Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 71 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 71

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste by Demiah13 Chapter 71

“Did it slip the captain’s mind that I have a toddler waiting for me at home? I can’t work overtime.” I grumble as I bring the cup of coffee to my lips.

God I needed that bitter sweet liquid.

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“I don’t think captain Steffen cares.” Nate snorts, kicking up his feet on the white desk.

I rolled my eyes, placing the cup down on the surface of the desk.

“He should care because I was the one who made it possible for him to become the captain that he is today.”

It was true. I was selected to become the next captain of the department but I turned it down. All for one reason, my family.

If I had taken that role I would not be able to spend much time with them as I wanted to. My family is my life, I can’t stay long without them.

So I turned down the role and recommended Steffen. Who happened to turn out to be an a*s.

“Officer Waters there’s a call for action at Willow street.” One of the new recruits ran up to us.

I groaned staring at the ceiling. “I swear that area is the devil’s spawn.”

I turn to stare at the younger man. His sandy blonde hair cropped short, brown eyes wide with alarm. He looked comical but I refrain from laughing at his expense.

“Anything else we need to know before we go there?” I questioned opening the drawer to pull out my gun. Nate does the same as he stands up.

Otis shakes his head. “They did not give much intel, only that it was a young woman calling for help.”

“Do you at least know the exact destination of the crime?” I asked in a rush.

“The 911 woman said it was house number 223. That’s what she got when she tracked the number that called.” He informed.

I nodded and quickly pushed the gun in my duty belt. “Must be some poor girl who got harra*sed by the many criminals lurking around this part of town.” I grumble.

“At least this time the girl had time to call for help. Remember last time?” Nate asks as we run outside the building.

I cringed remembering the poor girl we found dead on the road bare. She had been raped and battered. The lad who found her was too late, she had been dead hours ago before he saw her.

“Don’t remind me.” I grunted opening the car door and sliding in.

Two ambulances. That’s the first thing I see. I tear my eyes away and open the door.

“Looks like they’ve gotten here before us.” I nudge my head to the many police cars littered around the area.

What the hell happened here? Whatever it was, it was extreme.

Nate and I continue walking ahead until something familiar caught my eye and has me halting. My blood grows cold as I see the motorcycle I gifted my first son Blake. My heart pounds as I whispered to Nate.

“Please tell me that’s not Blake’s motorcycle?” I croaked to Nate. Blake had spray painted his name at the sides and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

“F*ck it is!” He curses. My eyes snap to the old house when the paramedics roll out what seemed to be a dead body on a stretcher.

“Ryn, shit you can’t just run into-“

I was already running towards the medics not taking heed to Nate’s words. “You can’t go in yet.” Another officer shouted as I run past him.

I don’t care. I need to know if this is my son under that white cloth. “Is that my son, is that my son?” I rushed out to the medics not realizing I was already crying.

I stopped the move of the stretcher and peeled off the white cloth. Black hair. A sob rack over me until I peel off the rest. I sighed. It was a woman.

“Is there a boy inside there? Dark haired boy?” I asked one of the female medics in a rush.

“Yes there’s a bo-“

She doesn’t have time to finish as I run into the house. My stomach churn with unease and my chest gets heavy with anguish. There lies my son, soaked with blood as they place him on one of the stretchers.

“Blake.” I whispered not believing that it was indeed him. I hear a shout of protest then feel Nate’s presence beside me.

“F*ck.” He whispers painfully when his eyes drop to Blake.

I moved my eyes away from him to see that the medics were placing a dark haired girl on another stretcher.

I couldn’t exactly see her face right now because of the woman blocking me but I just had an inkling feeling that she was the one who called for help.

I walked up to my son, my heart growing heavier as I near him. “Is he still alive?” I croaked when I reached beside him. I blink to clear my vision.

“Yes but his heartbeat is faint. Please ma’am let us do our job and get out of the way so we could get him to the nearest hospital.” A man answers.

He was right, my baby needed the hospital. I nod and clutched onto Blake’s hand, clenching it tightly.” I am here son, mommy’s not going to let anything happen to you.” I cried then let him go.

I watch as they rolled him out of the house,Nate crying when they rolled Blake past him.

“We need to get this one to the hospital as quickly as we can because she’s going in cardiac arrest.” A medic shout beside me. I quickly turn to the injured girl and my face instantly turns ashen. Ashley.

I need to call Ace and especially Asher and Lily. Oh God what had our kids gotten into?

I quickly walk outside to catch up with the medics. “Call Ace and Ashley’s parents. Tell them what has happened. I’ll meet you guys at the hospital , I’m riding with my son and Ashley.” I told Nate over my shoulder.

I didn’t care that I was still on duty and was needed at the scene. My family came first, my son came first before my work. I rather get fired than not being beside my son while he fights for his life. Whoever did this to them will pay.

“I’m riding with my son.” I told one of the medics as they placed Blake at the back of the ambulance. He doesn’t look surprised.

“Sure.” He answers even though I had already entered and sat down beside Blake.

A few seconds later they rushed in Ashley beside him. I refrain from clutching Blake’s hand, not wanting to get in the paramedics way.

“Do everything in y’all power to save those kids. Please.” I practically begged as they rushed to use the defibrillator on Ashley as she flatlined.

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