Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1051-1060

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1051
Jeremy looked at her with interest. “What is it?”

Lana stepped to the side, lit a cigarette, and started smoking. She thought for a moment before suddenly asking Jeremy, “Jeremy, do you know of anyone else with considerable influence who secretly protects Eveline? Apart from her parents, of course.”

Jeremy’s eyes changed instantly. “Why do you ask?”

“Because…” Lana spat out the smoke and continued, “Because there’s a mysterious man behind my brother. My brother seems to be a little fearful of this man. He doesn’t allow me to provoke Eveline because that’s also what is wanted of him by the man. So I’m curious about who this man is.”

Knowing this situation, Jeremy was really surprised.

Regardless of who this mysterious man was, he was helping Madeline.

This seemed to be a good thing.

However, who was this man who was able to make Yorick somewhat concede?

While Jeremy was pondering this, he suddenly heard Lana reluctantly saying, “Jeremy, you saw Yorick’s attitude just now as well. I’ve done so many things for him in the Stygian Johnson Gang for so many years, but he has been raising his hand against his own sister because of that Eveline. Since he’s so heartless, he can’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Jeremy glanced at Lana, then asked, “What are you planning to do?”

Lana touched her swollen cheek. “The Stygian Johnson Gang’s accounts have always been handled by me. You know, most of the business conducted by the Stygian Johnson Gang should not be known by others. After the money is obtained, it must be cleaned before it can be used with integrity.”

While she was saying this, she walked up to Jeremy with full of trust in her eyes. She said, “Jeremy, I’ve already considered it. Let’s go and strike out by ourselves. In the future, you’ll be in charge of the external business while I will be responsible for money laundering. You work outside and I work inside. Don’t you think we’ll be like husband and wife like this?”

Lana’s eyes lit up, and she immediately wanted to lean on Jeremy.

Jeremy pretended to tidy up his clothes to avoid Lana. Then, he tentatively asked, “Is the ledger you mentioned a record of all the accounting made by the Stygian Johnson Gang over the years? Will Yorick let you take care of such an important thing?”

Hearing this, Lana appeared to be arrogant. “It’s exactly because I’m his sister that’s why they let me take care of such an important ledger.”

Jeremy looked at Lana with a vague smile. “It turns out that you’re actually so capable. Looks like I’ve underestimated you before.”

Lana smiled at Jeremy gently. “Honey, we have all the time in the future. You can get to know me slowly—hiss!” Lana wanted to ask Jeremy for a kiss, but the corners of her mouth suddenly stung badly.

“Go back to the room and rest. I’m about to go out to have a talk about a deal. I’ll discuss it in detail with you when I return.”

Lana was indeed exhausted. Madeline had pushed her into the swimming pool earlier and made her unable to lift her head up. She even threw her into the swimming pool. The muscles all over her body were aching now.

After Jeremy left, he took out his mobile phone, typed in a few Arabic numbers, and sent them out. Then, he drove around the main road a few times before finally entering a cafe with a few people.

A well-dressed man was sitting in the corner by the window. Jeremy walked over and sat down, saying coldly, “I’ve obtained news regarding the ledger you had mentioned before. I request to perform the mission immediately. I don’t want to waste time. You guys have no ways to guarantee the safety of my wife and daughter.”

The man sitting opposite him replied politely, “Jeremy, it’s a good thing that you’ve obtained news regarding the ledger, but the foundation of the Stygian Johnson Gang is solid. They have great power in F Country. It’ll be better for us not to rush into it.”

“My daughter was made mute by that psychotic woman. How can you have me continue pleasing that woman calmly?”

The man smiled kindly. “Jeremy, we’ve all seen it. You handled it well.”

‘Handled it well?’

Jeremy found it ironic. Only he knew how much pain he was enduring.

He suddenly regretted his decision to join IBCI.

After a few seconds of silence, Jeremy calmly parted his lips. “There seems to be a person behind Yorick. Based on my understanding of Lana’s words, Yorick seems to be very fearful of this person.”

The man paused when he heard the words, then said, “This man is our colleague.”

“Colleague?” Jeremy’s eyes narrowed. “Who’s this person?”

The person hesitated with difficulty before saying, “It’s not convenient to disclose his identity for the time being. This is for the sake of your safety and the mission.”

