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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-43

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-43

When I had been nervously biting my nails and shaking my feet, I was praying for this moment to come. To see him awake, to be beside him, knowing that he was alright.

But now staring at the door where just one push of my hands I will see him, made me more nervous than the wait. I have no idea what to expect. Will he act differently than the last time we were in the hospital? Will he act distant? And the bigger question. Does he now remember me?

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It was F*cking nerve-racking, something that wasn’t at all good for the baby. Sighing while staring at the door, I brought my hands to rest on my belly.

“Wish me luck in seeing your dad. Hopefully he remembers me this time.” I rubbed my still flat stomach and for a few seconds I ponder if there really was a baby in there. But as I rubbed lower I could feel a tiny bump that I didn’t realize before and that set my mind at ease.

I need to go for a checkup just to be sure. Now enough of the prolonging and enter the damn room. I’ve come to the realization that my conscience was a raging bitch but then again she was me.

I wrap my fingers around the doorknob and notice how they slightly tremble in nerves. Sucking in a much needed breath I twisted the knob and pushed it open, slowly at first then all the way.

My heart leaps when he’s already facing me, like he already knew I was there, waiting behind the door, scared beyond imagination for his reaction. His blue eyes, as they stared at me intently from where he lay in bed, gleamed with something that it had been missing for days.

I smiled shyly, nervous but tried to swallow it down as I closed the door behind me with a soft click. His eyes followed my nervous actions and he smiles. “Hey bambina. What took you so long?”


My heart stops for a second, and my brain goes on autopilot. It had been so long that my brain refused to admit that he called me it. I looked at him like what I presume as a deer caught in headlights. The saying was so cliche yet it described what was happening here right now so perfectly.

His smile broadened and the glint in his eyes shined with so much love that I began to cry. It started as a small sniffle until my entire body shook as I walked over to his side. Gone are the nerves and in bring happiness.

“Why are you crying baby? I’m not dead.” He jokes and instead of smiling like I would normally do, I cried more. Maybe it was the hormones or maybe I was just F*cking happy that he actually wasn’t dead either way all I wanted to do was be in his arms right now.

When I was by his side, I stared down at him through a blurry vision. Unlike the last time he was in the hospital, he didn’t have a tube down his throat or bruises painting his face. He only had an IV attached to his right hand.

He opens his arms as if knowing what I needed right now and grins. “Well, what are you waiting for bambina?” He teased, opening his arms a little wider. I fall right into them, careful not to be too rough or drop my weight down on his body.

As soon as his arms wrapped around my body all the anxiety and worry melted away as I tucked my nose in the crook of his neck and took a whiff of his scent. My tense body literally melted into butter as he clutched me tighter to him, whispering how much he loves me and how he was okay.

My tears were wetting his skin but he didn’t seem to mind, only brushed his fingers through my hair and kissed my head. After a few minutes of sobbing that felt like hours, I finally calmed down to soft sniffles.

“Don’t ever do that shit again.” I grumble clutching the hospital gown they had clothed him in. He chuckles and the sound makes my insides melt. “It was not my fault baby.” He murmurs.

“You scared me. I thought I was going to lose you and it was all my fault.” I admitted.

He sighs scooting over and literally forcing me on the bed beside him. I tried protesting, afraid that the doctor would come in and kick me out but of course this was Blake and he always had to have his way.

“I’m sorry I had to put you through this again Ley. I didn’t know seeing your hair and face covered in eggs would trigger my memory of you in ninth grade. From then on everything just came all at once and I guess I just blacked out.” He says softly stroking my arm as I hug his torso.

Honestly I was surprised I could fit into the tiny bed with him being huge and all compared to me. But I guess it helped that I was lying on my side and with one of my legs crossed over his. If anyone walked in on us like this I’d surely get an earful, no doubt from the doctor.

I moved away from his neck, tilting my head to look at him. The question I had been wanting to ask from the moment I entered is on the tip of my tongue but I was terrified to know the answer.

His eyes drop to stare at me and he smiles. “You know not many girls could make their husband fall in love with them all over again but of course I should not expect any less from you. You’re my bambina after all.”

I smile wanting to cry again. There he goes again calling me bambina, a name he hasn’t called me in weeks. He always switched between calling me Ley and bambina but ever since he lost his memories he only just started calling me Ley again.

Now he was calling me bambina which eases my mind of him not remembering me and lets me finally grow a pair to ask him the question. “Do you-” I sigh, finding it a bit difficult to let the words out. “Do you remember me now? Do you remember everything?” I finally managed to speak.

