Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future by Neener Beener chapter 23 - MiladoweB

Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future by Neener Beener chapter 23

Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future by Neener Beener chapter 23

Bronx’s POV

I wake up in the morning to find Kas and my bodies are completely intertwined. She didn’t wake up once all night. No crying, no nightmares, or screaming. Just peaceful sleep. I nuzzle her sparkly silver hair, breathing in her scent feeling completely content.

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Feeling her all over me, combined with her scent and our mate bond, I start to get aroused.

Saint howls with excitement, “Okay, wake her up so we can mate already! “

“Stop it, Saint.”

“Can we at least mark her?” “Saint, I said knock it off.” “Prude.”

Just then, Kas rolls away from me with a sleepy little groan as she rubs her eyes and opens them, “It’s morning already?”

“Yeah, Baby. You slept all night! How do you feel?” I sit up and realize her legs are still draped over mine.

” Really good! ” She sits up and stretches. I see the top buttons of her shirt have come undone. I turn my head with a gulp. My movement makes her look down and gasp. Seeing she’s almost exposed, she instinctively turns toward me for protection and presses her body against me to hide.

The Goddess is testing me for sure.

”Fail the test ! Fail the test ! ” Saint chants in my mind as he tries to push his way to the front.

”Kas, I told you I would control myself. If I’m going to keep that promise, I need to get up and go get a cold shower right now. This was only our first night together. I don’t want to press my luck.”

A mischievous look comes across her face. I don’t think she realizes her violet eyes flash as Lex comes close to the surface.

Kas speaks, but it isn’t her voice. Lex’s voice comes through huskier and more confident than Kas, ” Bronx, before you go I just want to give you a little kiss.”

Before I can stop her, she crawls up on my lap and straddles me. I can’t help but let out a low growl as I feel her press the skin of her half open shirt against my chest and she starts kissing me. My hands grip her hips tightly, pulling her closer until she is pressed against my aroused cock. She takes my hands and moves them for me so one is caressing her breast under her shirt, the other firmly on her ass. I rub and gently pull on her nipple while we kiss. I don’t even realize what I’m doing as my mouth leaves hers and moves down her neck. I start to lick and suck on the spot I will mark her and she lets out a little moan at the sensation. She breathes heavily as she nibbles on my ear, holding the back of my neck. The body heat between us makes me want to be even closer to her.

I don’t notice my fangs are extended until I feel the pressure of her skin starting to puncture and she lets out a moaning growl of pleasure, bringing me to my senses.

Whoa. No. Wait. No. I was about to mark her? What the Hell was I thinking? I push Saint as far back in my mind as I can. It’s way too soon. We can not mark each other yet. We have no idea what would happen to either of us if we did and I ‘m not willing to risk it until after we know her powers are under control.

I snap out of it and I open my eyes. I see Kas is glowing purple. No, WE are glowing purple. It’s the sobering reminder that we don’t know the full extent of her powers.

“Nope nope nope. Not today, Kas. Nope, I made a promise. I – and – nope. We’re glowing and I can’t wait it’s just      I just          nope, ” I can’t even make a complete sentence. I pick her up off of me, put her on the bed, and run to the bathroom as fast as I can. I turn the shower on and stand under the freezing water for what seems like forever until I’m calmed down and no longer glowing.

“You’re such a buzzkill, ” Saint chides after I chastise him for trying to mark Kas.

By the time I shower, change, and come out of the closet room, Kas had already changed into a dress and braided her hair.

“I’m sorry, Bronx. I’m not quite sure what came over me. I -“

“It’s okay, Baby. You don’t need to apologize. Our bond is strong. Our wolves’s bond is strong. I’m an Alpha Regent and you’re a literal goddess. Of course the closer we are to each other, the more we want to, you know, be with each other. We met each other

over a month ago and just kissed for the first time yesterday. Saint and Lex are definitely influencing us. We just need to hold out.“

She nods, looking a little embarrassed, “Okay, you’re right. I’m glad you’re not mad. I’m a little disappointed in myself.“

“But did you like it?” I smirk at her as I grab her waist and pull her toward me.

She scrunches her nose at me and sticks her tongue out, “Let’s get breakfast.“

The next two weeks fly by in a heartbeat. I get back to my regular schedule. Training at five a.m. with the pack warriors, going into the office at my security company headquarters. Kas starts spending more time in the kitchens. She and Mrs. Miller become close and trade cooking secrets and techniques.

