Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1361-1370

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1361
Seeing this scene, Madeline paused.

The scene of Ryan getting shot and collapsing in front of her appeared in front of her eyes once again.

The warmth of the blood splashed on her face seemed to be scorching hot on her cheeks.

Jeremy obviously felt the sudden drop in temperature of the hand in his palm. It became so cold.

“Linnie, are you okay?”Jeremy asked worriedly.

Madeline returned to her senses after she heard his voice. She shook her head gently. “I’m fine. I just suddenly remembered that night. He said that he had to take me away, but I just wanted to return to you and then he—”

“Eveline Montgomery!”

Before Madeline could finish, Mrs. Jones suddenly rushed frantically toward her with red eyes, trying to drag Madeline.

Jeremy pulled Madeline into his arms to protect her. There was a sharp glint in his eyes.

Mrs. Jones failed to grab Madeline and was infuriated.

“Eveline, you fickle b*tch! At the end of the day, Rye became like this because of you! Initially, you thought your husband was dead, so you fell into Rye’s arms. Then, the man came back and you abandoned Rye again. I don’t believe for a second that it was a mission from Interpol!”

Mrs. Jones roared uncontrollably. “Eveline, you’re the one who killed Rye!”

Madeline listened to Mrs. Jones scolding her while in a daze. However, she did not respond.

Of course, Jeremy could not tolerate it. “I’ll say it again. Even if Ryan really dies, he’ll be the only one to blame!”

“Jeremy, you—”

“Do you know what kind of trade your son is doing? He’ll be locked up for the rest of his life just for this crime alone!”

“What are you talking about?” Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ faces looked more and more terrible. “Jeremy, are you still trying to slander Rye right now? You’re so despicable! All of the Whitmans should go to hell!”

“Shut up!” Jeremy was furious.

Mrs. Jones was stunned, immediately shocked by Jeremy’s aura.

“Everyone has to be responsible for their actions, including Ryan. He killed someone and broke the law, so he should be punished. However, he wanted to abduct my wife and falsely imprison her. He asked for this gunshot.”

“You…” Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ faces were pale with anger, but they could not say anything to refute.

Jeremy did not care about Mr. and Mrs. Jones anymore. He held Madeline and walked to the ICU. Through the large windows, they could clearly see that the doctors and nurses were gathering around Ryan’s bed with solemn expressions while doing something.

Jeremy asked a police officer on duty next to him, “What’s his situation now?”

The police officer knew Jeremy and told the truth, “The convict’s condition suddenly deteriorated just now. The doctor went in not long ago and did first aid measures for him, but it’s not looking optimistic.”

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Jones angrily cursed at the police officer, “What do you mean by ‘the convict’? Our Rye has not been convicted yet! Who are you to say that he’s a criminal? Also, Rye is still breathing and has a heartbeat. The doctor is rescuing him in there. Are you trying to curse Rye by saying that?”

“He is the convict,” the police officer said unhurriedly, “The police have already obtained enough evidence to prove Ryan’s crimes. Just because you say he didn’t do it doesn’t mean he didn’t.”


Mrs. Jones was angry, and when she was about to retort, the door of the ICU opened.

A nurse ran out anxiously and asked, “Is there someone named Eveline among the people the patient knows?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1362
After she said that, all eyes fell on Madeline. At the same time, Madeline was also taken aback.

Mrs. Jones wiped the tears from her face and asked hurriedly, “Nurse, how’s my son? Will he ever wake up?”

“His injuries are too serious and his life is still in danger for the time being. Plus, he doesn’t seem to have any desire to survive. He only calls out the name Eveline from time to time.”

The nurse looked at Madeline as she said that.

“Is this woman Eveline who the patient keeps mentioning?”

Madeline nodded. “It’s me.”

“Are you a friend of the patient? His will to survive is very weak, but he seems to be unable to let go of you. I don’t know if you’d like to go in and help him—”

“Did you make a mistake? My son is like this because of this woman. How could he still want to see her?” Mrs. Jones could not accept this fact.

When the nurse heard this, she looked at Mrs. Jones in surprise. “Madam, this is about the life and death of the patient. Your son has been calling out to Miss Eveline. If she’s willing to encourage and cheer for your son, then he might still have a chance at life.”