He smiles cheekily, places a finger underneath my chin and tilts my head up. My brows furrowed in confusion until I saw his head coming forward, his lips seconds away from kissing me. My eyes fluttered shut, waiting in anticipation as my heart thuds uncontrollably.

The soft brush feels like electricity and the second just makes me feel the fireworks every cliche movie portrays. It feels like it had been forever since we last kissed but it was just merely hours ago. But before things get heated like it always did he pulls away slowly and we both open our eyes simultaneously.

His eyes spoke the love he felt for me and I was a hundred percent sure mine showed the same. “I’m sorry it took so long to remember you Ley but now that I have, I am never letting you go no matter what life throws at us again. I’m sorry for the way I treated you at first, if I could kick myself in the nuts I would-

“I could do that if you want.” I said innocently, cutting him off as I smiled. He chuckles knowing that I wasn’t serious.

“But seeing that you never gave up on me knowing that you were hurting inside Fcking made me realize that I had chosen the best life partner in the world. My younger self knew why he had fallen in love with you and Fck if I didn’t have you bby my side I don’t think I could’ve been who I am today. It Fcking sucked that I had not remembered you but it made me realize that even with amnesia I will always be madly and deeply in love with you. So Fck I’d go through that experience all over again just so I could keep falling in love with you over and over until our last breath. Because Ashley, I meant it when I said forever. ” He spoke with so much honesty that it brought me to tears.

He brings his mouth down to mine, kissing me slowly and pouring all the emotions into the kiss. I was still crying and when he whispers I love you only made me cry more. “I love you too Blake, always and forever.” I said honestly.

He smiles on my lips and when he’s about to kiss me again the door opens. We break away and Blake looks over my shoulder and groans, dropping his head in the crook of my neck. “Such a cock blocker.” Blake murmurs lowly. I stiffle a laugh.

“You were taking so long in there Ashley we all thought that maybe you guys were making a little Blake in there. So they sent me over to warn you guys that the doctor will be coming back in a few.”

It was Ryan and his words literally hit me like a bulldozer. Pregnancy. Now that Blake had regained his memories it wouldn’t be so bad in telling him that he planted a seed in my womb, right? Honestly keeping it away from him for a few days felt like forever and I was getting tired.Was it even a few days? Because I honestly can’t remember.

I chewed my bottom lip and dropped my eyes to stare at his hair. “We already have, no need to try again.” I was surprised at how loud my voice was. It also didn’t quiver which made me happy. I just only hope they could take the hint.

Blake’s head lifts and his eyes peer at me in shock. Oh shit did I trigger him again? His eyes scan my features then they drop to my stomach. His shaky hand comes to rest on my stomach and his eyes blink until there are visible tears being held back.

“You’re pregnant?” His voice is so low, so timid and filled with emotion that I couldn’t help the sob that escaped my mouth as I nod.

“Shit you just made me the luckiest husband in the world baby.” He croaks out and comes to kiss me with so much pa*sion that my toes curl.

“Holy shit! Little Ash is pregnant?” Ryan shouts beyond shocked.

Blake pulls away and kisses my nose, while rubbing my stomach. “You have no idea how F*cking happy I am. Such an amazing surprise to wake up to after regaining my memories.” He whispers, pecking my nose again. “Have I told you how much I love you?” He asked.

I nodded, smiling happily. The weight of not telling him lifts off my shoulder. “You have a couple times but I don’t mind hearing you say it again.” I admit, biting into my bottom lip.

He grins, pecking my lips this time.”Then I will have to remind you everyday until our last breath.”

“I’d love that.” I smiled.

“Ace couldn’t your son wait until my daughter was thirty to impregnate her?!” My father’s voice grumbled as they all entered the room. I wince. I guess the cat was now out of the bag.

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Epilogue

seven months later

“I’m the size of a whale Blake.” I whined, holding my belly as I looked in the mirror. I had just stepped out of the shower and I was still butt naked.

Through the reflection of the mirror I could see Blake moving the tap off his hand and peers at me.He was seated on the bed. He licks his bottom lip and lets his eyes drop to my legs. He was now a trainer at the gym after deciding to not go back to the army.

He was done parting ways with me and wanted to be there with me for everything. I thought the decision would hurt him but he seems to be happy being a trainer, especially teaching the teenagers boxing.

Come to find out Leo was actually Reagan’s crush who was equally doting over her too. I wouldn’t give them long until they’ll be together. Blake still didn’t like him but I think he’ll come around.

