Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1151-1160

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1151
The breaking news online?

Madeline had just woken up and her mind was muddled.

“You and Jeremy are trending, Maddie.” Ava’s tone was heavy and it told Madeline that they were not trending for a good reason.

Tapping into Twitter, Madeline’s eyes fell onto her and Jeremy’s name topping the search bar.

Furthermore, Ryan’s name was there as well.

Paparazzi had apparently caught onto last night’s incident by the river, and with a few dramatic touches, the story had begun to spread on the internet.

Madeline scrolled through the images online with flames beginning to flare in her eyes.

The scene of Ryan hugging her and forcing a kiss on her had been turned into a scene of Ryan and her in a passionate bout of lip-locking.

Jeremy, who had appeared to protect her, was turned into the homewrecker with the intention to break the sweet couple apart.

Her struggles and attempts to push Ryan away were not photographed at all.

It was evident that the media had done so to make their story trend.

They had succeeded.

Two of Glendale’s bachelors were fighting each other for a woman’s affections.

Among the images uploaded was one with Jeremy holding Ryan’s collar and punching the man.

Madeline read the comments and found that almost everyone was scolding Jeremy for his actions while siding with Ryan who seemed to be the victim in this case.

Madeline was now completely awake.

Ava’s voice sounded over the phone. “Didn’t you say Ryan agreed to sign the divorce papers that day, Maddie? Now everyone who doesn’t know the whole story is claiming that Jeremy is trying to break your marriage apart!

“Just show your divorce papers, Maddie. That’ll shut those internet trolls up! You don’t even know how horrible their comments are!”

Madeline knew that Ava was angry on her behalf, but she could not post the divorce papers online. Madeline remained calm. “Don’t worry, Ava. I’ll deal with this. Let me wash up first and I’ll call you back later.”

After hanging up, annoyance surfaced on Madeline’s features.

She was about to get up when Jeremy’s hand around her waist pulled her back.

Madeline snapped her head back to find the man burying his head in the crevice of her neck as he greedily took in her scent.

“Are you awake, Jeremy?”

“I heard and I saw,” Jeremy spoke calmly as he slowly opened his eyes, “Let me deal with it.”

Madeline turned around to hug him and apologized. “It’s my fault for being impulsive. I shouldn’t have agreed to marry Ryan at all in the first place.”

“It’s not your fault.” Jeremy was well aware that both the wedding back then and the trending headline today were the results of someone else’s schemes.

That person’s goal was still the same—for Jeremy to disappear.

It was because Jeremy knew a dirty secret.

Pushing Jeremy out to stand under heavy scrutiny was a part of the plan.

The first thing Madeline did when she got up was to have someone try to kick the headline about them off the trendings list as she prepared the documents she needed to announce that her and Ryan’s marriage had been one in name only.

As she was making preparations, she suddenly received a call from the lab.

“Are you free to come over, Miss Montgomery?” the chemist asked politely. “We’ve already run a test on the blood sample and there are some details that I need to tell you.”

Madeline glanced at Jeremy who was looking at his phone.

She turned her head and responded softly, “Of course. I’ll be there shortly.”

As he was focused on his phone, Jeremy did not realize Madeline was talking on the phone.

He had finished reading the so-called breaking news, which was about Madeline reuniting with her ex-husband with a bad temper who got physical with Ryan Jones.

The people online were calling him blind.

These people were not only scolding him like no tomorrow, but their heinous words had extended to Madeline as well.

Madeline was about to look for an excuse to go to the lab by herself when Jeremy suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Stay home and take care of Pudding, Linnie. I’ll go and deal with this.”

While Madeline was indeed looking for a good reason to leave the house, she did not want him to deal with such a tricky matter himself either.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1152
“How do you plan to deal with it?” she asked.

“I promised I wouldn’t go overboard, right? Just wait for me at home, okay? It’ll be alright.”

The man gently caressed the back of her head before turning to walk out the door coolly.

“Jeremy,” Madeline called out after him.

The man turned around and gave an assuring smile in response to the worry in her eyes. “Don’t worry, just wait for me at home.”

Madeline nodded. After watching him drive away, she headed to the lab.