“Impossible! Impossible!” Mrs. Jones rejected her repeatedly. Her complexion became worse and worse. “I won’t let this woman near my son no matter what!”

“Hmph.” Jeremy sneered as he held Madeline tighter. “Do you think I’d let my Linnie in there? Ryan deserves all the things that have been happening to him. I haven’t settled Linnie’s account with him yet and he still wants to use Linnie to get back to life? No way.”

Jeremy refused altogether.

Mrs. Jones, who was still confident, was panicking slightly when she heard this, but she was still stubborn. “I won’t let this woman see our Rye again!”

The nurse did not understand what Mrs. Jones was thinking. She emphasized, “Madam, do you want your son to survive, or do you want him to die? Do you know that your son’s only chance of surviving is the woman named Eveline? I’m not kidding! If you think your son’s life or death doesn’t matter, then so be it!”

After dropping this sentence, the nurse turned to leave.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ faces changed suddenly. Then, they ran over anxiously and called out to the nurse. “Is seeing this woman the only chance for him to survive?”

The nurse frowned and said, “Since you’re so skeptical, then just assume that I didn’t say that. However, you can rest assured that our doctor will do our best to help the patient regardless of whether Miss Eveline wants to go in or not.”

“Wait!” Seeing that the nurse was really going back in, Mrs. Jones hurriedly stopped her. Then, Mrs. Jones turned around and walked to Madeline, asking rudely, “Eveline, did you hear that? You did this to Ryan, so you should go in immediately and cooperate with the doctor to treat Rye!”

The nurse could not help being impressed by Mrs. Jones’ audacity. Most ordinary folk would not cause such a ruckus at a time like this.

“Even if you beg me today, I won’t let Linnie go in, especially with your sh*tty attitude.” Jeremy refused again indifferently.

Mrs. Jones was even more anxious now. Her eyes were fixed on Madeline as she cursed and commanded domineeringly, “Eveline, if you don’t want to go to hell, go in now and cooperate with the doctor!”

Jeremy’s cold eyes pierced straight ahead. When he felt that Madeline was about to move forward, he pulled her back.

“Linnie, they’re not worthy of this. Let’s go.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy and raised her eyebrows slightly. “Jeremy, I think—”

“Eveline, if Rye dies, you’ll be a murderer! You’ll be condemned by your conscience for the rest of your life!” Mrs. Jones’ words were more abominable than the last. Of course, she would not beg Madeline. If worse came to worst, she would just trigger her into accepting.

“Eveline, let me ask you, are you going…”

Mrs. Jones wanted to use her words to trigger Madeline again, but before she finished speaking, the doctor in a white coat came out from the room. Mrs. Jones ran over and asked, “Doctor, how’s my son? Is he really asking for a woman named Eveline? Will my son have the chance of surviving if this woman is allowed in?”

The doctor frowned. “Initially. However, it’s too late now.”

Mr. and Mrs. Jones felt chills in their hands and feet all of a sudden. Then, they yelled out in horror and doubt, “What do you mean it’s too late?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1363
Madeline and Jeremy also raised their eyes and saw the doctor sighing helplessly. “We’ve tried our best and our hardest, but the patient does not have the will to survive. You need to prepare yourselves.”

Upon hearing this, both Mr. and Mrs. Jones became lifeless.

Madeline glanced sideways into the ICU.

She thought about the words Ryan said to her before collapsing and the sincere look in his eyes at that time.


‘You haven’t atoned for what you have done. Are you really going to give up everything and give up the idea of ​​survival just like this?’


Mrs. Jones’ emotional shriek pulled back Madeline’s thoughts.

She looked back and saw Mrs. Jones rushing to her in a hurry.

She thought that Mrs. Jones would vent her anger on her and continue to curse as well as berate her, but she did not expect that the moment Mrs. Jones ran up to her, she had a pleading look on her face. “Eveline, please go in and save Rye! I’m begging you!”

Mrs. Jones cried and pleaded, tears mottled all over her face.

“Eveline, I don’t care about what happened before. As long as you can save Rye now and let Rye have the will to survive, I’ll agree to whatever you ask!”

Madeline looked at the tearful Mrs. Jones and her heart was moved.

When she heard what the nurse said just now, she had already wanted to go in. It was Mrs. Jones who delayed it by being like this.

Jeremy had already seen through Madeline’s thoughts. He pulled Madeline closer by her hand. “Linnie, are you really going to do this?”