“You don’t look like a whale bambina and if you did, you’d still be the sexiest whale I’ve ever seen.” He murmurs. He had just come from the gym and was still sweaty. But god he still looked F*cking heavenly and I was dying for a piece of him. But now with a bush I was not the most confident.

I sniffled and stared at my thighs.” You see, you admit I look like an enormous whale.” I whirled around crying and pointed at my vagina that I couldn’t quite see over my huge belly.

“And I even tried shaving today but I can’t seem to see over my belly. By the time I’m ready to give birth, baby Bash will enter the world through a jungle.” I cried, blocking my eyes.

I could hear when he moved off the bed and came towards me. He prys my hand away from my eyes and forces me to look at him.”Hey, Hey baby I didn’t say you look like a whale. You’re Fcking sexy, the sexiest pregnant woman in fact. It’s normal to gain weight and have hair Ley. That doesn’t make you less attractive to me. As a matter of fact I find you a Fcking turn on as you’re growing my kid in your belly and the hair doesn’t bother me.”

I sniffle and peer at him.”Really?” I asked unsure.

He smiles, coming to give a soft kiss on my forehead. “I’m a hundred percent sure.” He admits then pulls away. He tucks some hair behind my ear and murmurs. “If the hair bothers you I could shave it off?” He suggested.

I chewed my lips and felt my cheeks fill with warmth.Blake notices and chuckled.” Oh come on Ley, I think I am familiar with your pussy by now. Nothing to be ashamed of. Lastnight I ate you out you weren’t shy then.” He points out pinching my cheeks.

He chuckled when I duck my head and pulls me towards the shower where he later kept to his word and shaved me. After he had showered and I had for the second time we found ourselves on the bed watching a movie. Later that night I gave birth to our first son.

Ten months later

“Baby we’re going to be late for the rehearsal dinner.” Blake shouts, storming into the room with Bash etched on his shoulders. Bash giggles as he spots me inside the bathroom more specifically on the toilet with a pregnancy stick in between my thighs.

I had left the bathroom door open so of course they could see me pee on the stick. But of course Blake was not fazed since he’d see me in worse situations. Bash tugs his dad’s hair that I was sure he took his time to comb tonight which made him wince.

Since both Blake and I had black hair we couldn’t call dibs on who Bash inherited the hair color from. Obviously I knew it was from me but Blake seemed to think otherwise. Bash though inherited his dad’s blue eyes but I thank the heavens that I could boast about his pouty lips that he inherited from me.

My little man would be a heartbreaker like his dad someday. But for now I would very much like him to stay my baby and not grow up too soon.

“What are you doing baby?” Blake asked, confused. I wiggled around until every last drop of pee was out. I moved the stick away from my thighs and spoke.

“Remember when I was pregnant with Bash and I didn’t have symptoms?” I looked at Blake who nodded swiftly, his face full of excitement already even though he didn’t know what I was going to say. Okay maybe he got the hint after seeing the test.

I moved off the toilet seat and fixed my underwear. “Well I’ve been having some pregnancy symptoms lately and Kimberly mentioned that the second time around would be different so I thought I would check if I have a little Reed in there.” I smile knowing that Blake would be thrilled. I know Bash wasn’t a year yet but I honestly loved being a mom so bring it on Blake’s sperm. Honestly the author writing my story is a dumba*s.

“Cover your ears Bash.” Blake says and Bash listens. I placed the test on the counter and washed my hands.” Well I have been F*cking you a lot so I wouldn’t be surprised. Besides seeing you swell up with my kid is an amazing gift, I can’t really blame my cock for shooting its load into you.” He says cheekily.

I rolled my eyes, smoothing down the dress. We were supposed to be heading to Rosalie and Arden’s wedding rehearsal dinner but I wanted to take the test right now since I’ve been on edge lately. I walked over to my boys and giggled as I pried Bash’s small hands away from his ears. He laughs and the sound makes my heart warm.

“Would you want a little brother or sister Bash?” I asked, smiling at his happy little face. He may not have understood my question but yet he nods happily and answers with a yes. It was one of those few words we had already started to teach him.

Blake and I laughed. My eyes fall to Blake and he grins cheekily. “You heard the little man baby, he wants a little brother or sister. So if you’re not pregnant now I’d better start working towards giving him a sibling.”

I smile because I knew he could live up to his words. “Maybe we’ll practice after the dinner.” I winked and whirled around to enter the bathroom. The test should be done by now hopefully since it said two minutes.

I peeked at it and my heart thuds. “Well what does it say baby?” Blake asked anxiously as he heard me sniffle.

