Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-35

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-35

I’m in a room, small and stuffy with the scent of weed, sweat and alcohol. The music was so loud that the vibration could be felt through the flooring. I look around me. There are familiar faces.

But one caught my attention more. Ashley. She sat down beside Ryan. She looks at him and murmurs. “Can we go home now?”

Ryan answers with a nod. I find myself rising to my feet as well, already following them. “I’m coming with you guys. ” I say but someone’s hand on my arm stops me.

“Why do you always treat her like she’s a damn princess? I’m your girlfriend, not her.” Stacy whined, turning me around to face her.

I narrow my eyes, glaring down into hers. “Why do you always act like a bitch towards her?” I hissed. She blanched in shock, letting me go to take a step back. “What, didn’t think I noticed how you treat her?”

She folds her arms and looks at me innocently. “It’s not like your Ley is innocent too Blake. She insults me every-

I snorted out an amused laugh.”Right. Honestly Stacy the more you speak the more the words coming out from your mouth sound ridiculous. Ashley will never stoop to your level.” I stated bluntly.

She glares at me sharply, her lips curling into a sour snarl. “You always defend her, always treat her better than you treat me. Sometimes I think she’s your girlfriend and not me.”

When I don’t answer, her eyes search my face before she sneers. “You love her.” She hissed. “You F*cking love her.” She then laughs without emotion.

“I’m with a Fcking guy who loves his bestfriend.” She looks around the room where a couple of teenagers sat down listening to our conversation. She points at me.” I’m sure when he’s Fcking me he’s picturing her face.” She snarls.

I grab her hand pulling her towards me and glared at her. “You’re drunk Stacy, I’ll drop you home.”

She snorts, pulling her hands away from me in disgust. “You don’t even deny it. A*shole. Go meet your Ley I’ll get a ride home.” She spits, turns to one of the girls in the room and sniffles.

“Drop me home Emery.” She states without a room for argument.

I’m laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, it feels late and I could taste the alcohol on my tongue. The room is dark and the moonlight filtered through the windows.

My heart was thumping uncontrollably like I had just come from a run. Why was my heart beating so quickly? I lift my finger and pressed it to my tingling lips. Was my heart beating so quickly because of the kiss Ley and I shared?

My phone rings, blaring through the quietness of the room. I pushed my hand inside the pocket of my jeans and retrieved my ringing phone. Stacy’s name popped up on the screen.

I felt the instant anger at seeing her name yet I swipe my thumb over the screen. I brought the phone to my ear and waited for her to speak. “Blake baby I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to say such words to you especially in the presence of so many people-

“No you were right and I understand where you’re coming from. I deserve your anger. I’ve been fighting it too long and honestly I’m tired. I’m sorry, I’m an A*shole, I strung you along knowing I was in love with her- ” I started, raking a hand through my hair.

She chuckles but it lacks humor. “So you finally admit it huh?”

“You know I knew this from the moment you introduced me to her. I could see the love shine in your eyes when you stared at her longer than necessary. You adored her, adored her more than you ever adored me.” She sniffles.

I felt the weight of guilt crushing my chest. If I had just admitted to my feelings and been with Ley then none of this would happen. This was my fault. All of it.

“But I was stupid to hold on to that little string of hope that one day you’d look at me the way you look at her. I tried so many ways to make you fall for me but it will always be her, won’t it?” She croaks out.

I sighed, feeling awful for hurting her. It was better to break this now than later where she would be too invested while I would still be utterly in love with my bestfriend, Ashley. “I love her Stacy.” I admitted and felt a weight lift off my chest.

She cries softly, sniffling. “Are you breaking up with me?” She whispered.

I nodded even though she couldn’t possibly see me.” Sorry. You’ll find a guy that deserves you Stacy, but I’m not that guy. Not when all I want is to be Ley’s.”

“Hey Blake?” She whispered. “I hate you.” She finishes and ends the call.

The memory fades and another one manifests.

“You know the girl I’ve been talking about?” I pant, jabbing my fist towards the punching bag. Grunting as my muscles still ached from the fight two days ago.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with your ‘bambina’.” Austin jokes. He was like an older brother to me even though he was probably my dad’s age. I trusted him.

I send him a sharp glare but nonetheless smile. “I kissed her lastnight.” I mumur hitting the bag with a bit more force.

“You lucky F*cker, you must be rejoicing in that big head of yours.” Austin laughed when I scowled at his not so funny joke.

He then goes sober and stares at me in contemplation. “You finally got to kiss the girl you love and you look like someone stole your puppy.” He pointed out.

“I don’t have a dog.” I mutter while continuing to jab my fist at the punching bag with a brutal force.

“Okay, Okay what’s going on with you today? What the F*ck happened?” Austin grumbles, comes over to my side and stops the bag.

I sighed, halting my actions and plop down on the mat. “I know it was a dare and all but I’m a hundred percent certain that I wasn’t the only one who felt something between us. I could feel it in the way she kissed me.”

Austin looks down at me with confusion. “Then what’s the problem?”

I let out an irritated breath. “The problem is that it was a dare and she thinks that’s all it was to me. And those dumb rumors circulating around the school aren’t helping my case either. She thinks she’s a slut for kissing me-

“Maybe she thinks that way because you’re with Stacy?” Austin points out.

I sighed. “That’s the thing I broke up with Stacy right after the party. I’m not with her anymore and I tried explaining this to Ley but she keeps pushing me away.”

“Why were you even with that Stacy girl when you’re in love with your best friend?” Austin asked, confused. “You young people are confusing.”

I snorted. “Honestly I have no idea, she liked me and she’s pretty.” I shrugged.” I guess I was trying to see if I could be without Ashley and get her off my mind. I was also trying to see if I could fall for someone else. Well that failed the moment I kissed her.”

“Well you’re in some deep shit boy.” Austin chuckles.

I began to remove the gloves. “Girls are so complicated. One minute she wants me just as bad as I want her then the next minute she’s cold like an ice queen.”

“I’ll agree with you on that one. Women are confusing species.” Austin laughs. He sobers up.

“Look, maybe she needs more time to adjust with all the rumors and I’m sure you’re being too bold and she’s not used to it. Maybe give her some time? She’s been your best friend for years. She’ll come around. And maybe don’t go kissing her every chance you get.” He advises.

“I don’t go around kissing her every chance I get and I’m not bold with my advances.” I lied. Okay eating her out in the bathroom earlier was a bit too bold, Okay a lot. But she liked it, she definitely showed it by her moans of pleasure.

“Blake you’ve been coming here for years, you literally grew up here. I think I know you by now don’t you think?” Austin snorts.

The memory fades.

I groan, blinking away the heaviness of sleep from my eyes. I could feel a weight on my chest and the warmth of a body snuggling up to me. My eyes flicker down and my heart swells when Ashley groans, stirring.

She raises her head and blinks. She was still tired by the looks of it. Her lower lip drew into a lovely pout. “You’re up already? And here I thought I would bring breakfast in bed for you.”

I smile. “Isn’t it custom to have the man bring the breakfast in bed after an intense night of sex?” I joked. She blushed and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

I lift my hand to brush some of her messy hair behind her ear. “I think I just had a memory. This time you were in it. We didn’t interact much but from what I felt when I saw you made me know that I was always in love with you.That it has always been you.”

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