Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1431-1440

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1431
Adam looked over and fixed his gaze, noticing that Shirley was holding an item that looked like a little bottle of perfume. Inside the bottle was filled with a liquid that looked almost transparent.

Shirley generously handed over the bottle to Adam. “Sniff it.”

Adam sensed that nothing good would be happening. He received the bottle, removed the cap, and gently sniffed it. It made his expression change immediately.

“The contents of this…”


“No wonder Jeremy’s condition suddenly deteriorated. It’s because this thing is causing it!” Adam came to an understanding. “Shirley, a doctor’s responsibility is to save human lives, not to harm them!”

“Doctor? Ah, haha…” Shirley sneered, “They’ve poured so much effort to make you into a good doctor, but how about me? Thanks to them, I’m just a devil who’s an opponent to the angels like you guys.”

“Shirley, you’ve misunderstood Dad and Mom. That year—”

“Don’t mention anything about the past to me!” Shirley cut him short fiercely and strolled to the front of Adam. “Even if you’re my only family I have in this entire world, I’ll never go easy on you.”

Shirley giggled and raised her gorgeous brows proudly.

“Adam, Jeremy’s my experiment subject. If you wish to save him, that will depend on whether you have the better skills, or my methods are more superior than yours.”

After she was done talking, she kicked the photo frame beside her leg ruthlessly, then left the scene in a swaggering manner.

Adam picked up the old photo in his hands and looked at the family photo that was taken more than 20 years ago. His eyes slowly dimmed, but all he could do was sigh helplessly in a melancholic manner.


Suddenly, a gentle voice was heard coming from behind him.

Ada snapped out. He spun around and saw Amy holding onto a yellow rose. She was walking to him, seemingly with unstable emotions.

He put down the photo in his hands and walked up to her, concerned. “Amy, what happened?”

“He’s here again.” Frustrated, Amy frowned her pretty brows.

Instantly, Adam knew who Amy was referring to.

“I’ll go and have a look. Stay in the room.”

“Alright.” Amy nodded obediently, then reminded. “Don’t quarrel with him. Just chase him away.”

“I know, I’ll handle the matter with care,” Adam promised before walking to the doorway at a fast pace.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, he saw Felipe standing beside a car opposite the road.

Felipe went over when he saw Adam showing up.

Adam immediately went straight to the point when he saw Felipe walking to him.

“Mr. Whitman, I’ve said it many times. My fiancée is not that Miss Cathy you’re talking about. I hope you won’t keep stalking my fiancée. She’s a lady and she’ll be terrified.”

Felipe listened to what Adam had to say calmly before speaking in a composed manner, “I know you’re an extraordinary doctor. I’m grateful to you for letting Cathy survive, but that doesn’t give you the reason to change her identity and take control over her.”

While speaking the last statement, it was obvious that Felipe’s gaze and tone sounded agitated.

It was a fact that he was delighted that Cathy managed to survive, but he could not accept the fact that she was someone else’s wife and even had two kids with the man before him!

Facing Felipe’s suspicion and dissatisfaction, Adam’s attitude remained composed and calm. “Mr. Whitman, Amy and Cathy are two completely different people. I’ve known Amy since I was studying in university, but as for Cathy, I’ve only met her once.”

Felipe let out a smile when he heard this. That smile of his showed a sign of victory.

“Then, do you still remember which university you attended?”

“…” Adam’s expression fluctuated.

“Adam, I’ve already done an investigation. Coincidentally, the university you attended is the same university Cathy attended,” said Felipe as he unfolded a piece of paper in his hands, handing it over to Adam.

“Do you want to have a look at it? This is the information I found.”



Just when Adam was wondering how he should answer, Amy appeared from behind him.

The moment Felipe saw the thin outline that appeared before him, his eyes that were initially gleaming with a stern gaze were suddenly as soft as a spring breeze.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1432
”Adam, just ignore this guy. Let’s head back into the house.” Amy walked to Adam’s side and held onto his arm tightly.

Adam did not intend to continue with the situation and nodded as he spun around while holding onto Amy’s hand to leave.


Felipe shouted at Amy’s back when she turned around.

Amy came to a halt when she heard it.

Felipe was delighted. “Cathy.”

