Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1561-1570

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1561
Feeling Madeline’s gaze on her, Ada was startled and had a guilty conscience.

She immediately looked away in a panic and glanced at her mother who was next to her.

Ada’s mother understood instantly and immediately targeted Madeline, saying, “Eveline, you were the one who prepared the dinner. Do you want to shirk responsibility now? Do you know what the consequences will be if Camille had drunk this bowl of soup?”

Madeline met Ada’s questioning eyes magnanimously. “I don’t know what the consequences will be, but you two should be very clear about that.”

“…” Ada’s mother flushed.

“Miss Montgomery, what do you mean by that?” Ada asked, pretending to be wronged and confused.

Madeline smiled slightly. “What do I mean? You two should know very well in your hearts.”

“You… Eveline, just spit it out!” Ada’s mother had an angry expression on her face. “Camille, look at this woman. How can she be so shameless? It’s fine that she has made a mistake and doesn’t want to admit it, but she’s even going as far as to shift the responsibility to me and Ada. W-What kind of person this is?”

“Yeah, Camille, how can you let such a woman enter the doors of the Louis family?”

“Yeah, you can’t let her in.”

“Carter, you saw it too. This woman is so defiant!”

The aunts condemned Madeline one after another. Ada and her mother felt relieved while watching this.

Camille’s expression looked even worse now. “Carty, you should consider this properly. I will not let this kind of woman into the Louis family and that’s that. She made such a huge mistake but only wants to shift the blame to someone else. A person with such an attitude has no right to be your wife!”

Madeline was not bothered by Camille’s criticism and disdain, but she was not the Madeline who would suffer in silence anymore.

She was planning on how to make Ada and her mother show their true colors. Coincidentally, she lowered her head and saw something by Ada’s foot.

“This whole situation might just be an accident. I’ve told Eveline not to add any peanuts to the food. I believe that Eveline won’t be so negligent.”

Carter was defending Madeline again, but Madeline did not care.

She was thinking about how to approach Ada naturally when coincidentally, Ada spoke.

“Carty, are you still trying to defend Miss Montgomery even when things have come to this? How can you let Aunty Cammy be wronged? You should know how allergic Aunty Cammy is to peanuts. She almost caused Aunty Cammy to get into trouble. You can’t keep someone like that around anymore.”

This was the chance.

Madeline strode in front of Ada and said profoundly, “You’re right, Miss Ada. The person who put the peanuts in the soup to make Mrs. Gray have an allergic reaction is so heinous. We can’t let this kind of person continue staying here.”

“…” Ada’s expression changed, and she started feeling guilty again.

She kept feeling as if Madeline had seen through her, and she started to feel anxious.

When Ada wanted to retort, she saw something fall from Madeline’s hand suddenly. Then, Madeline bent down and picked it up next to her foot.

“Carter, do you want her to stay, or do you want me to stay? Think properly! If you want to defend this woman, I’ll leave right now!” Camille suddenly gave Carter such a difficult question.

Carter furrowed his brows. However, it seemed that he was leaning more toward Camille. As such, he asked Madeline, “Who was with you when you made the soup?”

Madeline could sense Carter’s distrust toward her from this question. However, Madeline answered frankly, “It was just me.’

“Then it’s your problem!” Ada’s mother could not wait to convict Madeline of this crime. Then, she ordered the maid nearby, “Go to the kitchen and bring all of the soup out.”

The maid did just that and took out all of the chicken soup inside the pot to put it on the table.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1562
Ada’s mother quickly walked over and started stirring the soup in the pot continuously with the ladle. Then, she used the fork to slice open the stomach of the chicken.

The strong smell of peanuts started spreading in the air. Everyone could see a fistful of peanuts hiding in the stomach of the chicken.

When Camille saw this, her face was flushed white.

She backed away, extremely disgusted and scared of peanuts.

“Eveline, you’re so devious. Carter had explicitly told you that I can’t touch peanuts, yet you put so much of them in the soup. You even hid them so secretively. You’re obviously trying to kill me!”

When Carter saw this, his expression became cold.

“You’re so careless.” His tone was filled with blame and dissatisfaction.

“This is not carelessness, she did this on purpose! She must be harboring hard feelings for Camille because she lectured her last time. How evil!” Ada’s mother did not miss out on any chance to add fuel to fire.

Ada was very satisfied now. Even though Camille had not drunk the soup, this development was even better than what she expected.

