Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future by Neener Beener chapter 17 - MiladoweB

Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future by Neener Beener chapter 17

Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future by Neener Beener chapter 17

I pick up the bag and walk down to Kas’s suite. Hopefully, I can convince her to accept the gift. She seems weird about money, but I don’t understand why. I want to spend it on her. Down to my last penny and according to my accountants, I have a lot of penn!es.

After the incident at the mall, I don’t think she knows just how much Lenora and Ashley bought for her. They left some pajamas and casual clothes in her suite for her, but the rest they hung up or put in drawers in the closet room of my apartment. They even had a custom upholstered bench added to the closet, so it will be more comfortable when the girls are in there. I decide I probably shouldn’t mention it to Kas for now. She would find out eventually.

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As I think about the closet, I wonder if I could convince Kas to move into the apartment with me or if it is too soon. I just want to be able to spend as much time with her as possible.

When I get to her suite, I see James is standing at the end of the hall, giving Kas space so she feels comfortable but still close enough to take action if necessary. He nods at me as I knock on the door. I nod back when Kas opens it to let me in.

“Hi Baby, ” I smile. My heart beats faster when I see her smile back.

She takes my hand and lets me inside. I see she changed from jeans and a long sleeve shirt from earlier to a spaghetti strap dress. She is still too

skinny, but she has been eating more since she got here, even if it is mostly toast and breadsticks. She has added some fruits and veggies into her diet too. Her curves are just starting to fill in, making her look more grown up. Her hair is in a messy bun on top of her head, sparkling in the light of the room. She is so innocent. She clearly doesn’t know how s*xy she looks.

“I missed you,” she says as she stands on her toes giving me a huge hug. I wrap my arms around her, pick her up, and walk into the room with her in my arms. I bury my head into the crook of her neck breathing her fresh rain and lilac scent deeply. I can feel her scars under my hands, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She giggles as we feel the sparks between us. I don’t put her down until we reach the sitting area.

“I have something for you, Baby,” I hand her the bag.

“Bronx, don’t buy things for me. I don’t have any way to repay you.“

“This is a gift, but it is also for your safety. Besides, it’s through my company. Technically, you’re a client and it’s tax deductible. Go ahead. Open it.“

She pulls the box out of the bag. Her eyes go wide as her mind processes the new iPhone box she’s holding and she lunges forward giving me another big hug.

“Holy cow! Thank you so much! Will you teach me how to use it?“

“I – uh, yeah, of course. I’ll show you how to text and program phone numbers and everything,” I didn’t even consider that she has never had a cell phone before, but I need to know she can get ahold of my Betas, Gammas, me, or James and Marco anytime she needs.

“How about we go down to the dining room to eat dinner with the pack today? It’s pasta night, so there will be plenty you can eat. After dinner, we can program your phone.“

She looks at me tentatively and stands up. Is she nervous? Is it too soon? Did I f*ck up again?

She walks toward the closet and starts searching for something, “Alright, but I need to cover up. I can’t go to dinner in a spaghetti strap dress. I don’t want everyone to stare. Let me find a cardigan. Does my hair look alright? Is this dress alright if I wear a cardigan? You can’t see my scars, right?” She asks in rapidfire as she stands in front of me with a light green cardigan over the dress looking very nervous.

“Of course, you can wear whatever you want. That sweater is perfect. And your hair looks nice in a bun like that. Is this okay, Baby? Going to dinner downstairs, I mean. If it’s too much too soon, it can wait. People will understand. They’re not expecting us tonight.“

“Bronx, this will be the first time I have met anyone from the pack other than the ranked members, the doctors, and my security guards, ” Kas looks me in the eye but I can’t read her expression.

“Oh, yeah, you’re right. It’s probably too soon, we can eat up here. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.“

“Oh, no. Honestly, I ‘m looking forward to a fresh start. I mean, eventually, I want to meet everyone, but if I can at least start with the pack members in the dining room, I’ll take it!“

“So that’s a yes?“

She just giggles and nods.

“This woman is amazing, Bronx, ” Saint purs, “Can she be Luna now?“

“No Saint, not yet. It’s too soon to have serious conversations about that.”

He huffs at me and moves to the back of my mind.

The dining room is already bustling when we arrive. People didn’t anticipate I was going to be there, so they started to eat without waiting for me. I usually like to say a few words before we eat since for most pack members, it is the only time they get to see me or hear what’s on my mind.

As people realize I’m there and I have a guest with me, the room becomes very quiet. I know everyone has heard she is here, but hardly any one has seen Kas yet. Everyone is looking at us with anticipation. I can see smiles and hear whispers from around the room.

I have my hand on Kas’s lower back as I lead her toward the head table. Milo, Lenora, Reggie, and Ashley are already there. The girls wave with big smiles, happy to see Kas off the fifth floor.

Before we get to our seats, I lead Kas to an area in front of the table. The entire room is looking at us attentively.

“Good evening Blood River pack! I apologize for my absence lately. Some of you may know, we have a new member of our pack. She needed time to recover from some injuries and I was tending to her, but she is better now and looking forward to meeting all of you.”

Eyes widen with excitement around the room. Pack members are whispering and clapping lightly with anticipation.

“I would like to introduce you to my mate and your future Luna, Kas Latmus, formerly of the Silver Moon pack.”

The room erupts in cheers and howls at the announcement. I look down at Kas who is still holding my hand. She is blushing and giving people little waves in between clapping her hand over her mouth.

I notice our joined hands start to get warm. I look down to see they’re glowing with a hint of purple. I move a little closer to her and pull her hand behind me so people won’t see.

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