feel something wrapped around my wrist. It is wrapped so tightly that I am unable to shift my hands, only my fingers. It was digging into my flesh, certainly leaving a mark.

My lips part as I groan, forcing my heavy eyelids to open. My vision is blurry at first but it soon clears when I blink. The sight of the woman that seemed so harmless was in front of me smirking.

“Good you’re awake.” She smiles.

I pressed my lips together and tried to move out of the wooden chair she seemed to have placed me in. But my hands are bonded behind the chair and my ankles are tied together.

I stop struggling seeing that it is useless for now. “Why are you even doing this? I don’t know you.” I spit feeling my head pulse. Whatever she had in that cloth certainly did a number on me.

She raises a brow and bends until her eyes are at my level. “So you’re saying that Asher never mentioned me? I thought what we had was special?” She mocked then reaches over to pinch my cheeks.

I shake my head angrily not wanting her nasty hands on my face. “My dad never mentioned a senile person.” I glared. Maybe I shouldn’t provoke her.

She throws her head back laughing. “Senile? Darling I’m perfectly okay.” She sighs and gets up.

She trails a finger down my cheek and I immediately feel disgust. “You look just like your mom. Pretty and perfect. It’s no wonder all the guys go for y’all.”

I wrench away from her fingers as best as I could and glared up into her cold eyes. “Don’t touch me.” I snapped.

She smirks. “What, you rather Blake touch you huh? Like how he Fcked you in clas, in the bathroom and on the field?”

I felt the blood drain from my face as I peered up at her. Did she see us all those times? Was she the one who took the pictures of us? Was she the stalker?

“I took out pictures of y’all for memories. I sent one to you and your dad did you not get it?” She asked innocently.

If it weren’t for the evil glint in her eyes this lady could really have pa*sed for an innocent person. I did not answer her, not wanting to give her the satisfaction.

She looks up at her old wooden ceiling and sighed as if in a trance. “I remember your dad and I F*cking like that in school.” She giggles then looks down at me.

Her expression goes blank. But I see the rage in those depths. “Until your whore of a mother came into the picture.” She roars.

“So that’s it…” I drawled out realizing that I didn’t even know my captor’s name. She rolls her eyes. “Shelly.”

The name feels like it should ring a bell but it doesn’t. I nod keeping my face neutral. “Shelly, you’re still holding on to the past? From what I get, my dad left you for my mom and you still hold that resentment?”

I was trying to make conversation while twisting my hands behind me to get free. But it proves fruitless as the rope bite into my flesh.

She snorts. “Do you really think I care about your mom and dad? I simply want revenge for being sent to prison. They caused it. They left me there to rot for five damn years. Five years can really change someone. ” She bends down to my level.

“And I’m going to take pleasure in ruining their pretty doll of a daughter that’s really not so innocent like they thought.” She blows a kiss cackling when I shoot her a look of hatred.

“They’re going to come for me Shelly. I’m sure by now they notice I haven’t gotten home yet.” I hissed.

She laughs louder and motions to the counter top. I spot my bag and I feel nauseous. My phone was in there. She could’ve definitely unlocked it using my finger since I was unconscious.

“I don’t think they are worried since you’re helping Ryan with his studies.” She smirks. “Don’t worry I texted your boyfriend too. I think he’ll add more fun to our little game we have going on here.”

My heart pounds and lips grow cold.”You bitch, leave him out of this!” I shout on the verge of crying. I didn’t care that I was now cursing. Like she said I was not so innocent.

She widens her eyes in fake shock. “But didn’t you want him to join us? He seemed to be worried when I left the school. I got to say that the guy is head over heels in love with you. Too bad you ruin everything you touch just like your mom.”

Then she flips her hand away like the way she would do to a fly that was persistent on flying beside her.

“Anyway it’s too late, he’s on his way. He should be here any minute now.” She giggles and walks to a drawer.

I was in the kitchen and where she placed me I got a good view of the front door. Hopefully I’d be able to warn Blake before he enters. Though I highly doubted it.

She opens the drawers, her back facing me. I use that opportunity to open my mouth to scream. “Help! Someone help me! Someone please help me!” I screamed as loud as I could.

My eyes are still looking at her. She pulls out a black shiny object and my mouth slam shut right away. A gun.

She turns around with the gun in her hand and wiggles it. “Now, now none of that screaming darling. I’d hate to kill our fun so early.”

I feel cold. I knew she wouldn’t think twice to kill me. She was playing with me. This was a game. I just needed to play. “Blake will know something is up. I don’t come to this part of town. No one sensible enough comes around here.”

She rolls her eyes digging into the draw and pulls out a duct tape. “He simply thinks that you helped a blind old woman you met on the way to her home which happens to reside here. He sounded in a rush to come pick you up so don’t worry darling he’ll join the game soon enough.”

She walks over me with the gun and duct tape in hand. She places the gun on the counter and smirks at me as she tears a piece of the tap. “Look Shelly I don’t think your mom would like what you’re doing-“

She cackles. “Darling I haven’t seen my parents in years. I also blame your parents for that.”

So she lied about bringing pills to her mom? This also means that this psycho lives alone.

She then comes to me and places the tap over my mouth. My voice is muffled by the tap. I glare at her in hatred.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to pay them back for what they did to me. Because of them I couldn’t get a decent job, my parents disowned me and no one looked at me the same anymore. They ruined me. Just like I will ruin you.” She hisses.

Then she smiles and kisses my lips, the only thing blocking our lips from touching was the tap. Bile rose in my throat as I wrenched back.

“Now stay still little doll.” She grins and pulls back. She walks to the counter and clutches the gun.

The sound of a familiar motorcycle is loud as it nears the house. My heart races as sweat covers my skin. Oh Blake. Please don’t come. My eyes filled with water when Shelly walks up to the window and peeks behind the curtain.

She smirks pulling away and stares at me. “Looks like your loverboy is here. I need to get ready.” She almost squeals as she walks away and disappears god knows where.

I feel helpless as tears roll down my cheeks. I hear the motorcycle stop and I knew Blake must be coming over here. I shake my head trying to scream and fumble around to escape my coffins.

I feel dread cross my features when Blake’s voice calls out for me. “Is anyone here? Ashley?” He shouts. His voice was close to the door. I try to scream again pushing my tongue onto the tap to see if it could move. It doesn’t.

“Come in Blake, she’s using the bathroom. She’ll be back in a minute!” Shelly’s voice shouts from an unknown part of the house. I cried louder wanting him to hear me.

I push up on my feet, feeling that the chair rises a bit and slam back down. It’s loud and I really hope he hears it. The door opens and I shake my head furiously widening my eyes in alarm as Blake enters.

His blue eyes widen in horror when he sees me. “What the F*ck?” He roars and runs up to me in panic.

I shake my head shouting for him to leave this place before he gets hurt. But any sound I want to make gets muffled by the tap.

He quickly pulls the tap away from my mouth. I ignore the sting it leaves and shout. “Blake get out, leave me and call the cop-“

I didn’t have time to finish when the sound of a loud bang stops me. My eyes widen in terror and pain when I look down at the right side of Blake’s chest. Blood was already seeping into the material of his shirt. I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out.

His eyes wide as he stares at me in shock. “Ashley?” He calls out and falls to his knees as he gasps out in pain and looks down at his chest.

“Now why would you want to ruin my fun?” Shelly hissed entering the kitchen with the gun aiming at Blake and I. She shot him. She shot Blake.

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