Madeline still remained unperturbed when these people suspected her, went against her, and even berated her. She walked to the dining table and picked up the spoon to stir the soup.

“Impossible. How can there be peanuts here?” Madeline showed a curious expression. “I really didn’t put any inside.”

Ada quietly lifted the corners of her lips when she saw Madeline’s innocent and confused face.

“If it wasn’t you, who put them in then? You were the one who made the soup!” Ada’s mother said confidently.

Camille glared at Madeline with extreme dissatisfaction. “Get rid of this right now, and you, get out here now! I don’t want to see you again!”

She said and looked at Carter.

“Carter, if you think this woman is more important than me, I’ll leave right now.”

After Camille said that, she pretended to leave, but Carter stopped her.

“You don’t have to.”

He stopped Camille, and his cold gaze landed on Madeline’s face.

“Do you have an explanation for this?” he asked. It was evident that he was sure that Madeline was deliberately pranking Camille, just like what the rest of the people in the room thought.

Madeline was still magnanimous. “I don’t have to explain anything. I didn’t put the peanuts in there.”

“You’re still saying that it wasn’t you? If it wasn’t you, did the peanuts go into the soup themselves?” Ada’s mother walked in front of Madeline. “You’re obviously mad that Camille lectured you before, so you’re trying to seek revenge!”

Madeline lifted her eyebrow. “I think you and your daughter are the ones who keep targeting me. Even if I wanted to seek revenge, I’d start from the two of you.”



Ada and her mother were dazed when they heard that.

Madeline turned around calmly and stirred the soup again.

“At the end of the day, I didn’t do this. I don’t know who wants to use my name to harm you. I can leave, but I won’t allow myself to suffer injustice in silence.”

She said and stopped her movement. Then, she picked up the spoon.

“Huh? What’s this? Why is this thing in the pot?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1563
After Madeline said that, everyone’s gaze landed on Madeline.

They followed Madeline’s gaze and their eyes fell on the spoon Madeline was holding.

However, when they saw what was on the spoon, Ada’s face fell. She subconsciously lifted her hand to touch her ear and realized the earring on her left ear had fallen without her knowledge.

It had fallen into the pot that was used to make the soup!

Ada’s heartbeat became erratic. She hurriedly lifted her hand to take off the earring on her right ear when Madeline looked over at her.

“Oh, this earring seems to be the same as the one you’re wearing right now, Miss Ada.”


Ada paused the movement of her removing her earring abruptly.

Carter and Camille looked at her at the same time. Then, the aunts all turned their attention to her.

A thin layer of cold sweat appeared on Ada’s forehead. Her eyes started shifting hurriedly as well.

“That’s not Ada’s earring!” Ada’s mother quickly tried to explain and defend her.

Madeline slowly lifted the corners of her lips. “If I’m not mistaken, this is an international luxury brand. Do you think it’s possible to see such a rare limited edition earring everywhere you go?”

“…” Ada’s face became even paler when she heard Madeline’s question.

Madeline’s smile grew wider. “If there’s this possibility, then may I ask where’s the earring on your left ear, Miss Ada?”


“Why were you in such a hurry to remove the earring on your right ear? Is it because you don’t want people to know that they’re a pair?”


Madeline asked three questions back to back but Ada was speechless. She lost the ability to retort.

Carter had already seen through everything when he saw Ada’s reaction.

He glanced coldly at Ada with a stern gaze that was covered in thorns. “How dare you do this sort of thing in order to chase Eveline away?!”

“…” When Ada heard that, she felt as if her heart had stopped beating. She explained in a panic, “Carty, I don’t know what happened. I lost my earring yesterday and have no idea why it’s in the pot.”

“You lost the earring yesterday but you’re wearing the other side today. Do you think I’m three years old?”


“Carter, t-this must be a misunderstanding. Camille is so good to Ada, so how could she possibly want to hurt Camille just to chase Eveline away? Ada is being slandered! It’s Eveline! It must be her!”

Ada’s mother was not flushed at all and her heart was not racing when she lied. She even wanted to push the blame to Madeline, but she realized there were some changes in Camille’s eyes.

Camille was obviously getting suspicious now because Ada’s guilty and panicked behavior had basically explained everything.

“Camille, are you seriously believing that woman instead of Ada?”

Ada’s mother displayed a hurt look.

“I can promise you that Ada won’t do such things. Plus, Ada has been with me this entire night. She didn’t even go into the kitchen, so how did she touch those things?