On the way to Whitman Corporation, Jeremy made two phone calls, the second one to Ryan.

He answered the phone calmly within the first few rings. “How do you still have the time to call me now? You must’ve seen the things online, haven’t you? What are you going to do about it?”

Jeremy replied nonchalantly, “Is this you admitting to being the person behind all of this, then?”

Ryan did not reply and only chuckled subtly. “There has always been two things that hinder men ever since the beginning of time, Jeremy Whitman. One of them, women, and the other one, authority and fame.

“You chose the former and that has become your Achilles heel.” Ryan paused. “I could give you the chance to spend your last moments with the woman you love, Jeremy, if only you didn’t know so much.”

Ryan hung up the phone as if he had already won Jeremy.

Jeremy removed the Bluetooth earphone and stared heavily at the road before him. His dark eyes sparkled with an intelligent flare.

Driving toward Whitman Corporation, he was met with a large group of people made up of reporters, journalists, and passersby looking for gossip before he even reached the entrance.

Someone suddenly shouted, “Jeremy Whitman is here!”

Everyone’s gaze fell on the car Jeremy was driving over and they crashed toward him like a wave.

Jeremy’s car was immediately surrounded.

All sorts of doubts, questions, and even words that held personal attacks began to sound in the air.

“Shouldn’t you respond to what’s trending online, Mr. Whitman?”

“Have you gotten back together with your old flame, Eveline Montgomery?”

“Do you admit to breaking someone else’s marriage apart?”

Sitting in front of his computer screen, Ryan’s lips curled into an intrigued smile as he watched the live stream from Whitman Corporation’s main entrance.

The reporters’ questions only sounded worse as they went on.

“You and Eveline were caught buying a new house together some time ago. Does that mean you’ve been having an affair since then?”

“Eveline Montgomery is the Jones family’s daughter-in-law, yet she’s secretly having an affair with you. You’ve destroyed Mr. Jones’ marriage while Eveline Montgomery was caught cheating. Do you two not fear the consequences of being so open in public?”

At that, the car door opened with a click.

Jeremy’s tall figure took a step toward the crowd, overwhelming them with his domineering aura. The group of people fell into pin-drop silence.

A male reporter who Ryan had bribed turned the camera to Jeremy’s face as he began to question. “How could you do such a thing despite being one of Glendale’s prominent persons, Jeremy Whitman? Do you think you’re still worthy of the title as Glendale’s number one young master?

“Not to mention Eveline Montgomery. The two of you have already divorced, yet she’s still having an affair with you. She cheated despite her status as someone’s wife while you seduced someone who is already married. The two of you had it coming for being condemned by the internet!” The male reporter spoke as if he was being impartial when his words were meant to mislead and accuse.

Most of the crowd supported this man.

Jeremy’s cold gaze was sharp as his words punctured the air. “I don’t care what you want to say about me, but you leave my wife out of this.”


The crowd sucked in a sharp breath of air at Jeremy’s response while that male reporter merely scoffed. “Your wife? That’s Ryan Jones’ wife!”

Having had enough, Jeremy grabbed the man by his collar. “She’s my wife and will only ever be my wife!” he emphasized frostily as his eagle-sharp eyes stared into the man who was shivering.

The man trembled and immediately urged the passersby. “Quick, look! Jeremy Whitman is hitting people! He can’t explain the vile things he has done with Eveline Montgomery, so he’s trying to kill me now!”

The people by the side were easily influenced and started blowing Jeremy’s actions out of proportion.

Sitting by the computer, Ryan watched the scene before with satisfaction.

Thinking that Jeremy’s reputation would take a huge plummet, he was about to turn his computer off when Madeline suddenly made her way through the crowd toward Jeremy.

At the same time, the internet suddenly erupted with a piece of news that threw all of Ryan’s hard work out the window!
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1153
Jeremy was shocked as well to see Madeline appear in front of him. “Why are you here, Linnie?”

Madeline walked up to Jeremy and smiled. “You said it yourself, didn’t you? That I’m your wife. Then as husband and wife, by your side is where I should’ve stood in the first place.”

She took his hand and averted her sharp gaze to the male reporter as she spoke clearly, “Listen properly. My husband’s name is Jeremy Whitman, not Ryan Jones!”