Jeremy did not want to push them for the answer. He knew the rules as well, so he did not ask any more questions.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1052
It was just that he really did not expect someone to have had already penetrated into the Stygian Johnson Gang and was even able to make Yorick obey his orders. Despite the person’s influence, he was still unable to uproot the Stygian Johnson Gang, which showed how solid the foundation of the Stygian Johnson Gang was.

After Jeremy left the cafe, he drove to the gates of the kindergarten where Jackson and Lillian were studying.

He waited until the end of school, but he still did not see the brother and sister duo coming out from the kindergarten.

Feeling puzzled, he got out of the car and went to ask their teacher in charge.

The teacher in charge recognized Jeremy’s face and spoke a little apprehensively, “I’m really sorry about this, Mr. Whitman. It’s because I didn’t look after Lillian well that she suffered a fright.

“Mrs. Whitman said Lillian isn’t able to come to school these days. Jackson has also given a notice of absence.”

After hearing her reply, Jeremy’s mood became extremely heavy all of a sudden.

He drove to Whitman Manor, parked the car far away, and walked to the door.

Coincidentally, the moment he arrived at the gates, he happened to see Jackson and Lillian playing in the yard.

There was a pure smile on Lillian’s delicate and cute face, but the only thing she did was smile. She was not communicating with Jackson at all.

She only communicated by either patting on Jackson’s hand or using her finger to point ahead. Her little pink mouth had not moved at all.

Jeremy’s thin lips were pressed tightly together. His eyes were already heating up, and his Adam’s apple was trembling as he sniffled.

Lillian really could not speak anymore.

Jeremy clenched his fists and blamed himself painfully.

He felt he had no right left to face this child again.

He asked himself, ‘What have I given this child?

‘Nothing at all.’

Never had he given her fatherly love or care.

He had never been a qualified father.

Jeremy felt guilty and blamed himself. As he was about to turn away and leave, a small ball rolled to his feet suddenly.

He looked down and caught a glimpse of Lillian running happily in his direction.

She came to pick up the ball, but when she saw Jeremy, Lillian’s approaching footsteps gradually stopped.

In those big and bright eyes, there were unexpected defensiveness and insecurity.

Jeremy was heartbroken. He picked up the ball and passed it to Lillian. However, Lillian looked at Jeremy and only shook her head. She pressed her lips tightly, turned, and ran away.

The instant the child ran away from him, Jeremy felt as if the color of the sky had turned gray.

“Lillian.” He called out the child’s name and walked toward Lillian with the ball in his hand. However, Lillian resisted and hid behind Jackson while shaking her head, not saying anything.

Jeremy could even notice the disappointment in the way Jackson was looking at him.

“Daddy, why are you helping the bad woman who bullied Mommy to bully my younger sister?” Jackson questioned him seriously.

Obviously, the bad woman Jackson was referring to was Lana.

Jeremy did not know how to explain it. He was a man with too many heavy missions and burdens on his shoulders, yet he could not take care of his own little family.

After thinking about it, he knelt down and looked at the two children with a gentle smile, handing the ball over. “Lillian, this is your ball, take it.”

However, Lillian did not respond. Instead, she raised her clear eyes and looked behind Jeremy carefully.

Jeremy noticed the abnormality. He stood up straight and looked over…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1053
In fact, Jeremy already knew who had come over when he heard the familiar footsteps.

The moment he looked back, it was indeed Madeline he saw.

This was the woman he wished he could merge with into his own blood and life.

Madeline did not even spare Jeremy a glance, however. She walked straight to the two children. With a gentle and loving smile on her face, she touched the two cute and rosy faces. “Jack, go on in with your sister. Mommy will bake a cake for both of you in a while.”

Jackson nodded obediently. He held Lillian’s fair and tender little hand with his own small hand, glancing at Jeremy before turning away.

After watching the two children enter the house, the smile on Madeline’s face gradually dissipated.

“How dare you still come to see Lillian?” Madeline mocked him sarcastically. “Have you seen it now? Lillian can’t speak anymore. Are you satisfied with your girlfriend’s master plan?”

Jeremy did not respond to Madeline’s words. He only walked past her and gently put the small ball that was in his hand at the doorstep.

After leaving the ball, he walked off indifferently.

Madeline walked over to pick up the ball and threw it to Jeremy’s back.