He did not stop her forcibly, but at the same time, he felt more torn for her.

“Ryan treated you like that time and again. He hurt you and caused you to bleed. In order to separate us, he did everything he could and even forced you into the way you are now. Linnie, your kindness shouldn’t be given to such a person.”

Madeline heard what Jeremy said and understood.

However, Mrs. Jones became nervous when she heard it for fear that Madeline would listen to Jeremy’s words and refuse.

She was emotional when she held Madeline’s wrist tightly. Suddenly, she knelt with a thud.

“Eveline, I’m begging you!”

With tears streaming down her face, Mrs. Jones tightened her grip around Madeline’s hand and refused to let go no matter what.

“Eveline, you’re also a mother, so you should understand my feelings. Rye is my only son. Even if he really broke the law, he’s still my son. As a mother, the only wish I have is for my child to be safe and sound!

“Eveline, you’re Rye’s only hope!”

His only hope.

Mrs. Jones’ remark sounded a bit exaggerated, but it was true.

“Get up.” Madeline’s expression was indifferent, and she was trying to break away from Mrs. Jones’ grip, but Mrs. Jones clung to her even more.

“Are you agreeing?” Mrs. Jones asked with her wide teary eyes.

Madeline nodded lightly. “Get up first.”

Seeing this, Mrs. Jones’ teary eyes were suddenly ignited with a ray of hope.

She stood up and wanted Madeline to quickly go in, but seeing Jeremy’s cold and indifferent face, she panicked again.

She had offended every member of the Whitman family, especially Jeremy.

She was worried that even if Madeline agreed, Jeremy would not.

Mrs. Jones was pondering about this nervously. Then, she saw Madeline and Jeremy raising their eyes and looking at each other.

She looked at the man’s deep and charming eyes before softly saying, “Jeremy, I—”

“Do what you want to do,” Jeremy answered with a gentle smile.

Madeline smiled lightly when she heard that. She was not surprised. It was as if she had predicted that Jeremy would give such an answer.

However, Mr. and Mrs. Jones were surprised and even shocked.

Soon enough, they saw Jeremy letting go of Madeline’s hand.

Under the guidance of the nurse, Madeline put on the sterilized disposable equipment and entered the ICU.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1364
The doctor said that all the necessary measures to treat Ryan had been done, but his will to survive was too weak.

Most people would be seeking survival, but he seemed to be seeking death.

However, it seemed that the only thing he could not let go of was her as he kept calling out her name.

“Perhaps you’re the only regret that he can’t let go of in his heart,” the nurse from just now said.

After listening quietly, Madeline walked to the bedside.

Ryan’s face was as pale as snow while his breathing was weak. Various tubes were inserted into his body to maintain his dying body.

The beeping sounds from the electrocardiogram sounded as if they would stop at any time.

Madeline approached him, and as soon as she walked to the bed, she heard Ryan calling out, “Eveline.”

Sure enough, he could not let go of her.

“Ryan,” Madeline called out to him. “I’m Eveline. I’m here.”

“Eveline…” Ryan continued to call out Madeline’s name unconsciously.

Madeline frowned slightly. “Ryan, I’m standing here. Can you feel me? Do you have something to tell me?”

Not long after Madeline’s voice fell, she heard Ryan chanting her name gently once more, “Eveline.”

He kept calling her name as if it was the only power that could keep his heart beating and maintain his breathing.

“Ryan, your parents want you to survive, so don’t give up on yourself.”

Madeline did not know if Ryan was aware or whether he could hear what she was saying. However, she heard him calling her again, and this time, he said two more words, “I’m sorry.”

He was apologizing again.

Madeline remembered what happened that night.

Before he collapsed, Ryan had also said sorry to her.

He was apologizing sincerely.

He thought of smoothening her edges and selfishly taking her, but he never intended to drive her to the point of being mentally insane.

“Ryan, if you really feel that you have done something wrong and want me to forgive you, then continue living and take responsibility for your mistakes.”

Madeline took a step forward to look at this haggard face. She felt a little remorseful and rueful in her heart.

Some scenes vaguely appeared in her mind. The memories of those days when Ryan would take care of her considerately and gave her encouragement when she thought Jeremy had left her were resurfacing from the whirlpools of her memory.

