Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-18 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-18

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-18

“Yes sir, I’ll be done tonight I prom-” I am cut off by the sound of the television volume going up a few more notches until it begins to become unbearable. The voice of Ian Somerhalder literally vibrates through the walls.

“Are you inside the cinema Mrs. Reed?” Mr. Smith questions sourly. I could already picture his pinched brows and thin lips pressed into a line of displeasure.

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I grit my teeth and glared at the computer screen, visualizing that it was Mr. Smith. “No sir, my husband is just being a bit childish today!” I shout loud, hoping Blake could hear. I’m rewarded with him now humming loudly. Or was it singing? I couldn’t tell.

He had been doing this for hours. He wanted my attention and I refused to give it to him, not when I was already behind my work. So being the big baby that he always was he started throwing a tantrum, literally.

“Mrs. Reed, next time you want to shout make sure I’m not on the phone with you. You nearly made me go deaf!” Mr. Smith roared in anger. I was sure he looked like a red truck by now, clicking his pen in frustration.

I shrink as if he was in the room and scowling down at me. I nodded quickly. “Sorry sir won’t happen again.” I promised.

My fingers curled into a fist and my knuckles turned white in frustration. Why? Because Blake was now creating havoc in the kitchen. I could hear the loud clanging of pans and spoons.

“Just make sure you’re done by tonight, I want that manuscript printed out and on my desk before ten a.m tomorrow.” He hangs up the phone before I could get another word in.

I pulled the phone away from my ear and glared at the screen. “Fcking Ashole.” I murmured, placed it on the wooden desk and pushed the chair back using my legs. It scraps on the floor and I rise to my feet.

I turned around and walked out of the study. The chatter coming from the television grew even louder as I strutted down the stairs. I rake my brain for ways to scold Blake. He certainly wasn’t different than the Blake before, both acted childish for my attention.

I walked to the living room, spotted the remote on the sofa and strutted over to it. When I had lowered down the volume Blake walked into the living room. His eyes were focused on the remote and when he lifts his eyes to stare at me, he smiles in guilt.

He lifts his hand to scratch the back of his head while I place my hands on my hips, ready to scold a child. A grown man yet he acted like a child. A cute child.

“Have you had enough of disturbing me today?” I scowled and tapped my foot on the floor in exaggeration.

He grins, eyes flashing in amusement as he comes to sit down on the sofa. He peers up at me and his eyes twinkle.

“You’ve been working the entire day I barely saw you. You wouldn’t come out so I had to resort to this.” He shrugs as though what he just said was common sense.

I narrow my eyes blowing a few curly strands away from my face. I knew I looked like a hot mess right now, messy bun high atop my head with some treacherous strands flying out.

And the grey sweats I chose to wear accompanied by Blake’s black shirt he had from his high school days did not do me any justice. He may have noticed his shirt but he didn’t comment. Or he probably doesn’t even remember.

“I have work to do Blake, I was actually on the phone with my boss until you rudely interrupted with your loud obnoxious behavior.” My scowl deepened.

He looks away from me, his lips set into an adorable pout. Honestly the man can act like a toddler yet he sets my heart on fire. ” I just wanted some company, I’m bored of watching movies alone.”

Then he turned to face me. “Besides, everyone deserves a break. You’ve been working since morning and I was getting worried.” He murmurs, his blue eyes scanning over my body and settles on the shirt, his shirt. He smiles.

“Is that my shirt you’re wearing?” He questions, his smile teasing as he raised a questionable brow at me.

My cheeks soon coated with scarlet. I folded my hand under my breast and tried to act nonchalant. “You remember it?”

I decided to answer him with a question of my own.” Well seeing that you had given it to me yesterday along with my other clothes, then yes I remember it being mine. Though I’m curious as to when you took it back.” He answers a hint of amusement hidden in the depths of his voice.

Crap I remember bringing his belongings to the guest room where he was sleeping. Only to go back today when he was busy watching game of thrones to retrieve this black shirt that I always wore. I had stupidly thrown it with his clothes yesterday.

I opened my mouth to speak and tried to think of any excuse that will not make me seem as a stalker and a creep. But nothing comes out. Blake chuckles his eyes dancing with laughter.

“Never mind.” He scans my figure, eyes settling back on the shirt and he smirks. “It looks better on you than it would look on me anyway. Maybe you should walk around with my clothes more often.” He flashes a teasing grin.

The awkwardness evaporates into thin air as we both laugh. “Really?” I joked and started modeling.

I know I looked funny because Blake began to laugh louder than before. Honestly I was afraid that the neighbors would call the cops. We were that loud.

“Didn’t know that my wife was America’s next top model.” Blake jokes.

Of course every time he referred to me as his wife made my heart stutter and this time was no different.

I winked and continued to model. “Of course I’m signing a modeling contract tomorrow. Fame here I come.” I jest.

Blake hurls a throw pillow that hits my face squarely. I let out an ooph and when it fell to the floor limply I glared at Blake. “Oh you’re mean.”

He smirks. “Oh yeah? Then what are you going to do about it?”

I walked over to him slowly as he stared at me intently, eyeing my every move. When I’m beside him I narrow my eyes and quickly reach over to pinch his nose. “This.” I giggled, pinching it harder.

“Shit!” Blake roars slapping my hand away and holds his nose. He glares at me while I smirk down at him in triumph.

Good that’s for making noise the entire day and hitting me in the face with a pillow.

“Now we’re even.” I blew him a kiss and walked away.

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