Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Sequel-8 - MiladoweB

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-8

Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Sequel-8

My teary eyes were glued to him as doctor Gomez and two nurses started to remove the breathing tube. He mentioned that Blake was now able to breathe on his own.

“Sorry.” I said softly and stepped aside to let the cleaning lady mop the coffee I spilt.

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She grumbles something underneath her breath and mops the floor rather harshly. She was probably cursing me out for giving her more work to do.

I draw my eyes back to Blake and I’m a bit startled to see his blue eyes already set on me. I try to read the emotions that are hidden but he doesn’t let it show.

He swiftly moved his eyes away from me when I sent him a soft smile. My heart drops, smile turning into a frown.

It felt strange, different. He was different.

Doctor Gomez finally removes the tube and pa*ses it to one of the nurses. The other nurse with fiery red hair hands him the clipboard and pen.

Ryn wraps her hand around my shoulder and squeezes it in reasurance. Ace on the other hand was beside Blake, his hand resting reasuringly on top of his son’s hand.

“Can you speak?” Doctor Gomez questions, lining the tip of the pen on the paper that was joined to the clipboard.

Blake looks at him, narrows his eyes, clears his throat and opens his mouth to speak. “Yes.” His voice is cracky, rough like sandpaper. Likely from not having enough fluids going down his throat for a while.

Doctor Gomez nods jotting down on the paper. “Do you know where you are?” He lifts his head to stare at Blake.

Blake nods and clears his throat.” In the hospital.”

Gomez nods and hummed.”Do you know your name?” His brown eyes pierces Blake’s eyes, gauging for a reaction.

“Yes. Blake Reed.” He answers smoothly then coughs.

I let out a breath of relief. Good at least he knows his name.

Gomez motions for one of the nurses to hand Blake the plastic cup that was filled with water. She places a straw in the cup and brings it to his parted lips. He gulps it down gently.

I will admit I was a bit jealous even though the nurse did not mean no harm and was probably in her late forties. Still a little burning of jealousy jolts through my stomach.

Doctor Gomez smiles then goes back serious. “Do you know why you are here?”

Blake looks lost, removes the straw from his mouth and presses his head on the pillow only to wince. He shakes his head no but doesn’t speak.

Gomez sighs heavily as if dreading giving the worst news possible. “You were shot at the back of your head while rescuing one of your comrades who was injured. We spent hours operating on you to remove the bullet that thankfully had not hit any vital parts. But in order to reduce the swell of your brain we had to induce you into a coma.”

Doctor Gomez stops gauging Blake’s reaction from hearing the news. But Blake doesn’t let any emotion portray on his face. He looks at Gomez blankly. He had yet to let his eyes stray towards me again.

Not hearing any remark from Blake doctor Gomez continues. “You’ve been in a coma for almost an entire week. We are very thankful to see that you’ve woken up, not many can overcome such trauma to their head. Your family has not left your side-“

It is then Blake’s blue eyes snap towards me. It’s piercing and quite frankly I was stunned to see how blankly he stared at me. My heart begins to pound.

“Who is she?” The words leave his lips and the entire room stills.

It’s unbearably quiet. My brain turns foggy, his words not wanting to register in my head. Yet even though my mind was fighting to pretend that he was not referring to me, pain was slicing through my heart knowing that he was.

Tears hazed up my vision as Ryn’s clutch on my shoulder tightened. Ace who had been staring down at his son looks at me in confusion. Confusion that his son had asked such a question.

Gomez clears his throat and studies Blake.” You don’t know this young woman?” He asked carefully as if talking to a mental patient.

Blake’s face morphs into confusion, eyes holding the most painful foreign look. Puzzlement. He really did not recognize me. I felt hurt, my heart sinking into my stomach.

“Is she a cousin that I didn’t know about?” He asked in uncertainty.

Gomez’s head turns to face me, his eyes deep with pity as Ryn squeezes my shoulder more firmly. He turns back to face Blake, awkwardly clearing his throat. “She is not your cousin. Mr. Reed she is your wife.”

The room is silent again. Not a single sound. Until Blake’s eyes widen in shock, lips parting as he quickly lifts his hand to stare at the wedding band around his finger.

“What the F*ck!” He murmurs. I flinch feeling like he had just plunged a sharp knife into my heart.

He drops his hand, head turning swiftly to face me, rather my hand that had the wedding ring. He shakes his head in disbelief. “Is this some kind of joke?”

“Mr. Reed it’s normal that you don’t recognize her. With the kind of trauma you suffered, amnesia is the lesser complications. Don’t worry your memories will come back but I suggest you take some rest.” Doctor Gomez suggested.

“Mother, Father he’s joking right? I am not a married man?” Every word that leaves his mouth only digs the knife deeper.

“Blake Ashley is your wife, you’ve known her for years, you both are inseparable. You Ryan and her have been bestfriends from when you guys five.” Ryn says beside me. It’s a wonder I had not fainted yet. I felt numb to the core.

“Who’s Ryan?” He asked.

“Ryan is your cousin, Rebecca and Nate’s son.” Ace informs his son.

Blake’s brows furrow. “Wasn’t his name Austin?”

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