Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-36

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-36

I peered down at his bare chest as I traced circles where his heart was. My mood had changed from being scared of his reaction to completely excited to how I’m going to share the news with him.

Perhaps it was the way he looked at me or knowing that he was slowly but surely regaining his memory that made all doubt fly off my shoulders. Either way I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.

But I knew I still had to take things slow and cautious as a lot has happened between the span of a few hours and the news would surely be too much right now.

I lay my head on his chest feeling content to hear his heartbeat spike from my sudden action. He ran his fingers through my no doubt tangled mess of loose curly hair. We were still lying in bed, naked like the day we were born.

“You’re so beautiful Ley, I’m so F*cking lucky.” He breathed out, his voice throaty from sleep.

I lift my head and stared at him shyly. Why was I so shy around him now?

“Blake?” I asked him and felt my heart leap from the anxiety I felt. His blue eyes flick down to stare at me and he hums, giving me his full attention. The vibration causes my insides to warm.

I chewed my bottom lip. “What is it baby?” He whispered, tucking some hair behind my ears. My heart thuds. Baby. I missed hearing him call me this. The corner of his mouth lifts into an alluring smile, one that had my entire body heating up with desire.

“Come on now Ley, don’t be shy on me, not when you weren’t exactly shy lastnight.” He chuckles, playfully pinching my cheeks. I swatted his hand away, whining even though I enjoyed the attention.

“Well technically it wasn’t night but in the wee hours of the morning.” I corrected.

He rolled his eyes playfully, feigning irritation. ” Okay correction police. Now stop beating around the bush and tell me what’s on your mind.”

I sighed. “What happens now that we-” I trailed off not knowing how to exactly put the words into a non confusing question.

“Now that we had sex?” He finishes, intently staring at my lips that I was sure still looked red from the kissing and nibbling Blake had done to it last night. Correction in the wee hours of the morning.

I nodded slowly, anticipating his answer. He smirks and places his finger on my bottom lip. “Well it would be odd to refer to you as my girlfriend when we’re already married. Besides, I like knowing that you’re my wife. Kinda a turn on.” He winks brushing his finger along my lip.

I slowly brought my mouth over his finger and bit down. I giggle letting go when he hisses. He narrows his eyes.

“You’re evil.” He mutters then smirks playfully. “Why don’t you kiss the pain away? ” He asked, feigning a pained winced.

I rolled my eyes and brought my lips forward ready to kiss away the non existent pain until he pulls his finger away. “Wait, it’s not my finger that hurts anymore but something else.” He murmurs his tone now deeper than usual.

I raised a brow and smiled in amusement. “Really? Where?”

His eyes darken and he points at his lips. “There.” He grins.

I laugh bringing my lips to his. He groans in pleasure and deepens the kiss. I pull away a little and peered into his desire filled eyes. “So does that mean we’re officially together?”

“Of course Ley, you’re now mine as I am yours.” He smiles pulling me back into the kiss. His hands travel low and he grips my bare a*s and gives it a firm squeeze. I moan and swing one leg over his hips, straddling him.

Blake lets out a hiss of pleasure when my core touches his cock. It jerks, hardening quickly as he gripped my hips. I broke the kiss, and trailed my lips down his stubble jaw all the way to his neck. “Shit.” He pants, thrusting up to rub his cock on my wet pussy.

I sucked in a breath when I felt his fingertips crawl between my legs before we halted when a loud sound of rumbling disturbed the silence of the room.

I lift myself into a sitting position not caring that my boobs were on display. He knew every inch of me. “Someone’s hungry.” I arch a brow with a tiny smile plastered on my face.

He sends me an embarra*sed smile. “What can I say, I worked up an appetite. “

I laugh getting off him. “Where are you going?” He whines.

I chuckle, picking up my discarded shorts and underwear and slipped them on. “I’m going to make my husband some breakfast before he dies of hunger.”

I picked up the tank top and sighed, throwing it back onto the floor. It was not like I could wear it since it’s ripped in two. I walked to the drawer, bending down to the middle draw where I had my tank tops.

He lifts himself on his elbows and stared at me with want.” As much as I want to eat right now I think I would rather eat you instead. Especially seeing your a*s bent like that.” He groans.

I laughed while putting on the tank top, it was tight enough to not show off my nipples much. “Settle down big boy, there will be enough of that later on. I’m sure you’re starving and so am I.” I mumur. I was now eating for two now, I needed to eat on time.

The more I thought of Blake and I’s baby growing in my tummy made me all the more excited. Gone was the nervous Ashley yesterday, now I had someone to look out for, we both did.

Perhaps I could tell him the news today after breakfast, make sure he’s well fed before giving him this huge news.

He sighs and moves off the bed. “Fine, I’ll come help you make breakfast.” My eyes instantly fall to his still harden cock. He groans and points at it.” You see you’re not helping with the way you’re staring at my cock. You go, I’ll be down in a minute after I take care of this guy.”

I smile utterly guilty, averting my eyes away from his tempting cock. “Sorry.” I apologize.

“It’s fine baby, it’s not like you can help it that you’re sexy.” He laughs then sobers up.” It feels so right to act like this with you which makes it all the more strange for me. A few days ago I considered you a sexy stranger. Now you’re still sexy but now my woman, no longer a stranger.” He admits.

I smile softly.”Maybe it’s the memories you’ve been regaining?”

He shrugs.”Perhaps or perhaps I’m just always going to be madly in love with you know matter what happens to me or what life throws our way.”

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