“…” Faced with Madeline’s aura, the man was lost for words.

It took a few seconds before he finally reacted and mocked. “You’re still Mr. Jones’ legal wife, Eveline Montgomery, yet here you are standing by Jeremy Whitman’s side and calling him your husband. What do you take Mr. Jones for?”

The man’s gaze was filled with disdain, and his tone was mocking.

“You’re still the lady of one of Glendale’s richest families. Do you not feel shameful for cheating and saying these things? Or do you think this is something to be proud of?”

It was evident that the man was picking on her, but Madeline remained unfazed. “You’re right, I am proud of it. How can I not be when I have such a perfect man who loves me so much?”


The passersby began to point fingers when they heard Madeline’s reply. “Are you really not embarrassed by your actions?”

“Exactly. You have no shame at all!”

“You being the Montgomeries’ daughter is a waste. Did your dead parents never teach you the concept of shame and respect—”

“Shut up!” Jeremy roared, and the people who were still attacking Madeline fell silent as a shiver ran through them.

Jeremy’s overwhelming gaze fell on the taunting male reporter.

Meeting that frosty gaze, the reporter gulped frantically.

“Repeat what you just said.” Jeremy’s tone was light, but every word cut into the air like slabs of ice.

The man shrunk backward, but the thought of the hefty bribe had him pointing at Madeline as he gathered his courage to speak again.

“You want me to repeat myself? Eveline Montgomery is a flirtatious woman who cheats. Who knows what more shameful things the two of you have done, but you’re still here pretending that you did nothing wrong. She’s just a who—ugh!”

The man’s speech was interrupted by Jeremy suddenly wrapping his hand around his neck.

The man was being suffocated, his face quickly flushing red.

“My God!” someone screamed.

“Glendale’s number one young master is killing someone!”

Not wanting Jeremy to be pushed to the spotlight by comments, Madeline went up to stop him when Jeremy suddenly flung the man aside.

Sitting on the floor, the man took a deep breath and scooted backward as he stared at an enraged Jeremy, feeling terrified.

Jeremy stood like a prince, glaring at the man from above with his all-consuming gaze. “Instead of wasting my saliva on people like you who claim that you’re doing this for justice yet all you do is jump to conclusions and slander before you know the truth, how about I show you evidence instead?”


Madeline was confused as well.

She had indeed left the house to go to the lab, but she did not want Jeremy to deal with the horrible comments online by herself.

Even if someone were to scold her for cheating, she would just admit to it.

There was no way she would have Jeremy deal with all of this alone.

No matter what was to come, she would stand by his side through the humiliation of it all!
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1154
Madeline watched Jeremy pick up a call, and it was followed by the sound of phone notifications going off all around them.

Madeline’s phone also received a push notification.

Jeremy’s voice sounded unrushed as he spoke, “The latest trending story is out. If you’re not completely blind, then read it.”

He glared sharply at the reporter on the ground.

“Read it, then get up and apologize to my wife.”


He so boldly referred to Madeline as his wife in front of everyone.

Everyone there clicked into the trending story to read the newest push notification.

It was an official statement from the international criminal investigation organization, IBCI.

With a few curt sentences, the statement clarified that both Ryan and Jeremy were members of the IBCI. It also stressed that Ryan had merely gotten married to Madeline because it was part of his mission from his superior.

Ryan was merely carrying out his mission. He was not Madeline’s husband, and the relationship between them was no further than that of the protector and the protectee.

Madeline was shocked to see such a statement as well.

Comments online started to side with Madeline and Jeremy now. The netizens who had left the harshest comments from before suddenly seemed to have disappeared.

“What? IBCI? Isn’t that the international criminal investigation organization with the highest authority?”

“Yeah! I saw them in movies before. The IBCI is very cool!”

“So Mr. Whitman and Ryan are both IBCI members, huh…” Many of their tones and attitudes had changed after they read the grand official statement.

They now knew that Madeline and Ryan were only married for image’s sake and that Madeline and Jeremy were not having an affair in secret.

That was why they could be out in the open without fear.