‘To be honest, you have treated me sincerely as well. You didn’t just use me.

‘It’s just that you were blinded by hatred and chose the wrong path.’

Madeline pondered for a few seconds before slowly stretching out her hand to Ryan’s cold one.

“Ryan, there’s something I’ve kept in my heart for a while. I’ll tell you what it is when you wake up, so don’t give up on yourself.”

After she said that, Madeline did not know if it was an illusion but Ryan’s eyelids seemed to twitch slightly.

Jeremy, Mr. Jones, and Mrs. Jones were waiting outside the ICU. Through the glass window in front of them, they could see Madeline standing by the bed talking to Ryan.

As for what they were saying, they had no idea.

More than ten minutes had passed. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were still waiting anxiously.

Jeremy looked at Madeline calmly. She was occupying his vision and heart.

Coincidentally, at this second, there seemed to be a stir in the ICU. The doctors and nurses suddenly hurried to Ryan’s bed while Madeline stepped aside.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones panicked as they pawed at the glass window. “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

Jeremy was also a little curious, but he cared more about Madeline who exited the room after turning around.

Jeremy walked over and waited for the door to open.

As soon as the door opened, Mr. and Mrs. Jones rushed toward Madeline. “Eveline, how’s Rye? Why are the doctors in such a hurry? Tell us!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1365
Mrs. Jones was emotional. She stretched out her hand to try to pull Madeline again, but this time, Jeremy did not give Mrs. Jones the chance to touch Madeline.

He pulled Madeline into his arms and faced Mrs. Jones with an icy expression.

“Why? Are you trying to abandon your benefactor upon achieving your goal? Talk properly,” he said coldly.

Mrs. Jones was a little afraid of Jeremy and did not dare to talk. However, she began to question Madeline again after seeing the emergency in the ICU.

“Eveline, you were in there for so long. What did you say to Rye? Did you deliberately say something that Rye didn’t want to hear to stimulate him and is that why he’s getting worse now? Otherwise, why are the doctors giving first aid to Rye so hurriedly?”

“Eveline, I didn’t expect you to be so insidious!” Mr. Jones also followed suit and criticized.

Jeremy loved his wife ardently, so how could he allow Mr. and Mrs. Jones to attack Madeline like this?

However, when he was about to speak, Madeline took his hand. “Jeremy.”

She looked at him with a smile and shook her head slightly.

“There’s no need to argue with them. I’ve done what I should do, as for the result…”

Madeline glanced into the room. ‘Ryan, you should know what I want to say to you, so you’ll want to wake up.’

“Eveline, what do you mean by that? I begged you to go in and encourage Rye, so what are you talking about now? If it turns out that Rye still doesn’t want to live, then what use was there for me to let you in?” Mrs. Jones scolded and then smiled bitterly in self-deprecation.

“There must have been something wrong with me when I begged you to go in and encourage Rye! How did I forget that none of the Whitmans are kind-hearted? Including you! You just want Rye to die!”

“Enough!” Jeremy interrupted coldly, his charming eyes full of coldness.

“My biggest limit is to allow my wife to go in. Ryan should’ve been damned!”

“You…” Mrs. Jones could not stand this but she knew she could not compete with Jeremy. As such, she started to target Madeline again. “Eveline, if Rye is really triggered by you and can’t be saved, I’ll make you pay with your life!”


After Mrs. Jones cursed her, the doctor came out of the room.

Mrs. Jones ran over immediately. “Doctor, is my son really a lost cause? Does he have no chance to live after being triggered by this woman?”

The doctor frowned after he heard that, his face filled with displeasure. “Madam, she went in to encourage your son to live. If it wasn’t for her, your son wouldn’t have become better.”

“What? Better?” Mr. and Mrs. Jones were shocked. “Doctor, are you telling the truth?”

“Are you hoping that I’m lying to you?” the doctor asked with a serious look on his face. “If you hadn’t delayed this woman from going in just now, I wouldn’t have told you that it’s already too late. I did that to prevent you from wasting more time.”


After Mr. and Mrs. Jones heard that, their faces turned hot from embarrassment.

“It’s important for patients like this to have a strong will to live. As his parents, if you truly want your son to live, you have to thank this woman and not criticize her.”


Mr. and Mrs. Jones had nothing to say. The berating and curses they let out just now all went back to bite them in their bottoms. They felt as if they had been slapped numerous times and were feeling embarrassed.

