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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-26

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-26

He pa*s his clean hand down his face, still eyes glaring into my soul. When he removes some shaving cream off his nose and mouth, he yells. “Ashley!”

My eyes widen, smirking I made a beeline for the door. “Clean up and meet me downstairs in ten minutes!” I yelled over my shoulder, then slammed the door shut behind me.

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I rushed into my roomand locked the door behind me quickly. I whirled around resting my back on the door, sighing. I really am out of shape.

I’m planning to bring him to the boxing gym and I haven’t been there in years. What if I can’t even lift a five pound weight? That would be embarra*sing.

I hummed, biting my lips in thought, lifting my head to stare at the ceiling. This could actually be a good idea, it could certainly jolt some of his memories.

Blake loved boxing once and maybe that could be what he needs right now to get back his memories.Nodding to myself I proceed to get ready for today.

“When you said we have a whole day ahead of us, I really didn’t think you’d bring me to a boxing gym.” Blake murmurs, tilting his head to look out of the window.

I killed the engine, smiling to myself as I remembered the fond memories we shared there. “I thought it would be fun to bring you to a place you loved before losing your memories.”

He turns to me. I continued but this time a smirk is now on my lips. “Besides we both are out of shape. Could use some exercises.”

He narrows his blue eyes, glaring at me. “I haven’t forgotten how you woke me up this morning, so don’t add more to your punishment.” He rolls his eyes.

I raised a brow now amused. Oh how the tables have turned. “Punishment? Do tell how my husband wishes to punish me?” I couldn’t help the giggles that slipped past my lips.

He leans back in the car seat and stared out of the windshield in thought. “Well I haven’t thought about a punishment as yet. But don’t worry I will get you back. I could still taste that damn shaving cream.” He made a disgusted face, shivering.

I laughed, opened the door and stepped out. “Well come on, let’s go.” I nudged my head to the gym.

Grumbling something incoherent under his breath he opens the door and steps out. We both close the doors simultaneously. I walked around the car to his side and gave him a smile.

“How about I buy you a banana chocolate milkshake on our way back for your forgiveness? Will you forgive me then?” I asked.

I will admit now I felt bad. The taste of shaving cream definitely wasn’t pleasant.

He looked to be in thought before he smirks down at me. “Hmmm a banana chocolate milkshake sounds good but sorry I’m still going to punish you.” He winks, turns around and proceeds to the gym.

“So does that mean you still won’t forgive me even when I buy it?” I shout behind him.

“Nope.” He yells over his shoulder and opens the gym doors.

Kicking the road and muttering a curse I followed after him. Punishment? I highly doubt Blake would hurt me but still the thought of being punished by him both scared and excited me.

I rolled my eyes. I read too many erotica novels in my high school years.

I opened the gym doors and entered. It was different from how it was years back. More workout equipment and the walls now were painted black. Also the boxing ring in the middle of the room was now way bigger than the one before. Austin had upgraded this place.

I walked over to Blake who had been standing there, transfixed by the two males boxing in the ring. The way his eyes calculated their moves, the way he followed their movements with intrigue let me know that the Blake before was still here and not far away.

I went to stand beside him, crossing my arms over my chest. He didn’t seem like he noticed my presence beside him, entranced by the teen boys.

“Keep your legs apart Leo.” It was Austin, beside the ring, watching the teens jab at each other.

“You know this used to be you back in the day.” I smiled softly remembering how happy he always seemed to be whenever he was either training or in a fight.

He turns to me, his blue eyes burning at the side of my face. “Somehow I believe you, just by seeing those boys jab at eachother makes me feel connected to this place. I can’t really explain it but I feel like this was a part of me.”

I nodded, fully understanding him. ” It was.” I turn to him and give him a soft smile.

He sends me a dazzling smile, one that made me realize bringing him here was the best decision I made.

“Look what we have here, the ‘ it’s complicated’ couple that later on got married.” A loud boisterous voice yells.

I turn to Austin who was already walking over to us. “Are you still not going to let us live this one down?”

He shakes his head. “Nah you two deserve all the teasing you get.”

When he’s beside us he pulls Blake into a hug. “You may have not remembered me boy and I am sorry this has happened to you but I’m happy you’re recovering. Kinda miss you in the ring, lost a good bit of money when you left.” He joked at the end and slapped Blake’s back playfully before letting him go.

“A get better soon speech would’ve been so much better Austin. Greedy old man.” I snorted.

He turns to me and scowls. “I just turned forty five a month ago Ashley, I’m not that old.” He grumbles.

“Yeah that’s not old at all grandpa. Why don’t you have a seat before you break your back from standing for so long?” I giggled. Blake chuckles beside me.

I don’t think it’s even physically possible to break one’s back by just standing but the look of anger on Austin’s face makes me not feel like a complete idiot.

Austin narrows his eyes, glaring at me.” You know I had much rather you back when you were still in high school, not as talkative as you are now. The only downfall was that you were following Blake like a lost puppy.”

Now it was my turn to glare at him. “I did not!” I argued.

There was a loud thud and we all turned our heads to stare at the ring. One of the boys had fallen. He looked fine judging by how quickly he got back up.

“Leo try not punching Harper too hard next time, this is just practice!” Austin yells then turns back to Blake, sighing while pinching between his eyebrows.

“You were so much better to train than these two. Honestly I miss you kid.” Austin admits. “And the money you brought in too.” He shrugs when I send him a fierce glare.

Blake stares at the two boys, his eyes not once leaving them. Finally he tears his eyes away and looks at Austin. “I think I want to try.”

“Yeah no.” Was my quick answer. Blake still had a head injury and his doctor was very strict with what he should and shouldn’t do. Fighting was definitely the first on the list for what he shouldn’t do.

“Oh come on it’s not like he could get injured. How about he just punch a few punching bags then I take him in the ring to show him the basics? Not too extreme ofcourse.” Austin suggested.

I shook my head. Blake turns to me, his eyes pleading. I tear my eyes away not wanting to get sucked into those blue swirls of his and give in.

“Come on Ashley, you heard him, just the basics. I promise I won’t get hurt.” He pleaded.

“Yeah come on Ashley.” Austin pleads.

I sighed. Perhaps bringing him here wasn’t such a good idea afterall.

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