Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-37

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-37

I closed the door of the fridge using my legs and walked over to the countertop. I huffed placing the eggs, butter and milk down on the surface.

“What are we planning on cooking for breakfast?” Blake questions breezing into the kitchen and makes the beeline for the fridge.

He opens it and takes out the orange juice. I try not to linger on his bare upper body. He seemed to only settle to wear his boxers and no shirt.

Was he trying to turn me on, on purpose?

“We?” I question with amusement, pulling out the baking soda and flour out of the cupboard then place them beside the eggs. I turn to Blake scowling when he chugged down the orange juice when I noticed that he hadn’t bothered to pour it into a gla*s.

“The last time I made you help me you forgot to add salt.” I pointed out.

He moves the box away from his mouth, wipes his mouth using the back of his hand and grins at me. “Oh come on baby it still tasted F*cking fantastic.” He boasts, placing the orange juice back into the fridge.

I snorted.” Yeah because I added more flavor to it.” I pointed out, walking over to the cupboard to draw out a big bowl. I turn to Blake and point at the draw closer to him.” Could you take a whisk in there for me?”

He raised a brow, smirking.” You’re being extra rude today, where’s the please?”

I let out a breath. Blake was really acting like his old self again, just a tad bit more annoying. It’s a cute annoying. “Blake, would you please take the whisk in that draw for me please?” I fluttered my lashes for extra emphasis.

He laughs nodding while doing as asked. He walks over to me, handing the whisk. His eyes glinted with playfulness.”Say, thank you my sexy husband and I’ll give it to you.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, placing the bowl down on the counter next to the ingredients. I turn my attention back to him and he raises his brow. I huffed. “Fine.”

I paste on a sweet smile.”Thank you my overly sexy, sweet husband.”

He smiles, handing me the whisk. When my fingers finally got a hold of it, I smirked. “Who’s annoying and too cocky for his own good.” I stuck out my tongue childishly.

He scowls down at me and rolls his eyes then grins.” I think you love my annoying a*s and cockiness, why else would you marry me?” He whispers, eyes flashing with mirth.

I tilt my head and run a finger down his bare chest.”Well you have a fantastic cock and can do magical things with your tongue-” I drawled out playfully.

He groans, gripping my waist and in a swift move places me on the counter top. He spreads my legs and settles between them. His eyes have now gone a shade darker with lust evident in their depths.

“Really? So you’re saying you only married me for my amazing cock?” He asked, amused.

I giggled, secretly bringing my hands to the bag of flour that I could easily open with one hand. “Well not only that, your body is hot to and don’t get me started on your fingers, especially when you F*ck me with them.” I licked my lips even more amused at the unmistakable lust in his eyes.

I dipped my hand into the flour after I had successfully opened it. Blake pouts at me adorably. “So you only married me for my body?” His tone was laced with hurt and disappointment but there was still lust evident.

I laugh, bringing my hand with the flour towards his face.”No you silly, I married you because I so happen to love your annoying and cocky a*s.” I giggled, slapping him gently on the cheek and nose with the flower.

He steps away lifting a hand and trails it over his flour face. He drew his hand away and looked down at his hand that now had flour. I hopped off the counter not liking the look in his eyes. He’d definitely get me back but right now I didn’t want to get dirty.

I backed away and froze when he lifts his head. “Oh you’re going to pay for that.” He smirks.

“You have no idea what you just started.” He chuckles and reaches for the crate of eggs.

I lift my hands in surrender.” It’s not even that much Blake. You don’t need to get me back-

I squealed ducking out of the way when an egg flew towards my face. “Blake, you’re going to clean this all on your own!” I shout crawling away from him.

“Sure but let me get you first!” He laughs, sending another my way. It splatters on the wooden draw and I cringed dreading the cleanup after this.

“Blake stop, I’m allergic to eggs.” I lied, panting. Really that’s the best you could come up with? I really didn’t want to have to clean off eggs from my hair.

” Baby you really should take lessons on how to lie. You suck.” He chuckles. I gulp seeing his feet now before me, just a step away. Shit. Was it too late to crawl away now?

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked, mirth leaking out of his voice.

I froze slowly looking up. He smirked wickedly and crouched before me. I smile sweetly. Cringing inwardly at the thought of having to clean up eggs off my body. “Blake we can talk about thi-

I gasp when I feel the slight shock of having the eggs crack on my head then cringe when I feel the eggs quickly drench the top of my hair. The yellow liquid slowly trail down my hair lines, to my face and even coated my lashes.

I glared at Blake who was laughing his a*s off at my predicament. “Thanks I needed that extra protein.” I said sarcastically then frowned when he suddenly stopped laughing and stared at me in shock.

He blinks, furrowing his brows in confusion then groans clutching the sides of his head in pain. “Blake, are you okay?” I asked in worry, forgetting about the eggs and coming over to him. I held his shoulders not knowing what to do as he grunted in pain.

He sits down on the floor, hissing and clutching his head. “Ley.” He says softly. Frightened and worried I began to shake him, realizing that he was almost in a hallucinating state.

“Don’t let them get to your head Ley, they’re just jealous.” He murmurs softly, still clutching his head and wincing. My brows furrowed confused beyond belief.

“Blake, Blake can you hear me?” I called out and gasp when his eyes closed then his enire body slumps. Quickly coming to his aid, I hold his body, slowly and carefully placing him down on the floor. My heart pounds as panic froze my entire body.

What the hell just happened?

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