“S-So how’s my son now? Is he fine now?” Mrs. Jones asked carefully while taking a look at Madeline. “What did she tell my son just now? Did it really work?”

The doctor could not stand Mrs. Jones’ doubting attitude. As such, he answered her sternly, “I told you clearly just now that if you still think we’re harming your son, we have nothing to say to that anymore.”


The doctor did not want to explain anymore, so he turned around and left.

“Jeremy, we should go as well.” Madeline grabbed Jeremy’s hand. She did not want to stay here any longer.

Before they left the house, she wanted to come with Jeremy because she felt that she could do something.

Indeed, after saying those words to Ryan, she felt as if the weight had been lifted off her heavy heart.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1366
Jeremy did not want Madeline to stay in an environment like this. Plus, he was extremely enraged by Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ attitudes.

When Mrs. Jones saw that Madeline and Jeremy were leaving, she looked over coldly and yelled out to Madeline while refusing to accept what had just happened, “Eveline, don’t think that I’ll thank you after Rye wakes up!”

Jeremy stopped in his tracks. He was obviously unhappy, but Madeline stopped him.

“Jeremy, it’s unnecessary.”

Madeline was calm. She turned her face slightly, and her beautiful eyes glanced over Mr. and Mrs. Jones nonchalantly.

“Do you think I’m expecting your gratitude? I was just doing something I wanted to do.”

After she said that, she grabbed Jeremy’s arm and looked at the man whose eyes were filled with indignation. Then, she smiled at him.

Jeremy’s eyes softened. He did not want to bicker with Mr. and Mrs. Jones anymore. As such, he held Madeline’s hand and left the hospital.

However, judging from Madeline’s attitude just now, he felt as if she had returned to the way she was before.

He looked at her side profile. Her flawless and elegant face under the sunlight looked exceptionally charming.


“Yeah,” Madeline responded to him obediently with a small smile on her face.

Jeremy felt a warmth in his heart and tightened his grip on her hand.

“Linnie, do you feel unwell now?”

Madeline shook her head and looked into Jeremy’s concerned eyes seriously. “Did I scare you with my behavior that day? So have you been worrying about whether I’ll do the same thing that day, pouring cold water on myself like I’m insane?”

She said while averting her lively and beautiful eyes. There were more clear and bright rays of light in her eyes now.

She looked straight at Jeremy and smiled softly.

“Jeremy, I feel like I’ve become cheerful after I saw Ryan.”

Jeremy’s eyes lit up as well. “Linnie, you mean…”

“Jeremy, I think I remember a lot of things now.”

“Really?” Jeremy was emotional as he grabbed Madeline’s shoulders. His exceptionally handsome face was filled with surprise. “Linnie, do you really remember a lot of things? What about me? Do you remember what happened to us before?”

Madeline lifted her hand to stroke Jeremy’s exquisite and flawless face. Then, her eyes softened. “You’re the only man I love in this life. Even if Linnie has gone insane, she’ll still remember to love you.”

“Linnie.” Jeremy felt an indescribable feeling in his heart.

He felt joyous, but at the same time, he felt bitter.

He hugged Madeline. While he was holding her, he felt as satisfied as if he was holding the entire world.

A woman who still remembered to wait for him and loved him even after going crazy was so hard to find in this lifetime.

Madeline felt Jeremy’s love for her. She held him and patted his back lightly.

“Jeremy, Linnie doesn’t want to be apart from you ever again.”

“We won’t be apart anymore, Linnie. I’ll hold your hand no matter where we go in the future.”

“Even when we’re taking a shower?” Madeline’s joke caused a smile to break out on Jeremy’s face.

He let go of his hands and kissed the side of her face.

After pondering for a while, Jeremy asked, “Linnie, what did you tell Ryan after you went in? Did he hear you?”

“I think he should have heard me.” She recalled the moment when Ryan’s eyelids twitched and nodded lightly. “I told him that I have something to tell him and I’ll only tell him what it is after he wakes up.”

Jeremy was rather curious. “What is it?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1367
What did she tell him?

Madeline recalled what happened in the ICU just now.

Madeline showed a rare mischievous smile after spotting the curiosity in Jeremy’s charming eyes.

“Jeremy, are you dying to know what I said to Ryan?”

