Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-38

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-38

I looked at her, the eggs slowly drenching her hair and face. Why does this feel so familiar? She glares at me. “Thanks I needed that extra protein.”

Those words.

Extra protein. I frown.

“Blake, don’t laugh.” An innocent voice whines. The voice sounds oddly familiar and as if belonging to a child. I stared at Ley in shock. Was I losing my mind? Was I the only one who heard it?

I looked at Ashley, her brows pinched in worry, eyes scanning my face in confusion. Had she not heard it? I was about to word out my thoughts when Ashley’s face suddenly is replaced by a younger version of herself.

Suddenly a sharp pain pierces my temples and my heart races. I groan and brought my hand to clutch at my pounding head. It felt like someone was continuously hitting my skull with a hammer. Not pleasant to say the least.

“Why are you crying Ley?” The voice was oddly familiar. Is this me?

I clenched my eyes shut and as soon as I did, there was a vision of a young girl and boy beside a willow tree. The girl sat underneath the tree whilst the boy crouched down before her. It was like a movie playing in my very own head.I stood a little distance away from them, looking on. It felt odd and strange.

I was finally losing it.

I could spot that lean lanky figure anywhere. One I had fed with enough protein and exercise enough to gain muscle. That young boy that’s crouched down before the young girl was me.

“Sorry, it’s not everyday I see you drenched with rotten eggs.” My younger self chuckles. “Come on Ley, let’s go to my place so I can help you clean up.”

“Ley.”I felt myself whisper. The young girl was Ley. How could I not realize especially with the small figure and cute pout?

Was I in an odd state of hallucination or a lucid dream? I could feel my a*s on the cold tile of the kitchen so I was not out of it yet, but yet I could feel the warm air and hear the birds chirp just like in the memory or dream. It was like I was in two places at once.

My head pounded trying to differentiate between reality and a dream. I groan, clutching my head as if it would stop the pain. But it didn’t, it only got worse. I could feel hands shaking me but I’m already out of it.

“Why would they even do this to me Blake? I had done nothing wrong.” She cries as my younger self helps her up.

“Don’t let them get to your head Ley, they’re just jealous.” I whisper.

And as if the younger version of Ley and I heard me, their head snapped in my direction where I was lurking. And just like that I felt myself being swooped into darkness and my body slumps.

Darkness. That’s all I see. But oddly I don’t feel scared, no it feels like I’ve been here before. I was familiar with the feeling.

I’m walking through the darkness. I was literally walking through my mind. Or was I dead? I couldn’t tell.

But I could definitely tell that I was alone and if I were to shout, my voice would definitely echo. Then like a flicker of light, I spot a small dot of white up ahead. The further I walked the more the dot grew.

I should’ve felt afraid but I wasn’t. Instead I felt drawn to it somehow. My body, my mind, my legs had a mind of it’s own as I moved forward. Wanting to be closer to that little small white dot.

But the further I walked the more the white dot started to emerge with color. Confused and intrigued, my footsteps now became a slight jog. And suddenly there are voices coming from the colored circle which doesn’t look like a small dot anymore.

“I stink.” The familiar girl, Ley whines and she sounded like she was sniffling. My jog turns into a full sprint as I draw closer, wanting to comfort her, not liking that she was upset.

As I draw closer to the circle I could make out the younger version of Ley. And she was looking directly at me. Strange. I lift my hands staring at the image of Ley with eggs drenched on her hair and face. As soon as my finger touches the circle I feel a strong pull and I’m sucked into the circle.

I clenched my eyes shut. And when I do open them back up, it’s not dark anymore. And when my eyes peer down, I am now staring at Ley. She sat down on the bathroom countertop, hair and face messy as she stared at me with blurry eyes.

My eyes darted behind her and I’m shocked to find my younger self staring at me through the mirror. I wasn’t looking on the sidelines anymore, no, I was now him, me, the younger version of me.

I hear her let out a breath and I draw my eyes back to her cute pouty face. “I stink of rotten eggs. I can’t possibly go home looking like this. My mom and dad would surely raise questions.” She whines, folding her arms and peer at me.

Her eyes were always so beautiful and easy to get lost in.

I felt myself smirk. Strange how I could no longer control my own actions but see everything from my younger self point of view. “You don’t stink Ley.” I laughed while opening the faucet and wetted the rag in my hands.

I drew closer to her and brought the wet rag to her face. I sniffed. “Okay maybe you do.” I teased, sweeping the rag over her soft cheek.

She whines, her lips working into a cute little pout.” You’re so mean.”

I raise a brow, sweeping the rag down her forehead to the side of her face.” Hey you’re the one who said it in the first place.” I pointed out.

She sighs moving her eyes away from me but I already detected the sadness in them. My heart lurches, not liking that she was sad. “They could’ve thrown water on me but no they threw rotten eggs.” She bites her bottom lip to stop the slight trembling.

“Maybe I needed the extra protein.” She sniffles trying to crack a joke but I saw right through her. She was hurt and I couldn’t wait to make the little F*ckers pay for what they did to her. I’ll make them pay for hurting my Ley.

“I will get them back Ley, I promise.” I whispered and washed out the rag under the water.

“You didn’t deserve this.” I growled lowly bringing the rag back to her face to remove the extra drying up egg.

She shook her head, staring at me in worry.” Don’t Blake, there are too many and not even with Ryan help can the odds be even. I don’t want to see you two get hurt because of me.” She murmurs.

I shouldn’t be surprised, this was Ley after all. She hated violence and would rather Ryan and I stay out of trouble. I couldn’t promise her that I wouldn’t go after the boys who had done this to her. So I kept my mouth shut for I knew it would be a lie if I promised her I wouldn’t.

She sighs.” I bet I look ugly right now especially with eggs in my hair.” She grumbles, eyes staring at my green shirt.

I wanted to snort in disbelief at how ridiculous she sounded because even with rotten eggs clinging to every strand of her hair Ley could unmistakably pa*s all the girls our age in the looks department.

She’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen my share. But her features weren’t the only thing beautiful, no, it was her heart. She was a beautiful girl inside and out.

I stop my actions and place the rag on the counter next to her. She’s confused at my sudden actions but doesn’t question it out loud. Her eyes lift from my shirt and our eyes connect. It feels like a trance of some sort.

A beautiful trance where all I could think about is kissing her and making all doubt fly out of her head. My heart pounds behind my ribcage and that’s when I knew it, I was deeply and utterly in love with my best friend.

I was in love with Ashley Grey.

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