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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-30

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-30

This was honestly the last thing I thought Rosalie would say. I was utterly shocked and felt the weight of not knowing what to do or how to comfort her.

“Are you sure?” Kimberly whispers, her eyes on Rosalie’s stomach.

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Rosalie opens her eyes, sighs and plops down on the mat crossed leg. “I don’t know, I’ve been feeling nauseous recently and I feel like I put on weight instead of losing. Also Arden didn’t pull out on the wedding night nor did he the day after.”

She brings her legs up, circles her arms around them and drops her head on her knees. “This is what I get for not taking precautions. I should never have slept with him. F*ck him and how he makes me feel.” She murmurs but it’s barely coherent as her mouth is pressed to her legs.

Finally finding my voice, I spoke up. “Did you at least take a test to know?” I asked.

She lifts her head and I feel sadden as I witness her red rimmed eyes and snotty nose.

“I haven’t yet. I bought them an hour ago but I’m scared to take it.” She confessed.

“Wait them? How many did you buy?” I asked.

She rises to her feet and shrugs. “Around ten.” She admits. She then points at the black bag on the coffee table before us. “They’re all in here, taunting me.” She grumbles.

I nodded. “Okay, did you tell this to Arden?”

“God no, unless I am sure that I am in fact pregnant then I’ll keep this scare away from him. It’s not like he’d care.” She grumbles lowly.

“Of course he cares about you Rosa. Arden loves you and I know he did some stupid shit in the past but he’s trying to make it up to you. If you are in fact pregnant, I think it would be considered fate. It was meant to happen, you two were meant to happen.” I defended my brother.

Arden was stupid yes, but he loved Rosalie and she loved him equally. It was now irritating to see her pushing him away when she wanted him just as much as he wanted her back.

She sighs but I knew I got to her. At least I hoped.

“Why don’t you take the test now Rosalie?” Kimberly suggested. “We’ll be with you every step of the way.”

Rosalie bites down on her bottom lip and flicks her eyes between Kimberly and I. “Every step of the way?”

Kimberly nods while my stomach drops. The way Rosalie’s eyes glistened with wickedness made me realize that whatever she was thinking can’t be good.

“Would you two take the test together with me so I’ll not be the only one?” She asked, pursing her lips into a pout.

“Yeah no.” I spoke up, shaking my head. There was no way I’d pee on a stick.

“I’m already pregnant, no need for confirmation again.” Kimberly snorts and points at her small baby bump.

Rosalie’s eyes began to moisten with tears and I groaned inwardly. That little devil. It’s no wonder she and Arden are a match made in heaven, they are exactly the same. Know how to manipulate anything to get their way.

“Come on guys, please? I can’t do this alone.” She pleaded.

“Like I said, we all know how the results of the test will come out. I’m not going through that shit again. Ashley on the other hand can do it with you.” Kimberly suggested.

I turn to Kimberly and send her a sharp glare. “Throw me under the bus, why don’t you.” I hissed.

“Oh come on Ashley, it’s not like you should be afraid of the results. Well, unless you have something to confess?” Kimberly questions in a teasing tone.

“Yeah Ashley, nothing to be afraid of. ” Rosalie utters. I turn my sharp glare towards her.

“I’m not afraid of the results because I know I’m not pregnant. I just don’t feel like peeing on a stick.” I grumble out in anger.

Rosalie falls on her knees before me and peers at me sadly. “Please Ashley, I don’t want to take it alone. I’m scared.” She begs.

I stared at her blankly before giving up. Sighing, I nodded. “Fine.” I grumble.

Rosalie smiles and rises to her feet. “I’ll take one in my bathroom and you can take yours in the guest bathroom. When we’re done we’ll bring it here and place it on the box while we wait together.” She says and opens the black bag filled with tests.

She sent one at me and I barely caught it. After letting out an ooph when it hit my boobs then fell on my lap, I picked it up and rise to my feet.

“I hate you two for forcing me into this.” I grumble as I make my way to the guest bathroom.

“You know you love us!” Kimberly and Rosalie shouts behind me. I rolled my eyes.

How did I end up here? From boxing a teenage boy to now peeing on a pregnancy test?

I pressed my lips together as I shook a little on the toilet seat so I could make sure that I had gotten all of that pee out.

“Please Ashley take the test with me, I’m scared.” I grumble as I continued to shake a bit, making sure to not get pee on my fingers.

“Little she devil knew how to play her cards right.” I sighed and moved the test away from between my legs when I felt like I did not have any urine left.

“How could this small little stick thing tell when a woman is pregnant?” I asked no one in particular as I placed it on the bathroom countertop and pulled up my underwear and tights.

I walked to the sink and open the faucet to wash my hands. Staring at myself in the mirror I shook my head. “How did I even end up here?” I asked my reflection.

“Are you done Ashley?” Rosalie yelled.

Sighing, I closed the pipe and wiped my hands on the small towel that was hanging beside the mirror. “Yes I’ll be out in a sec!” I yelled back.

“I should’ve continued sucking Blake’s face and pretended to not have heard my phone ringing. Then I wouldn’t have gone through this.” I murmur and picked up the test, careful to not touch where I had peed on.

I walked out of the bathroom and made my way back to the living room where Rosalie and Kimberly were. I looked down at the pregnancy box on the coffee table and noticed the test on top of it.

Rosalie sits down beside Kimberly and hugs a throw pillow while looking down at the test nervously. “I seriously can’t believe you two talked me into doing this.” I muttered as I place my test down on another box.

I made sure to keep it away from Rosalie’s, so we would not get confused. I walked over to a vacant sofa and plop down.

“Now we wait.” Rosalie murmurs softly while squeezing the throw pillow.

I nodded. “Now we wait.”

“I would be so happy if either one of you is pregnant. I wouldn’t have to go through this experience alone.” Kimberly admits.

I smiled softly. I highly doubted that I was pregnant, I never showed symptoms. And I don’t think Blake and I were ready to be parents as yet. Not when he just made the first move.

Two minutes later.

“Is it time yet?” Rosalie asked for the fifth time since we placed the test down.

“Not yet Rosalie, you must wait for at least five minutes. ” Kimberly stated.

Rosalie groans, throwing her head back. “This is torture. I feel so anxious and scared. “

Five minutes later.

“I’m scared to look, someone please look for me.” Rosalie begs.

“I’m too lazy to get up.” Kimberly groans. “Ashley you look.”

I glared at her and rolled my eyes. “Fine.” I hissed and rise to my feet.

I peered at Rosalie’s test, while holding my breath. I don’t know why I watched her test first and not mine. I couldn’t be scared of my results could I?

One barely there line.

I lift my eyes to her scared one’s. “Well if you weren’t ready for a baby then it’s your luck, you’re not pregnant.”

Her eyes dropped.”Oh.” She mumbles sadly.

My heart pounds as I begin to sweat. Drawing my eyes slowly towards my test. I bit into my bottom lip as I peered at the test on the box. I squint to get a better look.


My heart drops then starts to pound uncontrollably. This is not happening right now.

Two dark red lines.

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