The small ball was very light, but it felt as heavy as hundreds of pounds when it hit Jeremy’s back.

He stopped and heard Madeline’s approaching footsteps.

“There’s no one here now, Jeremy. Can’t you tell me now? Why on earth are you staying with Lana?” Madeline’s tone was obviously less aggressive and had turned softer.

“I don’t believe that you can really be so unfeeling. Even if you really don’t love me anymore, you wouldn’t be so cold to the children. The more you’re being so deliberately ruthless, the more suspicious it seems.”

Madeline walked up to him and looked at the man’s cold expression, her gaze sharp. “Jeremy, answer me. If you’re facing troubles, it’d be good enough if you just blink as a response.”

After she finished her sentence, the air went silent for a bit.

After a long interval, Jeremy smiled and raised the corners of his lips. “Eveline, you asking me this means that you still miss me and are hoping for something from me, right?”

He asked her in reply, a similar mocking expression appearing on his handsome face.

“You’re already a bride-to-be who’s going to marry another man. Stop having any more fantasies about me. Instead of us torturing each other, it’d be better for us to let each other go. You go be Madam Jones and don’t bother with who I’m with.”

“Is this the truth in your heart?” Madeline asked earnestly. Her eyes were shimmering as she still held the last glimmer of hope toward him.

Jeremy looked at the pair of beautiful eyes blankly and nodded when he thought of the few remaining days he had left.

“Eveline, I really loved you.”

‘So, so much.’

Once he was done talking, he brushed past her.

Madeline smiled and chewed on what he said—‘loved’.

It was merely ‘loved’.

After returning to the car, Jeremy began to cough non-stop. The tissue he used for wiping up was dyed with a large patch of dark red blood.

His hands that held the steering wheel trembled involuntarily as well.

The poison developed by Adam was really destructive.

However, he would rather die than rely on the cigarettes given by Lana.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1054
He leaned back into the car seat tiredly, tears wetting the corner of his eyes.

‘Lillian, Daddy is sorry.

‘I hope that before I leave, I can still hear your sweet laughter and hear you happily call me ‘Daddy’.’

He touched the family portrait that he kept in secret and let the grief flow through his body. The clearer the pain, the deeper he could remember who the woman he loved was…

Madeline stood frozen in place for a long time, unable to understand Jeremy’s behavior.

She still hoped that he was having his own struggles, but his performance was extremely ruthless—so ruthless that she could not find any excuse for him.

In three days, she would be married to Ryan.

Karen was also counting down the days. Two days before the wedding, she went to look for Madeline while deliberately carrying Pudding in her arms. “Eveline, are you really going to marry Ryan? Is there no more chance for Jeremy?”

Madeline put the sorted clothes into the suitcase. She lifted the corner of her lips and smiled. “He and I have been going round and round for years but still can’t get together, which shows that he and I are destined for nothing.”

“How can you two be destined for nothing? If there’s no destiny between the two of you, you won’t have Pudding.” Karen still tried to persuade her.

Madeline was indifferent. “To be honest, I can’t completely let go of him now, but I also know very well that he and I will never be able to reunite with each other again.”

Madeline packed her clothes, pulled along her luggage, and took Pudding from Karen’s arms.

Pudding was almost three months old. He looked at her confusedly and laughed.

“Pudding, oh Pudding, what name should Mommy give you? Your brother is called Jackson, then what about you?”

She asked the little guy. In fact, she was asking herself, since such a small child could not speak yet.

At first, she wanted Jeremy to name the child, but now…

Madeline looked down at the naive baby, bowed her head, and kissed him.

“Mom, I want to make a bank account for Pudding early tomorrow morning. Can you please help me contact Jeremy? I need his ID card, but I don’t want to see him again.”

Karen nodded upon hearing this. “I’ll give Jeremy a call.”

She dialed Jeremy’s number and walked out. The call connected shortly after. Karen immediately asked before Jeremy spoke, “Jeremy, where are you now?”

“At the office. What’s the matter? Can Lillian speak already?” Jeremy sounded quite anxious.

“Lillian still can’t speak.” Karen lowered her voice and explained, “Eveline is going to register for a bank account for Pudding and needs your ID card. Jeremy, Eveline is going to marry Ryan the day after tomorrow. This is your last chance. Mom can only help you until here. Remember, don’t leave the office.”