Many of them felt regretful but were also relieved that they had only uttered a few sentences here and there. Everyone then turned to the reporter who had basically thrown himself at Jeremy’s wrath.

The man had now shrunk.

Jeremy walked up to him and asked coldly, “Are your eyes blind? Did you read the statement?”

The man’s complexion paled as he shook his head frightfully. “Not, not blind… I read it, I read it…”

“Then roll over and apologize to my wife now.” Jeremy’s aura was overpowering.

The man crawled over to Madeline’s feet. “I’m sorry, Miss Montgomery, no, Mrs. Whitman. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking when I spoke, so don’t think much about what I say.”

“You weren’t thinking?” Madeline found the atrocity hilarious. “You don’t have to apologize, but be rest assured that I’ll follow up with you regarding the defamation of my husband’s and my reputation. We don’t need unethical reporters like you.”

“…” The person never expected to lose his career because of this and fell back on the floor with his face ashen.

The crowd apologized as well, but Jeremy paid them no heed.

Holding Madeline’s hand, he walked into Whitman Corporation with his head held high.

Madeline looked up to stare at the unfazed man as admiration swirled in her eyes.

She followed him into the elevator and was about to ask him about the official statement when she received a document from the lab on her phone.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1155
Madeline had changed her mind at the last minute and did not go to the lab, so the chemist typed the results into a comprehensible report instead and sent it over to her in the form of an email.

Yet with Jeremy by her side, she did not dare open it in front of him.

If he did not want her to know that he had not fully recovered, then she would not cut through his facade.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me at home, Linnie? Why did you follow me out?” Jeremy’s curious and soft tone drifted over.

Madeline kept her phone and looked up to meet the man’s heartbreaking gaze. “Didn’t we agree to face everything together in the future? I won’t let you stand in the spotlight by yourself for everyone to scrutinize.”

Jeremy gave an understanding smile and caressed the top of Madeline’s head. “Linnie.”

“Did you have the IBCI send out the official statement?” It was Madeline’s turn to ask questions.

Jeremy nodded. “I told you I’d deal with this. I won’t let anyone slander you.”

At that moment, Madeline felt the true meaning of being protected and kept safe.

True protection was when the heart itself felt safe.

On Ryan’s end, the man was re-reading the IBCI’s official statement.

His elegant features grew cold as he rifled through his contacts for a number. He soon found the one he was looking for and dialed it.

“What’s with the official report online?” he questioned his subordinate.

The same man who caught Lana with Jeremy replied truthfully, “It was an order from the higher-ups. I only just saw it too.”

“Higher-ups?” Ryan frowned. “Since when did Jeremy go to IBCI’s headquarters? Who did he meet there?”

The person responded in confusion, “I have no idea as well. All I know is that someone gave Jeremy a trial fix for his slow-acting poison, so he’s not in any life-threatening danger right now. I’d say it’s quite the good news.”

Good news?

Ryan scoffed and hung up the phone.

Jeremy evidently knew something about Ryan he should not, and with every other day that man was alive, the greater a threat he would pose.

As far as Ryan was concerned, it was a bad thing.

Ryan decided to rethink the plan to control Jeremy when Mrs. Jones suddenly opened his room door and entered with a huff as she pointed at her phone. “What’s this, Rye? Why are you suddenly a member of this international criminal investigation organization?

“It says here that you and Eveline are only married because it was a mission from your superiors and you’re husband and wife only in name. Is that true?”

Ryan’s expression fell as he replaced it with a look of frustration. “I’m indeed a member of the IBCI, but my marriage with Eveline is real.”

“But the official statement says—”

“That’s to save Jeremy’s dignity as a member of the IBCI, or they wouldn’t need to post such a twisted statement.”

“What? So they’ll make you the bad guy just to save Jeremy’s dignity?” Mrs. Jones was infuriated.

Ryan sighed hopelessly. “This isn’t something you and Dad should trouble yourselves with. I’ll deal with this myself.”

“Are you still not going to divorce Eveline? She already told the public that Jeremy is her husband. You don’t even matter to her at all.”

The words were sharp against Ryan’s ears, but he replied gently, “I won’t divorce Eveline. I’ll make her realize my worth someday.”

His tone was confident, for he had the ultimate bargaining chip.