Jeremy nodded and sounded like he was jealous when he spoke next, “I want to know how my wife encouraged that man who brought trouble to himself.”

Madeline could sense the jealousy in Jeremy’s tone. She curled the corners of her lips and smiled. Then, she said seriously, “That night at the firework viewing platform, Ryan told me something before he got shot and collapsed.

“He told me he was sorry.”

After Jeremy heard this, he could slowly guess what Madeline said to Ryan in the ICU.

“That day, he kidnapped me in the bookstore. He told me that he’d take me to you, so that’s why I went with him. Back then, I was seriously muddle-headed and I believed everything he said like an idiot. Then, he said as long as I promised his final request, he’d take me back to you.”

“What did he ask for?”

“I didn’t understand back then, but now I do.” Madeline paused and looked into Jeremy’s inquisitive eyes. “I think he only wanted to spend some time alone with me because he knew he didn’t have much time. He had no choice apart from using this barbaric method.

“He also told me that he didn’t expect to force me into this state. He only hoped that I could stay by his side obediently.”

Jeremy finally understood. However, indignation also rose in his eyes.

“Linnie, I won’t forgive him for what he did to you even if he has apologized.” Jeremy still had rage in his heart that he could not get rid of.

He had watched as Ryan shot Madeline and he also knew how Ryan had forced Madeline to do things she did not want to again and again.

If it was not for Ryan, his entire family would be spending the rest of their lives happily since long ago.

Of course, Madeline knew how Jeremy was feeling now. “The law will make him pay for what he has done after he wakes up. If he’s truly feeling guilty, he’ll be condemned by his conscience for what he did to me after he wakes up.”

After hearing what Madeline said, the rage in Jeremy’s heart diminished by quite a lot.

“Linnie, promise me to never be soft-hearted again. Actually, I didn’t want you to wake him up at all. I wanted so badly to fire my gun and kill him the moment he shot you.”

Jeremy told her about how he was feeling as he caressed her hair while heartbroken.

“Your hair is also a part of your body. I’m unwilling to harm even a hair of yours and he cut it just like that. Linnie, I know you’re kind, but I’ll never forgive that person.”

As he said that, Jeremy lowered his gaze and a deep apology appeared in his eyes.

“Back then, I had hurt you so deeply as well. I also thought that I wasn’t worthy of your forgiveness. However, I was selfish in hoping that you’d give me another chance. Linnie, you’ve suffered too much in your life.”

“But meeting Jeremy is the sweetest thing in my life,” Madeline smiled and said. This sentence healed the desolation and regret in Jeremy’s heart instantly.

‘Linnie, to be honest, meeting you is the sweetest and luckiest thing in my life.

‘However, I only knew to appreciate and protect you when it was too late.’

After they left the hospital, Jeremy wanted to take Madeline to the kindergarten to pick the children up. However, the moment they got into the car, he got a call from his colleague from Interpol.

Hence, he brought Madeline to Interpol’s branch in Glendale.

Ryan was the true boss of the Stygian Johnson Gang and they had proof that he was the one who shot and killed Lana. However, they still had no progress regarding one thing and it was Ryan’s secret base in Glendale. They had no idea where it was, and this was also one of the important pieces of evidence they needed to convict him.

Jeremy recalled how Felipe was the Stygian Johnson Gang’s rival in F Country back then. They dreaded the other party becoming better than them, so he thought that Felipe might know something about this.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1368
However, after Felipe knew the truth about his parents’ death, he vanished.

Before Felipe left Whitman Manor, Madeline had asked him what he wanted to do. However, he only told Madeline one sentence. He said he was going to repent for his sins and said that Cathy would know what he was going to do.

However, Cathy was dead.

Madeline and him were unable to guess Cathy’s thoughts and feelings.

On the way home, Madeline sat in the car as her thoughts started to wander. “Cathy was such a great girl.”

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand. “Don’t think about the sad things.”

Madeline sighed in remorse. “It would be great if Cathy could be as lucky as I was back then. I know Felipe regretted this and he was upset to only realize the person he loved was Cathy when it was too late and Cathy had already…”


“Yeah.” Madeline knew Jeremy was concerned about her. “I’m fine. I just feel pity when I think about Cathy. If she’s still alive, she would be so happy…”

After she sighed, the car stopped in front of the red light.