Karen hung up the phone before Jeremy got the chance to speak. Then, she entered the room and told Madeline, “Eveline, Jeremy said he’s still busy at the office. Why don’t you go there while I look after Pudding?”

Madeline did not want to delay the child’s registration, so she handed Pudding to Karen and went out to Whitman Corporation to look for Jeremy.

When Karen saw that Madeline had left, she immediately called Jeremy. “Jeremy, Eveline is heading over now. You have to seize the opportunity!”

Jeremy received the call from Karen. After hanging up, he looked at the dim night outside the window and made a call.

Around ten minutes later, Madeline reached Whitman Corporation. She walked straight toward Jeremy’s office. At this time, the employees had already left work, so no one stopped her from looking for Jeremy.

However, when Madeline reached the door to his office and was about to knock on it, she suddenly heard a woman’s sweet laughter from the inside.

She was taken aback and looked through the transparent glass door. She had just glanced in out of curiosity, but after seeing the situation inside, her raised hand that was about to knock on the door stiffened instantly.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1055
Although the sky was dark and the lights were off on the inside, Madeline could still see clearly.

A woman with short hair wearing a sexy dress was hugging and kissing a tall man.

The short-haired woman was of course Lana, and this man, who else could he be other than Jeremy?

Although Jeremy told her that he had slept with Lana, Madeline always doubted it.

Yet at this moment, seeing was believing. She did not want to believe it but had to.

She thought that she could face it calmly, but each beat of her heart only pained her while her breathing became all disordered. At this moment, she was feeling suffocated.

Madeline stared at the increasingly unsightly scenes happening inside. After hearing the sound of the woman’s charming laughter, she suddenly turned around and walked toward the elevator. She randomly pressed the elevator buttons with her fingers. Her stomach began to cramp, making her nauseous.

Jeremy clearly saw Madeline’s figure angrily leaving from inside the office, then turned on the lights in the room.

The two actors who were performing stopped immediately.

“You two can leave now.” He dismissed them and exhorted, “Remember to change your appearance first, then leave through the back door.”

The two actors took the checks from Jeremy and nodded joyfully. “Thanks, Boss. You can call us again next time if you want to put on another performance.”

“There won’t be a next time.” Jeremy coldly rejected. “Remember, this matter cannot be known by a fourth person.”

Both of them knew of Jeremy’s status and nodded repeatedly in response before leaving.

Jeremy sat back in front of his office desk and closed his eyes tiredly.

He felt that his physical condition was getting worse. He would feel his chest hurting from time to time.

The pain was even more obvious when he thought about Madeline marrying Ryan the day after tomorrow.

However, Ryan was a good man who could be trusted for life. He did not want Madeline to miss out.

In the end, he could only pray that the other man could give her what he could not.

The last thing he wanted to see was Madeline still having a slight expectation toward him, so he could only put on a show for her so that she would no longer have even the slightest expectation or continue to miss him after he was gone.

After pondering for a long time and feeling that his body was not that weak anymore, Jeremy got up and left the office.

However, when he came downstairs, he found Madeline standing alone at the entrance of the company.

Her back figure was very beautiful and attractive, but it looked so frail. He really wanted to go up and give her a hug, but he could no longer spread his arms to her.

It started drizzling from above the night sky. Accompanied by the evening breeze, the coolness hit straight to the bottom of Jeremy’s heart.

He took a deep breath and made his state look less haggard before walking toward Madeline.

“What are you doing here?” Jeremy pretended to ask unknowingly.

Only then did Madeline hear the footsteps behind her. She clenched her fists and turned around with a cold expression. “Are you free tomorrow?”

“What’s the matter?”

“I want to register a bank account for Pudding,” Madeline answered simply.

Jeremy nodded thoughtfully, then took out the ID card he had prepared ahead of time from his pocket. “I’m not free, but you can take this and settle it yourself.”

“I don’t want to take the things you’ve touched.” Madeline refused as a touch of disgust appeared in her eyes.

Jeremy’s hand that was holding the ID card stiffened in the air. He seemed to look confusedly at Madeline, but in fact, he knew the meaning behind Madeline’s words better than anyone else.

“If you don’t want it, forget it. Don’t come looking for me again in the future.” He spoke indifferently and put away his ID card before walking toward the main entrance.