Madeline followed Jeremy to his office, now walking boldly by his side without needing to hide in the shadows anymore.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1156
She made an excuse to go to the toilet when in truth, she was hiding in a secluded corner where she tapped open the email.

The first half of the report was filled with numbers that Madeline did not understand, so she scrolled all the way down where the chemist’s conclusion was.

It said that the person the blood sample belonged to had been infected with several unknown diseases. It was an accumulation of these diseases that resulted in a change of hair color, the color of their irises, and the sound of their voice.

Hemodialysis showed that the patient was not in any life-threatening danger.

However, there was always the possibility of the disease mutating which would result in the patient’s life being slowly consumed to the point where they would die from a lack of treatment.

Madeline’s temples began to throb as she read.

‘So you haven’t fully recovered, after all, Jeremy.’

Her heart was aching, and she forced her tears back.

Thinking about the poison in Jeremy’s body and the potential result if the poison began to mutate, Madeline felt her world go dark again.

‘It looks like there’s no hope of spending the rest of our lives together, simple and in love, Jeremy.

‘If that’s our only future, then I will never let you go again’.

Ava read the official statement online, and her eyes quickly fell on the harsh anti-fans who had jumped on the bandwagon.

As she was in a great mood, she immediately called Madeline. “Your marriage with Ryan is in name only, Maddie? Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place, then? I wouldn’t have worried so much if I knew.”

Madeline sighed. “It wasn’t supposed to be so complicated. It only got so out of hand because Ryan suddenly went back on his word.”

“Went back on his word? What the hell?” Ava was shocked. “Isn’t this supposed to be a mission all along? Why did he suddenly go back on his word?”

Madeline did not know how to explain it either, but she had already thought of what she was going to do. “I don’t care if Ryan agrees to the divorce or not, but I’m definitely not separating with Jeremy again.”

Madeline had decided, and she would find this to be the best decision she ever made.

She did not care about anything else. She would appear in public with Jeremy every day from now on, and no one would dare to point their fingers.

Madeline began blending fragrances for her new perfume. She wanted to summarize the feelings she and Jeremy had over the past few years with it.

It started with a slightly bitter and herbal scent, which would lead to subtle sweetness and end with something else. Madeline still had no idea how she wanted to end it.

It was unknown whether they would end bitterly or in sweetness.

Jeremy was supposed to pick her up from work, so Madeline continued to busy herself in the perfume room.

She received a call from the man mid-work saying that he would be late because he had things to deal with. Madeline was in no rush, so she continued to work quietly in the room.

The sky began to darken before she knew it and the workers began to clock out of work as well.

Madeline placed her work down and waited at the pantry for Jeremy.

She had just walked out of the perfume room when she saw Ryan approaching her.

Madeline’s footsteps slowed down. Seeing Ryan now, her understanding of the man had taken a full 180.

He may look like an elegant gentleman, but Madeline would no longer take him for one after the things he had done.

“Why are you here?” Madeline asked coldly.

Ryan smiled and walked toward her. “What do you think?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1157
He asked back with a meaningful tone.

Madeline did not want to waste her time analyzing the man, so she walked around him.

As she brushed past his shoulder, Ryan reached out to grab her arm.

Madeline struggled, but Ryan’s strength overpowered hers. As Madeline fought against his hold on her, Ryan grabbed her shoulder and pressed her against the wall in front.

“What do you want?!” Madeline glared at Ryan.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Ryan replied, his gaze locking on a struggling Madeline with a mysterious look in his eyes. He suddenly asked, “Do you want Jeremy to live, Eveline?”

Madeline’s expression shifted. “What are you trying to say?”

Ryan was calm. “You should know by now that Jeremy hasn’t fully recovered yet.”


The certainty in Ryan’s voice chilled Madeline.

He had to be following her or he could not be so certain.

“There’s a very high chance that the poison in his body will mutate. He may be fine now, but he’s a ticking time bomb.”

Madeline suddenly pushed Ryan away. “What do you get from telling me all of this? You can’t possibly be telling me that you have the antidote.”

Ryan shook his head. “I don’t, but someone else does.”

Hope sparked in Madeline’s eyes, but she was still suspicious of Ryan’s claim.