He was looking forward to it but he saw Amy looking irritated instead when she turned her face around. “What is wrong with you? I’ve already said plenty of times that I’m not Cathy. Can you please stop bugging me? You’re really irritating!”

She did not tolerate any disturbance and reprimanded Felipe. Then, she held onto Adam’s arm and spun around.

The look of anticipation in Felipe’s eyes was gone, and it was as if his heart was being shattered into pieces.

She claimed that he was very irritating.

However, she used to tell him that she would always like him and would pester him for life—even if he only treated her as a plaything.

There was a breeze blowing past him, making Felipe feel chills engulfing his entire body.

However, what could he blame her for?

What right did he have to put the blame on others?

Currently, he should be feeling grateful that she was still alive.

This Amy was his Cathy.

Even though he still could not accept the fact, the feeling and change in breathing he experienced when they were close to each other were by no means a mistake.


‘Did you intentionally forget the past or you just can’t recall it?’

In the hospital.

Madeline had already planned to visit Eloise after Jeremy was done with his check-up.

It was just that after receiving Karen’s call, it made her feel more worried.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Madeline noticed that no one was in the ward. She called Karen only to find out that Eloise had lost consciousness and was sent to the emergency department.

She and Jeremy immediately rushed over to the entrance of the emergency department. Coincidentally, the door of the emergency room flung open at this moment and the doctor stepped out from within.

Sean and Karen quickly went forth to enquire about Eloise’s condition.

The young doctor adjusted his spectacles and comforted them in a gentle tone. “The patient’s blood pressure suddenly dropped, which caused her to enter a comatose state. For the time being, we can’t find the reason behind it. We’re speculating that it could be because of low blood sugar. She’s currently awake, so you guys can rest assured.”

Madeline and Jeremy let out a breath of relief after hearing what the doctor had to say.

As for Sean and Karen, they just realized that Jeremy and Madeline had arrived. Sean jogged to Madeline, saying, “Eveline, you’ve arrived. Don’t worry, your mom’s fine.”

Madeline smiled faintly and looked at both Sean and Karen. “Dad, Mom, you guys have been having it rough for the past few days. I’ll take over from now and take care of Mom.”

“We’re one family. There’s no such thing as having it rough. How about you and Jeremy? Why did you guys come back so fast? Why don’t you have fun for a few more days?” Karen got curious and asked casually.

Madeline found an excuse to prevent them from worrying about Jeremy’s condition, but Jeremy beat her to it and spoke first, “Eveline’s worried about her mother’s condition. So, we came back earlier than planned.”

Madeline raised her eyes to look at the man, and they smiled at each other.

After returning to the ward, Madeline stayed beside Eloise’s bed and took care of her. Eloise was still unable to speak, hence she could only stare at Madeline.

Jeremy was observing from the side and suddenly thought of something.

He blurted an excuse to leave the ward, then came to the hall downstairs and booked an appointment at the outpatient department for a check-up for himself.

When he was about to leave, he spun around and saw Madeline standing behind him.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1433
Feeling the pang of a guilty conscience, he grasped onto the bill in his hand, not wanting to let Madeline know about his thoughts.

However, it was impossible that Madeline missed the gleam of avoidance in his eyes.

“Let me see that.” Madeline did not ask anything and immediately stretched out her hand to Jeremy.

Jeremy dared not disobey Madeline and obediently handed over the bill of appointment that had just been issued.

Madeline took it over and lowered her gaze to have a look. The moment she saw the contents of the appointment, her eyes glittered in astonishment and surprise.

She raised her gorgeous eyes and looked at the man who was composed. “Jeremy, you…”

“Linnie, I’ve made up my mind.” Jeremy held onto Madeline’s hand. “This will be the best for us. You won’t object to it, right?”

“How can I object to it when you’re thinking this much for me?” Madeline let out a faint smile. “Jeremy, I hope in the future, the days will be sweeter. I just hope you’ll be with me and accompany the kids as they grow up.”

Jeremy curled his lips when he heard her. Ignoring the passersby, he leaned forth and hugged Madeline, then kissed her on her cheek. “I’m sure it’ll be just as you wish. We’ll have sweet and happy days as a family.”

“Yeah.” Madeline felt a sense of sweetness within her, feeling very satisfied.

“Then, I’ll head over to the outpatient department to ask for more details. You should head back and take care of your mom.” Jeremy released his hand.