I turn to him with a wide grin on my face and blurry eyes. Damn it those pregnancy hormones. “Guess I’m cooking up another little Reed inside my belly.” I laughed.

His eyes widen and with one hand holding Bash securely he fist bumps the air with the other. “Yes I’m going to be a dad again!” He shouts, his voice croaky from emotion. Bash follows his dad’s actions and shouts yes too. I laughed. I loved my boys dearly.

five years later

Blake tucks in Bash as I tuck in Bailey. We both looked at each other and smiled. Our little family was so precious. I turn to Bailey and give her a tender kiss on her forehead as does Blake to Bash. Moving away from her I walked over to Bash to give him a kiss on the forehead too and Blake did it to Bailey.

“Hey Ley now that they’re asleep can we now make baby number three?” Blake whispered, already walking towards the opened door. I rolled my eyes laughing softly and walked over to him.

Peering up at him I smirked.” Race you to the bed?” I asked but already started sprinting before he could answer. I was surprised I could even run without making so much noise. “Hey that’s cheating bambina!” He said in a hushed voice behind me.

I giggled softly and entered the room. Honestly he should know me by now.

“Oh F*ck.” Blake moans, sinking his cock into me as I scrape my nails over his back. His breathing was ragged and it was proving difficult for me to not shout in pleasure. I didn’t want the kids to wake up and think that someone was killing their mom and dad.

“Blake.” I pant thrusting my hips to meet his. “That’s right baby, say my name.” Blake grunt in pleasure and starts to roll his hips.

I gasp in pleasure. The way he F*cked me made me literally see stars. Over the years the sex just got better and better. “You like that don’t you? You like my cock inside you, right baby?” He had now picked up pace and started pounding into me to the point I felt him in my stomach.

I gasp holding onto his shoulders as I moan out his name. “Yes, oh yes I love you inside me.” I mewled, speaking truthfully. He groans in satisfaction and brings a hand between us to rub my clit.

“Come for me baby. Let me feel you drench my cock.” He pants and slams his lips to mine in a possessive kiss. I convulse around him, squeezing him into me and making him shudder as I came, calling out his name.

Blake buried his cock as deeply as he could inside me and explodes, filling me with his seed that spilled out to drench the sheets. He groans, kissing me harder. He pulls away from my lips after minutes that felt like hours and peers down at me with a cocky grin. “Think that’s enough to make baby number three?” He asked.

I smiled at him and my pussy gives his cock firm squeeze. “I don’t know, what do you think?” I asked. He groans, hips coming forward as he starts picking up pace again. “Let’s keep practicing.” He pants. I nodded quickly, gasping as he took over my entire body.

ten years later

“Are you picking up Lilian from school today?” I asked Blake as I packed the kids lunch.

“Yeah baby.” He says brushing Lillian’s hair for school.

Bash peers at me over the counter while stuffing his face.” Mom the principal wanted to speak to dad today.” He says, looking away from me.

I let out a breath. Bash was now a teenager and that meant more trouble. You could say he took his dad’s footsteps. “Bash your dad’s right there, tell him that yourself.” I pointed out.

Obviously he hated telling Blake this since he knew how Blake reacted when he got into trouble. He always ends up grounded and he hates it.

“Ooh someone’s in trouble.” Bailey laughs while eating cereal. Her black hair is perfectly in a high neat bun on top of her head.”Shut up loser.” Bash grunted. I rolled my eyes, my teenagers acted like toddlers.

Blake turns to Bash and glares. “What did you do this time Bash?”

Bash pushes a mouthful of cereal in his mouth and shrugs. I sighed, shaking my head at Blake who groans, rolling his eyes knowing that the principal would be giving him a lecture on his son.

“Did you have fun playing with Ricky yesterday Lilian?” I asked to try to remove the tension. Ricky was Arden and Rosalie’s son who was a year older than Lilian. You could say Rosa was bummed that we didn’t get pregnant at the same time.”Yeah mom.”

I turned to Bailey.” How about you Bailey, did you and Kristina try out for the cheer team yesterday?” I asked. She smiles, showing off the mushed cereal in her mouth. “Yeah we did, Kristina got in but I guess cheerleading is not my thing.” She answers.

Kristina was Kimberly and Ryan’s daughter who was two months older than Bailey. Reese who’s Kristina’s older sister and a few months older than Bash was a cheerleader. The girls wanted to follow in her footsteps.

“Yeah because you suck.” Bash snorts.

“Hey Aile, don’t suck Bashy.” Lilian argues.