Reading the suspicion in Madeline’s eyes, he replied with certainty, “That person is Adam Brown.”

Adam Brown!

The name echoed clearly in Madeline’s ear when she heard Ryan speak again.

“He’s the one who created the poison in Jeremy’s body, so he’s also the person who understands how to best treat Jeremy. I know where he is.”

“Do you really know where Adam is?” Madeline was doubtful.

Ryan pulled out his phone and showed the screen to Madeline.

From the screen, Madeline saw Adam donned in his white coat as he tinkered with something in front of his medical equipment. Upon taking a closer look, she realized that it was a real-time surveillance footage!

“Do you believe me now?” Ryan asked faintly.

Madeline clenched her fists and reached out to snatch Ryan’s phone only for the man to evade her with his good reflexes. He grabbed Madeline’s hand to pull her to him instead.

His chiseled features no longer held the same gentle smile when they first met. Replacing it was a sinister smirk.

“Every member of the IBCI has gone through strict training and evaluation before they’re allowed to join. I’d advise you not to try and fight me, Eveline, because not even Jeremy might win me in a fight.”

Madeline stared disappointedly at the man. “I must’ve been blind to think that you were a good man, Ryan.”

“Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mine.” Ryan disagreed and deepened his smile. “So, would you like to play a game with me? If you win, Jeremy lives. But if you lose, the countdown to Jeremy’s death will start and no one will be able to save him.”

Ryan loosened his grip on Madeline as he continued, “I’ve indeed fallen for you, not to mention that you’ve helped me in my lowest moments. So I can promise that I won’t hurt you. You have one minute to think about it. Will you come home with me and continue to be my Mrs. Jones, or will you—”


Madeline summed up her strength to land a hit across Ryan’s face before he could finish speaking.

Her sharp brows were knitted together as a displeased look surfaced on Ryan’s features.

Unafraid, Madeline raised her hand to slap him again.

However, Ryan caught her hand this time and stared at her with his piercing gaze.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1158
Madeline met his furious gaze fearlessly. “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t hurt me? Then let me hit you!”

“…” Ryan was speechless. “I’m not Jeremy Whitman, Eveline. Reject me today and you’re throwing the only way to treat Jeremy out the window. Think carefully before you decide.”

Ryan let go and turned around. Walking past Madeline, he advised, “You have three days to look for me or you’ll never find Adam Brown. Jeremy has two years left.”


Madeline felt something stab through her heart.

Two years.

Madeline did not dare entertain the idea that she would lose Jeremy after two years.

Just as Madeline was about to lose herself in her heartache, she heard Jeremy’s voice sounding from the corner of the elevator. “How dare you come and look for Linnie?”

“Eveline is legally still my wife as far as our marriage certificate is concerned. What’s wrong with looking for her?” Ryan responded in seriousness for he knew that it would trigger Jeremy.

Instead of falling into a fit of rage, Jeremy smiled at him.

“A marriage certificate is just a piece of paper, Ryan. I’m sure you’re well aware of who Eveline’s actual husband is.”

Displeasure tinted Ryan’s expression. He was about to speak when Madeline suddenly walked over.

Without hesitation, she went to stand next to Jeremy and looped her arm with his, showing a sweet smile on her face. “Let’s not waste our time on people who don’t matter, sweetheart. Let’s go home.”

“Yeah, let’s go home.” Jeremy wrapped his arm around Madeline’s shoulders as they both walked into the elevator without sparing Ryan another glance.

Watching the elevator doors close, anger sparked in Ryan’s expression while his gaze remained calm.

“You’ll come looking for me, Eveline Montgomery. Unless you want him to die.”

On the way back, Madeline thought of the words Ryan said to her.

She did not want to compromise with that man, but…

Madeline turned to look at the man in the driver’s seat. ‘I know you won’t want me to return to Ryan’s side.

‘You’d rather die than have me go to another man, wouldn’t you?’

Feeling Madeline’s gaze on him, Jeremy turned his head. “You keep looking at me. How can I help you?”

Suppressing the unease and worry, Madeline smiled. “My husband is so handsome, so I can’t help but look at you.”