There was rain falling on him. He did not seem to feel it at all and walked straight ahead.

Just when he reached the front of the car and opened the door, Madeline caught up and slammed his car door shut.

He looked at her. He did not know if the rain had become heavier or if his condition was not good, but her face before him was becoming blurry.

“Why on earth?” Madeline asked him, “Why did you suddenly become like this? Just because I can’t forgive you for being manipulated by Lana to kill my parents, you throw yourself into Lana’s arms?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1056
“Jeremy, what exactly are you thinking?”

The man looked at her with a calm and indifferent expression.

“Eveline, no matter what I think, I won’t think about you anymore,” he said coldly and took out his ID card again. “Take it if you want to. If you think it’s dirty, then I guess you don’t have to register an account for your son.”

“My son? Is he only my son?” Madeline laughed sarcastically. The drops of fine rain fell heavier, blurring her vision.

“Do you still remember what you said when you knelt before me? You said, ‘Linnie, I’ll make you happy for the rest of your life.’ But it turns out that the happiness you gave me is so short-lived.”

She looked at the ID card that was wet from the rain. She restrained her emotions that were tethering on the edge of a breakdown and refused to shed a tear.

“I’m getting married to Ryan the day after tomorrow. I’ll return your ID card when you come for the ceremony.”

Madeline took the ID card and left decisively.

Jeremy stood in the rain and suddenly leaned against his car weakly. Seeing Madeline’s disappearing figure in the rainy night, he did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

The next day, Madeline went to settle the registration procedures for Pudding.

On the way back, she held the child and looked at the photo on Jeremy’s ID. The man had sharp eyebrows and dazzling eyes. He was incomparably handsome.

She still remembered that year when he ran with and chased her on the beach. Back then, he made a serious promise to protect her for life, but in the end, all his vows disappeared like smoke.

The weather was fine on the day of her marriage with Ryan.

Madeline had put on a wedding dress once more and was holding a bouquet of fresh flowers. She stood with Ryan, who was in a suit, in front of the priest for the wedding ceremony.

There were very few people attending the ceremony. Other than Ryan’s parents and some close friends, all who were left were Ava and Daniel—the bridesmaid and best man.

Jeremy had long arrived, but he was standing outside of the church.

When he heard the priest asking Madeline if she would be Ryan’s wife, he heard her answer in two words.

“I do.”

Jeremy’s tears almost poured out of his eyes, and extreme pain flooded his entire being.

‘Linnie, my Linnie, you’ve eventually become someone else’s wife.

‘If only you knew how much I want to love you, accompany you to grow old, and watch the kids grow up with you… But I no longer have the right nor time.’

The poison was spreading too fast, and it had reached the third stage.

After reaching the fifth stage, the poison would spread to his cells and organs. He would then be a lost cause.

The wedding ceremony ended successfully after Ryan pressed a kiss on Madeline’s forehead.

Madeline smiled faintly at Ryan, but she could not help looking at the church door.

She was still holding Jeremy’s ID card in her hand, but he had not come.

Come to think about it, how could he still be willing to come to see her?

Madeline planned on going to the washroom, but when she walked through the corridor, she heard the sound of constant coughing coming from the side.

She inexplicably felt that the coughing sounded familiar, so she looked over and unexpectedly saw Jeremy standing in a remote corner while coughing violently.

Actually, Jeremy wanted to leave right after Madeline said ‘I do’, but he suddenly felt uncomfortable. He coughed and coughed until he spat out blood.

The poison was indeed very powerful.

There was no way to restrain its spread.

He no longer remembered how many times he had coughed up blood now.

However, he did not have a tissue or a handkerchief with him at the moment.

He covered his bloody lips with his slender fingers and turned around, but he ran directly into Madeline who had already walked up to him…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1057
Jeremy was surprised. He did not know when Madeline came up from behind him.

Madeline was also taken aback because Jeremy’s face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

The two looked at each other and time seemed to stand still at this moment.

Jeremy struggled to suppress the intense smell of blood and the dry itch in his throat. He turned his face away to avoid Madeline’s sight, coughing lightly.

Jeremy’s heart was very flustered at this moment. He was afraid that Madeline would discover that something was wrong with him and she would see through everything.

“Maddie, why are you standing there? It’s time for a photo.” Ava’s reminder came from a distance.

