Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-19 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-19

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-19

I huff closing the door of the fridge rather harshly. Empty. The fridge was empty. How could this happen when not too long ago it was packed with food?

“Blake did you eat everything in the fridge!?” I shouted over my shoulder and nearly shrieked, not expecting him to be behind me.

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He shoots me an innocent look and I sighed. Of course. How could I forget that my husband eats like a pig?

I turned around to face him completely, crossing my arms under my chest and glared at him accusingly.

“You took my last slice of cheesecake.” My voice is a whine. I was planning to gobble that down when I was done editing.

His eyes twinkle with laughter and a chuckle slips past his tempting lips. “Sorry, being in a coma for days really worked up my appetite.” I could detect the amusement in his voice which he had failed to hide. He was not at all sorry.

I scowl my belly rumbling. He even ate the leftovers and the remaining cupcakes Kimberly had given. His eyes drop down to stare at my stomach and they flicker in worry.

“I could cook you something if you want?” He suggested.

I cringe. Blake was like his dad in a lot of ways including burning food. As much as I love this man I will not allow him to cook me something on his own, not without my supervision.

Besides, we barely had anything here to cook.

I needed to go grocery shopping.

“It’s fine, there’s nothing to cook anyway. I’ll just head to the grocery store now.” I murmur with a smile and side step him.

“I’m coming with.” Blake states trailing behind me. I looked him over my shoulder as I strutted over to the table where I left my wallet and car keys. “You don’t have to-“

“Oh I’m definitely coming, I’m bored in this house. I need some fresh air.” He grumbles.

My eyes drop and I reach over to grasp my keys and wallet. “Oh.” I murmur softly. Was I boring?

He must’ve felt my change of mood because he is quick to ease my worries. “I’m not saying you’re boring at all or the house is boring. It’s just that-” He stutters adorably. His cheeks redden when I laugh.

He sighs. “I’ve been inside for hours. It would be nice to get some fresh air. Besides I would love to help.” He murmurs scratching the back of his head.

I smiled and nodded, walking ahead of him while swinging the keys around my finger. “Fine you can follow me around like a lost puppy.” I joked.

I could literally feel his glare on my back. I stifled my laughter as I opened the door and walked out. ” Ha Ha very funny.” He murmurs and I could already picture him pouting.

This time I couldn’t help it and a soft barely there giggle slips past my lips. “You know you’re kinda mean.” He grumbles on a low breath. He’s just a few feet away from me but I still heard him.

I snorted. “Yeah like when you were mean earlier? You disturbed me the entire day, wasn’t that mean?” I asked and unlocked the car doors. I turn to face a guilty Blake.

“You made my boss shout at me by the way.” I huffed and opened the car door.

He cringes and walks to the other side. He opens the door and slips in, fastening his seatbelt. I get in and do the same, slamming the door with a light thud.

“I’ll make it up to you I promise.” He states and reaches over to turn on the radio. Justin Bieber’s song baby starts blaring inside the small car. Blake cringes switching the station rather swiftly.

I frowned and turned to send him a glare. “Hey that was a good song.” I argued and pushed the key inside the ignition.

Blake sends me a surprised look. “You’re not serious?” He asked and finally settled on a song as I pulled out of the driveway.

I furrow my brows, sending him a quick look of irritation before settling my eyes on the road again.” Of course I am. He makes good songs and he’s kind of hot. Well before-“

The music lowers until you could barely hear it. I pressed my lips together already sensing the tension.

“Somehow I don’t think the Blake before liked hearing you call other men hot.” Blake finally grumbles in a rather vexed tone.

I bit my bottom lip because he was right. Blake got easily jealous and no matter how annoying it was to hear him yap about how he’s always better than other guys, it was unfortunately a turn on for me and we’d end up having hot angry sex afterwards.

Sometimes I would pretend to be fascinated by some guy features just so he could get mad and argue then later F*ck me like he had been starved for years.

So I couldn’t help it when the question slipped past my lips. “So how about the Blake now? Does he like when I call other guys hot?”

As soon as the words came out I wanted to swallow them back up. My hands tightened around the steering wheel as I turned a corner.

Time was ticking and when I thought he would never answer he spoke up. “He doesn’t like it. In fact he loathes it. ” Then as if shocked by his revelation he reaches over and turns the volume back up. It’s loud but not unbearable.

It was his way of trying to avoid my questions. And I had a lot of them. Sighing, I nodded more to myself and decided to leave him alone. For now that is.

I giggled and held on to the sides of the shopping cart as Blake pushed it from aisle to aisle. We got some confused, shocked and angry looks from some people as we literally drove past.

They were probably wondering why a grown a*s woman was seated inside a shopping cart while her husband drove the cart at a quick pace. We were beyond childish at this point.

The carton of milk was seated on my lap along with some orange juice and cereal. The rest of the groceries were stuffed behind me, to my sides and in front of my legs.

“Hold on Ashley.”Blake chuckles and makes a u-turn.

But as soon as he does so another cart comes turning around the corner,bumping into us hard. I let out a ooph while Blake cursed under his breath.

He’s quick to come to my side and scans his eyes over my form. He reaches over and tucks a tendril behind my ears and touches my cheek softly.

“Are you okay Ashley?” He asked, concern deeply in his voice and portrayed in his eyes.

I nodded sending him a small smile. His lips part as he smiles charmingly, showcasing his pearly white teeth. My heart thuds. How could I not love this man?

“Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you two coming. I’m so sorry, is she hurt?” The voice belongs to a female. Soft and feminine. Like how you’d picture barbie’s voice to sound like when you were a kid.

Blake straightens and by doing so, I am stunned to see the pretty brunette behind the shopping cart.

Her warm honey like eyes staring at the two of us in worry and her stained red lips split in a smile when Blake speaks. I narrow my eyes. She looks familiar.

As if watching a movie play in front of me, my heart drops when her brown eyes flicker in recognition the very same time I remember her.

“Blake Reed is that you?” She gasped in astonishment.

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