Jeremy smiled and teased. “Is that why you’re so smitten with me? Because of my handsome looks?”

Madeline responded with a smile. It was a reply that Jeremy was well aware of.

It was a surprise that Karen was the happiest person to know that Madeline and Jeremy had gotten back together.

She had been filling the dinner table with flavorful dishes every day for a while now, waiting for Jeremy to fetch Madeline home so that the entire family could have dinner together.

However, in comparison to the two boys, Jeremy’s attitude toward Lillian was still cold.

Jeremy was guiding Jackson through homework after dinner when he felt a warm hand on his palm.

Looking down, he was met with Lillian’s gemstone-like eyes blinking at him as she smiled.

The warm smile was reflected in Jeremy’s eyes, warming his heart for a quick moment before the warmth slowly vanished.

He tried to pull his arm away, but the child tightened her grip and reached out with her other hand to stuff something into Jeremy’s palm before she made a run for it.

Staring at the adorable figure for a moment, Jeremy then unfurled his palm to look at what Lillian had stuffed inside.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1159
This was a small heart folded from red paper.

It seemed to be nothing special.

However, for this little girl to want to give this little red heart to him, she probably had her own thoughts about it.

Jeremy thought silently, but when he raised his eyes, he saw the little girl standing by the door frame with only her small head revealed. Her lively eyes blinked, looking as if she was waiting for Jeremy to discover something.

When Jeremy turned over the little heart, he saw a few words that had been not so neatly written on the paper.

[Daddy, Lillian will be good.]

Seeing this sentence, Jeremy felt that he really deserved to die.

His little princess thought that her father ignored her because she was not being good, so she said she would be good and hoped that Jeremy could accept her.

A feeling of pain silently engulfed Jeremy’s heart. He looked at the red heart in his palm, then at the child who was smiling innocently. He then gently put the heart on the coffee table.

After he put it down, the smile on Lillian’s face disappeared.

The little girl pursed her small mouth. Unable to speak, she could only leave quietly.

“I’m sorry, Lillian.”

Jeremy looked in the direction the little girl had left in and apologized softly.

‘Lillian, you’re a good baby, but Daddy doesn’t want you to lose this parental love just after having it for a short while.

‘When you grow up, you’ll completely forget this ruthless and cold-blooded father. You’ll have Felipe as the best father in your mind.’

He picked up the little heart that Lillian had folded herself and cherished it in his palm.

Likely due to having been given the cold shoulder, Lillian was unable to make her mind stable and forget what had happened. As such, she also became depressed in these few days.

When she was in kindergarten, she became a little more absent-minded.

During a class activity, two nasty little boys laughed at Lillian in front of her face and pushed her around. “We don’t wanna play with a little mute.”

“Mute people don’t know how to laugh. We’ll be unhappy if we play with her!”

Lillian knew that the mute they were speaking of was herself and she frowned. Her big eyes held the same unbending stubbornness as Madeline.

These children pushed her around, but she did not bother with them. She just sat in her seat alone and painted quietly.

Lily’s indifference had likely caused dissatisfaction in the two nasty little boys, so they walked over and snatched the paintbrush as well as drawing paper from Lillian’s hands.

“Look at what the mute girl drew.”

“Hey, it’s ugly.”

“The little mute can’t speak and can’t even write words. We don’t want to be friends with such people!”

Lillian ignored the humiliation of these people and got up to get her painting back, but the two boys did not return it to Lillian. Instead, they went around her in circles.

“Does the little mute want to take the painting back? Then call us ‘brother’!”

One of the two boys put his hands on his hips arrogantly and with great panache.

Lillian pursed her small cherry blossom pink mouth and walked straight to the boy. She reached for the drawing paper, but the boy pulled hard and the drawing paper immediately tore into two pieces.

Lillian watched her ‘My Daddy’ that she had just drawn getting torn into two pieces and suddenly clenched her small fists.

With a power that she did not know where it came from from, she grabbed the collar of the little boy who had taken the lead in bullying her and pointed at the torn painting as if she was saying ‘Return the picture to me!’.

The little boy did not expect Lillian to have such a reaction and was also stunned.

