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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-5

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-5

A month. It has already been an entire month without him and I missed him dearly. It was very visible to anyone who knew me, that without Blake by my side I was a shell of myself.

Even though we sent letters, it still was not enough. I wanted to touch him, hug him, tell him how much I love him and see his eyes lighten with love.

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I sighed typing away on the computer before me. I had been working non stop. It is the only thing that helped me keep my mind off of my husband that was currently serving our country.

I was blessed to be able to work at home, because surely the sweats and socks were not appropriate for a workplace. The phone rings and I quickly reach beside me to pick it up, not caring to look at the caller.

“There’s an author by the name Demiah13. She just started writing her first werewolf novel and I think you should sign her. She shows potential.” My boss murmurs into my ear as soon as I pick up the phone.

I sighed, getting off the bed. “With all due respect sir but I think you should inform this to another editor. I am booked as it is. I have not even finished editing the book you have signed me to.” I mumbled raking a hand through my tresses.

I tugged the shirt away from my body, suddenly feeling hot. I hear the unmistakable huff from Mr. Smith before he grumbles in agreement.

“Alright I will give this to another editor. Make sure to have the book ready by next week.” He says before cutting the call off.

I pull the phone away, glaring at the screen. “A*shole.” I murmur throwing my phone back on the bed. I was not even half way to finishing the book as yet.

My eyes stray away from the phone to look at the picture frame on the dresser. I blinked feeling my emotions go haywire as I stride over to it. It’s a picture of Blake and I on our wedding day.

His lips are pressed to my cheek as I smile happily at the camera. My stomach squeezes. I could only hope that wherever he was, he was safe. I picked up the picture frame brushing my finger over the gla*s that protected it.

“I miss you.” I whispered.

I nearly jumped out of my own skin when my phone blares again. I swiftly place the picture frame down on the dresser and stride over to the bed.

My brows furrowed when I grasp the phone and noticed that I did not recognize the number. I chewed my lip and flicked my thumb over the answer button before bringing it to my ears.

“Hello?” I asked cautiously.

“Is this Ashley Reed? Wife of Blake Reed?” An unfamiliar voice questions on the other end.

My brows furrowed in confusion yet something in the back of my mind told me something was wrong. “Yes.”

I walked back over to the dresser and stared down at the photo as I waited for the man to speak on the other end. The man’s next words had suddenly turned me mute as everything around me stood still.

“He had been shot and is now in critical condition. The doctors are doing everything they can to save him-

My entire body felt cold as I ran towards the hospital, bag at my sides. I had just got off the plane about thirty minutes ago. I was lucky that I had gotten a flight so quickly.

I didn’t care that I felt jetlagged for flying for hours or that my face resembles a clown. All I cared about was being at Blake’s side.

A sob rakes over me as I enter inside. I had informed Blake’s parents about what happened and they were on their way. Hopefully they’ll be here soon, I don’t think I can be alone right now.

“Sorry.” I mumble as I brushed past a woman not so gently. She just smiled in understanding before going on her way.

Hopefully this was the right hospital Blake’s captain had informed me. I sniffle striding over to the front desk quickly. The blonde woman typing on the computer clicks her tongue as she chews gum. Not once had she noticed me.

“Can you tell me which room Blake Reed is in?”

Her brown eyes widen as if just noticing me. She nods typing on the computer. “He is currently still in the operating room but you can wait for him in the waiting area.” She says.

It’s been hours and they’re still operating on him? My vision blurs, I was ready to burst into tears.

She then looks at me in pity. “I will let you know when he is out.” She smiles sadly. “Your name please and relationship with the patient?” She questions.

“Thank you. It’s Ashley Reed, I’m his wife.” I whispered in a broken voice then I turned around and headed to the waiting room. I hated hospitals, they always reminded me of what had happened to Blake and I years ago.

We couldn’t catch a break, could we?

I felt numb to the core. The waiting room was not filled with people surprisingly. But I did notice a few of the military men lingering around. One in particular, a blonde with blue eyes lifts his head when I settle down on the uncomfortable wooden chair.

His eyes scan my features, not in desire but in surprise. “You’re Blake’s wife?” He questions.

The others in the room snap their heads towards me. I placed my bag on my lap, it was only filled with a few clothes since I had rushed to come here.

I shifted uncomfortably with their sudden attention. They all looked like they had just gotten out from a battle. Blood still stained some of their faces while others were dirty.

I cleared my throat and nodded. They were probably Blake’s friends. The man sees how uncomfortable I was and sends me a small cheeky smile. ” He always has a picture of you in his pocket. Kisses it before going to battle.”

He doesn’t know it but him saying this only made me feel more pain. Blake was fighting for his life. The traitorous tears flow down my cheeks until they disappear down my neck. The man scratches the back of his head.

“Sorry.” He apologizes. “But you should know that he is a hero for saving one of his comrades. He risked his life-“

“Gustavo maybe you should not tell her this yet.” Another one uttered.

The one named Gustavo smiles in shame before turning his attention away from me. I sob, hugging my bag closer to me. Oh Blake please fight, please don’t leave me.

Honestly I was not surprised that he had risked his life to save another person. That was Blake, that was my Blake.

“Mrs Reed!” The woman at the counter calls out. I quickly rise to my feet and stride towards her quickly. “He had just gotten out of operation. He’s in room 306 second floor-“

I didn’t give her time to finish as I run towards the elevator. Praying that Blake was fine. He will be, he promised to come back to me safely.

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