“You heard it just now. This woman said she wanted to seek revenge on me and Ada, so she must be the one who stole Ada’s earring to purposely do this. It must be!”

Camille’s expression looked calmer after she heard what Ada’s mother said.

“You really didn’t go into the kitchen?” Camille asked.

Ada’s mother answered affirmatively, “Not at all!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1564
Camille nodded while looking serious. “Actually, it’s easy if we want to know whether she did or not. There’s a CCTV in the hallway leading to the kitchen. We just need to check the CCTV footage to see if Ada has been to the kitchen.”


When she said that, both Ada and her mother’s faces instantly froze. Their faces gradually turned pale.

When Camille noticed that change in their expressions, there was a sudden disappointment in her eyes. “Ada, I didn’t expect that you’d do such a thing.”

“…” Ada was panicking. She did not know that there was a surveillance camera outside the kitchen door, and she could not explain why her earring was in the pot. At that moment, she had no choice but to admit it. ” Aunty Cammy, I know what I did was wrong!”

When Ada’s mother heard what she said, she turned her head hurriedly. “Have you gone mad, Ada? Why are you admitting to it just like that? You—”


When she said that, Ada’s mother realized her reply was just another confirmation that Ada was guilty!

Camille chuckled mockingly. “I didn’t expect you to be an accomplice too!”

“No, Camille, listen to my explanation—”

“What else can you say?!” Camille was furious. “In order to target Eveline, you guys actually used this method to trick me?! Don’t you know how allergic I am to peanuts?”

“Camille, w-we never wanted to hurt you. I already planned that if you were going to drink the soup, I would’ve definitely stopped you!” Ada’s mother still tried to argue.

“Stop me?” Camille smiled and pointed to Madeline. “If she hadn’t rushed over and knocked over my soup bowl, I would have already drunk it. What were you doing at that time? The two of you were probably waiting to see me drink it and get rashes so that you would have an excuse to drive Eveline away, right?!”



Camille had exposed almost everything. Ada and her mother had nothing else to say.

Carter’s face that rarely expressed emotions was already overcast by then. He suddenly became furious. “Get out! Don’t ever let me see you step foot into my house again.”

Ada and her mother shivered with fright. They did not dare to say another word and ran away.

Camille massaged her temples because of the headache she just got. “I’m tired. I’m going back to my room to rest.”

“Camille, have a good rest. We’ll also be heading back first.” Those middle-aged ladies did not dare to stay for long, for fear that they would be the victim of Carter’s rage.

After a while, everyone was gone. Only Madeline and Carter remained in the dining room.

Madeline adjusted her dress and was about to leave when Carter suddenly spoke to her, “Actually, you had already seen through Ada and her mother’s trick, right?”

Madeline nodded casually. “Yeah, I noticed it immediately.”

“Your sense of smell seems to be particularly sharp.”

“It’s so-so,” Madeline replied indifferently, “Mr. Carter, I’m also getting a little tired. Can I go back to my room to rest?”

When Carter saw that Madeline was about to leave, he stopped her. “Are you blaming me for not trusting you just now?”

Madeline paused and turned around. She looked back at him indifferently. “Mr. Carter, you think too much. Our relationship is a fake one where we have no real feelings for each other. When you chose to believe them and chose to protect your mother from being wronged, it’s because I’m just an outsider to you.”

When she finished speaking, she walked upstairs.

Carter looked at Madeline’s unceremonious back, and for some reason, he felt as if his heart was moved by something.

Madeline returned to her bedroom. When she was just about to sit down, there was a knock on the door.

She thought it was Carter, but it was Camille’s voice that sounded from outside the door.

“It’s me.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1565
Madeline looked at the closed door suspiciously and could guess why Camille was looking for her.

Knock, knock.

Camille knocked on the door again and spoke at the same time.

“Eveline, I know you’re in there. Open the door.”

Without thinking further, Madeline walked over and opened the door.

When Camille saw that the door was open, she looked up at Madeline who was standing in front of her. She was silent for a few seconds before she spoke.

“I want to say sorry for what happened just now, and thank you for stopping me from drinking that bowl of soup in time.”

When Madeline heard Camille’s words of gratefulness and thanks, she was not particularly surprised.

When she recalled how sternly Camille had scolded Ada and her mother after seeing through their tricks with a clear head, Madeline knew that Camille was a person who knew right from wrong.

