Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-14 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-14

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-14

I chewed on my nails nervously as the sound of the ticking clock mocked me. My eyes peer at the clock and I nearly groaned aloud.

It was already three and I needed to hurry up to make dinner. Ryn will be coming over with the family soon. Time had run so quick. After Blake and I got home I had to unfortunately leave him to work. I delayed it enough as it is.

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He had promised to not run away in a joking manner. Though I laughed it left me unsettling to think that he might actually run away from me. But the slight twinkle in his eyes eased me enough.

I had just left our study and had walked down the stairs only to see a sleeping Blake on the sofa. I had froze, watching the soft rise and fall of his chest.

My fingers itched to touch him but I fisted them at my sides. I smiled and giggled a little when I noticed the show he was watching was literally now watching him.

He grunted and my eyes had widened as I scurried towards the kitchen, not wanting him to catch me staring at him like a creep.

So this leaves me here, standing beside the cupboards as I contemplate on what I should cook. The clock ticks again and I grit my teeth. Right, I was supposed to bake Reagan’s favorite chocolate cake.

But what would I cook for dinner? We can’t only eat cake for dinner.

I sighed turning around to open the cupboard. I pulled out the flour, baking powder, cocoa powder and the sugar. Placing the ingredients on the marble counter I scan them over to make sure I had all I needed.

Baking soda, I was missing baking soda.

I huffed while rummaging through the cupboard until I pulled out the baking soda. Placing it beside the ingredients I smiled feeling accomplished. Now let’s start baking. Don’t forget the eggs. My subconscious reminds me.

I loved cooking whenever Blake’s or my family came over. It felt good knowing that you’re the adult in the house, you’re not a kid anymore but a married woman. It made me feel like a stay at home mom.

I smiled sadly. Will Blake and I ever have the family we always wanted? My eyes drop down to stare at my flat stomach.

I draw in a calming breath. There was no need to think so much in the future. For now I will focus on winning back his heart. My only goal is to make my husband fall in love with me all over again.

I shook my head to get out of those saddening thoughts. I tapped my nails on the marble countertop and chewed my lower lip. I needed the mixing bowl.

I tilted my head back and peered up at the mixing bowl. It was too high up for me to reach on my feet or by tiptoeing.

I gasped when I felt warm fingers circle around my waist firmly. A warm body presses to my back before I felt myself being lifted up.

My head snaps down to stare at Blake and a delicious fluttering starts in my belly at the sight of his grinning face. How did I not hear when he entered the kitchen?

“What are you doing?” The words escaped my mouth before I even thought about it.

His eyes twinkle, the same twinkle it has whenever he feels mischievous. He looked like the old Blake but I knew he still wasn’t.

“I’m helping you get that mixing bowl.” He nudged his head to the mixing bowl. Then his eyes tear away from it to stare at me and his grin broadened.

“That’s the least I could do for getting you pulled over by a cop. Even though the cop was my mother.” He joked.

I smiled even though it didn’t reach my eyes. He was acting like the old Blake, the one who knew me, joked around and kissed me slowly when I got upset. But this Blake wouldn’t do that, he didn’t know me.

“Well thank you for your help, you kind sir.” I joked and tried not to linger on the feeling of his warm fingers pressing into my sides.

I turn my attention on the bowl and reach over to grasp it. When it was in my hands I looked down and my face quickly heated up with a blush. I felt like a high school girl fawning over her crush all over again.

Blake’s eyes were still glued to my as and had not noticed that I had retrieved the bowl and was now staring at him. The tight dark pink yoga pants definitely made my as look round and firm.

I couldn’t blame him, he was still a man afterall and not even amnesia could stop his thoughts or needs.

In fact I craved his touch so bad that I wanted him to do whatever he was thinking. But I knew it was too early, he’d probably regret it afterwards.

“Blake?” I question softly.

His darkened gaze snapped to me and widened in shock. He quickly brings me down, my body sliding against his as he does so. I nearly moan when my a*s rubs against his front.

“Sorry I had zoned out a bit.” He admits then swiftly says in an adorable stutter.

“Wa-wait not zone out on your nice a*s. Shit sorry. I mean I thought of something else and didn’t realize my eyes were glued to-

“My nice a*s?” I questioned with amusement leaking in my tone as I cut him off.

My eyes were glued to the white stainless wall. A small smile tugs at my lips when he places me on my feet, yet he didn’t bother moving his huge body away from me.

His hard warm body presses to my back deliciously. I could feel the rise and fall of his chest on my back. That is how close he was to me. My heart hammers behind my chest and my breathing goes ragged.

Would he make a move now? He still hasn’t known me much. If he does, will he regret? At least he’s still attracted to me, right? The questions literally pound into my head one after the other.

I could feel his chin touching the top of my head. I was always amazed at our height difference yet we fit so perfectly. So perfectly that it would seem like we are made for each other.

Blake clears his throat and moves away from me like his a*s was lit on fire. My heart sinks. Was it bad that I wanted him to hold me and kiss me like he used to? I just wanted him to touch me. It had been so long since I last tasted him.

“Sorry I don’t know what came over me.” He apologizes and the fading warmth from my back lets me know that he had moved away from me completely.

I blinked, and drew my bottom lip in my mouth. Was he now regretting touching me?

“How about I help you cook dinner?” He questions after a long awkward silence.

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