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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-2

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-2

I moan as Blake presses me to the door. The wood touches my back as he presses his front close to me until I could feel his swelling length.

I giggled as he fumbled around looking for the doorknob. I was still in my wedding dress, ready to be taken by my now husband. My insides warmed. My Blake was now my husband.

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He detaches his lips from mine to open the door quickly. “I can’t wait to be inside you.” He groans, lifting me in his arms.

I giggle as we enter the room. Blake uses his foot to close the door and sets me on my feet then flick on the light switch. He stays there for a few seconds, drinking the sight of me. I peer up at him beneath my lashes.

“God I love you.” He groans lowly, slipping his hand in my hair to draw my lips to his. I feel a wetness growing between my legs, tingling, wanting him inside of me.

I gasp when he nips the bottom of my lip and sucked it a bit. A delicious growl from the back of his throat sends a shock of need in my lower stomach.

“Blake.” I gasp and let him dip his tongue inside my mouth. “Mmm.” He moaned, pulling me impossibly closer.

“Make love to your wife.” I said after he moves his lips away from mine to kiss down my jawline to the hollow of my neck and sucks.

“F*ck yes.” He grunts, nipping the tender flesh of neck. I tilt my head up and feel him push us towards the bed.

My breathing is ragged, knowing that soon Blake and I would be joined. His fingers trail up my back as he unties the ribbon skillfully and work his hands to unzip the dress.

“Blake.” I gasp when he trails tender kisses down my neck to the top of my cleavage and sucks. He moves away from me only to help me remove the dress.

Now I stood before him with only a white lacy panty and a matching bra that did wonders to my boobs. He sucked in a breath, eating up the sight of me with his heated eyes.

“I’m so Fcking lucky.” He murmurs in fondness. His voice thick with desire. His eyes that were clouded with lust scans my figure and stops on my covered pussy. “So Fcking beautiful.”

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I don’t think I can ever stop loving him. I could feel a blush crawl up my neck to settle in my cheeks. It always happens when Blake compliments me on my body.

He knew I shy away from attention yet he couldn’t help but tell me how desirable I am to him.

I decided to tease him and reach behind my back to unclasp my bra all the while biting my lower plump lip while staring at him. I visibly see him gulp as he watches the bra slip off to reveal my bare breast. My nipples grow.

I looked at him beneath my lashes. Seeing that his breathing had accelerated, I pinch the thin material of my lacy panty and slowly bring them down to reveal my freshly shaven pussy. I step out of them and peer at him shyly.

“F*ck.” He breathes out hoarsely.

I was pooling between my thighs, lower stomach clenching when his tongue darts out to lick his lower lip. My eyes drop down to stare at his unmistakable hardened cock that shows through his trouser.

My pussy clench and I feel myself become even more wet when it visibly grows. Still I decide to tease him and drop down on the bed. I push up on my forearms, lift my legs on the bed and spread them apart to show myself to him.

“Ashley.” He moaned, licking his lips as he stared at my glistening pussy.

I trail one hand to my breast, down to my stomach until I reach my clit. Blake’s eyes grow even darker than before.

“I’m already so wet for you. I need you inside of me.” I moan, trailing my fingers between my folds and dipping them inside of me.

Blake always loved to watch me touch myself but my fingers could never replace the intense feelings he gives me.

He groans and in a flash tears his dress shirt. The buttons fly, hitting the wooden floors with a clink. He quickly moves the torn shirt and throws them on the floor. Next he removes the trousers, his briefs going down with them.

His thick cock springs out standing to attention. A slick creamy precum at the tip. I lick my lips, wanting to taste him. Blake steps out of the pants and comes over to me. “You want that cock inside of you baby?” He hisses.

I nodded quickly. ” You want me to fill you up until there is no more room left?” He groans stroking himself.

I nodded again, licking my lower lip. “I want you to claim my pussy like you’ve always done before.” I said in a very sultry voice.

He grunts, reaches me and kneels beside the bed. His big hands grip my thighs and draw me closer to the edge of the bed.

When he is satisfied with where he has placed me he removes my hands from my core and draws my fingers slick with my juices to his lips.

He licks and sucks off my juices, looking me in my eyes while he does so. I moan my entire body heated up with desire. “Spread your legs wider.” He commands.

I do as told and moan loudly when he dips his head between my thighs and pushes his tongue into my core. “Blake!” I moan, thrashing around at the intensity of having his tongue dive into my pussy. He was tongue F*cking me and I loved it.

My hands come to thread through his short hair and tug harshly. He groans and the vibration has my thighs shaking. “Oh God!” I cried when he continued to F*ck me using his tongue.

“Always taste so F*cking good.” He moans, sucking my pussy lips and tugging them slightly. He laps at my pussy like he would do to a meal. I pant, chest rising and falling as I watch him eat me out between my thighs.

I cried out when I felt a tightening in my abdomen then felt a wave of bliss when I orgasm. I didn’t have time to even finish before Blake rose, pushed my legs higher, settled between thighs and thrust into me.

I gasp, shaking uncontrollably as another orgasm rocks me. My pussy clenches around his cock. My head falls back as the orgasm still rocks me. He groans, hisses and pants as he drives deeper into me.

“Of F*ck.” He curses, burying himself deeply as possible. Blake lowered his mouth down to mine as he pulled his cock out entirely, held it and guided it into me again. I quiver, moaning when he goes deeper than before.

“That’s right baby, take every inch of your husband’s cock. Let me fill that pussy with my cum.” He groans and starts to pound into me. You could only hear the slap of our skin and our groans of pleasure as he makes love to me.

“Ahhh.” I scream when he starts to quicken his pace. I loved the feeling of being filled by him. He always felt right, fitted right. It was like we were made for eachother.

“So tight, so F*cking tight.” He hisses and rests his forehead on my own. He stares deeply into my eyes as his cock drove into me over and over until I didn’t even know where I was.

I feel him swell inside of me and jerk. He was close. “I’m going to cum inside of you baby. I’m going to fill you.” He groaned. I nodded. “Please.” I begged. He trembles as his hot sperm shoots deep inside of me. I moan feeling my own orgasm come over me.

“I love you.” He whispered, pumping his cock slowly inside of me as he kept filling me with his cum. My thighs shake as I stare at him in fondness. “I love you too.” I whispered breathing heavily.

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