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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-25

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-25

My fingers wrap tightly around the shaving cream while my other hand clutch onto a small feather. Now you might be wondering what on earth is Ashley Reed up to?

Well to answer that question I would actually need a reasonable explanation. Okay let’s put it this way. Blake was still sleeping and I had plans for us today, so in order to wake him up, let’s just say I thought of a very creative way.

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One that would probably get him upset but amuse me. Serves him right for playing with emotions.

It was not like this would harm him, he and Ryan certainly didn’t care when they did this to me years ago. I say this is revenge.

My lips curl into a smirk as I slightly shake the can. It was early, well somewhat. Eight thirty was still early right? Perhaps not.

I had woken up a few minutes ago, brushed my teeth, relieved myself then made sure I was not only in my undies before coming here.

The thought of Blake seeing me in nothing but my undergarments had a raging blush settling in my cheeks.

I sighed, rolling my eyes at myself. It was too early for this. He had seen all of me before and now I was acting like a pencil neck virgin. I needed to stop acting like a schoolgirl.

Yeah and waking up your husband with shaving cream is not you acting like a schoolgirl?

Shut up conscience, this isn’t the time.

I pressed my ear to the door, making sure the room was quiet. Slowly I wrap my fingers around the knob and turn, opening the door with slow and steady hands. Breathing out a relieved sigh I peeked my head inside the room.

There he slept, looking so peaceful and unbothered. Walking in and closing the door softly with a slight thud I took a few seconds to just admire him.

The small bruises that were still on his face had faded until they were a light pink shade. The scratches seemed to have been healing fine too.

But the bullet wound behind his head unfortunately hasn’t healed completely. It was to be expected since it has only been just a few days.

I walked in further, a tender smile on my face. He snored softly, lashes creating a shadow underneath his eyes. He was so handsome. My heart squeezed.

He stirs and I froze, afraid he’d open his eyes and think of me as a creep. You are, don’t kid yourself.

Again shut up conscience.

I let out a breath of relief when he doesn’t. I scan my eyes down his body and gulped, realizing that he didn’t have a shirt on. I forced my eyes to not stray any more, afraid I’d see more than I was planning for.

Nodding to myself I began to put my plans into action. I began by slowly putting the shaving cream in his palm, all the while biting my lip to stifle my laughter.

This was not only revenge from years ago but also for him reading my erotica books and embarra*sing me in front of his dad yesterday.


Blake grins, blue eyes flickering with amusement. “Was that one of our role plays to?”

My eyes widened in shock, embarra*sment quickly taking over my entire body as Ace raised an eyebrow at us in amusement.

Did He really have to say that with his dad here? Then again by the look on his face it was intentional.

Clenching my hands into fist I glared at Blake. “We did not do role play.” I argued, trying to save myself from more mortification.

I already knew Ace would definitely tell his wife about this.And what if Ryn tells my mom who then tells my dad? It would be so embarra*sing to face them after this.

Blake’s eyes twinkle with laughter, lips curling into a teasing smirk. “But you just told me about our role plays upstairs not too long ago. Acting like characters in your erotica books does not count as role play?” He asked so innocently that one would think he was.

I glared at his smirking face heatedly. Ace clears his throat. “I don’t think I want to hear what my son and daughter in law do when they are alone. And I don’t think you should tease her son, she looks like she’s about to murder you.” Ace laughs.”

Blake chuckles, winking at me. This only intensifies my glare. “She does seem a bit murderous right now dad, should you save me from such fate?” Blake joked.
Ace laughs louder, throwing his head back. Stupid Reed men thought this was funny to embarra*s me further.

“How about you come home with me and I’ll drop you off a bit later when your wife has cooled down a bit?” Ace asked. They were acting like I wasn’t even there.
Blake nodded.”Sounds better than getting murdered by my beautiful wife. Besides, I haven’t spoken to Reagan and Arster in a few days.”

I should be ashamed of myself, getting all sappy and forgiving just because he referred to me as beautiful. I am an embarra*sment to the female population.

Blake finally gave me his attention. “I will be back later Ashley.” He smiles and then frowns. “Make sure to have some rest, you’ve been up all night.”

And I did, in fact I slept more than half the day until night. I only woke up when I heard Blake’s retreating footsteps disappear out of my room. I knew it was him by his smell and the way he tenderly touched my cheek before leaving.

End of flashback

I sighed, lifting myself to stare at my work. Now to complete it. Biting my lip, I bent over him, careful to not fall on his sleeping figure.

Lifting my hands with the feather, I began to brush it along the tip of his nose to the bridge. His nose twitched and I bite into my lip more harshly. He was adorable.

I did it again but he swaps at his nose with the wrong hand. Groaning inwardly I brought the tip of the feather under his nose and tickled him there. Grunting lowly, he swats at his nose this time with the right hand.

The shaving cream spreads all over his mouth and nose. His eyes snapped open in shock and confusion before they zeroed in on my smiling face.

“Good morning sleepy head. We have a whole day ahead of us.” I winked and reach over to spread the shaving cream more onto his face. His blue eyes glared at me. Revenge is sweet.

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