Madeline did not notice that Jeremy was trying to get rid of her. She nodded, spun around, and walked to the elevator.

After Jeremy saw Madeline entering the elevator, he gave Adam a call.

Adam answered the call quickly and asked straightforwardly, “I knew you’d call. With your observation skills, it’s impossible that you didn’t notice the changes in my expression. So, Eveline is not beside you right now, correct?”

Jeremy looked in the direction of the elevator and said, “Eveline’s not with me. Please proceed. Did something happen to my body?”

“The poison has shown signs of deterioration. For the time being, it won’t endanger your life, but in the long run, it might be troublesome.” Adam had no intention of hiding the fact and blurted everything honestly.

Hearing the words made Jeremy keep quiet for a moment. Then, he heard Adam asking, “How did you come to know about Shirley?”

Jeremy frowned. “Shirley? Are you referring to Shirley Brown?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“This happened almost eight to nine months ago. That time, I decided to leave Glendale to prevent Linnie from worrying about me. I bumped into Shirley when I was on the plane. That time, I suddenly didn’t feel well. She said she’s a doctor, so aside from helping me relieve my condition, she also told me she could help me out.”

“She’s not trying to help you.” Adam’s tone sounded almost helpless.

“I’ve already seen through it. She’s trying to plot something by getting near me. Two days ago, my condition deteriorated because of her.” Jeremy was aware of it, but he was puzzled. “Is she really your biological older sister? Do you know what she’s trying to do?”

“She’s my biological older sister, but…” Adam sighed helplessly. “As I said before, I have secrets I can’t reveal. The fact that I joined forces with Lana and Ryan is because of some reasons that I can’t say.”

Jeremy could sense the troubling position Adam was in. He had no intention of pestering Adam either but he needed to know the condition of his body.

“Now that the poison in my body is showing signs of deterioration, what will happen later on? I don’t want it to suddenly deteriorate and frighten Linnie. I don’t want to make her worried about me.”

Even though Jeremy had put it that way, Adam could only helplessly provide Jeremy an answer that made him frustrated.

“I’m afraid that it’ll be worse than before.”

Jeremy hung up the call. Thinking back to that day his condition worsened and the anxious look on Madeline’s face, it made him heartbroken.

That was also one reason he decided to leave for good back then. He did not wish to see her suffering because of him.

However, this time, he would not be such a fool anymore.

Even if he was to be tortured to death, he would still want to be dead by her side.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1434
Madeline had been taking care of Eloise for two days, and following the doctor’s instructions, they brought Eloise back home to take care of her.

There was no major problem with Eloise’s body, except that she was just feeling weak and did not have the strength to talk. Coupled with her mental state that was not stable, it really made Madeline worried.

Jeremy witnessed everything, and the sight made him not want to let Madeline know about his condition.

Even though there were times he was feeling frustrated, it all poofed into thin air when he saw those three cute and active kids.

The little princess who could only smile but not talk was the exception as she made Jeremy feel remorseful.

At this moment, with the slant of the sun during the afternoon of late autumn, Jeremy was heading to the office. Meanwhile, Madeline was accompanying Eloise sunbathing in the courtyard.

The two little kids, Jackson and Lillian, were up to something while Pudding, who was still learning to walk, was staring at them with his big, watery eyes. With a curious mindset, he inched over as well.

Madeline felt warm at the sight of such a scene. She spun around and saw Eloise who was leaning on the chair and looking at the kids with a smile. This made her thrilled and surprised.

“Mom, you’re smiling. Do you feel the warmth as well?”

Eloise did not speak a word. She just blinked her eyes as if to answer Madeline.

Madeline was happy again when she saw Eloise’s reaction.

She knew that Eloise was currently not in a stable mental state. She could not recognize her to be her daughter. Hence, Madeline was satisfied with such a change in Eloise.

“Mom, this is made by me, Lillian, and Pudding. This is for you.” Jackson’s clear voice was heard coming from behind.

Madeline spun around and saw the little kid handing her a necklace. There were three little purple crystals on the necklace. Under the refraction of the sunlight, it gave off a bright halo.

“Pudding put in an effort to hand me the crystals too,” Jackson explained, trying to express that his little brother had participated as well.

Lillian nodded as well and picked up the necklace before walking to the front of Madeline. She stretched her cute, little hands and waved at Madeline, beckoning her to squat down.

