Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-3 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-3

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-3

“What are you thinking about?” I asked Blake. We were nestled together, my head on his bare shoulders with our legs tangled together. We were both slick with sweat.

A grey sheet covered our bottom half as he brushes his fingers through my hair. His other hand rests atop my bare belly, stroking it lightly. We had just finished making love as a newlywed couple.

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“I’m imagining a child growing in your belly. Our child.” He murmurs. I could hear the tinge of happiness in his voice at the thought of being a dad.

My heart warms. I had stopped taking the pill so we could start a family. I was ready. I now worked as a book editor in a huge company and with Blake’s annual wage, we were set financially.

So I had no worries about bringing a child into this world. The only worry I had was when Blake would get deployed. I worry that he will not be with me every step of the way like we had planned.

The thought was scary but something about seeing his overjoyed face coming back to his family weighed down on all the bad thoughts. We’ve been through numerous challenges and we came back stronger. We always do.This time wouldn’t be different.

A tender smile revealed my teeth as I look up at him and rested one of my hands on his, the one on my belly. “What do you think we will have?” I said softly as he peers down at me with adoration.

He strokes his thumb over my flesh. “I imagine a little boy with dark hair, beautiful green eyes like his mom and would love reading. I’d teach him how to play football when he gets older because there is no way I’d teach him boxing. It’s too dangerous.”

I giggle. “That’s surprising, you love boxing yet you will not want to teach your son?”

“Baby boxing is a dangerous sport, I’ll not allow our son to get hurt.” He huffs.

I arch a brow. “You’re already protective.” I snorted in amusement.

I lift my hand to brush my fingers over his smooth jaw. “I imagine a little girl with alluring blue eyes like you, eyes that would make everyone’s heart flutter. Hair so black that they’d mistake it for ink. I want her to be loving and caring like you. Oh and dare I say it, overprotective when she gets siblings.” I whispered, staring at him with tenderness.

He grins, eyes dropping down to my lips. “How about we go have a shower and practice the baby making process? You know so we could see who will win.” His eyes narrow playfully.

I sucked in my bottom lip and looked at him beneath my lashes before quickly throwing the covers off of me. I giggled as I moved off the bed and made a dash to the bathroom. “Race you there!” I laughed.

“Hey that’s unfair! You cheated!” He whined followed by his heavy rushing footsteps behind me.

I giggled opening the door quickly and entered the shower. Blake is seconds behind me, bare like the day he was born, we both were. “I won.” I bit my bottom lip and peered up at him innocently.

He shook his head, groaned then pushed me to the cold tiles. “If I didn’t want to be inside of you so badly I’d spank your sexy a*s for cheating.” He murmurs then dips his head to capture my lips.

I moan, throwing my hands around his neck to pull him closer. I feel the warm sprinkle of water flow down on our body’s as we wrestled with our tongue for dominance. Blake had turned on the shower.

Our breathing was harsh. A raptured groan from him has a strong electrical feeling spread in between my legs, creating heat that he could only quench.

His cock poked my stomach, hard, hot and ready. I pant, my nipples hardening. They brush his chest, creating a nice friction that has me pooling between my legs.

His hands start to roam my body as he detaches his lips from mine to trail heated kisses down my jaw to my neck. I tilt my head back, gasping when his fingers pinch my hardened nipples.

“Blake.” I whimper.

He groans in response, his lips trailing down until he captured a rosy nipple in his mouth. I hiss arching myself more to him.

His tongue flicks over the peak and nips it softly. “Hmmm.” I sigh as he sucks it into his mouth. His other hand trails down until he palms my pussy.

I whimper as his finger trails between my folds then he plunges it into my core. I grunt arching my back off the cold tiles. He moves off my nipple to stare at me, his eyes dark, full of lust.

“You like that baby?” He asks as he pumps his fingers into my heated core. His eyes drop between us and stares where his finger was currently F*cking me.He licked his lips and groan in satisfaction.

I nodded and moaned breathlessly when he adds another finger and curled them. I whimper, pulling his head down to meet my lips. “I want you.” I whispered on his soft lips that were swollen by my kisses.

He grunts and moves his fingers, only to lift me. I wrap my legs around his waist, arms around his neck as his cock aligns with my entrance.

I moved my lips from his to trail kisses on his jaw. I lick the flesh, loving the taste of him as the water falls over us. He pants in my ear, gripping my hips tightly, fingers dripping into my flesh.

“Guide my cock into you baby.” He moans, jerking his hips forward until the head poked my entrance. He pushed me more on to the tiled wall.

“Hmmm.” I moaned and reached between us to wrap my fingers around his thick cock. Sometimes I still wonder how he could fit all of that into me.

I ran my hands down his length loving the way he jerks into my hand. I trail kisses down his neck, licking his wet skin. He shudders gripping onto me tightly.

“Shit Ley.” He hisses when I squeeze him lightly then tug his cock softly, just the way he loved it. I smirk on his neck and bite the tender flesh.

He jerks forward, hisses when I guide the head of his cock between my folds. In one hard thrust, he pushes into me completely, filling me up to the brim. We both grunt at the feeling of being joined.

I lace both of my hands around his neck and tighten my thighs around his waist as he starts to thrust into me. I could feel him, hot and thick inside of me. He stretched my walls as they clump around his hard length.

He pants, dropping his head on my shoulder as he took me. “F*ck.” He hisses pushing out then slamming back in.

“Don’t stop.” I breathed out shakily as his cock pounded into me. I could feel my pussy grip him tightly everytime he tried to pull away. He always loves when I do that, he says that my pussy was made for his cock.

He grunts slamming into me more roughly until I could feel him all into my stomach. I moan, nails scratching his back tatt as I scream out in pure bliss. My thighs shake, as an orgasm rocks my body.

Blake’s head moves from my shoulder and comes towards my face before dipping his head to sink his teeth in my bottom lip. I gasp shuddering as his cock jerks into me.

My pussy clamp around him, keeping him in as he starts to cum inside me, thrusting his cock as deeply as possible.

“Ley.” He moans, gripping my thighs. He nibbles on my bottom lip and sucks it gently as we ride the wave of our orgasm.

“Definitely will be a boy.” He smirks and pulls away to stare down at me. My chest rises and falls harshly as my eyes narrow playfully.

“We’ll see about that Reed.” I mumbled with his cock still inside of me.

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