Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-1

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-1

There was always something I loved about spring. Whether it was the soft smell of the new blooming flowers or the way it always reminded me of a new beginning.

And today was for sure a new beginning. I was getting married to the love of my life.

“Okay Ash, you need to take a deep breath and calm down.” Rosalie urges while helping me tie the small white silk ribbon around my waist.

“I’ve never seen you so nervous.” Kimberly stated brushing her fingers through my curls.

I laughed nervously and looked at my reflection in the mirror. “Can you blame me though? I’m getting married.” It still felt unbelievable, unreal, like I was dreaming.

“I’m getting married to the love of my life.” I breathed out.

I still remember the day when Blake had gone down on his knee and proposed to me. I thought I couldn’t love him more but that day, I was proven wrong. Seems that everyday I spend with him, I fall more deeply for him than I thought I could.

After he had proposed and we went inside the house I had grown up in, we had gotten the cold. We were sick for five days, wearing the least pleasing clothes to keep us warm.

But we suffered together and dare I say it I loved every single second of it. That was a year ago. I had now since graduated from university while Blake had come back from being deployed a month ago.

My green eyes scan my features through the mirror, the way the lace wedding dress fit me snugly like a glove complimented my figure . It was my mom’s own, the one she wore when she married dad. I blinked back the tears. I looked beautiful.

“Blake’s going to die when he sees you.” Rosalie laughs moving away from my back when she was done.

“I hope not.” I laughed and they joined in.

The door opens and we snap our eyes in the direction. Mom’s teary smile greets us as she rushes to me with open arms. “My baby is getting married.” She cries and pulls me into her arms.

“Hey careful there Mrs. Grey it took hours getting her hair to perfection.” Kimberly jokes.

Mom laughs and pulls away. Her palms reach up to touch my face. “You look beautiful baby.”

A soft smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. “Thank you mom.”

“Did you have to grow so quickly?” She sniffles and wipes the skin underneath her eyes.

I swallow the lump in my throat, forcing myself not to cry. “Don’t cry mom or you’ll make me cry.” My voice cracks from the emotion.

Mom nods and giggles happily before turning to Rosalie. “Arden’s been looking for you Rosa.”

Rosalie visibly stiffens before straightening her stance. “I couldn’t see why he possibly wanted to see me.” She murmurs and turns away from us.

Rosalie and Arden have not spoken for an entire year. I know Arden has been reaching out to her but she refuses to see him.

As much as I see where she was coming from, I couldn’t help but think that she was making a mistake.

Those two couldn’t be more different, yet when they were together it was like they were one.

They suit eachother and everyone could vouch that they are in love. Even though they were broken up, the love was still there.

“He looks desperate.” Mom continues then stops when Rosalie looks uncomfortable. Mom sighs in defeat.

“I don’t care.” She waves off but when she turns back to face us, her cheeks are tinted with a fiery red. Honestly it was exhausting to see her fight this. She no doubt wanted Arden back as much as he wanted her.

“Where’s Avery?” I asked mom trying to get the attention away from Rosalie.

Avery was my flower girl while Giovanni was the ring bearer.
Giovanni was aunty Daisy and uncle Niall’s son who’s four. He was the only child since aunty Daisy had struggled to conceive.

“She’s with your dad. She’s more excited than you are, almost like she was the one getting married. Poor Arster has been hiding from her because she’s calling him her husband.” Mom giggles.

An amused chuckle slips past my lips. Avery had a huge infatuation with Blake’s younger brother, Arster, who’s five years older than she is. Poor boy always seems to disappear when she is around.

“Those two are definitely going to end up together in the future.” Rosalie laughs.

I chew my lips. “I don’t know, Arster always runs away from her when she is near.”

Kimberly snorts. “That’s how those young boys act at first until they can’t help it anymore and drop their ego.”

We all laugh at Kimberly’s words. The door opens again and Aunt Rose enters in followed by aunty Daisy and grandma Ivory. They gasp upon seeing me.

“Wow.” Aunty Daisy breathes out.

“Pinch me.” Aunty Rose whispers staring at me wide eyed. Grandma Ivory reaches over and pinches her shoulder.

Rose hisses jumping away. “Ivory did you have to pinch so hard!” She complained.

