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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-11

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-11

It was not easy. No it definitely wasn’t.

I stared nervously at Blake who sat across the counter. He wore a grey hoodie and grey sweats as he sat on a stool. He had his elbows on the counter while pressing his hands to his face.

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He had just woken up, told me morning and had sat there for more than a minute exactly like this. Maybe he was waiting for me to make breakfast. I cleared my throat. It was time to put my plans into action.

“You’re hungry right?” I asked and cleared my throat again when I thought I sounded a bit too high pitched. I was terrified of being rejected.

He moves his hands away from his face and stared at me like I was an alien. “Well judging by how it’s morning and I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon then yes I am hungry.” He states.

I cringe inwardly. I had not made dinner for him lastnight, or myself. Crap this was not how I win over his heart again. He must be angry at me for leaving him hungry.

“Sorry I didn’t make dinner lastnight, I was-“

“Crying?” He cuts me off with a raised brow.

His blue eyes travel from my eyes down to my lips then back to my eyes again. Something flickers again behind the blank look in his eyes but yet again I am too slow to read it.

My cheeks heated up with an embarra*sing blush. “How did you?” I drew out. I lift to tuck my messy hair behind my ear.

“I heard you.” He says staring at me.

“You’re not very quiet when you cry.”
I send him an awkward smile and drop my eyes down to stare at the counter. Hmmm didn’t realize that there was a tiny stain.

“Hey don’t be embarra*sed. Seems to me that I loved it judging that I married you.” He was trying to ease the awkward tension. Loved. I try not to read too much into it.

I lift my eyes to him and cracked a smile, giggling slightly. It made him crack a tiny smile also, “Well you didn’t love when I cried, said it hurt you. But you did love my laughs, told me it turned you on.” I joked.

His smile drops and he looks away from me. I see the pain reflected in his eyes before he turns away. “Sorry I didn’t mean to say that. It’s a bad habit for us to tease each other.” I rushed out. My throat felt tight.

He turns back to face me, eyes now full of curiosity. “Did I make you happy?” He clears his throat and I spot a tinge of red crawl up to his cheeks and settle there. “Like were you happy to be with me?”

My heart pounds as I avoid running over to him and just kiss the living shit out of him.Slow Ashley, take things slow. I nodded and smiled happily. “I do, I’m always happy with you Blake. Nothing has changed.” I stated, honesty dripping from my voice.

His eyes drop to stare at the counter top. “I’m sorry that I can’t remember you or that I have been giving you a bad time from the moment I woke up from the coma. It’s just that, I don’t know who I am anymore. It feels like I’m missing a whole part of me.” He murmurs.

He looks up, eyes shining. “I’m sorry that I made you cry.” He apologizes then cracks a smile. “You were right about me not liking when you cry. I can’t explain it but I don’t want to see you upset anymore.”

He then sighs.” I can’t remember you Ashley but I promise to try and regain my memories. I owe this to myself and to you.”

My heart warms and my belly does a somersault. “You don’t have to apologize to me Blake what happened to you wasn’t your fault. Neither was me crying your fault. I’ve been emotional for a few weeks now and what happened to you only made me finally crack. So you could say it was a disaster waiting to happen. “

He sends me a small smile, one that didn’t reach his eyes. I cleared my throat. “So how about breakfast? I know a great diner we loved to go to when we were teenagers. They make the best burgers. Maybe it could bring back some memories?” I asked, crossing my fingers by my sides. I was grateful the counter was blocking me.

A crease grows between his brows as he stares at me in confusion. “Burgers for breakfast? Which diner is that?” He seemed a bit interested. Good.

“Belle’s and yes we always loved to eat there in the morning. You don’t remember it?” I asked a bit saddened. This was a huge part of our teenage years.

He shook his head. “No, I remember always eating breakfast with my parents. I don’t remember a diner at all. Austin would always come over at my place to play video games-“

“It’s Ryan, remember? And you hated video games.” I sucked my lips between my teeth. It was like his brain created an entire different life for him. One where I wasn’t in it.

He presses his lips. “I did?”

I nodded. “Yeah you loved boxing instead.”

His eyes widen, brows raising. “Boxing! Was I good?”

I cracked another smile. “Yes you were in fact you were the champion. Everyone who got in the ring with you feared you. You were that good.” I giggled.

He throws his head back a bit and laughs. It’s loud and sends pleasurable jolts through my stomach. I love his laugh. I clench my thighs together. I needed to take things slow. We were still strangers.

When he stops laughing he focuses his attention back unto me. His blue eyes twinkle with laughter. “I was that good huh?”

I laughed. “Okay cocky Reed. Come on, let’s go to that diner. I am famished and could eat a whole cow right now.” I joked, turned around and start to the door.

“A whole cow! I would love to see that. ” He laughs and heard his footsteps behind me.

I reach over to the table beside me and grasp my car keys and purse. I tried to act cool and collected at hearing how easy going he sounds right now but inside I was a mush.

He was warming up to me. And that gave me hope.

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