Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 70 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 70

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 70

He groans in pain, his skin already turning a lighter shade. “Blake? Blake please stay with me.” I cried looking down at him as I twisted my hands to get free.

The ropes bite into my flesh yet I do not give up. With a shaky finger he touches his chest and pulls it away to examine the blood.

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He peers up at me, his face in pain. “I really wished I could’ve kissed you one last time before I go.” He gasped out. The blood was pooling around him.

I shake my head and sobbed louder. “Please.” I begged watching him grow weaker at the loss of blood.

” I love you Ashley.” His eyes rolled back behind his head and he slumped face first on the floor beside me. His body was so close to my feet yet I felt that we were at a distance.

My eyes widen as a loud cry leaves my lips. “Blake!” I scream looking down at his still body. “Oh God please please.” I choked out. I can’t lose him.

“Well that was romantic! Confessing your love before you die? Priceless.” Shelly cackles walking over to us. I glared at her, wishing that I could kill her just by staring.

“Stay away from him.” I roared. The chair shakes as I shift around.

Her face frowned into mock sympathy. “This must hurt to see your lover dying at your feet while you can’t do anything about it. Such life wasted.” She sighs and peers down at him.

“And here I was looking forward to playing with him.” She pouts.

“Leave him alone Shelly it’s me you’re after.” I snap.

She looks at me and smirks as she rises to her feet. “Too bad I won’t see you guys in action like I planned. I really wanted so badly to snap some more photos to send to your dear father.” She cackles.

My stomach drops understanding why she wanted Blake here. She would’ve forced us to have sex. She had lost her mind.

She peers down at Blake her expression changing to longing. My stomach rolls in unease not liking the way she looks at him.

“I was looking forward to getting a piece of that meat you love so much.” She looks at me and giggles.

“The way he F*cked you like his life depended on it was hot. I wanted to feel that piece of meat pounding into me too.” She sighs in longing.

“It has been so long since I have gotten a good pounding. I mean he must’ve been good for how he had you moaning so loudly.” She laughs.

Bile rose in my throat but I swallowed it back down. This was a game and I just needed to play my cards right. I needed to. I have to save Blake. The longer I listen to this crazy bitch the more he’s dying. I need to quicken.

So I schooled my features and stared at her with fake happiness”You can still have that. Untie me and let me fix Blake up then he’d be ready to show you how good he can be.” I whispered. I hoped she was crazy enough to fall for my words.

God I just needed to know if he was still alive.

Tears are still rolling down my cheeks as I thought of the possibility of losing Blake. I would rather die at his side than not fight to save him.

“Come on Shelly the longer we wait, the longer you can’t get what you want.” I try so hard to keep the resentment from my voice.

She sucks in her bottom lip and has the nerve to look like she was contemplating. “Do you promise you’ll not try anything funny?”

My eyes flicker to the gun and I shake my head. “You’re the one in charge, remember?”

She wiggles the gun and smacks her lip. “You’re right, I’m the one in charge.” She giggles. She really was sick.

She sighs then walks over to me, she reaches forward and puts some of my dark tresses behind my ears. “If you try anything dollface, I’ll make sure I send your body parts to your parents as a gift.” She laughs and blows a kiss.

I refrain from cringing. I just needed to play her game. Just better. “I won’t try anything Shelly. Just untie me so I can stop the bleeding so you can have him up and ready as soon as possible.” I let fake innocence leak from my voice.

She nods and bends down to untie the bonds that restrained my feet. I wanted to kick her in the face and hope to break all her teeth but I thought better of it.

She had a gun and she could kill me in an instant before I even get to Blake.

She stands up and then goes around me.

“Those ropes are pretty tight huh dollface?” She questions. I hear her dig into the drawer behind her then feel the sharp blade of the scissors as it cuts the rope.

I don’t linger on the feeling of relief when the tight ropes fall away from my wrist. Immediately I fall to my knees beside Blake hugging his back as I cried into his shirt. I didn’t care that his blood was soaking my t-shirt.

I press my finger to his pulse and relief washes over me. He still had a pulse which meant he was still alive. I cried of relief kissing his cheek. I bring my lips to his ears.

“I promise I’ll get help baby. Stay in there. I love you.” I whispered for him only.

“Okay okay enough with the love shit. Hurry up, stop the bleeding so he can awaken for our fun.” Shelly grumbles.

I bite my lip so I’d not tell her anything she’d not like. I nod pulling away from Blake and lifting up his white shirt. Tears filled my eyes as I saw the wound. It was bleeding nonstop and I was afraid it was fatal.

I turn to Shelly. “I need alcohol and something to pull out the bullet that is still in there.” I needed alcohol yes but there was no bullet in there.

It went straight through his flesh. I just needed her to leave us for a few seconds so I could come up with a plan.

“I have alcohol dollface but I don’t have anything to take out a bullet close by. Use your fingers to pull it out.” She said as I heard her open a draw.

I look up at my bag that I knew my phone was still in. I hear her walk over to us, her footsteps stopping in front of us.

I looked at her as she placed the scissors on the counter. Then outstretched hands that held the bottle of liquor.

“Well aren’t you going to take it?” She teases, shaking the bottle.

My eyes flicker to the gun she still held in her hand.

I needed to get Blake to a hospital soon. I was not going to lose the guy I loved because a maniac decided she wanted revenge on my parents.

I reach up, grasp the bottle and without giving her a chance to think, stand up and push my body roughly to hers. The bottle falls and scatters on the floor. She gasped in shock as she stumbled into the draws.

I raise my fist punching her square on the face like how Blake taught me. I hear the gun fall to the floor with a clink. I continued to punch her anywhere I could.

I hear the satisfying crack of her nose as I slam my forehead on the delicate bone. “You brat!” Shelly screeched trying to fight me off. There is no hope for her, I was not only fighting for my life but Blake’s. I will not fail him.

I feel her nails scratch the surface of my face as she claws at it. I don’t give up pummeling her until she gasps out in pain. I grunt when I feel her fingers enter my eyes temporarily blinding me as I stumble back into a draw.

My palms search at the back of me as I blink to clear my vision. When my vision clears Shelly is already aiming the gun towards me. My fingers clutch the handle of the scissors behind me as she pulls the trigger.

My eyes widen in shock at the intense pain in my abdomen. I feel air leave my lungs and my eyes quickly dart towards Blake. I promised him I’d get help. I will not fail him. I cannot give up on our freedom.

I clutched the scissors tightly and with all the power I could muster I ran towards her. Her eyes widened, not expecting me to still be standing. She raises the gun again but doesn’t have time to pull the trigger before I plunge the scissors into her stomach.

She gasps, dropping the gun as I pull the scissors again only to plunge it back into her flesh. I cried in pain stabbing her over and over as she clings to me. “I-I” She gasped slumping to the floor as I pulled out the scissors that gleamed with blood.

I stared at her lifeless form as I clutched my stomach where I currently was bleeding out. My vision is blurry as I walk sloppily to my bag and dig through it until I retrieve my phone. I quickly began to dial 9-1-1 as I felt my body weaken.

“9-1-1 What is your emergency?” The woman asked. I put her on speaker as my lips part to speak.

“Please send help.” I whispered weakly feeling my tongue grow heavy as I found it now difficult to breathe. I gasps slumping to the floor.

“Ma’am your location please?” She asked frantically as my vision turned to nothing but darkness.

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