Grandma Ivory shrugs and comes over to me.” You look lovely, just like your mom in that dress.” She praises and kisses me on the cheek when she is near.

“Thank you grandma.” I whispered.

“You’ll give Blake a heart attack that’s for sure.” Aunty Rose laughs.

“Why does everyone think Blake will die when he sees me?” I laugh.

“Don’t worry I’ll make sure to save him.” Aunt Daisy winks.

She and uncle Niall had recently moved here since she had transferred to the hospital in this town. She wanted to be closer to family.

“I don’t think I will be able to let you go.” Dad cries when we start to walk towards the large double doors. I was nervous, my heart beating like a drum in my chest.

I held on to him tightly because honestly he was my strength. I was afraid I’d fall. I turn to him and smile sadly.

“You’re not giving me away completely dad. I’ll always be here. Don’t forget you’re the first man that ever loved me.” Tears blurred my vision as my voice cracked.

“Is it bad that I want to kidnap my own daughter and lock her up in a tower?” He grins, tears rolling down his cheeks to his stubble jaw.

My eyes narrow playfully. “It definitely is.” I grin.

We hear the double doors being opened followed by the soft music. It was time. I straightened my posture and took a deep breath.

“I have you babygirl.” Dad promises as we start to walk towards the aisle.

Nerves, like tiny needles race up my spine as we near. I could already see the guest standing up, waiting for me to finally be in their view. I gulped and clutched unto dad more firmly.

And there he was, waiting for me by the altar. His hair had grown a bit from the last time he was deployed. His blue eyes glistened with adoration as he spotted me. He stood taller leaving his eyes on me like he was in a trance.

Ryan, Arden and Liam stood beside him, his three groomsmen. Blake sucks in his bottom lip like it would help him from crying. His eyes held my own in a trance and just like that the world slips away and it was just us two.

And before I knew it dad was already handing me to him. He whispers something to Blake that has him gulping and nodding quickly. Blake clutches unto my hand like his life depended on it as he smiles.

“You look beautiful baby.” He breathes out. My heart thuds as tingles zapped from where his palm touched my own all the way to my toes.

A blush coats my cheeks when the entire room awes. “You don’t look too shabby yourself.” I smile. He grins, blinking back tears. We turn to the minister as he begins the ceremony.

A couple of seconds later and it was time for us to exchange our vows. Giovanni presents the rings. Blake goes first, breathing nervously as he stares at me in pure love.

“There’s a saying that when you trip over love, you can easily get up but when you fall in love it’s impossible. You’ve made it impossible to get up Ashley Grey. You’ve been the one for me since then and you are even more now. I’ve loved you for ages, needed you like I needed the very air we breathe. I feel complete when you are near and incomplete when you are at a distance. I will not promise to stay together until we are old and grey because we will stay together even in the afterlife. I will fight your battles with you, cherish you like you are the last woman alive, show you how much you mean to me for the rest of my life. Because I promise you this, I promise to lay the very heart you had captured a long time ago in the palm of your hand. I give you me. All of me. And no matter where life takes us, know that wherever you are, it is where I am meant to be.” He finishes off with a whisper and slips the ring on my finger. His hands trembling as he do so.

My heart squeezes as tears roll down my cheeks. I open my mouth to speak. “Blake there is no denying that I love you with my entire being. You’ve shown me what true love is, you’ve shown me how to be loved. You had captured my heart years ago. I was young back then thinking it was impossible for you to notice me. But you showed me that you’re not like those stereotype guys, you were more than that. Not only are you my bestfriend but my lover. I promise to always stay by your side in sickness and in death. We will never part for you are my anchor, my strength and the man I cherish. I love you Blake Reed and I give you all of me.” I whispered in a broken voice.

Blake sucks in a sharp breath. I breathed out shakily as I slipped the band on his finger.

The minister smiles. “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride.”

Blake quickly removes the veil. “Finally.” He whispers and fists my hair before drawing my lips to his in a soft tender kiss, like it was the first time. “I love you.” He whispers when we hear the cheers.

“I love you too.” I smile on his lips as he nibbles my bottom lip.

“Forever.” He rested his forehead on my own.

“Forever.” I whispered.

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