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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-32

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-32

What was wrong with her?

I’ve been asking myself this for hours. What could I have possibly done wrong to have her treat me so coldly? Did I kiss her too soon? Did she think I had kissed her because I only wanted to F*ck her?

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I groan and turned on my back and stared at the ceiling. The dinner was horrible. Not her cooking skills, no, she really could open her own damn restaurant.

It was horrible because no matter how many times I wanted to converse with her, she’d give me curt replies, turn her eyes away and stab at her food like she was in her own little world.

I will admit, I felt like shit. Like I had done something wrong. I did ask her if I did, but she only answered with a vague no and in her words, ‘you could never do anything wrong, I’m fine, just tired.’

Was this how it felt to have a wife and not know what you did wrong when they were mad?

Wife. Referring to her as my wife felt so strange yet so right at the same time. It was weird waking up from a coma only to know that you’re married to one of the most beautiful women on earth. I sighed remembering the day I woke up from the coma.

She looked so lost that day, so tired and sad. And I treated her like shit. Why? Because at that moment she was a stranger to me and the strong attraction and pull I felt towards her scared me completely.

My first thought when I saw her face was, why the hell would I feel such a way for a stranger? Why can she pull me in by just one look? And what really broke me was the moment I heard her crying. It F*cking broke me because I did this to her, I made her cry.

I sighed shifting around on the bed. It was so late and I couldn’t sleep. I felt like a weight was pushing on my chest by the very thought of Ley mad at me.

I grunted slamming my fisted hands on the bed. “I wish I knew what you were thinking in that pretty little head of yours.” I murmur.

My head snap to the door, wishing she’d walk through at this very second. I snorted amused at my own thoughts. Why would she even come to you?

I draw my eyes to the clock on the nightstand.It was already twelve forty. Late, yet I can’t seem to sleep. I groaned, turning on my belly, pressed my cheeks to the mattress and clenched my eyes shut.

I open my eyes, grunting when I felt the soreness in my body. I clench something tight in my hands. My eyes draw to my hands and I’m startled to see how my fingers clutched a AR-15 rifle firmly as if it was my life force.

I draw my eyes to my attire.It wasn’t normal clothes, no. Was I wearing military clothes?

“Get down, Get down!” A very loud booming male voice yells.

Gunshots, loud and peircing rang through the air. I lift my eyes, narrowing them when a strong breeze flew dirt particules in the air. It looked like I was in the desert.

“Shit.” I found myself saying outloud when my eyes focused on dead bodies. Dead bodies of soldiers. Their blood oozed around them like their very own pool.

I sucked in a breath pressing my back to whatever protected me from getting shot. Was this a dream? It did not feel like it. It felt too real to be just a dream.

I flinch, clenching my teeth when the bullets hit the sand, so close to my foot. My ears were ringing from the loud shouts of the soldiers and gunshots.

I could feel something warm slowly trickling down my ear. I lifted a finger and touched the warm liquid. Drawing it back and looking at it, I noticed it was my own blood.

“Damn we’re toast here.” A voice besides me curses.

I turn to the source. A man my age, a soldier and oddly I knew his name. How had I not noticed him beside me before?

“We’re too much in the open, we need to get moving.” I groan, looking around. It was strange how I spoke to him already knowing what to say.

I turned around and it’s then I noticed we were somewhat protected by a tactical vehicle. But from the smell of gas and the increasing gunshots raging through it, it wouldn’t take long until it blew up. Hopefully I will not be there when it does.

I looked around and noticed that there was a ma*size boulder where soldiers were seeking cover while shooting back at those who wanted us dead. It seemed like a better choice than staying here where we were getting shot at.

“We need to get out now Saeed.” I pant. The air felt foggy and stuffed with gases which made it difficult to breathe. I pointed at the boulder. “We’ll make a run for it, I will cover us.”

“I can’t leave this post, I lost my helmet when the vehicle flipped.” Saeed pant beside me. I turn to him and indeed he did not have a helmet to protect his head. Shit.

I didn’t think twice as I removed my own and handed it to him. He looked confused. “You can’t give me your own man. You’ll be open.”He pants.

I hiss, pushing it into his arms. “Just take the damn thing.”

I looked at the boulder where the other soldiers were hiding. One in particular turns towards us and shouts. “I’ll cover you two!” He positioned his rifle and waited.

I turned to Saeed and nodded. “It’s now or never man. You ran ahead first, I got our backs.” I promised.

I found my hands digging into my pocket and pulling out something. It’s a small picture and I smiled. It was a picture of Ley. She looked like an angel smiling at the camera with a soft golden hue casted over her.

She was my angel.

I brought the picture to my lips and kissed it. “I promise I’ll come back to you.” I whispered and then pushed it back inside my pocket.

I turned to Saeed. “Ready?”

He nodded though his eyes spoke fear. I sighed, clenching my eyes shut and pressed my back on the vehicle. I listened carefully. One. Two. Three. They shot every three seconds.

“When I say go, you go.” I uttered, opening my eyes. Saeed nods and visibly gulps.

One. Two. Three. Pause.

“Go! Go!Go!” I yelled and rose to my feet, turning around to shoot. Saeed ran towards the other soldiers and we had reached a safe distance when the tactical vehicle exploded.

The explosion still had us dropping to the ground.

I looked behind us and noticed the guns aiming, ready to shoot. We were sitting ducks. “Shit, get up! Let’s go!” I urged, rising to my feet.

The other soldiers spotted us while we ran. I hissed, launching myself behind the boulder as I took cover, sighing in relief that I hadn’t gotten shot. I looked beside me.

Where the hell was Saeed?

I tilted my head a bit behind the boulder and spotted him on the ground, groaning in pain as he held his bleeding leg. “Cover me.” I told Gustavo.

He looks at me in panic. “You can’t go back there Reed, you’re risking your life. We already called for backup and help, they should be on their way. Wait for them, don’t go back out there.”

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take if it can save one of my comrades.” I yelled and without thinking much of it, ran towards Saeed. I fell beside him, wrapping my fingers around his arm and dragged him.

I flinched, hissing when a bullet grazed my shoulder. Still I was not willing to give up and dragged Saeed who was groaning in pain.

Just a few more.

“Hurry up Reed!”

I turned around to stare at how many more steps until we reached the boulder and that’s when I felt it. Pushing through my skull, sharp and piercing.

I felt my entire body go numb, my legs not strong enough to hold my weight as I fell to the ground.I heard curses, shouts of panic and worry then felt hands dragging my body.

“Help is on the way. Stay with us Reed.”

My vision blurs and the shouts and gunshots felt like just silent murmurs. But her face, Ley’s face, was the last thing I saw as I got swallowed by darkness.

I gasp waking up. My body shivered and my head pounded, cold sweat trickling down my back. I groan sitting up and clutch my head. This dream felt too real, like I had gone through this. It felt like a memory. A sudden flashback.

Ley. My little angel.

My stomach twisted not wanting to be alone at this moment. I move off the bed and without thinking walked over to Ley’s room. I sighed, staring at the door and knocked. I needed her tonight.

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