Madeline got her little princess’ hint and kneeled to let her little princess personally put on the handmade purple crystal necklace around her neck.

“Thanks, sweethearts. I really love it.” Madeline took turns to kiss her children’s faces. “I’ll go out to buy some stuff and make you guys a cake, alright?”

“Yeah…” Jackson was the first to reply. Lillian smiled and nodded obediently.

As for the youngest, Pudding, he could not speak and just babbled two sounds.

Madeline placed her hand on Pudding’s head, then got up. “Mom, I’m heading out and will be right back.”

Eloise blinked her eyes as if she understood what Madeline was saying.

Karen came into the scene right at this moment. It was only then Madeline was assured enough to leave.

Madeline drove to the nearest mall, and in a short time, she bought the ingredients to make a cake.

She held the recycling bag and came to the parking lot. Just when she was about to open her car door, she suddenly noticed from the car window that there was an outline behind her.

After clearly seeing the face on the car window, Madeline immediately recalled the face she saw back at the zebra crossing and at the beach where they traveled to just a few days earlier.

Indeed, that had not been just an illusion.

‘However, is this possible?’

Madeline spun around calmly and looked straight into that face.

The lady before her smirked. “Eveline Montgomery, you must not be expecting this even in your dreams, right?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1435
Madeline never really thought that in this world, such a face existed.

However, judging from the fact that the lady was able to be so calm and approached Madeline first, Madeline knew it was no mere coincidence but a plan plotted by someone else.

The lady noticed that Madeline was glancing at her with a critical gaze. That intrigued her interest as she curled the corners of her mouth.

“Eveline, are you surprised to see this face of mine? Or perhaps, you’re pleasantly surprised? That in this world, there’s someone who has the exact same face as you?”

Madeline calmly stared at the perfect face before her that was similar to hers and put on a smile. “Thanks for letting me know that I’m pretty but sorry, I won’t believe that in this world, there’ll be anyone with the exact same face as mine. You deliberately came forth to me and that just shows that you have hidden intentions.”

She smiled, her eyes glittering clearly.

“I’m guessing you must be someone I used to know. Why? Do you plan on taking my position and becoming Eveline Montgomery?”

The lady did not expect Madeline to be that composed, even seeing through her intentions and motive. The lady was dumbfounded, but soon, she revealed an evil smile.

That was Madeline’s first time seeing someone using her looks to put on a devilish smile. It turned out to be just as pretty as well.

However, she could not figure out who the lady before her was. Who else bore such a deep grudge against her that led her to undergo plastic surgery to become just like her and have the motive to replace her as Eveline Montgomery?

Madeline was deep in thought, yet she saw the lady before her giving off a harsh glare.

“That’s right, Eveline, you got it all right. I’m here to take over your identity. For so long, you’ve gone through so much pain and sorrow, enduring terror and torture one after another. I’m guessing you must be tired of it all by now, right?”

The lady said as her smile became much more evil and cold.

“Since you’re tired, then you should rest properly and allow me to replace you for the rest of your suffering days.”

Madeline understood where the lady was heading to. Of course, she would not let the lady do as she pleased.

However, just when Madeline thought of an idea to restrain the lady, she felt dizzy the moment she raised her hand. Everything before her seemed to be spinning around.

Besides, it was as if all her energy had been drained. The shopping bag and the food in her hands all dropped beside her legs.

Madeline leaned against her car, feeling lethargic. In her peripheral vision, she saw the face that looked similar to hers slowly approaching her.

“Eveline, I know you’re smart and your sense of smell is extraordinary. That’s why I sprayed some colorless and odorless powder on your car door handle earlier. Once you come into contact with this powder, you’ll start to gradually lose your energy and consciousness within a few minutes. What is it like? Are you feeling very dizzy right now and can’t summon any strength?”

Madeline leaned beside the car, trying all means to lift her right hand. While in a daze, she vaguely saw the tiny amount of powder on her finger.

She shook her head, attempting to make herself remain conscious. “You think having the same face as me will allow you to replace me? Aren’t you fantasizing?”

Madeline forcibly supported her body. Despite everything being blurry in her vision, she still gave off a sharp gaze that landed on the face that looked almost similar to hers.

