Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-34

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-34

He smiles, bringing his head towards my own slowly. It felt like time froze when our lips met. Instantly my entire body blaze with heat, desire and want as I parted my lips willingly to allow his tongue in.

I gasp when he forces me on my back, parts my legs using his own and settles his warm body between them. I could feel every inch of him and the thin cotton shorts I normally wore to bed didn’t do justice.

He fitted so right and the way he pressed to me aroused me more than I’d like to admit.He groans lowly at the back of his throat and that’s when I knew that I was too far gone. I wanted more and God I hope he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I push my fingers into his hair, tugging and pulling him closer as our tongues literally made love. He breaks away and peers down into my eyes.

His emotions were displayed like an open book. There was an unmaskable fire of desire in his glistening eyes. He wanted me just as badly, perhaps even more.

“I really wanted to take things slow with you Ley but I don’t think I can hold myself back anymore.” He admitted.

He licks his bottom lip. “I want you.” He whispered, gulping as if restraining himself was a huge task.

My lower regions clench and I could feel myself become wet by the thought of him inside of me again after so many weeks. “I want you too Blake.” I admitted, staring at him beneath my lashes shyly.

He groans bringing his lips back down to mine. I gasp not expecting how he desperately kissed me like his life depended on it. I feel his heated fingers trail down the side of my body, leaving tingles in its wake.

He presses his lower half to my own, careful to keep his weight from crushing me. I could feel his familiar hardened cock pressing to my center, to my heat and it takes everything in me to not release it and slip it in.

“You taste like heaven Ashley.” He pants, leaving my lips and kisses the curve of my jaw all the way down to my neck. I arch my back and hiss when he starts to grind his lower half on mine.

The friction had me scraping my nails down his back as I let out silent curses. We hadn’t even done the act yet and I was moaning like a dog in heat. Is this what pregnancy hormones do?

His lips touched my neck where my pulse was beating. He kissed it tenderly and continued to trail kisses down to the top of my breast. He stops his actions, lifting himself to kneel between my legs.

“I want these off right now.” He grunts in impatience.His fingers clutch the top of my white tank top and before I could utter a word he rips it revealing my bare breast.

I gasp fighting the urge to cover my breast. It was not like he hadn’t seen it before, well that is before he lost his memories. But there was just something tonight that made it feel like the first time all over again.

“F*ck.” He breathed out, staring at my breast with unmistakable lust.

His big warm hands came forward to mold one aching breast and soon his mouth followed where he held. I moan out in pleasure when he suckled my nipples into hard points.

The feeling of his hot and wet mouth suckling my nipples sent a lightning bolt of pleasure arcing through me. I could feel the slickness of need between my legs. I wanted him so badly, no, I needed him.

“Blake.” I moaned as my head roll back at the intense pleasure.

He lifts himself a bit until there was some space between our lower halves. His fingers trail down my sides and when he reaches my shorts he tugs it down.

When it doesn’t come off fully, he groans moving away from my nipple, kneels down between my legs and tugs the shorts down my legs swiftly with my underwear coming down with it.I was now bare before him and as embarra*sing as it sounds, I was rather feeling shy.

For a few seconds he stares at me heatedly then licks his lower lip. “Beautiful.” He breathes out with adoration. His eyes move from my body and he stares into my eyes. “You’re so beautiful Ley.”

He comes forward and holds our lips, kissing me with an intense desperation while his fingers find my heat. I moan when I feel the tips of his fingers teasingly run up and down my pussy lips. I mewled, opening my legs wider.

“You’re already so wet.” He groans with satisfaction. I gasp when he pushes a finger inside the two before removing them both. I moan my displeasure and he chuckles with amusement.

“Don’t worry I’ll fill you with something much bigger soon.” He promises then starts to rub my clit. “Just need to make sure you’re wet enough to accommodate me.” He murmurs, nibbling my bottom lip.

I couldn’t help the giggle that slip pased my lips because I knew he was right. Blake was considered huge in that department and even though we Fcked many times he’d always have to make sure I was wet enough so I’d not feel like I was being split into two.

He moves from my lips and trails kisses down my body until he reaches my navel. I arch my back and squirmed when he added pressure to my clit.

Honestly I think I was wet enough for his cock. I don’t think I could last long because of the tightening feeling in my lower stomach. I gasp pulling him back up when he was about to lick down to my pussy.

I wanted his cock now, no time for foreplay.

“I want your cock now Blake.” I pant using my toes to push his boxers down.

He bites his lips. “But I wanted to taste you Ley, see if you taste as good as I imagined. I want this to be perfect for you.” He admits.

My heart warms. I smile at him. “You’ll taste me next time but right now I want to be filled by you.” Okay this was the pregnancy hormones talking.

He groans and helps me fully remove his boxers. I moan at the sight of his cock and lick my lower lip. It had been so long. My entire body tingle with anticipation.

He covered me, careful to keep his weight from crushing me. He stared into my eyes as he positioned himself. “Tell me if it hurts okay?”

I laugh. “Blake you do know this isn’t our first time having sex right? I think I can handle my husband’s fat cock by now.” I clasp my legs around him pulling him further to me until his tip pushes into me a tad bit.

He hisses. “F*ck.”

He gauges for my reaction then as if getting the go he pushes his cock more into me. I gasp at the intense pleasure. It felt like it had been years since we last made love. “Blake.” I let out a breathy moan when he fills me completely with his cock.

My walls had stretched to accommodate him, welcoming him home with a soft squeeze. He pants cursing underneath his breath. “You feel so good. So good.” He grunts.

He moved slowly, gliding in long strokes as if trying to savor the feeling of my walls clamping around his cock. He pants beside my ear, cursing softly as he takes me, owning me all over again like the very first time.

The feeling of being filled by him over and over again was so intense that I screamed out in pleasure outloud. He brings his mouth down to mine to muffle my screams of pleasure. He grunts, his pace now going quicker as he grips my hips.

“Shit.” He groans, his body convulsing as my pussy clamp around him, milking his cock that was buried deep inside of me. My orgasm came so sharp and quickly that I held his cock not allowing him to move.

“Blake.” I moaned.

“Ley.” He grunts, spilling his seed deep inside of me, blending with my own.

We stay there for a few minutes, still connected before he pulls away to look down at me in adoration. “That was.”

“Amazing?”I finished for him with a smile.

He nods, smiling softly. “Didn’t know sex could be this good.”

“Hey Blake?” I murmur shyly.


“I’m falling for you too. All over again.” I admitted.

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