Madeline looked over to the crosswalk in front of them nonchalantly. However, in that instant, she thought she saw a familiar figure.

She was unsure, so she looked closer. However, the person in her vision was gone in a blink of an eye. It was as if what she saw just now was merely an illusion.

Jeremy was about to start the car when he noticed Madeline’s strange expression.

“Linnie, what’s wrong?”

“I-I think I saw Cathy.” Madeline looked outside the car in a daze.

After Jeremy heard that, he looked over to where she was looking. However, there was not a familiar face as far as he could see.

Then, when the light turned green, the car behind them started urging them.

“Linnie, did you really see Cathy?” Jeremy wanted to stop the car and go look for her around the place with Madeline.

In order to prove that it was not an illusion, Madeline got out of the car with Jeremy. However, after they looked around, they did not see anything.

Madeline recalled the face she saw in just a glimpse. Suddenly, she started chuckling helplessly.

“How could I forget that Cathy was disfigured? She didn’t look like how she used to in the end. But what I saw just now was a face with Cathy’s features. I must be seeing things.”

Madeline lowered her gaze while feeling a sense of loss. Then, she returned to the car with Jeremy.

After he started the car, Madeline looked at the door of a florist not far away from them. A woman with short hair and a thin body was turning around before walking forward with a bouquet of yellow roses. There was also a little boy and a little girl following behind her.

Madeline felt her heart aching when she saw the back of this figure.

‘Cathy, do you know that the woman Felipe loves has always been you this entire time?

‘If you could feel it, I guess you wouldn’t feel so remorseful anymore, right?’

Madeline pondered about this and sat in the car absent-mindedly as they drove back to Whitman Manor.

After Jeremy stopped the car, he went over to open the door for Madeline considerately before holding her hand and walking into the house.

However, after they got to the entrance, Madeline and Jeremy saw a man sitting on the sofa in the living room at the same time. The man looked extremely familiar from the back.

Madeline was shocked as she looked at Jeremy. “Jeremy, I’m not seeing this wrongly, right?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1369
“I don’t think you’re seeing things.” Jeremy gave an affirmative answer. His gaze once again fell on the back of the man not far away.

This figure used to be so familiar to him, so he would not see it wrongly.


Jeremy took Madeline’s hand and walked in. Old Master Whitman suddenly got up from the other side of the sofa. He looked at Jeremy and said with surprise, “Jeremy, look who’s back!”

After the old master said that, the man who was sitting with his back to them slowly stood up, tall and straight.

Then, he turned around. His once gentlemanly and elegant face looked more mature and calmer now.

He and Madeline looked at each other. Then, he smiled slightly before turning his gaze to Jeremy’s body.

Seeing Jeremy’s short, flax-colored hair and his pupils that were close to the color of amber, the man seemed surprised.

“I knew you wouldn’t die a long time ago. It’s just that I haven’t seen you for so long and you even changed your image.” Felipe’s tone was very calm and there was mischief between his words.

“It has been so long, so a lot of things have happened and there were a lot of changes around here, including you.” Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s shoulder intimately and walked in front of Felipe. Then, he showed a friendly smile. “Welcome home.”

Then, Felipe gave a warm smile. “Thanks.”

After he said that, his eyes landed on Madeline’s face.

Even though he knew Felipe did not feel that way about Madeline anymore, Jeremy still could not help but say in jealousy, “Do you not know my wife anymore, uncle?”

Felipe could sense Jeremy’s jealousy from his words. He smiled lightly, his eyes still on Madeline’s flawless and stunning face.

“Eveline, do you still remember me?” Felipe asked. He knew because he saw a lot of gossip about Madeline online.

Some of them said she had become stupid while some said she had gone insane. Plus, more people were saying that she could not remember anything that happened to her in the past anymore.

However, Felipe showed up just in time.

Some of the rumors online were true and some were false. However, it was also true that Madeline was more clear-headed now.

Madeline curled the corners of her charming pink lips and smiled. “Of course, I remember you. You’re Jeremy’s uncle. You’re also my savior who pulled me back from the doors of death.”

When Felipe heard Madeline’s answer, he let out a sigh of relief. “I guess I can’t believe what’s being said on the internet. I’m relieved that you’re still fine.”

One could hear the concern Felipe had toward Madeline from his words.

