Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-4 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-4

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-4

I stirred, moaning softly when I felt a wet tongue licking my thigh. With my eyes still closed and body heavy with sleep I shifted my leg.

I grunt lowly when the tongue starts to lick all the way up to my inner thigh. I shudder and as if having a mind of it’s own, my legs part.

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I hear a gruff chuckle followed by a moan as a tongue delves into my pussy. I gasp opening my eyes quickly and almost got blinded by the light pouring into the room. It was morning.

Blinking to adjust my eyes to the light I moaned when a finger pushes inside my folds and enters my core. I pant, eyes dropping down to see a head between my thighs.

Blake lifts his head, lips glossy with my juices. His lips part to showcase a charming grin. “Morning sleeping beauty.” He teased, his tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip. His blue eyes dark with desire

I narrow my eyes, still panting. “What are you doing?” I breathed out. I questioned him yet I found my legs parting more to allow him all the access he needed.

He sends me a smug grin, eyes glistening with want. “What does it look like? I’m having my breakfast.” He licks his plump lower lip and before I could say anything more drove back between my thighs.

“Hmmm.” He moans in satisfaction, sucking my clit before blowing unto it lightly.

I gasp, hands fisting the sheets as I pressed my head impossibly more into the pillow. When I couldn’t take it anymore I lifted myself on my forearms and watched him between my thighs.

His bare back was bruised where I had dragged my nails down, unintentionally marking him. “Ahh.” I mewled when his tongue flicked on my pulsing clit. One of his fingers came to circle around my entrance then dip inside teasingly.

“So wet.” He grumbles on my clit. It sends a pleasant shock wave, turning my inside so hot that it will be mistaken as lava.

“Blake. ” I pleaded. He thrust his finger dip inside me before slowly pulling it out then thrust back in, all the while he was sucking my clit.

My back arch off the bed, my lower stomach tugging and tightening as I near an orgasm. I writhe, calling out to him. Pleading with him to not stop. He responds with a thrust of his finger then adds another, pumping them in my dripping pussy.

“Taste so Fcking good.” He praised, grunting when my thighs clamped around his head. He loved it, Fcking me relentlessly with his fingers. When I thought that I was on the edge he pulls them out completely, also his mouth.

I whine, panting as my body tightens with unleashed tension. “Blake please.” I plead. I hated and loved when he always teased me, making me crave him all the more.

Instead he answered by crawling up my body, slowly, deliberately brushing his lips over my heated flesh. He stops momentarily on my right breast and sucked the skin, surely leaving a love bite.

“You’re only allowed to cum when my cock is deep inside of you.” He groans, bringing his lips to mine. He draws my bottom lip between his teeth, sucked then tugged. I gasp and open my legs wider to accommodate his size.

Blake reached between us to line his cock, teasing his head between my wet folds. With one powerful thrust he enters me. My breath gets stuck in my throat as his girth stretches me out.

“Good girl, take all of my cock.” Blake praised, sat back and draped my legs over his shoulders. That way his cock winked in deeper. Warm and hard, pulsating inside of me as I nestled him.

“You feel so good.” He moans pounding into me until our skin slapped.

I felt I was being drilled into the mattress and the only thing that seemed to come out was the loud moans of pleasure. He was hitting all the right spots. He knew every inch of me, every nook and cranny.

I gasp, feeling my pussy clamp around his length, slowing down his thrust. “I want to feel you cum around my cock baby. I want you trembling beneath me as I F*ck you.” He groans slamming into me.

My toes curl as I let out a harsh breath. My fingers clench the sheet for support until I began to tremble beneath him. “Cum inside of me Blake.” I begged as I writhed under him.

I was milking him, holding him inside of me. “F*ck.” Blake hisses as he shoots his load into me, filling me to the brink. Load after load of cum fills me up until I feel it start to leak out of my pussy.

Blake shudders, his weight dropping on top of me. He is fast to hold his weight before crushing me. His forehead drops on mine, slick with sweat. We both were breathing harshly. “Think you’re pregnant yet?” He grins, staring into my eyes.

I giggle lifting my head slightly to kiss his lips. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Guess we’ll continue practicing then.” He says with a cheeky smile.

We wanted to spend as much time as we could with eachother. He was only here for one month until he was deployed again.

As much as it hurt me when he left I knew that was what he loved. He loved serving our country. He was already my hero now he’ll one day be our kids hero.

One month

Tears blurred my vision as I peered up at him, my husband. A sob easily comes out my mouth when his blue eyes filled with love and adoration as he peers down at me.

“Don’t cry baby.” He pleads. Today he was leaving. We were not sure when he’d come back. That’s what I hated about him being in the military. I never knew when or if he’ll ever come back.

“I can’t stop, you’re leaving me.” I cried, not even embarra*sed when I caught a few of the lingering glances staring at me. I knew I looked a mess, eyes puffy red, wet streaks running down my cheeks and no doubt a runny nose.

He pulls me into his arms, squeezing me closely. He kisses my head then my eyelids, my nose and finally my mouth. “I’m not leaving you baby, at least not for long. I’ll always come back to you. Remember our promise? Forever?”

I nodded clinging unto his military uniform. “Promise you’ll always come back to me safe?” It was almost like a plea.

I was aware that Ryan and Blake’s family were watching the scene in front of them. I was the last one to say goodbye and I was finding it very difficult to do so. I didn’t care that I was making a big fool out of myself.

He pulled back so that we could stare at each other. He scans his eyes over my features as if memorizing everything. “I promise.”

Feeling satisfied with his words I nodded slowly. “Forever.” I whispered as I heard them call out his flight.

His eyes moisten visibly as he peers down at me.” Forever.” His voice cracks as he dips his head one last time to capture my lips. He broke away way too soon and looks at all of us one last time before turning around.

He doesn’t know it but my heart goes with him everytime he leaves. I watch as he walks up the stairs and when he reaches the top he turns around. His blue eyes pierce into mine,shining with undeniable love before he mouths. “I love you.” Turns around and leaves me aching without him.

Little did we know that this will be the last time things would be the same between us. For we were not prepared for the challenges we would face from then on.

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