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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-41

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-41

Fear. Confusion. Panic. This wasn’t how I imagined it would turn out to be after Blake had finally let down his walls. I expected our happy ever after.

But ofcourse I was too naive to think that considering the fact that every single time we’re happy, the universe throws a shit ton of obstacles like we hadn’t had enough as it is.

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So as I stared at my husband getting wheeled into the ambulance with egg still in my hair and on my makeup free face well all I wanted to do was F*cking ball my eyes out and ask why.

Why did everything bad have to happen to us? Why did we have to go through so much? Could we not just be happy?

I felt like a damn failure, not only did I not know what went wrong but I also was useless. I wasn’t a doctor and I obviously couldn’t diagnose or tell anyone a proper reason as to why he blacked out.

Could it be the sex last night? He did say I wore him out. Shit I just had to hop on my husband’s d*ck and ride him, well, technically he rode me.

I had already informed the medics of his amnesia and the bullet wound behind his head that wasn’t a hundred percent cured yet. So when one walked up to me quickly where I stood frozen watching them securely push the stretcher inside the ambulance, I all but got startled. I was in my own world.

“Ma’am will you be coming along or would you come after?” He asked. He seemed a bit impatient.But who wasn’t right now? I sure was, especially to know if my husband would wake up soon.

I stared at Blake’s still body on the stretcher and watched as the medics worked on him. I turn to the pudgy short asian man. “No, I’ll come afterwards. I need you to bring him to the hospital as soon as possible.”

I wanted to ride with Blake, be by his side but something told me that I was the one who caused his episode earlier. The way he looked at me like I was a ghost, his eyes glazed and confused. Something triggered him. I triggered him.

And something told me it was the eggs currently dried on my face and hair. I didn’t want the same thing to happen again when he woke up to see my egg face and hair. So I should probably clean up as best as I could before facing him again.

The asian man nods and scrambles back to the ambulance. As soon as he entered and closed the doors behind him, they drove off leaving me staring at them with misty eyes. I gulped the lump I felt in my throat. I triggered him somehow. I could just only hope it wasn’t a bad thing.


Startled at the sudden voice I turned around and was not surprised to see Christal running towards me. “What happened? Is everything okay?”She questions when she’s close beside me.

She no doubt saw the ambulance and I was sure she wasn’t the only one. Just the only one who seemed to care enough to come out and not lurk out of the window like our other neighbors.

Her question instead of lifting a weight it adds more. “Blake blacked out and I don’t know what caused it. I should be going to the hospital actually.”

Her worried eyes scanned my face and I hoped she wouldn’t point out the egg on my face and question it. “I can come with you if you’d like, I can drive? It’s not the best decision to drive, especially stressed and in a hurry.” She suggested.

I shrugged because honestly my voice had seemed to be tired from all the crying and shouting I did before the ambulance came. All went unheard by the one person I wanted to hear them.

Honestly I was surprised by her wanting to help when I had completely forgotten about showing her around. I was a bad neighbor while she was the best. “Sure, let me just wash out the egg as quickly as I can.” I said and walked towards the house.

When I said I would wash out the eggs as quickly as I could,well it only took me five seconds. I wasn’t sure it was the cleanest I’ve been but it should do.

As long as the eggs weren’t transparent then that’s fine. I didn’t want Blake to go into cardiac arrest next if he saw me with egg on my hair and face.

“I hate hospitals.” Christal says beside me. My feet kept shaking nervously as I bit my nails. The stress wasn’t good for the baby but I couldn’t help it.

“Me too.” Especially when it’s your significant other getting operated on or otherwise. In our case I was at least thankful that the doctor mentioned Blake’s case was not severe but wanted to get more tests done before anyone was allowed into the room.

“Do you think his parents will get here before he wakes up?” She questions. I shrugged not knowing the answer to that question.

Of course I had called Ryn and Ace right away before coming here but they were still at work without a doubt trying to get away to come here. I was certain that they were on their way. I also informed Ryan but haven’t recieved a response as yet. He was likely on duty.

My phone buzzed and I quickly pulled it out from the pocket of my shorts. It was a text from Rosalie.

She wanted to know if I was home and wanted to talk to me face to face. I typed a quick text informing her that I was in the hospital which she quickly replied saying that she was on the way.

I pushed the phone back into my pocket only to pull it out when it rings. I quickly answer when mom’s picture pops up. “Hey mom.” I tried to not sound too croaky from the crying and shouting I had done earlier. Big emphasis on tried.

“Hey Ashley I was calling you to see if you could babysit Avery but never mind that. What’s wrong with you? Did something happen, are you okay?” She asks in a hurry, I could hear dad’s voice in the background already sounding panicked.

I nearly rolled my eyes. How could she even tell that something was wrong with me? Is this a mother thing? Instinctively my hands come to touch my still flat stomach. And to think I would’ve told him the news of the pregnancy today.

He probably then would’ve gone into cardiac arrest.

“Nothing’s wrong with me, well not me.” I breathed out a sigh of exhaustion. “It was Blake, he knocked out earlier and I’m in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come over and give me the information.” My stomach is twisting with anxiety from just the wait.

“It’s not Ashley baby, it’s Blake!” Mom shouts and I had to pull the phone away from how loud she shouted.

“We’re coming.” She says then hangs up. I pulled the phone away shaking my head. “Well bye to you too.” I mumble lowly pushing the phone back into my pocket.

“You know I’m going to give you props for staying so calm and collected.” Christal suddenly said, turning to me and smiles.

She had no idea that under that facade I was slowly going mad of not knowing what was going on and F*cking terrified. But I held on to that string of hope that Blake would soon wake up, he had to.

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