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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-13

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-13

“Oh come on Ashley, you drive like a grandma. With the pace you’re driving we’ll reach our destination in a couple of years.” Blake whined beside me. I turn to look at him then swiftly turn my eyes back to the road.

I smiled. “Do you want us to get into an accident? Or get pulled over? You can’t get away with everything Blake.”

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He turns to me and in my peripheral vision I see him smirk.” The way you say my name reminds me of when my mother used to scold me. Hopefully that memory isn’t fabricated.”

I laugh. “Oh it’s not. Ryn used to scold you everyday when you were younger. Even as a teenager. I couldn’t really blame her, you were looking to be scolded.”

He laughs loudly and in the confines of the car it fills the silence. My heart pumps and suddenly the car is too hot. I rolled down the window.

“Honestly, you just wanted your mom’s attention. With her having to work so much and your dad also working, you felt lonely. So doing crazy stuff made them set their attention on you. You were such an attention seeker back then.” I joked giggling.

“Hey that’s not fair, I was a kid back then. Just wanted someone to notice me.” He joked.

“I did. I did notice you.” I whispered, clenching the steering wheel in a tight grip. I pressed my lips together when the car went deathly silent. My entire body tightens with anxiety.

He clears his throat and shifts a bit in the seat. “Speed it up grandma.” He joked, trying to relieve the tension and break the silence.

My grip on the steering wheel eases as I find myself giggling. I pressed on the gas and laughed when Blake hoots. “That’s my girl.” He shouts as we drive extremely fast. My girl.

I turn to stare at him a little and smile as the wind tosses my hair back. He doesn’t know it but his words tugs at my heart strings. He turns to face me and sends me the charming grin of his that always sets my entire body on fire.

I turn back around and sigh. I wish this was easy. Taking things slow definitely wasn’t.

I pressed my lips together as I pulled the car at the side of the road. I looked at the side-view mirror and grumbled a curse underneath my breath when the cop car pulled behind us.

“This is your fault.” I blamed Blake turning to him and glared at his guilty face.

“Hey you were the one who listened to a man who has amnesia.” He protested and shrugged.

I narrow my eyes, glaring at him more fiercely. “What you just said didn’t make donkey sense.” I murmur.

He raises a brow in amusement. “Donkey sense?” His eyes flashing in mirth. “I love your humor.” He chuckles. A blush crawls up my neck to settle in my cheeks.

“Are you blushing there Ashley?” He questions in amusement and reaches over to poke my cheeks. I swat away his finger and glared at him.

“I am not. Just angry that I listened to you.” I grumble and jolt in starttlement when there is a knock on the side of the car.

“Where were you guys speeding to?” Ryn’s voice has me visibly sighing with relief. I turn to face her and send her an embarra*sed smile.

“We were heading home.” I lift my finger to my scalp and scratch it nervously. “Must’ve not checked the speed I was going at.”

Ryn’s eyes flashes in amusement as she bends down to look at her son. “Even with amnesia and just gotten out of the hospital you still manage to always get Ashley in trouble.” She cracks a grin and chuckles.

I draw my bottom lip between my teeth and bite down on it lightly. “Why do you think it’s my fault?” Blake complained.

Ryn rolls her eyes and sends him a disbelieving look. “Blake if Ashley is mixed up in something rebellious it’s likely you’re the cause. This time is no different.”

“Why are you even working this early anyway?” He asked changing the subject quickly and smoothly.

“My shift has always been this early, remember?” Her brows furrowed before she smiles sadly. “Oh sorry.”

“So where did you two come from this early? Especially with your nightwear?” She asked, scanning her eyes over us.

I peer down at my soft cotton light pink shorts and tank top that I usually wore to go to bed. I trail my eyes down to my fluffy bedroom slippers.I hadn’t bothered to change. I laughed awkwardly.

“Mother I was held hostage and she forced me to go to Belle’s where she compelled me to eat fries coated with banana chocolate milkshake. Please mother save me before it’s too late.” Blake said dryly.

I turned to him and glared. “That’s not funny Blake.”

His plump lips curled into a soft smile. “Come on Ashley, live a little.” He mocked my words from earlier.

I narrow my eyes. “You’re such a child.”

His blue eyes narrow too but with mock anger.” I’m not.” He protested.

“Well looks like you two are getting along.” Ryn murmurs happily.

I turn to face her and smile. “Turns out, she’s not that bad.” Blake laughs. I shake my head biting my lower lip to stop the giggle from bursting out.

Ryn nods eyes gleaming in happiness.” Good then hopefully your memories will start to come back soon.” She sighs then taps the door of the car.

“Now I should let you two go enjoy the rest of y’all day. Blake I will be bringing your siblings later today, they’ve been wanting to see you.”

“Seems like a plan.” He says.

Ryn shifts her attention to me.” It won’t be a problem with you Ashley?” She asked politely.

I shook my head and grinned.” Dinner it is. I’ll make Reagan’s favorite chocolate cake.”

Ryn laughed and waved us goodbye. When she drove away I sinked into the seat and let out a long sigh. “Thank God it was Ryn, if it were any other cop I’d be toast. I’m never listening to you again.”

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t have let anything happen to you.” Blake promises and places his palm on my bare thigh.

I gasp at feeling the jolt of electricity that shoots from where his palm lay to between my thighs. He quickly retracts his hand and mumbles sorry. If only he knew how much I wanted him to keep his hand there.

Slow Ashley, take things slow. I reminded myself as I started the car and drove off.

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