Bailey sticks out her tongue at Bash.” See, our sister thinks I don’t suck.”

“You should work on your form Aile and maybe stop playing video games with Lucy.” Lilian suggested.

Bash snorted and laugh while Bailey turned to glare at Lilian. Blake, who was behind her still brushing her hair, chuckles in amusement. Lucy was Liam and Christal’s kid that was three months younger than Bailey.

Blake and I looked at each other across the room and smiled. No matter how much they were trouble we loved them dearly and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

forty seven years later

I stared at my husband as I lay in bed. We both knew this day would come eventually and seeing how the tears gleamed in his eyes as he stared at me made me feel awful that I was leaving him. He squeezes my hand with the little strength he remains.

My entire body was in pain, I was slowly fading away and they knew it. The years have made us age and so has our health. Today I was surrounded by my loved ones, my family, the people I cherished most of all, at least some of them who could’ve made it.

I scanned around the room, knowing it would be the last time I would see their faces. Ryan, Arden, Kimberly, Liam, Avery and with her husband Arster who was also Blake’s brother. They all looked at me in pain. They had aged too and had suffered loss as well.Reagan and her husband Leo couldn’t make it since they were half way across the world.

Rosalie had died a year ago after fighting breast cancer for over a year, Christy had died five years ago in an accident. My mom, dad, Rose, Luke, Noel, Ryn and Ace had now gone out of this world too and I would soon be joining them.

I let my eyes tear away from their sad faces and faced my children who were crying. Bailey, who now had three kids, looked at me sorrowfully. She had married her high school sweetheart Sam who stood grasping her shoulders. Bash, who had gotten married to Lucy, had two children of his own. And Lilian oh my sweet Lilian died before she even saw her twenties.

They all surrounded me as I made my way out of this world. I turn to my husband, my lover, my bestfriend. The love of my life. I had experienced so much with him for the years I’ve been on earth. I was happy that he chose me to be his soulmate in this life and hopefully in the other.

A tear slips from his eyes and lands directly on our clutched hands. I feel my heart ache but I can’t even move my hand to wipe his tears away. “You’re leaving me Ley.” He cries, his voice has aged too.

I managed to smile sadly as I found it difficult to breathe now. “Forever remember?” I managed to croak out then cough. His tears flowed down more knowing it was already time. “Always.” He croaks. “Always and forever.” He promises.

I managed to smile during my coughing fit as I wheeze. The air wasn’t coming to my lungs anymore, I was dying.”Don’t look so sad Blake, you promised me. I love you.” Was the last thing I said as everything stops, time freezes and my soul leaves my body.

eight months later

“Don’t cry kids, I’m going to see Ley and Lilian.” I smiled and even though I was in pain I still managed to smile knowing that I was going to be reunited with Ley and Lilian.

“Dad it still won’t be the same without you anymore.” Bash croaks. He always acted tough in his teenage years but now he was shedding a tear for his old man. I wanted to laugh and tease him, too bad my chest feels impossibly tight.

I didn’t want to die in the hospital. I wanted to die at home in my bed, the same bed Ley died in. The doctor only gave me a few weeks to live after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I guess it was now time up.

“Grandpa, you can’t leave us here.” Samuel cries. He was Bailey’s son.

“Yeah granddad you can’t leave us.” Christine cries. She was Bash’s daughter.

I smiled sadly. “What did your grandmother say?”

She sniffles. “Forever. No matter what, we will always be together forever.”

I gasp feeling my insides turn numb and my breathing growing shallow. “Exactly, so even though you won’t be able to see me anymore I will still watch over all of you forever. Just like your grandma and aunty have been doing.” I gasp.

“Grandpa.” All my grandkids cried as they see my eyes slowly close shut. I smiled not able to answer them as I faded from the earth. “Forever.” I promise them as my soul leaves my body.

Everything is dark at first until a bright light emerges up ahead. I squint seeing a figure coming forward. My heart leaps as the figure comes into view. “What took you so long?” She asked, smiling cheekily.

I shrugged while walking towards her.” Don’t know, I wanted to spend a few more minutes with our family.”

When we are a breath apart I can’t help but hug her. “We meet again bambina.” I teased. She laughs, pulling away and clutches my hand. “Well let’s go see our family on the other side.” She says and guides me towards the white light.

I turn to her before we enter the blinding light.” Forever.” I whispered, squeezing her hand. She turns to me and smiles.”Forever.”

” Always.” We both whispered simultaneously as we walked into the light. Our story may have ended here but what awaits us in the other life will never end, for we will always be together, forever.

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