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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-42

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-42

“Remember when Blake fought with Ryan so he’d be the groom when the three of them were playing wedding?” Ryn laughed and mom joined her.

Dad’s face turned into a fake frown. “That little shit already knew he’d marry my baby girl. If I had known I would’ve tapped him to his dad’s jeep.”

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Ace sent him a glare. “Hey man, not the jeep.”

We all laughed, well I managed a small barely heard giggle. But it’s not full of emotion like everyone hoped. They were trying to get my mind off Blake. But it wasn’t working.

Rosalie sat beside me typing on her phone for the past two minutes and dad and mom sat across from me with Ryn and Ace. They left Avery with aunty Rose. I swear we had taken the entire space for the waiting room.

There were a few other people around as well, some who looked at me like I had lost my mind. I know I looked like a mess with still wet hair and a tank top with shorts. I was the definition of a mess.

“Imagine he followed me around when we were younger but his puppy little eyes always strayed to Ashley. It was kind of funny and cute.” Christal chuckled. I had introduced her to my family and she fit right in.

Everyone laughed but I couldn’t seem to bring myself to. They were saying so much good memories that Blake doesn’t even remember and it F*cking hurt. Especially since he wasn’t there to hear them.But they didn’t seem to notice my mood, well not as yet.

Rosalie leans towards me and whispers. “I told Arden where I am, he’s on his way.”

I nodded wanting to see my brother who I haven’t seen in weeks due to his busy schedule and mine as well. At least he’ll say something to annoy me that will probably make us end up in a spat of words. But that’s what I needed right now, not going down memory lane without Blake there with me.

An all too familiar red haired came rushing round the corner and upon spotting us came strutting over. He looked like he had run over here honestly and seemed to be on duty judging by his uniform. “Any word on how Blake is doing?” Ryan asked me. I stood up to hug him.

“The doctor came earlier to notify me that he’ll be fine but he still needs to run some extra tests to be sure.” I said pulling away to plop back down on the uncomfortable chair.

Ryan nods and turns to face Christal. He sends me a confused look. “Oh this is Christal. You should know Christal, she was the girl Blake followed around until she moved in sixth grade.” There is no hostility or jealousy as I spoke.

“Ahh oh right that Christal. I remember now.” Ryan responds too exaggeratedly to seem as if he was telling the truth in remembering her. “Well nice to meet you again Christal.” He smiles genuinely and shakes her hand.

Christal grins cheekily. “The pleasure is all mine. Glad to see that you got rid of the braces.” She giggles.

Ryan cringes. I chuckle because I knew that Ryan did not like to be reminded of his past, especially when he had braces on and played with frogs that he now hates. One slapped his cheek with its tongue that later brought on his resentment for the little amphibians. He had it coming anyway.

“Right. Let’s not mention this when Kimberly gets here.” He says and goes to sit down further away from us. Poor boy was probably scared that Christal would spill more of his past.

Mom and dad were busy talking to Ace, Ryn and Ryan while Christal and Rosalie chatted. They tried to let me in on the conversation but my mind seemed to be a bit too far. They later gave up and conversed between the two of them.

I was nearly startled when I spotted Arden rounding the corner followed by Liam. He sees me and smiles walking over to us.I stood up. “Well you look like shit.” Those were the very first words he said to me before pulling me into a hug.

“Arden Grey, that is no way to speak to your sister.” Mom gasp but Arden doesn’t respond or apologize. Not that I was expecting him to, this is Arden after all.

I rolled my eyes pulling away. “Gee thanks, that’s what every girl wants to hear.” I utter while he laughs. Pushing him to the side playfully I faced Liam who I hadn’t seen in weeks too. He was a real estate agent which required him to be on his feet a lot. I smiled, pulling him into a hug.

” You dyed your hair.” I laugh. He had dyed it a lighter shade than his original color. It suited him well. He laughs pulling away. “Well I guess I had to do this to keep everyone from messing up Rosalie and I. I mean come on, I at least thought that by now everyone would realize that Rosalie has breasts and I do not. And obviously I am the nicer one out of us two.”

“Why did you even come here?” Rosalie whines but it’s filled with humor. Of course she didn’t mean it in a harsh way.

Liam points at Arden. “I gave this idiot a ride since his car broke down.”

She narrows her eyes. “Well now that you have bye.” She said with amusement. Liam only rolled his eyes and averted them away from us to stare at Christal. His eyes widen and lips part a bit. He looked like he was staring at an angel.

I turned to look at Christal who had been awfully quiet and now I know why. Her eyes were set on Liam so intently that I was now pondering if she was even blinking. Her cheeks had now turned a light shade of pink as she noticed Liam’s gaze on her. I smiled. They both were smitten.

“Liam this is Christal my friend and Christal this is Liam my cousin.” I introduced them. They both smiled and said a very shy hello to each other.

My smile widen, liking the thought of her liking Liam more than I should. I guess I still had a little jealousy that she had Blake’s attention when we were younger.

“Hey.” Arden whispers. I turn to stare at who he was speaking to and I’m not surprised that it was Rosalie. She smiled shyly, tucking some loose hair behind her ear and looked at him beneath her lashes.

“Hey.” Her response comes out breathy. She stood up and came towards him. She leans forward for a hug. She looks a little confused as to what to do but then Arden just smirks and pulls her flush against him before kissing her.

I smile but feel a sudden pang of jealousy. Everyone was getting their happily ever after but where is mine?

Pulling apart , Arden looks at me smiling sadly.”How are you holding up Ash?”

I managed to crack a smile, one that doesn’t reach my eyes.” Well he’s not dead so that’s comforting.” I blinked back the tears. The doctor had yet to come back and I was now getting worried. It’s been more than thirty minutes. I was craving to see Blake so much that the thought of not seeing him for another minute tore me apart.

As soon as the thought appears it vanishes as the doctor comes towards us with a bright smile on his face. My heart thuds. Please give me good news, please tell me he’s okay. I begged inwardly.

Everyone stands up as the doctor nears. His attention is set on me as he smiles. It’s not flirty but one of knowing. “Good news is that he’s awake and speaking perfectly normal. But in the coming few days he should rest and drink enough fluids. So he should not get out of bed and do anything for at least four days.” He lets on.

A huge sigh of relief escapes my parted lips and an enormous weight lifts off my shoulders. I sniffle, my Blake was okay. Ofcourse I shouldn’t be surprised, my man was a fighter.

“Do you know what happened to him? What caused him to black out?” I asked the doctor who nods at my question.

He writes something down on his clipboard and looks up. “Something you must’ve said or done triggered him, which made his memories come back. But since it was too much in such a short amount of time, he’s brain couldn’t take the pressure. It’s common for people who had amnesia to go unconscious when the memories flood back too quickly at once. It’s too much for the brain to adapt swiftly. But he’s doing fine now and specifically asked for you Mrs Reed.”

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