Everyone in the pack notices the difference in the quality of our meals, especially the desserts.

The night before she leaves, I make the announcement to the pack that Kas would be going away for training. It is an emotional moment for the entire pack. Everyone already loves her and no one wants her to leave, even if it is temporary.

Kas’s POV

It’s the night before leave for France. I’m sitting on Bronx’s lap on the sofa. We’re just holding each other, sitting in comfortable silence. I know I’m going to see him in two weeks, but thinking about being away from him already hurts my heart.

“Bronx, please do me a favor while I’m away, ” I request. It was something that had been nagging at me for the past two weeks. “Anything, Baby. What is it?“

“Please don’t drink whiskey while I’m gone. I don’t know why exactly, but I feel like you shou1dn’t.”

“Whiskey? That’s pretty specific. Does it have to do with a vision?“

“I -I can’t remember, but it feels important. Just don’t drink whiskey, okay?“

“Okay, Baby. I won’t. I promise,” he kisses my temple, “Let’s go to bed. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.“

We go to bed, but spend most of the night snuggling and making out. Five a.m. comes too early. The trip to the airport takes about two hours and we were ushered onto a private plane. Bronx is the last one one the plane because he insists he needs a cigarette before the flight. I have never flown before and I’m really nervous.

Bronx holds my hand until I fall asleep about an hour into the flight. It’s dark when we reach France, but from what I can see it is beautiful. Henri arranged for cars to pick us up. We have a nice dinner with his pack and a delicious breakfast. I even sneak into the kitchen to learn how they make croissants before we leave for the coven’s realm.

The coven is a couple of hours away from the pack territory. I hold Bronx’s hand tightly when our driver tells us we’re close. We reach the edge of the realm, which seems to be a giant golden gate in the middle of the road. Three women dressed in white are standing in front of the golden fence, waiting for us. Henri and Bronx get out and speak to the women for a few minutes then come back to the SUV.

“Alright Kas, James, Marco, this is where we leave you. The witches won’t allow us to go into their realm until it’s time for my prearranged visit. James and Marco, your orders are the same for the next eight weeks as they have been for the past month, ” Bronx informs us.

I step out of the vehicle straight into Bronx’s waiting arms. He picks me up so I am at eye level with him and crashes his lips into mine. When he finally pulls away, I can see a tear welling up in his eye.

“Kas, I’ll be back in two weeks. Until then, you need to give your cell phone to Marco. The witches said you need to have complete focus during your training. No contact between us, but James and Marco will be able to contact me at any time. If you need anything and I mean anything, ask them to call me right away.“

I gently kiss his cheek, “Alright, two weeks. You once told me I was the bravest wolf you know. Be as brave as me, alright?“

“You always seem to know just what to say,” he smiles as he nuzzled my cheek.

We kiss again before he puts me down. James and Marco take our bags and we walk to the wonnen. I look back to see Bronx and Henri watching. Henri has his hand on Bronx’s shoulder. Bronx has already lit a cigarette. I can feel his sadness and worry. Lex is howling about having to be away from her mate.

“Hello, I’m Kas. This is James and Marco. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I say as I make the introductions.

The women appear to be triplets. The one in the center speaks, her voice is warm and welcoming, ” Hello Luna lokaste, we know who you are. I’m Sister Penny, this is Sister Rachel and Sister Celia. It’s a pleasure to meet you as well. Are you ready to learn more about who you are?“

“Yes, yes I am,” I reply as confidently as I can muster. All three women reach out their hands.

“We are going to portal to our coven house. It won’t hurt, but it can be a little disorienting. Since you need to be willing participants, we will wait until all three of you have willingly taken our hands to leave, ” James and Marco obediently take Rachel and

Celia’s hands. I turn and take one last look at Bronx, who is watching intently. I feel my hand slide into Penny’s. As soon as we’re all connected with the women, we’re standing in the hallway of what appears to be a large old estate home.

I feel odd in those first few moments. I realize I can’t feel my mate bond with Bronx and start to panic a little. I grab Marco’s sleeve and grip tightly.

“Are you alright, Luna?” he asks with a concerned voice. He drops the bags he’s holding and turns me to face him.

“I – Marco, something’s wrong. I can’t feel my connection with Bronx, ” I say quietly, forcing myself not to cry.

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