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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-39

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-39

The realization is like a powerful blow, one I wasn’t expecting.

“Blake?” She calls out snapping me out of the trance but her voice brought me to another memory. I was no longer in the bathroom helping clean off the eggs from her face. I found myself on a sidewalk, walking. But I wasn’t alone.

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“Come on dude I saw the way you looked at her.” Ryan jokes pushing my shoulders playfully. I turned to glare at him and righted myself. Ryan looked to be the age of fourteen which led me to believe that I was the same age.

“What are you talking about man?” I asked. I was kidding myself by acting like I didn’t know what he was referring to, in fact who he was referring to.

Ryan lets out a loud groan, kicking a pebble with his sneaker cladded foot. ” You’re so F*cking annoying, acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Well okay you’ll play the confusion game and I’ll refresh your memory. ” He laughs.

I rolled my eyes, adjusting the straps of my bag. “Remember Jimmy right? Booger eating Jimmy, who sits in the back and stares at little Ash like a lovesick puppy?”

I stiffen already knowing what he was getting at. I didn’t answer and continued to walk. He laughs knowing he was irritating me. Again why am I friends with this jacka*s?

“Of course you remember Jimmy, how could you forget when you warned him off of your little Ley hours ago.” He roars with laughter. “You made the poor guy pee his pants. I felt bad for him. But I mostly feel bad for Ley because you have your ugly eyes set on her.”

I turned to him, fuming as I punched his shoulder. “What are you getting at A*shole?” I spat. He hissed rubbing where I had punched.

“You know exactly what I mean Blake. I saw the way you looked at her when she went to help Jimmy. You were jealous, seething while she helped him to the bathroom and went to ask around for clothes for him.” He snorted, stepping away from me in case I threw another punch.

“You love her man! That explains the glares you send towards the boys who talk to Ashley, you even glare at the male teachers.” He laughs.

“I do not glare at anyone.” I grumble.

Ryan chuckles.” You didn’t deny that you love her.”

The memory fades and I’m now walking up wooden stairs. Ryan in front laughing. “I bet you she’s reading in there.”

I gave off a soft laugh. “No doubt.” I agreed.

Ryan opens the door quickly, walking into Ashley’s room as I follow closely behind him. My eyes fall on her small body on the bed, hand clutching a book that she quickly places down.

I groan inwardly at the adorable blush that stains her cheeks. She fixes her glases and looks at us with embarrasment as she presses her back further on the headboard. She looked so F*ckable right now.

An image of her pinned beneath me with her gla*ses on flutters in my mind. I forced it out, feeling guilty for thinking about her this way when I had a girlfriend.

Can you even call Stacy your girlfriend when sex had now become a chore and not very fulfilling? Not only that, Stacy and I were far opposites. They said opposites attract but in our case that was further from the truth. We just didn’t click anymore.

Ryan plops down on her bed, spreading his arms and legs on the soft mattress. “I’m jealous of your bed.” He groans and stretches further until his hands hit her thigh. I forced down the bitter jealousy.

It’s been years yet my feelings for her keep growing instead of diminishing.

I stared at her. She looked flustered. Like she had just been caught doing something naughty. The thought is amusing. Her eyes snap to mine and my heart leaps. Damn with just one look she has my heart stuttering.

She quickly snaps her eyes away looking more flushed than usual. What could possibly…….my eyes snap to the book on her bed. Wait, does Ley read erotica? “What are you reading there Ley?” It was hard to mask the amusement in my voice.

I don’t let her answer and reach over for the book. “Hey!” She protested but she’s a bit too late for that.

She gets up but I’m quick to lift my hands with the book so she’s unable to reach. I nearly groan in pleasure when I felt her soft body pressing to mine as she tiptoed to try to grasp the book. Big emphasis on trying.

I opened the book, managing to flip to chapter thirteen. My eyes scan the words and they widen in shock. Oh F*ck, my little Ley isn’t so innocent anymore. I smirked, deciding to read it out loud.

