Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-16 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-16

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-16

I groaned, dropping my head on the cold marble counter with my hands plastered onto it. I was halfway on the hard thing yet in my mind it was the softest pillow. I had been up all night editing a manuscript and I was not even halfway done.

Not only was I tired but my mind just couldn’t focus on my task. I was distracted. My eyes would drift towards my closed door every minute. He was just there and all I had to do was walk over to my door, open it and knock on his.

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But me being me, I just threw the covers over my body and snuggled more into my soft comfortable bed as my tired and slightly burning eyes stared at the tiny words on the computer.

However I found myself reading the same line over and over until my eyes dropped down at the bottom right corner of my computer and read the time. It had been three a.m and yet I had not done half of my work.

Muttering a silent curse I had decided to put my entire focus on Blake, I mean my work. So with that newfound attitude I did just that only to fall asleep not even five minutes later.

I had woken up with sunlight filtering through my opened window and the sound of birds chirping. The sound was annoying especially since I woke up rather cranky.

Not only that but somehow during my sleep my hands had accidentally deleted an entire file I hopefully had saved. I had cursed myself again, moaning about why I couldn’t just have called it a night and closed my computer. No I had stupidly left it on and open.

So with tired legs I walked out of my room and made my way to the kitchen. I had every intention of cooking breakfast but the marble countertop really looked like a pillow.

“Looks like someone had a bad night.” A voice behind me startled me and I swiftly turned around, squinting. My eyes felt heavy, irritated and honestly I felt like I had stared at the sun for hours.

Did I? I can’t remember. Was I turning into Blake? Should I go to the hospital and see if I’m suffering amnesia?

His hair looked wet perhaps he had just showered. His blue eyes glistened with amusement as they scan over my half covered body. Wait half covered?
My eyes widen and instantly I straighten. As if drawn to a flame my eyes drop down to stare at my half clothed body. I had removed my soft cotton shorts lastnight but stayed with the tank top. So where my shorts were supposed to cover showed off my black lacy panty.

I gasp running to the other side of the counter, away from his gaze. It felt like he was undressing me and as much as it thrilled me, I knew that Blake’s emotions were unpredictable and he could regret anything in an instant. I didn’t want to get hurt again.

I lay my palm on the countertop and stared at him embarrased. “Well that’s embarrasing, sorry you had to see me like this.” I laughed nervously.
He raised a brow walking more into the kitchen until he was in front of me, only separated by the counter.

“Don’t be, aren’t we married? I must’ve seen way more than that at some point.” His bottom lip draws between his teeth and he bites it sexily.
My eyes widen, not expecting these words to come out of his mouth. I smiled uncomfortably, not knowing how to respond.

If I flirt back now would it make him draw back like yesterday? This Blake was confusing. He shows that he’s definitely attracted to me, I could tell by his dilated pupils but why did he feel so uncomfortable talking about us with his mother yesterday? Perhaps it was too early for him, too soon and I can understand that completely. But when will be the right time?

It was like he had two different personalities and I didn’t know which one would fall back in love with me. He notices my expression and he lets go of his bottom lip.

A crease etched between his brows as he stares at me. “Did I upset you somehow? I’m sorry if I was a bit blunt. It’s just, I don’t know, somehow this feels normal. Like I’ve been flirting with you for ages.”

My heart thuds. It’s normal. Flirting with me feels normal for him. Without a second thought my lips curl into a soft smile. Not only did his words set my heart on fire but they seriously woke me up completely, like they were the caffeine I needed.

I was about to respond to him, tell him that he was indeed flirting with me for ages but the ringing of the doorbell has the words dying out. I looked at Blake and then looked down at my inappropriate attire. I send him an awkward smile.

“Can you get the door please? I’ll just rush in my room quickly to put on something more.” I looked down at my panty. “Decent.” I murmur and peer up at him.

His blue eyes twinkle in mirth and he nods. The doorbell rings again and I swiftly run towards the stairs, taking two at a time. When I was halfway I stopped and turned to face Blake. My face heats up when I notice his eyes on my a*s.

“Blake the door.” I hiss lowly.

His eyes widen as if coming out of a trance.” Right.” He nods swiftly and makes his way towards the door. I shook my head and continued my way to my room just as he was about to open the door.

When I closed the door softly behind me, I leaned back and heaved a sigh. My hands reach up and cup my cheeks. We were married, he had seen every inch of me yet I still blush when he looks at me.

And honestly it felt like the days when we had just started dating each other. I was shy and easily blushed at his teasing. I moan hitting the back of my head softly on the dark stained wooden door. I hated taking things slow.

“Man you look great and you look to be healing nicely.” It was Ryan’s voice I heard as I walked down the stairs, this time appropriately dressed.
“Thanks, I’ve been taking the meds the doctor prescribed.” Blake answers.

Their voices were murmurs, awkward as if they were just getting to know each other. “Good.” Comes Ryan’s soft answer.

They were in the living room so I headed there. Blake’s back faced me, his soft cotton shirt hugging his muscular back and the grey sweatpants fitted him lowly on his waist with his a*s firm from working out regularly.

Ryan on the other hand was facing me but his eyes were on Blake. He looked over his friend in worry and confusion. He had his police uniform on which meant he was probably on his way to work.

When his eyes landed on me, he looked to be relieved. He cracks a wide grin, runs over to me and without as much of a warning lifts me into his arms and spins me around.

“Morning little ash, you look like someone ran you over.” He chuckled.

I peered down at him and giggled. Ryan never changed. “Put me down you big idiot.”

“You two seem to be friendly.” Blake spits out. From his tone you could tell he was beyond mad. Ryan puts me down on my feet and I turn to face a glaring Blake. Why was he so mad?

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