“I can tell you this confidently. Even if you can step foot into the Whitman family with this face of yours, you still can’t be me. Jeremy and my family won’t be fooled by you.”

“Oh really?” The lady inched nearer to Madeline and placed her lips near Madeline’s ear. Suddenly, she imitated Madeline’s tone and voice, “Don’t be too sure of yourself, Eveline. Do you believe that tonight, I’ll be on the same bed with your man and taking good care of your three little kids?”

“I dare you!” Madeline raised her eyes that were losing energy, her gaze showing her weak side. With the remaining strength she had, she suddenly grabbed onto the lady’s collar. “I won’t allow anyone to harm my kids, and I won’t allow you to deceive Jeremy!”

Once she was done talking, she shoved the lady away and staggered her way outside of the parking lot.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1436
However, with each step she took, she felt her vision spinning even harder. She saw that there was a sink ahead. She thought of drenching herself with some water to make herself awake. Nevertheless, before reaching the sink, all her strength was drained from her body.

Suddenly, Madeline just dropped to the ground. “Jeremy…”

She muttered as her eyelids drooped down heavily. In the end, she just saw that face that looked similar to hers, revealing an evil smile…

As soon as Jeremy was done with work, he immediately headed back to Whitman Manor. Once he entered the house, he saw the three kids gathering together and playing around. Karen was accompanying Eloise by her side and was looking for topics to talk to her about from time to time.

Even though Eloise seemed like she did not understand, at least the atmosphere was not as depressing.

However, what bothered him most was that he did not see Madeline around.

Jeremy placed the dessert that he just bought in front of the three kids. Jackson blinked his pretty pair of big eyes when he saw Jeremy giving them the cake.

“Daddy bought cake, but Mommy says she’ll be making a cake in a while for me, Pudding, and Lillian to eat.”

“Mommy has gone out?” Jeremy asked curiously.

“Eveline said she went to buy some ingredients to make a cake. She has been out for almost half an hour. I think she’ll be back soon,” Karen explained.

Jeremy nodded and kept the cake that he bought.

“Then, we’ll make the cake together with her and eat it together. How does that sound?” Jeremy suggested. Deep in his heart, he wanted to do something with the children that was interactive and warm, especially with Lillian.

He looked at the little princess who was blinking her eyes in a daze. “Lillian, let’s make a cake together, okay?”

Lillian blinked her big pair of crystal clear eyes that looked almost like Madeline’s and nodded obediently. “Daddy.”

The little princess moved her little mouth and finally blurted that word.

Jeremy felt his heart as soft as a cotton candy. He carried the little princess and kissed her cute little face.

Ever since Lillian was traumatized by Lana, she never once spoke a complete sentence.

After so much effort, the little cutie could only blurt the word ‘Daddy’.

“Lillian, you’ll recover. I’ll make sure you’ll be like how you used to be.” Jeremy faced Lillian and made a promise.

It was as if Lillian understood it. She lifted her sweet dimples and smiled.

Jeremy wanted to carry the little princess but suddenly felt his pants being pulled. He looked down and saw the youngest Pudding crawling on the mat while pulling Jeremy’s pants with all his might.

Jeremy had no choice but to put Lillian down and bend down to carry Pudding.

“Pa… Pa…” With much effort, Pudding blurted out those two words which did not sound clear enough. However, Jeremy was utterly joyous to hear it.

“Pudding, wait till Mommy is back and we’ll make the cake and eat it together, okay?” Jeremy looked at the fair little face and coaxed. He looked at the time, took out his phone, and was about to call Madeline. As soon as he unlocked the password on his phone, he heard footsteps at the entrance.

“Jeremy, I’m back.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1437
Jeremy raised his eyes and looked over. His deep peach blossom eyes reflected the image of that bright smile and the little face that looked as pretty as an artwork.

“Didn’t you say that there’s a lot of stuff at work waiting for you to settle and you’ll be back home late? Why are you home already?” Madeline held the shopping bag that was filled with food. She changed her shoes and walked to him. “If I knew you’d be back early, I wouldn’t have gone to the mall. I might as well have asked you to go fetch the items for me.”

Jeremy saw the lady before him slowly approaching him and was absent-minded for a moment before putting on a gentle smile.

“You could always send the servants out to buy these things. You’re the madam of the Whitman family. You don’t have to personally do all this trivial stuff.”

