Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-24 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-24

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-24

” I-I- ” I stuttered, cheeks now stained with patches of scarlet.

My eyes fall to the now empty box that once had those books scattered on Blake’s bed safely inside. I had tucked that huge box under the bed months ago.

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Left it there not knowing that one day my husband would lose his memory and sleep here. I had completely forgotten about them.

When I don’t answer him, partly because I was embarrased and the other part, well let’s just say I remembered when we literally Fcked like the characters in the book, he continues.

“He pushed deep, deeper than her other lovers. He felt huge stretching her walls. She couldn’t take it anymore and asked him no, pleading with him to F*ck her harder-“

“Okay enough.” I muttered beyond embarra*sed and saunter over to him.

He laughs outstretching one hand to stop me while the other held the book higher, away from my reach. “Wait wait I’m not done.” He laughs.

I huffed dropping my bag on the floor while I tried and failed to grasp the book. Even with heels on he still was much taller than I. Curse my height.

“Blake.” I whined feeling mortified. My heart pounded in my chest like a drum that didn’t have any certain rhythm.

His blue eyes twinkle as he chuckles with mirth. “And he did, thrusting more brutally into her heated pussy. She mewled, scratching his back, taking his hard huge cock into her. Slick with sweat he bent to taste her and-” He stops dropping his eyes to mine.

They were dark with lust. In a swift move he captures my hand and pulled me to him. My eyes widen as I peered at him in shock.

He bent his head until we were eye level, his blue eyes glinting with desire and amusement mix into one.

“Please tell me we tried those scenes before?” The way his tone took on a husky and heavy one made me know that Blake was aroused.

My heartbeat quicken and all of a sudden I felt my entire body overheated. I peered at him beneath my lashes knowing he loved when I did and bit my bottom lip seductively.

He gulps visibly, breathing now shallow. I tilt my head to the side. “Why? Did you picture us while reading those scenes?” I asked innocently.

I would laugh at my so-called innocent voice but I was too occupied with clenching my legs together to stop the slight throb between them.

I was definitely not innocent anymore, Blake made sure of that a long time ago.

His eyes darken considerably and they flicker down to my lips in hunger. I was rejoicing in my head knowing that I still had an effect on him even without his full memory.

“Yes.” He croaked out on a tone heavy with desire.

My lower regions throb with want.

“I pictured you beneath me, on top and all the positions those characters did.” He admitted and licked his lower lip, his eyes dipping to stare at the little cleavage that peeked out from the shirt.

My insides melted and I could feel my now hardened nipples brushing against the material of the bra. “Then to answer your previous question, yes we did recreate those scenes in the books. Even better I might add.”

His jaw clenched like he was restraining himself and his head dips. “Then I don’t mind recreating them again.” He mutters.

My heart freezes then like being struck by lightning starts beating uncontrollably.

Did he just bluntly put it out there that he wants to F*ck me? Like right now? Is this a good idea to do it so soon?

But even with questions racing through my head, I stay still waiting for his lips on mine. They were dangerously close, parted already to take mine.

His darken blue eyes stared into my own, gauging my reaction. When he doesn’t see that I backed away he takes this as permission to continue.

My eyes flickered closed and I sucked in a sharp breath when our lips brush. Soft and warm like how I remember-

“Blake, Ashley!” A male voice shouted downstairs, causing us to jump away in shock. Blake stares at me in surprise, blue eyes flickering down to my lips then back to my eyes.

None of us uttered a word to eachother yet. I didn’t think we could after what almost happened a few seconds ago.

“Blake!” This time I can identify that the male’s voice was Blake’s dad, Ace.

As if jolting back to reality he shakes his head then lifts a hand to brush through his hair.

“I should probably go see what he wants.” He mutters like he didn’t want to stop what we were about to do. Like he was disappointed that we were disturbed.

I nodded and smiled softly. “You should.” I said, already knowing why Ace was here.

We had planned to surprise Blake by bringing over his black jeep back. When he usually leaves for deployment, he leaves his jeep in his parents garage since Ace loves to use it.

He couldn’t drive yet of course since his head still hasn’t healed completely but we hoped that seeing the black jeep could jolt back some of his memories.

Blake nods and walks out of the door, leaving me staring at the scattered books on his bed.

I bring my hand to my mouth, touching my lips with my fingers softly and sighed. Just one brush of our lips nearly made me go insane.

I giggled like a damn high school girl finally getting her crushe’s attention. I sighed, dropping my hands and bent down to pull the empty box closer to me.

I began packing the books back inside neatly all the while bringing my fingers to my lips occasionally and smiling like I had lost my mind.

I struggled while pushing the now filled box underneath the bed. When I was done, I picked up my discarded bag, walked out of the room and headed to mine so I can literally throw the bag towards the bed. I fell ungracefully on the floor with a thud at my failed attempt at aiming.

“I’ll pick you up later.” I promised.

I swear pushing that heavy box back under the bed took all my energy to do anything else. Closing the door I headed downstairs to see what the men were up to.

Ace is the first to lift his head when he hears me approaching.

“Ashley, would you please remind my son that he hasn’t completely healed and he can’t drive as yet?” Ace chuckled.

My eyes narrow as Blake turns to me sheepishly while scratching the back of his head. “It’s just to drive over to my parents and come back.”

“Your doctor had been very strict when he suggested that you should not drive until you are cleared to. So no.” I fold my arms under my breast.

He groans lowly. “Are you my wife or my mother?”

I scowled. “Both if you don’t stop acting like a baby.”

He grins, blue eyes flickering with amusement. “Was that one of our role plays as well?”

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