In fact, he liked Lillian very much and wanted to be friends with her, but Lillian was always quiet like an exquisite doll. She rarely played with her classmates, so he thought of using this method to interact with Lillian.

Jackson was also in the activity class right now. When he went out to go to the bathroom, he had deliberately passed by Lillian’s class to take a peek when he saw such a scene.

A boy with a flat head was crying and wiping his tears while the teacher comforted him. At the same time, she was criticizing Lillian that she should not have done what she did.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1160
Jackson hurried in, saw the torn paper in Lillian’s hand, and gradually understood something.

However, the kindergarten teacher was still criticizing Lillian. “Lillian, they just wanted to play with you. They didn’t mean to ruin your painting. How can you bully your classmates?”

The boy cried harder. “Teacher, Lillian is so fierce! I just wanted to be friends with her.”

“Do you hear them? Lillian, they didn’t have bad intentions.” The kindergarten teacher continued to comfort the little boy.

When Jackson saw Lillian staring at the aggrieved boy, he felt that things were definitely not that simple.

“Teacher, my sister wouldn’t casually bully others. Have you checked the surveillance to see what happened?”

The kindergarten teacher knew that Jackson and Lillian were brother and sister, but she did not expect Jackson, a child, to say such things.

She froze for a moment before saying solemnly, “Lillian’s brother, I’m a teacher. I will judge who is right and who is wrong. Regardless, your sister was not in the right. How can a girl be so rude?”

“So girls can only be bullied? Even if others say bad things, girls still have to smile and say, ‘You curse well and fight well’?”

The moment the teacher was done speaking, a cold, rhetorical question sounded from the door.

As soon as the kindergarten teacher looked up, she saw a tall figure coming in through the door.

With a sullen expression, Fabian walked to Lillian and crouched down. Looking at the tears the little girl was trying to hold back in her eyes, he got up quickly and looked at the kindergarten teacher with dissatisfaction. “Take out the surveillance footage immediately! If it turns out to be this brat who was picking a fight, I won’t just let this matter go.”

“…” The kindergarten teacher’s expression changed. “Who are you?”

“I’m Lillian’s family.” Fabian gave such an answer without hesitation, then said sharply, “Get the surveillance footage immediately!”

“…” The kindergarten teacher was shocked by Fabian’s aura and immediately got out to get the footage.

When they started watching the surveillance video, the boy who had been sobbing no longer dared to speak.

Once they were done watching the video, Fabian turned angrily and picked up the two boys who had been stirring trouble.

The two boys were so scared that they immediately started crying. One of them was even so scared, he wet his pants.

“If you dare bully Lillian again, I’ll tear you all into two pieces, just like this painting!”

After Fabian warned them, he threw the two bad boys at the teacher without mercy.

The teacher hurried to catch them, but all three of them fell to the ground.

Fabian picked up Lillian, took her small school bag, and turned to look at Jackson.

“Hey, you’re also leaving with us.”

Jackson nodded. He quickly returned to his class and told the head teacher that someone from his family had come to pick him up.

Fabian walked out of the kindergarten with Lillian in his arms. The little girl was still unhappy.

Accompanied with a gentle smile on his face, Fabian started to coax the little girl. “Lillian, how about I buy you some cotton candy?”

Lillian shook her head.

“What about toys?” Fabian walked to the window of a toy store.

Lily still shook her head.

“What does Lillian want then? I will give you a gift.” Fabian looked patient.

Lily raised her hand, put the two pieces of torn paper together, and showed it to Fabian.

Fabian looked at the picture and gradually understood. “It turns out that Lillian wants Daddy. Then, I’ll take you home to see Daddy.”

Lillian nodded, and there was a smile on her fair and clear doll-like face.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and Lillian’s drawing was blown away by the wind. The little girl shook her body and wanted to get out of Fabian’s grasp.

Fabian understood this. Lily ran over to pick it up with her short legs, but as soon as she crouched down, a car stopped beside Lillian suddenly.

Two men got out of the car and said, “Yes, this is the kid!”

As he said this, one of the men quickly grabbed Lily who was crouched on the ground to pick up her drawing.

Lillian struggled desperately, but her small body could not resist him.

When Fabian saw this, he became very anxious and chased after them. “Lillian!”

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