“And he thrust into her core-” I start picturing Ley beneath me as I thrust into her core. This time I don’t feel the guilt as my eyes drop to hers. My brows raise in amusement but I’m far from amused. I’m Fcking aroused. And the only one I want to Fck is staring at me with embarra*sment.

The memory vanishes and I feel myself being pulled into another. I am now in the parking lot and in front of me is Belle’s, a small restaurant slash cafe.

I turn to my side. Ashley looks beyond nervous as if she was contemplating if to hide in a hole or something else. “You know you should try to loosen up, it’s not like they could do you anything, Ryan and I are here.” I murmur. She looked so lost and it was cute, especially with her gla*ses on.

I sighed, did she really have to be this beautiful? I sling my arm over her shoulder, pulling her soft warm body to mine. “Come on.” I urge, pulling her along with me. Her body fit so right beside mine.

I’m literally tugged out of the memory and placed inside another. Where I am is definitely a party judging by the choice of clothing on the teens and the scent of booze. The loud music was an even bigger giveaway.

Ryan is laughing at a retreating Miller. He turns to me. “I think he peed his pants a little. Dude I’m so happy you’re my bestfriend, no one would dare tell or do me shit knowing they’d face you.” He chuckles. I rolled my eyes.

Christian runs towards us and gives us a fist bump. “My dudes truth or dare starts in a couple of minutes, I’ll come tell y’all when they’re starting it.” He wiggles his eyebrows and leaves when a blonde chick sidles up to his side and tugs him away.

Ryan turns to me,smirking. “Truth or dare huh? I have a nice dare in mind.”

Something told me that the dare involved me.” Come on elaborate.” I sighed walking back towards the kitchen. Ryan chuckles. “What if I dare you to kiss someone tonight? Well if the bottle happens to land on you.”

My brows furrowed.” Dude what the F*ck are you on about?” I should’ve gotten used to Ryan by now honestly.He was slowly losing it.

“What if I spin the bottle and it lands on you, would you be okay to go with any dare?” He asked. I highly doubted the bottle would land on me, unless Ryan had some magical powers I should know about.

I shrugged.” I never chicken out of a dare.”

“Even if the person I dare you to kiss happens to be your Ley?” He asked smugly. That little shit was playing with fire. Why was I now praying for the bottle to land on me? I should definitely sit opposite to him just in case.

The memory fades and I’m now staring up at Ashley. Her cheeks are flushed as she presses her palm to her lips to suppress the moans as I slid my tongue along her drenched core. I moaned, closing my eyes tightly as I savored the taste of her. She taste like F*cking heaven.

Was it bad that I wanted to stay in that memory? I’m harshly pulled out of it just before she climaxed.

I’m hearing shouts? They were loud. I blinked the blurriness out of my eyes. I feel myself being pushed and it’s then I realize that I was in a boxing ring. Fighting.

My opponent was a bloody and sloppy mess. I could take him down easily and that’s what I did as I sent a blow to the side of his head, knocking him out cold. I heard the referee call the match and felt him raise my hands.

But something was odd about tonight. I could feel eyes on me, not the creepy ones but ones that made me know that someone was intrigued. My head snapped to where I sensed the lurker and my heart stopped.


I scan her body and rage feels my being, pumping through my veins. Why the F*ck was she wearing such clothes that revealed everything that belonged for my eyes only?

The memory blurs into nothing at first until I’m standing in the boxing gym with Ashley’s legs wrapped around my waist. My heart is pounding in my chest so fast that I was afraid I’d suffer a heart attack.

I dropped my face in the crook of her neck, taking a whiff of her sweet perfume that made me feel at home. “I F*cking love you Ley.” I whispered.

She was home to me, mine and I’ll be hers until I die. She’s it for me and I regretted not making a move sooner. That would’ve saved all the jealousy I felt when guys spoke to her and forcing myself to be in relationships with other girls. I was dumb to think I could ever stop loving her.

“I Fcking love you too.” She whispers and her voice sends a sharp jab to my chest. One so hard that I could barely breathe. Hearing her say she loved me felt so Fcking good and I knew I would never get used to it.


Did she just curse?

“Did you just curse?” I asked in shock. Was I a bad influence on my baby?

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