“How could I? I want to personally put in the effort for the kids,” said Madeline as she smiled and looked at Eloise and Karen. “Mom, I’ll be heading to the kitchen. In a while, everyone will have cake to eat.”

“Alright.” Karen nodded. These days, she was always delighted when she saw Madeline. Before this, she used to be dissatisfied with Madeline and would also reject her. Currently, she was very satisfied.

Eloise seemed calm when she saw Madeline’s smiling face.

“Sweethearts, I’m going to bake a cake for you all to eat.” Madeline bent down and touched Jackson’s head. Then, she spun around, but before she could take a step, she turned back again. “Jeremy, why don’t we make it together?”

“I had the same thought as well.” Jeremy turned to look at Jackson and stretched his hand out to Lillian. “Lillian, come follow us.”

Lillian extended her fair, little arm and placed it in Jeremy’s palm. However, her big eyes were gleaming with curiosity as she looked at Madeline.

Madeline smiled gently and offered her hand to Jackson. “Come on, Jack. Follow me.”

Jackson saw Madeline who was smiling in front of him and stretched out his hand hesitantly. “Where’s the purple crystal necklace, Mommy? Mommy, you weren’t wearing this skirt either when you went out.”

When Jeremy heard his son’s comment, his pair of deep eyes looked at the lady before him.

“Purple crystal necklace?”

“It’s a necklace that me, Lillian, and Pudding made together for Mommy,” Jackson explained, “Just now, Lillian even personally put it on for Mommy.”

Madeline touched her neck after hearing it, then let out an astonished expression. “Oh my, the purple crystal necklace really is gone. I must’ve accidentally lost it when I was at the parking lot.”

“Linnie, did you fall?” Jeremy frowned. He was suddenly not concerned about anything else but whether Madeline had injured herself.

“It’s nothing, Jeremy. I’m fine. It’s just that my clothes were soiled, so I went to the nearest mall to buy a new skirt to change into,” said Madeline as she looked at Jackson, “Jack really has great observation skills. I’m really sorry, I really didn’t mean to lose the gift you guys gave me.”

She put on an aggrieved look. Her delicate facial features on that perfect face just made anyone touched whenever they saw her like this.

However, Jeremy could not help but feel that something was off when he saw the smiling face before him.

The five of them entered the kitchen, then Madeline started baking like she really knew the steps.

While preparing for the ingredients, Jeremy glanced at Madeline’s left hand and noticed her empty ring finger.

He went over and subconsciously, he grabbed Madeline’s left wrist.

Perhaps she did not expect Jeremy’s sudden action. Madeline got a shock and trembled. She raised her big, innocent eyes and questioned, “What’s wrong, Jeremy?”

“Where’s the ring? The wedding ring that I personally put on for you. Why did you take it off?”

Hearing Jeremy’s comment made Madeline flabbergasted as she looked at her ring finger. “Where’s my ring?! Damn it, did I lose it as well?!”

Madeline looked anxious and quickly bent down to search for it.

Jeremy released his hand and stared at his palm that was hovering in mid-air, frowning his pretty brows.

“Damn it, the ring is really gone!” Madeline was so anxious that her eyes reddened. “What should I do, Jeremy? I lost our wedding ring.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1438
Her pretty eyes were teary and reddened, brewing with anxiety.

“Jeremy, will you blame me?”

“How would I blame you, silly?” Jeremy comforted her, but looking at the tears that were about to spill out from those big eyes before him did not make him feel heartbroken.

Previously, he would feel uncomfortable even if Madeline frowned.

However, he did not feel any change in emotions even when Madeline was on the verge of crying now.

Jeremy felt troubled, but without thinking further, he continued comforting her gently. “Don’t be so upset, it’s just a ring. Later, I’ll buy you another one. Right now, let’s bake a cake together.”

Madeline suddenly smiled. “You really treat me the best, Jeremy.”

“You’re my wife. If I don’t treat you well, who am I going to treat well?” Jeremy smiled. Just when he was about to bake the cake with Madeline, his phone rang. “Linnie, I’ll go answer this call first.”

“Alright.” Madeline nodded and stared at Jeremy’s back. Gradually, there was a victorious smile on her face.

She looked down at the three little kids beside her. Lillian was so cute and was holding onto Pudding who was still learning to talk. On the other hand, Jackson was staring right at her.