Madeline looked at the man who was facing her from the side and handed over the ID card.

“I’m giving it back to you,” she said coldly as she stretched out her hand to him.

Jeremy clenched his fists, knowing he could not reach out to Madeline.

The palms of his two hands were stained with blood.

Seeing Jeremy being indifferent, Madeline frowned. “If seeing me makes you bored, why come here to obstruct your view?”

“Maddie.” Ava’s voice came again.

Madeline saw that Jeremy was completely ignoring her—even the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were cold. She raised her hand all of a sudden and threw the ID card at him.

“Since you’re so disgusted, you can pick it up yourself.”

As her voice fell, Madeline lifted her skirt and walked away without any hesitation.

Jeremy’s fingers that were covering his lips gradually tightened as he crouched down. With his long, blood-stained fingers that were gently trembling, he picked up the ID card that Madeline had thrown at his feet.

He lifted his bleak eyes, looking at the beautiful image of the woman who was reflected in his pupils. He could not restrain himself from spitting out a big mouthful of blood from his lips.

‘Linnie, I wish you happiness.’

When Madeline left, she saw Jeremy’s car parked across the road from the church.

She subconsciously glanced out of the car window. She vaguely saw a familiar figure standing at the same place where she had separated from Jeremy just now.

Madeline found it a little strange, and before she could think deeper into it, Ryan approached her. “What’s wrong?”

She came back to her senses and smiled, shaking her head.

“It’s nothing.” Ryan smiled softly and shook Madeline’s hand.

Madeline smiled and accepted Ryan’s warm care, but she inevitably thought of Jeremy in her heart.

She warned herself that she was already Ryan’s wife, so she should stop thinking about the man who had cut her off from him. Yet, her thoughts remained occupied by Jeremy.

After carrying out the outdoor shooting for the entire afternoon, it was then time to head to the hotel.

Madeline changed into a simple dress, and together with Ryan, they gave a toast to a few relatives and friends.

Ava was not behaving aloof at all and had already drunk several glasses in succession as she held onto a wine bottle.

Daniel was sitting next to Ava and had advised her not to drink so much, but Ava instead courteously filled Daniel’s glass with wine while drunkenly patting him on the shoulder. “Dan, today is a good day for Maddie. Drink more and be happy for her.”

Daniel recalled how Ava had behaved the last time she got drunk. He could not help but think of the accidental kiss between him and Ava back then.

As matters stood, only he knew about that time while Ava knew nothing.

“Dan, what are you thinking about?” Ava scrunched her drunken eyes and asked Daniel, “Come, have a drink.”

Seeing her face up-close, Daniel felt hot and somewhat hurriedly took the wine glass before drinking the contents in one gulp.

However, Daniel rarely drank alcohol, so after downing a full glass, he felt his entire body going warm. His head was a little dizzy now too.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1058
After Madeline and Ryan returned from chatting with the guests from the Jones family, Ava was found flushed and drunk. She was muttering non-stop, “Maddie, this time, you must have a happy marriage. You must…”

Madeline was moved. Ava was one of the few people in this world who truly cared and was concerned for her.

At this moment, Madeline had no choice but to ask Daniel to send Ava back home.

However, Daniel was also slightly drunk. After helping Ava into the taxi, he leaned against Ava drowsily.

He wanted to bring Ava home at first, but the driver unexpectedly stopped the taxi at the entrance of a hotel. With a look of understanding, he opened the car door for Daniel.

Daniel was lazy to clarify the truth and helped Ava out of the car.

Ava was drunk till the point she almost could not stand still. It was as if her limbs had turned into jelly as she leaned weakly on Daniel.

“Ava, are you okay?” Daniel was quite worried.

“Okay?” Ava raised her blurry eyes. “Okay… Maddie needs to be okay.”

After she replied out of the topic, she fell into his arms almost unconsciously.

Daniel hugged Ava quickly. He looked at the busy traffic on the road, then carried Ava into the hotel in front of him.

He rented a room and went upstairs while holding Ava.

Ava blushed and began to mutter again.


“I’m here.” Daniel still had his consciousness. He answered when Ava called out to him.

Ava suddenly raised her drunk eyes and touched his face with a silly-looking smile. She was completely unaware of what she was doing at the moment.

“Huh? It’s really Dan? I’m dreaming of you again.”