However, they had gone through so much previously, so Madeline and Jeremy would not misunderstand what Felipe meant anymore.

Felipe’s concern toward Madeline now felt more like friendship and familial love. It had nothing to do with romantic love anymore.

“An old man like me can finally have one less thing to worry about.” A joyous smile appeared on Old Master Whitman’s aged face. He walked over to hold Felipe’s hand. “Felipe, this family is only complete with you in it. Don’t leave now that you’re back.”

Old Master Whitman’s eyes were filled with expectations and his grip on Felipe’s hand tightened.

Felipe could feel that the old master was truly sincere in wanting to keep him around and he was genuinely concerned about him. However, he only smiled for lack of a better reaction.

“Uncle, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you.”

Old Master Whitman’s eyes became duller. “Felipe, you’re still going to leave? Why don’t you want to stay?”

“I came back this time to take care of something very important. After I finish this, I have to go somewhere that I should go.”

Felipe said before looking at Jeremy. There was a flash of victory in his eyes.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1370
“Jeremy, do you want to know where Ryan’s secret base in F Country is?”

Jeremy lifted his deep eyes. “Do you know where it is?”

Felipe nodded firmly. “I do.”

Jeremy was surprised. He briefed Madeline before going to Interpol’s branch in Glendale with Felipe.

Felipe provided the related address and information. Then, the people who were in charge quickly contacted the colleague over at F Country. Indeed, they instantly found the place where Ryan hid his illegal goods in F Country.

Felipe’s clue played an exceptionally important role in this case.

After they left the branch, Jeremy and Felipe walked on the streets. It was at the end of summer.

The two of them did not have the barrier and rivalry they had before. Now, they could have a peaceful and friendly exchange.

“How did you know about Ryan’s business? Also, how did you know where he hid the goods used for trading?” Jeremy asked Felipe the questions he had in his heart.

After Felipe heard that, his thin and narrow eyes looked distracted. After a few seconds, he parted his lips.

“After Cathy died because of me, the only thing in my mind was revenge. However, I realized the hatred that I was obsessed with all these years was just a misunderstanding. In that instant, I felt as if my life had lost all meaning.

“After Cathy knew about my illegal business, she told me to stop. After she left, I stopped doing that completely. However, when I thought about how the Stygian Johnsons had disfigured her, I decided to find out everything about the Stygian Johnsons.”

He paused as he was saying that. Then, he looked at Jeremy who was listening to him quietly.

“Then, during the process of my investigation, I found out about Ryan Jones. This person looked like a gentle and elegant gentleman on the surface, but in reality, he was just exploiting his job at Interpol to help Yorick and the Stygian Johnsons to complete one illegal trade after another.

“He rarely showed himself and Yorick was the only person who knew about Ryan’s true identity. However, it would be impossible for one to come out clean after having one foot in the mud. As such, I followed the clues and found Ryan’s unknown secret base in F Country.

“Ryan’s a vigilant person. He almost caught me once but he didn’t know me so he could not find out who I was.”

Jeremy finally understood after hearing what Felipe said.

Ryan was a very intractable rival.

He was extremely schemeful and was always prepared for a rainy day. As such, that was why he could accurately calculate his next move.

However, the only thing he miscalculated was Madeline’s feelings toward Jeremy.

He thought he could at least make Madeline like him, but in the end, he realized the only thing in this world he could not force were feelings.

“Right, I saw something online as well. Someone said Uncle killed Old Master Jones more than ten years ago. What’s up with this?”

Jeremy frowned and then a smile unfolded on his face.

“It’s just a misunderstanding, but this misunderstanding was man-made.”


Felipe was curious. However, he would not suspect the old master anymore.

After listening to Jeremy’s detailed explanation, Felipe was feeling angry for the old master.

“It seems that Uncle will always be involved in this sort of scandal. I also misunderstood him back then.” Felipe sounded extremely apologetic when he was saying that. “However, since it’s a misunderstanding, it’ll be solved sooner or later. Even so, Ryan might not be able to accept the truth.”

Jeremy agreed with Felipe. “Not only would he not accept it, but the Joneses wouldn’t accept it either,” he said while looking at Felipe who looked relieved.

Then, he asked the question he had in his heart, “Back in Whitman Manor, you said after you finished your important task, you’ll go somewhere you need to go. Could it be…”

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