Madeline rolled her eyes disgustedly. She never even bothered about the curiosity Jackson was having.

To her, a kid about five to six years old was just like a toy that did not possess any threat.

Instead, the thought of the look on Jeremy when he was so worried about her falling. It made her touched. She even thought of just falling in love with him instead.

After all, perfect men like Jeremy would always attract women. She was just an ordinary woman who could not escape from being mesmerized.

Previously, she thought that Jeremy was a man she could only dream of, but now…

She placed her hands on her perfect face and revealed a complacent smile.

She was lucky that she had mastered some of the baking skills and that they came in handy today.

After half an hour, she handed out the freshly baked little cake to the three kids. Lillian and Pudding were both eating happily but Jackson did not help himself to it.

The lady was not bothered at all. She took the remaining cake and gave it to Karen. She even held a piece of cake and fed Eloise herself.

Jeremy was looking at Madeline at a corner thoughtfully, thinking that something was odd. However, he just could not point out the weird part.

He thought to himself and spun around only to witness his son also staring at Madeline. His gaze was as odd as his too.

‘What’s going on?

‘Linnie doesn’t seem the same. Is this just a misconception?’

In a room with no light shining in, Madeline woke up while feeling dizzy.

Thinking back to the event that occurred before she passed out, she immediately sat up. With that tiny amount of light coming from the window, she tried to find the entrance. Coincidentally, the door before her was suddenly opened.

There was light shining straight in. Madeline felt her eyes hurting. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again, she saw a man with a huge body coming in from the entrance with his back facing the light.

Madeline found this outline rather familiar. Just when she was trying to look properly, the man’s gentle, soft voice was heard. “Eveline, you didn’t expect that we’ll meet again, right?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1439
Astonished, Madeline looked at the man who was walking to her. A gleam of confusion was seen in her clear eyes. “How is this possible? Where is this place? How did you—”

“How did I manage to show up before you as I please?” the man asked with a slight smile as he sauntered to Madeline. “In this world, there’s a gray area. Even though money can’t do everything and it can’t buy true love, but it’s more than enough to purchase freedom.”


Madeline suddenly had a terrible headache when she heard his comment. “Ryan, the lady who looks the same as me, is that your doing? Why did you do that?”

Ryan placed one of his hands into his pocket with a carefree gesture.

“Eveline, you should know that changing one’s appearance to look exactly like yours isn’t a one or two days’ work.”

“So, you’re saying you had it all planned much earlier?”

“That day when I brought you over to Y Country, I had already planned to do this, but later I was arrested and admitted my defeat. I didn’t plan to use a lady who looks exactly like you to conduct a new plan, but…”

As Ryan was explaining, he suddenly paused. His gentle gaze was suddenly covered by a layer of ice.

“But that letter was suddenly exposed and it destroyed my late grandfather’s reputation. It caused the Joneses to be involved with ugly rumors.” He chuckled softly to himself and placed his interrogating, sharp gaze on Madeline’s face. “That letter, before reaching the hands of my father, was only seen by the Whitman family.”

Madeline instantly knew where Ryan was heading to. “So, you’re suspecting that this letter was exposed and uploaded on the internet by the Whitmans?”

“Was it not?”

“Of course, not.” Madeline faced Ryan’s gaze which was brewing with suspicion. “I believe that my family members will not do such a thing.”

“Huh, believe?” Ryan let out a sneer. “How do you want me to believe in that?”

“Ryan, why are you choosing the wrong path over and over again? Back then, you misunderstood Jeremy’s grandfather, and now, you want to repeat the wrong things you’ve done? Have you never thought that there might be someone else trying to cause a crack in the relationship between our families?”

Madeline’s reminder had a sense of unsatisfied blasting.

“You just follow what you suspect and place the charge on others. Don’t you think the way you’re doing things is a bit unreasonable? And it’s rather unfair to those innocent people?”

With each word Madeline spoke, Ryan’s brows started to frown deeper.

Madeline did not wish to continue arguing with him. She walked in the direction of the doorway. She thought Ryan would try to stop her, but he did not do so.

She walked quickly to the doorway and realized the sea was surrounding her in all directions.

Madeline glanced far away and vaguely saw the iconic buildings of Glendale.

