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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-31

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-31

“So what does it say? Are you pregnant?” Kimberly questions after an awkward tense pause of silence.

How can I answer right now when my very own tongue feels heavy? Even my lungs felt restricted of air? Was this considered a panic attack?

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“Well what does it say Ashley?” Rosalie asked. Impatience is clear in her voice but my mouth can’t seem to form any sentence as of right now.

My eyes are glued on the two dark red lines. Pregnant. I’m pregnant.

The little voice in my head kept repeating what I already knew yet it felt like a dream.

“Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” Rosalie murmurs, rises and comes beside me. She peeks at the test on the box and she gasps.

“Oh shit.” She gasps.

“What’s wrong?!” Kimberly rushes out and stands up.

“Nothing is wrong, the question we all should be asking is how did everything get so right? Congrats Ashley I know you’ll be a great moma.” Rosalie nearly squeals out loud. I’m startled when I felt her arms wrap around me to pull me into an embrace.

“She’s pregnant?” Kimberly yelled and walks over to us. She wraps her arms around us both. I feel their excitement yet my mind can’t wrap around the thought of becoming a mother.

I wanted this so bad. I wanted one day to be the mother of Blake’s kids. But now knowing that it was actually coming true and I was currently pregnant brought on fear. Fear of the unknown.

Not only did I get pregnant at the worst time since my baby daddy still hasn’t regained his memories but I also didn’t think I could do this with being so stressed.

How will he even take that news? Will he be mad, upset, confused? Will he think I cheated on him? He doesn’t remember me so he definitely won’t remember our sex life.

Rosalie and Kimberly pull away, probably feeling my unease. They peered at me in confusion, flickering their eyes between each other. My eyes peer at the test.

“What’s wrong, aren’t you happy?” Rosalie question.

Was I?

Yes I was. But I was also terrified.

Was this how mom felt when she got to know she was pregnant with me?

“I am.” I finally whispered.

“I can’t wait to go shopping with you for baby clothes. I can’t wait to buy those cute knitted booties and hats and-” Rosalie babbles.

“Are you alright Ashley?” Kimberly asked worriedly. When I finally remove my eyes away from the positive test and settle it on Kimberly I’m suddenly hit with sadness.

She was lucky that Ryan can remember every moment they shared and was happy to hear they were expecting. But Blake doesn’t remember the times we shared and he probably wouldn’t take this news all that well.

I nodded and finally managed a smile. “I am fine, just need to rest a little.” I looked down at the test and sighed. “I’ll just head home.”

They nodded. “Will you tell Blake?” Rosalie whispers.

I froze. Could this news possibly ruin the little chance I had with him? Yes. Will he feel like everything is moving too fast? Yes. Does he deserve to know even though he could potentially hate me? Yes.

I nodded and started pushing the test inside the box. ” I will. I just need to know how.” I murmur.

How am I supposed to let my husband know that we are expecting our first child?

I started walking towards the door only to get stopped. “Wait! You can’t go out like that with a pregnancy box on display. Here let me fetch a black nylon bag.” Rosalie shouts to get my attention.

I waited, the sides of my head throbbing with a lurking migraine. This was not how I imagined my first time being pregnant would be.

“Here you go.” Rosalie smiles, holding out the bag as I place the box inside.

“Thank you.” I murmur, clutching the bag tightly in my grip. “Hey Rosa?”

She looks at me expectantly. “Talk to Arden. Pushing him away instead of making great memories with him will only make you regret later on. Let him in Rosa.” I uttered.

She nods and smiles softly. “I will Ash. If you need me I’m always here and just one phone call away.”

I smiled sadly and waved her and Kimberly bye before heading out of the apartment building.

Again how did I end up here?

Why does my car feel safer than my house right now?

I peer at our home. So close yet it felt so far away. I sighed. I had been seated in the car for a couple of minutes now and I was afraid Blake would come out and ask me what’s wrong.

What would I answer him with? Oh nothings wrong, I’m just expecting your kid. No that one sounds dumb and cliche.

Oh hey Blake, remember when you F*cked me for days before and after the wedding and came inside of me many times? Well guess your sperm hit the spot because I’m pregnant. No, that one sounds too extreme.

And he definitely didn’t remember you F*cking idiot, he can’t even remember you.

How about this one. Oh hey Blake you know before you got shot and lost your memories we had a lot of sex and now I’m pregnant.

Yeah I suck at this.

I murmur a curse under my breath and bring my head to the steering wheel. Accidentally hitting the middle, I’m startled when I heard a loud honk. Shit then he’d definitely think something is up.

Grabbing the test that I had placed on the pa*senger’s seat I got out of the car. Breathe Ashley, breathe. In and out. In and out.

I opened the door softly. I hear the loud sounds of gunshots coming from the living room. No doubt Blake was watching an action movie.

I close the door softly with one hand the other held the bag with the test

Nerves pricked my skin and my hands became clammy. I was nervous, more nervous than I have ever been in my life.

I walked towards the living room to let him know that I was home. It would definitely raise suspicion if I didn’t.

Somehow he hears my footsteps because he turns around. His blue eyes fall onto me and he smiles. My heart froze. How am I supposed to give him this kind of news?

“You’re back. Was everything okay with Rosalie?” His eyes fall to the bag and he smirks. “Did you buy the banana chocolate milkshake on your way? You know you did promise me.”

I forced out a smile and I’m sure I looked stupid. “Sorry I forgot, I’ll make sure to buy it tomorrow. And yeah Rosalie’s okay, just had a little scare.” I murmur.

His blue eyes fall to my lips and he licks his. “It’s fine I can take another form of apology. How about we continue where we left off?” He asked. His voice had already gone deeper than usual and his eyes darken with desire.

My heart thumps. “Um, I don’t want to disturb you. I’ll just go take a shower and start dinner.” I didn’t wait for him to answer or question my sudden reaction as I turn around and headed upstairs.

How the hell am I supposed to tell my husband who has amnesia that he’s going to be a dad?

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