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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-23

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-23

It wasn’t my first time staring at the ma*sive building. Gregory’s Publishing Company. But every time I’m near it I feel an overwhelming bundle of nerves engulfing my body.

It was intimidating and the boss was even more especially on a moody day. So being able to work from home was a blessing to not be in his presence more than six hours a day.

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I felt bad for those that weren’t lucky enough to be able to work away from the office. Gregory Smith was a stuck up, two piec-

“Ashley Reed!?” A very excited and chirpy voice yells.

My eyes fall to the petite brunette rushing towards me. Her red heels were no match for mine, higher than the Eiffel Tower, okay I was being dramatic.

I forced a smile. “Georgia, how nice to see you here. I thought you said you’d quit?” I asked leaving my car to walk towards her.

Georgia was one of my colleagues. No matter how friendly she seemed everyone stayed clear of her because of her backstabbing tactics.

She waved a hand and puffed. “Gregory pleaded for me to stay. As a matter of fact not only did he give me a higher position he also raised my salary.”

No doubt he would, you were spreading your legs for him. Everyone knew Gregory and Georgia had a thing, they didn’t keep it so much as a secret even though the forty year old man was supposedly married.

I send her a wink walking into the building with her following close beside me. “Then you must be doing a very good job.” I turn to her.

She cackles, her lips parting to show off teeth that were stained slightly with the brightest red lipstick. “I am. You know someone had to be good around here. Not everyone can work from home like you can.”

And there it was the snarky comment that I was waiting for. I brushed it off like I normally did. Instead I changed the subject. “Has Mr. Smith arrived yet?”

I still strided over to the elevator. “Yes he is here. He’s expecting you actually.” The way her tone turned sour I knew she was not pleased.

Dammit and I thought I was early.

I pressed the button of the elevator and entered. Turning around to face her, I sent her a wink.

“See you later Georgia, hopefully not on one of the staff’s d*ck like the last time.” I watched with satisfaction as the elevator doors closed on her reddened shocked face.

I breathed out a sigh, pressing my back to the cool metal of the elevator. “You got this, just give him the manuscript and leave.” I whispered to myself.

The elevator dings and opens, revealing, marble floors, gla*s windows and very expensive looking wood. There were at the very least fifiteen colleagues of mine seated inside their cubicles, typing on computers and signing papers. Today seemed busy since none lifted their heads and noticed my arrival as yet.

Clutching the straps of the bag, I sucked in a sharp breath then stride out of the elevator. “Oh hey Ashley, long time no see.”

I turn my head to the voice and gave a soft smile. Peter had been working here for god knows how long, he knows every nook and cranny of this place. Loved working with authors and was always someone you can depend on.

It’s disappointing to see that he works his a*s off only to not get a promotion. Instead the promotion went to Georgia who didn’t care for authors but only the money they could potentially draw in.

“Hey Peter.” I waved.

“The devil is here.” He mouthed. He was referring to Gregory Smith, our boss. I let out a silent laugh and nodded. “Noted.”

I walked past him. “Hey Ashley.” Another colleague of mine greeted. Her pearly whites are on display.

I smiled at her.”Hey Nora.” I waved and continued to Mr. Smith’s office. This went on a bit until I finally faced the double gla*s doors.

I stopped and sucked in a breath, my now clammy hands grasping the bag strap for dear life. I could see him through the gla*s doors.

Perched on his leather chair, elbows on desk while his hand tapped a pen on his graying head. He was a slightly plump man with too many anger issues under his belt.

He presses a button on the desk and his voice floats through the entire area. “You do know that I can see you Mrs. Reed? Come in.” He sighs like I had woken him up from his slumber.

I cringe inwardly. No doubt my colleagues heard him. Pressing my lips together I finally had the courage to step through those double doors that closed softly behind me.

“Good morning Mr. Smith.” I greeted him politely, walking towards his desk so slowly as if I was walking on eggshells.

He didn’t lift his eyes, just kept staring at the screen of the computer before him. “What’s good about the morning?” He asks bluntly, sighs then leans back on his chair.

“Knowing that you’re alive?” It was more like a question than an answer.

His dark brown eyes glared at me fiercely. “You’re late.”

I looked at the clock beside him. It was only two minutes past eight. I was late but not that late.

“Sir, I’m sorry. Look I’ve finished the manuscript, printed it out and brought it to you.” I rushed out, already unzipping my bag to pull out the folder.

“Mrs. Reed?” He asked.

I lift my head from the bag, pulling out the folder. “Yes sir?” Was he going to fire me?

His dark eyes scan my figure and I swallow the disgust I felt.

My skin crawled and I wanted to run out of the building. “Why do you think I chose you out of so many editors of mine to work from home?”

I froze. My mind went blank because I never thought about it. There were only ten fortunate editors who had the privilege of working from home. I was one of those ten editors.

“Because there weren’t enough cubicles?” I asked without confidence.

He laughs and points a finger at me. “You’re funny Mrs. Reed.” He chuckles then stands up. Involuntarily I took a step back then two when he strides over to me.

He stops a few feet away from me and outstretched his hands. I looked at it confused. He rolls his eyes in annoyance. “The manuscript.” He states bluntly.

I hand it to him quickly. He shakes his head and opens the folder. I watch with nerves as his eyes scan over the papers. After what felt like forever he finally lifts his head.

“I chose you because you always get the work done on time, professional and know your place. So don’t be late again or else.” He grumbles, turns around and walks back to his seat where he plops down softly.

With his head bent down, staring at the papers he opens his mouth to speak without sparing me another glance. “You may leave.” He says in dismissal.

I grit my teeth, clenched my fist and turned around. “Yes sir.” I gritted out.

“I expect you to take on Demiah13’s works. She will be your new a*signed author.” He blurts out without an ounce of emotion.

I froze, clenching my eyes shut. “Sir with all due respect-” I started only to get cut off.

“This is not up for discussion, you may leave. I will call you or email you to know how you’re progressing with her manuscripts.” He states.

I breathed out a sigh knowing there was no way out of this. Nodding my head even though I knew the a*shat had his head down. “I’m looking forward to working with her.” Those were my last departing words as I left the office.

“This is not up for discussion.” I mocked Gregory in the most cringiest mannish voice. I got out of the car slamming the door shut.

A*shole didn’t care that I already had a ton of work and to top it off I had to make my husband fall in love with me all over again.

No he had to give me extra which I was sure was punishment for dropping the damn manuscript a bit tardy.

“Well he can take that damn manuscript and shove it up his a*s.” I grumble opening the door of the house and shutting it.

“Blake I’m home.” I shout. The house was oddly quiet. I strutted up the stairs, heading the way to the guest room which was now his room.

“Blake?” I called out, knocking on the door then opened it softly when I heard him call me in.

Blake was standing in front of the bed, back facing me as looked down.

I looked at where he was staring and I felt my face heat up. How could I have forgotten that I had those damn things underneath the bed?

Blake turns around with one opened book in his hand. His eyes glued to the page and a tiny smirk plastered on his face. He opens his mouth to speak. My heart pounds feeling like this was deja vu.

” Oh how she took his cock, screaming in pleasure as he rocked his hips into her. Fck she screamed, urging him to Fck her even harder. Her toes curled and his cock was relentlessly pounding into her.” At the end of his words he looks up and his blue eyes snap to mine.

They gleamed with mirth and something else. Something that made my lower regions clench. “Didn’t know you had a whole collection of erotica novels Ashley.” He licks his lower lip.

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