‘Am I going to be trapped here and allow that lady who is impersonating me to stay beside Jeremy, taking on my role and sleeping with my husband while taking the advantage to bully my kids?’

Madeline would never tolerate any of it.

She suddenly spun around, wanting to look for Ryan. However, after turning around, she saw Ryan walking to her.

Previously in the room, the lights were very dim and Madeline did not manage to see the expression on Ryan’s face well. However, she was currently able to witness it crystal clear.

Perhaps he had not recuperated from his injury, so Ryan’s face still seemed to be pale and lifeless. However, he had fantastic facial features and a gentle vibe which still made him have a morbid fascination.

Even so, Madeline was not bothered by these and only thought of escaping.

“Ryan, who is that lady who underwent plastic surgery and looks almost like me? Do you think by doing these, you’ll be able to recover your grandfather and the Jones family’s reputation?”

Ryan slowly curled his lips. “You’re so smart, so you’ll soon be able to guess who that lady is. As for the recovery part… How am I going to recover it?”

His smile looked as if he was almost sneering. “Eveline, it can’t be recovered anymore.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1440
Ryan walked to Madeline. The halo of the sunset silently shone on his face, but his expression was obscure and uncertain.

“Eveline, I won’t hurt you again, but I won’t let you return to Jeremy’s side.”

Madeline heard his comment and calmly let out a smile. “Back then, you said to me that you’ll never let me and Jeremy reunite, but things have proven themselves and I reunited with him. So what if you’re trapping me here now? Soon, I’ll be back by his side. And if you think that the lady you hired will be able to attain what she wants to achieve, then you can just forget about it!”

She spat out those decisive and confident comments, then elegantly spun around to leave.

Ryan was unhappy and frowned. Slowly, he clenched his hand that was hiding in his pocket into a fist.

Looking at the vast sea made Ryan feel he was getting more narrow-minded.

Whitman Manor.

After night arrived, the family had their dinner happily.

The woman impersonating Madeline put on a fake smile on her face as she helped Lillian and Jackson with their homework. She was enthusiastic when coaxing the youngest kid to sleep. However, as soon as she carried Pudding, the infant started crying out loud.

Before impersonating Madeline, the woman had already done her research and came well prepared, regardless of her attitude or her voice. Even the special fragrance that Madeline wore, she managed to find a similar perfume to conceal herself. However, she did not expect the little infant to be so sensitive.

“Why are you crying, Pudding? Don’t you love me lulling you to bed?” Karen took over Pudding and held him in her arms. “Eveline, you’d better go get some rest. I’ll coax Pudding to sleep.”

“Thanks, Mom. Indeed, I’ve been feeling a little tired lately,” said the woman, putting on a lethargic look as she glanced at Jeremy. “Jeremy, let’s go back into our room and sleep early tonight.”

Jeremy stared at the pair of big eyes that were looking side to side and gently nodded.

He brought both Lillian and Jackson back to their bedrooms and tucked them into bed. Just when he was about to leave, Jackson suddenly called out to him.



“Daddy, is Mommy unhappy?” Jackson blinked his eyes, looking at Jeremy with a puzzled look. “When we were baking the cake and you weren’t around, Mommy wasn’t willing to talk to me. She even glared at me.”

Jeremy sat at the edge of his son’s bed and comforted him gently. “Silly boy, how could Mommy glare at you? Your mommy loves Jack the most.”


“Of course.” Jeremy touched the boy’s little head. “Don’t think too much. Hurry and go to sleep, okay?”

“Okay.” Jackson nodded obediently and closed his eyes.

Jeremy covered his son with the blanket and it was only then he left.

When he got back to his bedroom, Jeremy heard the sound of someone bathing coming from the washroom. He went to the bed and sat down thoughtfully. Subconsciously, he picked up the photo frame that was placed on the bedside table.

The photo frame contained his and Madeline’s wedding photo a few years back.

In that photo, Madeline was holding onto his arm while smiling bashfully. Her big eyes that were like stars were sparkling with happiness.

That year, she was an innocent young girl.

However, he did not appreciate her when she was in the happiest stage of her life.

Deep in Jeremy’s heart, he was blaming himself. He forced himself to get rid of that thinking. Just when he was about to get up, he heard footsteps coming from behind him and a woman’s extraordinarily gentle voice. “Jeremy.”

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