“Dan is also so good-looking in my dreams.”

“…” Not knowing whether it was because of the influence of alcohol or Ava’s praise, Daniel’s heart started beating very quickly while the temperature of his cheeks began to boil.

While he was still looking forward to what Ava would say to him next, Ava suddenly clung to his neck and started crying. “Dan, do you know that I’ve liked you all this while…”

Daniel’s footsteps stopped abruptly. He felt a sourness in his heart as he listened to Ava’s sobbing voice.


Ava let go of her hands and brought her cherry-red face close to Daniel’s eyes.

“Dan, I won’t have the chance to see you again in the future. I don’t know when will be the next time I can dream of you, so can I give you a kiss this time?”

Hearing this request from her and looking at her expectant eyes, Daniel somehow felt as if something soft had fallen onto his heart.

Seeing Ava squinting her eyes as if she was about to fall asleep, Daniel could not help but lean in and place his lips on hers…

On this hazy night, the rain began falling unknowingly.

After Madeline put Pudding to sleep, she gave Karen a call again and was relieved after knowing that Lillian and Jackson were both asleep.

It was just that at this moment, Madeline felt a little ill at ease in her newlywed bedroom.

Today was the day she and Ryan got married. She was his legal wife now.

As she was thinking about it, the bedroom door opened and Ryan walked in while dressed in a light gray-colored robe.

After putting Lana to sleep with aromatherapy, Jeremy drove to the newlywed house Ryan had bought for Madeline.

He stopped his car when he arrived, and with a glance, he saw two silhouettes reflected in the window of the lit master bedroom.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1059
Jeremy knew that coming here was only going to hurt him.

He just could not let go. He could not let go of the woman who was embedded deeply into his bones.

Through the thin and dense drizzle, Jeremy saw Ryan approaching Madeline through the curtains. He got closer to her, and when he lowered his head, it was obvious that he was kissing her.

Jeremy held the steering wheel tightly and felt the raindrops outside the car window pounding into his heart. It felt cold and icy.

He could not continue being like this anymore. The only thing he could do was leave and go to Whitman Manor, where he could quietly visit the two children who had fallen asleep.

In the bedroom.

Ryan gave Madeline a light hug before letting go of her.

“I know you haven’t completely let go of Jeremy in your heart. It doesn’t matter. I can wait.”

Ryan’s words made Madeline feel guilty.

She was already his legal wife, but she still could not fulfill the responsibilities of a wife.

Ryan was very empathetic toward her. “We got married in such a rush. It’s only human nature that you haven’t let go of Jeremy yet.”

“Thank you, Rye.”

“We’re husband and wife now. You don’t need to be so polite.” Ryan patted Madeline on the shoulder. “Go to bed earlier with the little guy,” he said before turning to go out.

“Are you going to sleep in the guest room?” Madeline asked as she faced his back.

Ryan shook his head. “I still have something to do. I’ll be in the study.”

“Get it done earlier so that you can get some rest, okay?”

“Okay.” Ryan smiled softly and closed the door for Madeline.

He went to the study, put on his black-rimmed glasses, and sat down at the desk.

His initial elegant and handsome face instantly turned fierce and domineering.

He turned on the webcam and connected to the video call. A voice reported from the other end, “The poison in Jeremy’s body has entered the third phase. He may not have much time left. He asked that the task be performed as soon as possible. We’ll wait for your further instructions.”

Ryan listened calmly and looked at the falling rain outside the window.

‘There’ll be a rainbow after the rain.

‘It’s just that I don’t know when this rain will end.’

After Lana slept for a while, she got up comfortably.

The fragrance gave her the illusion that she had slept with Jeremy again last night.

Lana washed up and changed her clothes. She was very happy to see Jeremy come into the room with a tray of breakfast.

She looked at Jeremy obsessively as she drank the coffee and bit into the toast. “Jeremy, there’ll be a big order coming in in the next two days. Our client is flying to Glendale specifically to negotiate. You’ll have to show what you’re made of then. I want to let Yorick see that even without the Stygian Johnson Gang, I can still do big things on my own.”

Jeremy nodded and handed Lana a tissue intimately.

“I have a suggestion.”

“What is it?” Lana looked at Jeremy with interest.

She realized that she had really fallen head over heels in love with this man because the sight of him made her feel particularly chippy.

