Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-28 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-28

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-28

My eyes glazed over with unshed tears. He called me Ley. It had been so long. Was I overreacting? Probably. Did I care? Not one bit.

The skin between his eyebrows crease as he furrows his brows. He was likely confused by how emotional I was at this moment.

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“What? Did I say something wrong?” He rushed out, slowly placing me down.

Still even with my foot on the mat he had not removed his arms from my body. Instead he pulled me closer. I shook my head and smiled up at him.

“No. It’s just that you called me Ley for the first time since you lost your memory. Sorry I’m being emotional. ” I admitted wiping the skin underneath my eyes. I giggled feeling stupid for even crying.

But instead of laughing at me like I expected he smiles, blue eyes glistening with adoration as he peers down at me.

“Really? It feels normal calling you by that name.” He confessed. I smiled overly happily at his confession.

Then he smirks. “And you want to know what else feels normal?” The way his tone dropped to one deep and husky had my heart pumping like I had just run a damn marathon.

This is what he does to me, turns me into one of those girls who act like they’ve never seen a man before. I should’ve gotten used to it before but I haven’t.

“What?” I whispered, my throat feeling extremely dry at the moment.

I peered into his eyes and my insides melted. I could feel the blood racing through my veins and hear the rhythm of my heart in my very own ears.

He grins, eyes darting down to stare at my lips. “It’s better if I show you.” He whispered and before I could question him, his fingers thread into my hair pulling me forward.

Soon his lips followed, soft and warm like I remembered, pulling a gasp out of me. My eyes flickered shut, my heart constricting as I let myself be in this moment.

The way he kissed me so tenderly as if afraid he’d break me, almost like he was afraid that I’d push him away had my mind racing with thoughts of love. To ease him, I fist his shirt and tugged his body to mine closer. I could feel his heat and taste him so sweet.

And when he nibbles on my bottom lip asking for permission I shivered, opening my mouth for him to taste. He groans, tongue darting into my mouth and seeking whatever he wanted, no, needed.

The way his lips almost now brutally mold against mine was as if he couldn’t get enough, tasting me, pulling me closer until I let out a moan.

I missed this. I missed his taste, the way he kissed me like I was the only woman in this world. The way we perfectly molded together.

I thought I was the one making him fall in love with me again but turns out I’m falling in love with him all over again too.

I thought I couldn’t possibly fall deeper in love with him but now being in his arms showed me that the years we’ve spent together was only just the beginning.

“Okay break it up you two, no one wants to see you both get it on in this ring.” Austin’s amused voice shoots through the little bubble Blake and I created and teared it until we came back to reality.

I had completely forgotten where we were.

Blake was reluctant to let me go as I pulled away. His blue eyes were foggy with desire and shock. And when my eyes tear away from them to drop to his lips I smirk with satisfaction. They were red and plump from my kisses.

“I seriously need to scrub my eyes for days to get that image out of my head.” I heard Harper grumble.

I pulled away from Blake completely and turned to face them. Leo nods in agreement to Harper’s words. “Yeah man, that was too extreme, I’ll for sure get nightmares.” He shivered in exaggeration.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh shut up.”

I turn to Austin who was smirking in the corner. He gives me a thumbs up and winks. I bite into my bottom lip to stifle my laughter. I was sure mostly everyone by now knew Blake had lost his memory and had completely forgotten about me.

My heart pounds. He had forgotten about me. Does this mean that I was closer than I thought to win his heart all over again?

I smiled just thinking about it. I feel arms wrap around my waist and my heart squeezed. “How about we go get that banana chocolate milkshake you promised me?” He bends his head and lips brush against my ears as he speaks. I shivered.

I turn to face him, our faces closer than I thought. Still I smiled looking into his eyes. “Does this mean you will forgive me for what happened this morning?” I looked at him beneath my lashes in a desperate attempt to look innocent.

He chuckles, turning away from me, squeezes my waist playfully and speaks to Austin. “Thanks for the boxing lessons man. You’ll definitely see me back here again soon.” He turns us around.

“What he means by soon is when he’s completely healed and his doctor gives him the go.” I yelled over my shoulder as I slipped under the ropes to get out.

I hopped down, turning to face Austin. “Hey Austin, maybe one day we could have a match, me and you, what do you say old man?” Ofcourse this was all teasing.

Even though I had the best teacher and was a pretty decent fighter I was a hundred percent sure Austin could knock me down in an instant.

He smirks winking. “I’m a very hard man to beat Reed but when you’re ready I’ll be happy to arrange your pretty face.”

I feel Blake throw his hand around my shoulder, turn me around and grumbles something underneath his breath. “See yah Austin.” I shout already close to the exit. Honestly Blake was literally pushing me along with him, I could barely keep up with his pace.

“See you kid!” He shouts just as the door closes behind Blake and I.

“You know if I didn’t know better I’d say you were jealous of an old man saying that my face is pretty.” I teased. With his pace and my almost tripping every second we had reached beside my car in less than ten seconds.

He snorts letting me go and walking over to the pa*senger’s side. ” Me jealous? I wasn’t.” He denies, opens the door and slips in.

I rolled my eyes, open the door and slipped in. “Sure you weren’t.” I snorted, turning to face him.

He lets out a breath and turns to face me. “Okay I was.” He admits.

I fully turned to face him and giggled. “Oh I kn-“

I am cut off with lips molding against mine as he pulls me onto him with one swift move. I moan, pressing myself to him. His fingers dug into my waist as he kissed me with desperation.

“I can’t get enough.” He says between kisses. I nodded agreeing with him completely and understanding what he meant. His hands roam down to the curve of my a*s, he squeezes it and earns a gasp from me.

“Blake.” I moaned, trailing my hands down his chest-

The ringing of my phone startles me and I pull away from him. He looks annoyed at the disturbance. “Leave it.” He whispers and pulls me back to him.

The phone rings again. I send him an apologetic smile. “Sorry it can be an emergency.”

He groans, throwing his head back on the seat. “Fine.” He grumbles but he doesn’t let me go, instead he grips my hips firmly.

I sighed and outstretched to retrieve my phone at the backseat where I had stupidly left it. I looked at the caller and quickly answered it when Rosalie’s name popped up. Pulling the phone to my ears I waited for her to speak.

“Sos, I need you to come to my apartment, like right now.” She rushes out and hangs up before I could get a word in.

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