Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-12 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-12

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-12

“So this is Belle’s?” Blake murmurs and scans the small dining area.

It was early but there were some lingering teenagers around. Seems this place is still a hot spot to come before school begins.

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“You know I’m surprised you don’t remember it. We came here mostly everyday. Scratch that you and Ryan dragged me here mostly everyday.” I laughed softly and slid into one of the empty booths.

Blake lips part into a small smile.” Really? Who held the feet and who held the shoulders?” He jokes sliding into the seat opposite to me.

His elbows come to rest on the counter and his chin settles on top of his opened palm. His brow raised as he awaited my answer. He smirked when I rolled my eyes.

“You both dragged me by my feet. My poor body had been dragged like a dead body, no scratch that, like a sack of potatoes. You guys were merciless.” I joked and wiped a fake tear underneath my eyes.

Blake laughs his eyes flashing. A swarm of butterflies make my stomach their home and everything stops around me.

My green eyes zone in on his lips that parted as he laughed. I trail my eyes up and almost sucked in a breath at the way he looked at me.

Was I imagining it? Was I imagining him staring at me in adoration?
“Earth to Ashley.” His voice has me jolting back to reality.

This is what he does to me. When he’s beside me I always think we are the only two people in the room. Even when he doesn’t remember me my feelings have not changed.

I shake my head and send him an embarra*sed smile. “Sorry I might have zoned out for a little.” I confessed and tore my eyes away from him to stare at the salt on the red table.

“That’s fine.” He says lowly as if knowing what had been on my mind. My cheeks heated up as I tucked my messy hair behind my ear.

“So uh.” I started still keeping my eyes trained on the table. I felt awkward.

How can I start a conversation with my husband that doesn’t remember me? Should I tell him that he forgot to put the toilet lid down before he had left for deployment? Probably not. He wouldn’t have remembered anyway.

“So.” Blake drawls out.

“Here you guys go.” A sweet feminine voice murmurs. A menu is placed before me on the table and one is placed before Blake. “Let me know when you guys are ready to order.”

I look up and I’m instantly stunned. Her hair had been dyed in different colors, shocking colors of red, yellow and blue. It suited her. Piercings littered her face and I internally cringed. That must’ve hurt like a bitch.

“Well I’m feeling for some hotdog and fries. Oh don’t put the ketchup on the fries, put it on the side please.” Blake speaks and his words had leaves me speechless.

“Oh wait and do you guys have a large banana chocolate milkshake?” He questioned the waitress while I just stared at him open mouthed.

“Yes sir.” The pretty waitress responds as she writes down on her notepad.

“Great! Then I’d have that please.” He smiles. My insides melt at the sight. Does he still have to be so handsome even with bruises on his face?

“Ma’am did you make up your mind yet? Or do you need time?” The waitress asked politely. I shook my head, my eyes still wide as I stared at Blake.

“Just give me the same as him please.” I whispered. I was surprised she heard me.

“Okay I’ll be back with y’all order in a few minutes, in the meantime do any of you want a gla*s of water?” She asked. I shook my head no while Blake murmurs no.

The girl leaves us and Blake’s eyes snap to mine. His brows furrowed in confusion. “What?” He questions, his blue eyes scanning my features.

“Why do you have that cute startled look etched on your face?” He waves his hand and then his eyes widen as if just realizing what he had called me.

My heart accelerates to an uncontrollable speed.

He clears his throat. “Sorry I didn’t mean to blurt that out.” He narrows his eyes. “Still I would love to know what startled you so?”

Coming back down to earth I send him a small smile. “You literally ordered what I always ordered when we came here. You hated banana chocolate milkshake, you’d always make those silly faces when I drank it.”

Both his brows raised in astonishment.” Really. Interesting. What did I normally order?” He asked bottom lip pulled in between his teeth. My lower regions clench.

I pretend to think tilting my head. “Normally you never ordered, you were too busy sucking girls faces back then.” I shrugged and placed my elbows on the table. I rested my palm underneath my chin and peered at him.

He stares at me like I had grown a second head before laughing. I joined him and smiled seeing that I made him laugh. I sighed.

His laughter tones down to low chuckles.” So you’re saying I had rather starved just so I could make out with girls?”

I nodded.” You were a player back then that was for sure. You broke many hearts.”

He cringes.” Damn from what I remembered I was a studious guy getting good grades. I mean I remember some girls I dated but I don’t recall sleeping around.”

I pressed my lips together and dropped my gaze to the table. He remembered some girls he dated but not me. I forced down my emotions. It wasn’t his fault. It was no one’s.

He must’ve realized that he had said something that made me stay silent because he clears his throat in awkwardness. “Sorry if I said anything wrong.” He apologized.

I left my gaze and forced out a smile I was sure didn’t reach my eyes. “There’s nothing to apologize for, you said nothing wrong.” You just didn’t say the right thing.

“Here you guys go!” The waitress from earlier chirps as she places the hotdog and fries before us. “I’ll be back with the milkshakes.” She says leaving us again.

“Don’t know why I would choose to starve back then. I mean look at these fries.” He lifts a small fry and raises his brow. “Could definitely fill a grown man’s stomach.” He jokes and winks.

I cracked a smile before giggling. “Well I kind of exaggerated there a bit, you did order. But never ate much since you were always busy with other stuff.” I drawled, picking up a fry and brought it to my parted mouth.

The waitress places the milkshake in front of us. “Well here you guys go, enjoy.” She smiles and leaves after we tell her thank you.

“Were you included in that other stuff back then?” He asked cheekily and pushes more than two fries into his mouth.

“Maybe.” I teased and removed the lid off the milkshake.

“What are you doing?” Blake questions as he stares at me.

I sent him a smile as I dipped a fry in the thick creamy milkshake. I pulled the now coated fry out of the cup and drew it to my mouth. I smile when Blake cringes at the sight of me eating the coated milkshake fry.

“Well I was not expecting that.” He admitted.

I rolled my eyes. “It tastes really good.” I laughed and pushed another one inside the creamy liquid.
When I pulled it out, this time I pushed it towards Blake.

“Come on Blake, live a little. Taste it.” I urged.

He looked at me then the fry as if contemplating. He then sighs in defeat and opens his mouth. I gasp and feel myself clench in between my thighs when his lips brush the tips of my fingers as his warm mouth wraps around the fry. All the while his blue eyes are glued to mine, studying me intently.

He pulls away chewing and smiles. “You were right, it taste really good.”

It takes everything in me to not moan at the way he stared into my eyes.
Maybe Ryan was right, Blake’s heart still remembers me.

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