Jeremy locked his eyes with Lana’s admiring ones. “Whitman Corporation is a good way to help us launder money.”

“What?” Lana’s eyes widened unexpectedly. “Are you saying that I should launder all the dirty money through Whitman Corporation?”

Jeremy looked serious. “You give me the account books, and I’ll do the laundering for you. I’m the president of Whitman Corporation. No one can intervene in the transfer of company funds.”

Lana groaned thoughtfully.

When Jeremy saw that she was thinking about it, he continued, “This is the fastest and safest way to launder the money. Don’t you want to prove your ability to Yorick? This will be the best opportunity for it.

“As long as you leave the accounts of Stygian Johnson Gang to me, I promise that I’ll launder the money for you in the shortest possible time.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1060
Lana heard him but seemed to be hesitating.

It was the first time Jeremy saw a serious look on the dishonest woman.

He did not want to give Lana too much time to think about it.

He stood up and pretended to be displeased. “Since you don’t trust me, then forget it.”

Lana hurried over to stop Jeremy when she heard what he said. “Baby, don’t be angry. Why would I not trust you?”

Lana coquettishly tugged on Jeremy’s sleeve. She looked a little worried. When she saw that Jeremy’s handsome face was not turned toward her and he was acting coldly as well, Lana changed her mind.

“Baby, you’re offering such a big sacrifice to let a multinational company like Whitman Corporation help the Stygian Johnson Gang launder money. I’d be dumb to disagree!”

Lana gave in.

Jeremy continued pretending to be displeased to egg her on. “You don’t have to agree so reluctantly. It was just a suggestion. You don’t need to agree just to please me.”

“I’m not! Jeremy, I’d love to!” Lana smiled and tried to please him. She was worried she had upset Jeremy. “Jeremy, let’s do as you say, but the Stygian Johnson Gang’s accounts over the years are very cumbersome. There are a lot of things to deal with. After I sort them out, I’ll bring them to you.”

When Jeremy heard that, his cold handsome face melted.

He lifted the corner of his lips and smiled. He said with intent, “Thanks for trusting me. I won’t let you down.”

Lana was completely immersed in Jeremy’s rare smile, and her mind was filled with hopes for a beautiful future with Jeremy.

In a hotel.

When Ava woke up with a hangover, her head felt very heavy.

She opened her eyes in a daze, trying to recall what happened last night.

It felt as if it was just a foggy dream…

Ava was about to get up, but as soon as she moved, she realized that a person was lying beside her.

She opened her eyes wide in astonishment and looked at the body that had its back facing her. She went wild as her mind went blank.

‘How can it be?

‘Wasn’t last night just a dream?

‘It really happened!’

Ava got up in a hurry, grabbed the strewn clothes on the ground, and put them on hastily. She ran to the door even though she was in pain.

When she arrived at the door, she turned around again. She left a hundred-dollar bill, the only bill in her wallet, on the bed before leaving in a hurry.

When she was in the car on the way home, Ava was in a daze. Her head was filled with images of her and the man last night. The more she thought about it, the paler Ava’s face became.

For so many years, the person she liked had always been Daniel, but after she found out that Daniel liked her bestie, Madeline, she had been suppressing the feelings in her heart until now.

She knew that she would never get together with Daniel in this lifetime, but she never thought that she would do such a thing with a stranger.

Ava got so annoyed that she started crying and vowed to never drink again.

At that moment, her phone rang. When she saw that someone was calling her, she angrily rejected and shut off her phone.

It took a long time for Daniel to wake up. He was confused when he saw a hundred-dollar bill on the empty bed.

When he recalled what happened last night, he remembered that Ava had been very drunk while he was 30 percent sober.

When he looked at the hundred-dollar bill, Daniel suddenly got a headache.

He called Ava but found that her phone was turned off.

He assumed that Ava got angry at him for last night, so he got ready to go to her place to look for her after washing up.

Ava had just arrived at her apartment and ran into the bathroom to take a bath as soon as she entered.

She could not bear to think about what happened last night. It was her first time and she ended up giving it to some random guy. She could not even remember what happened. The more she thought about it, the more her tears streamed down.

After she took a bath absent-mindedly, her doorbell suddenly rang.

She wanted to pretend that there was no one in the house, but she heard Daniel’s voice through the door. “Ava, it’s me.”

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