That was why she had already expected her to come over.

Her ability to apologize like this was enough to explain her character.

Madeline smiled. “It’s alright, Mrs. Gray, as long as you’re fine.”

Camille nodded lightly. Her beautiful, long slender eyes stayed on Madeline’s face for a moment. “You’re quite the cunning girl yourself. I’m not that stupid.”

When Madeline heard that, she looked at Camille with confusion.

“There was no earring in the pot. You were the one who put it in.”

Camille’s answer made Madeline suddenly realize something, but what Madeline did not expect was that Camille had seen through her own trick at the time but did not mention anything.

“The truth is, there’s no surveillance camera in the hallway. People with a guilty conscience will be afraid and uncover their own wrongdoings.”

Madeline did not know that Camille was also as clever, and that surprised her.

“Although I’m not very satisfied with you, at least you have no bad intentions.” Camille’s words sounded like a compliment to Madeline. “As long as you’re sincere to Carter, I won’t treat you badly as your future mother-in-law.”


Madeline did not expect Camille to approve of her, and that made her a little nervous.

“Your cooking skills are very good. I’m very satisfied with tonight’s dinner. You’ve worked hard the entire day, so go to bed early. Good night.”

“…” Madeline was out of it for two seconds before responding, “Good night.”

“Mmhmm.” Camille looked at Madeline again with satisfaction, turned, and left.

Madeline stood there for a while, closed the door, and quietly called Jeremy back.

Although Jeremy was very reluctant to have Madeline stay with Carter, he also knew that he could not stop Madeline from doing so. The only thing he could do was to investigate Carter’s background through his own means.

That was the only way to turn his position from that of passively waiting into being proactive.

It was quiet in the middle of the night.

Cathy woke up from a long dream. She dreamed of Felipe again.

She dreamt that a man called out her name, so she nodded and responded to him.

The images in the dream were very real, and her heartbeat was still beating erratically when she woke up.

Cathy glanced at the two children sleeping beside her, got up, and went downstairs cautiously.

From when she saved Felipe in the morning until now, he had not woken up and was still lying on the recliner in Adam’s office.

Cathy went to the living room and drank a glass of cold water to calm her chaotic heartbeat. It took a long time for her to calm her heartbeat down, and she started walking to Adam’s office.

Under the moonlight, she glanced at the recliner but unexpectedly found that there was no one on the recliner.

Felipe was gone.

Cathy quickly turned on the lights and ran to the recliner.

She reached out her hand to touch the blanket on the recliner and found that there was still some residual warmth on it.

Somehow, she felt that her heart was no longer that anxious.

She wondered if Felipe had gone far, but when she turned around, a tall and big body was in front of her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1566
Cathy was taken aback. Felipe quickly raised his hand and gently covered Cathy’s mouth.

However, his sudden and large movement obviously affected his wound.

Felipe frowned but still pulled the corners of his lips to smile softly at Cathy.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s just me.”

He spoke, his tone sounding a little weak.

Cathy pushed Jeremy’s hand away and took two steps back.

When Felipe saw how frightened she was, he felt a little heartbroken.

When he remembered how she looked in his arms when she was dying with blood flowing out of her body, he could not help but feel himself tearing up.

Cathy saw sadness on Felipe’s face. She was curious and faintly felt as if her heart was being tightly gripped by something.

“Why are you crying?” Cathy could not help but ask.

Felipe pursed his thin lips and lifted the corners of his pale lips.

“I’m happy.” He smiled lightly as he stared deeply at the person in front of him. He wanted to say that it was nice to see her. He also wanted to say that he had no regrets about letting her save him, but Felipe did not end up saying anything.

“Thank you for your help. If you hadn’t saved me, I might be dead right now.” Felipe thanked her. “It’s not a big problem anymore, so I’ll be leaving.”

When Cathy saw Felipe turning around with his body that was covered with injuries, she did not hesitate and caught up to him. “Where are you going at this hour? Those people who hurt you may be still nearby, and you’ll be in danger when you go outside.”

Felipe stopped in his steps, and his dim eyes gleamed with starlight.

He never expected to see her be concerned over him again.

“Even if you want to leave, you should wait until the first light of day.” Cathy walked toward Felipe and stood in front of him. “Tomorrow morning, let Adam check your injuries again before you go.”

Deep down, Felipe wanted to connect more with Cathy, but he did not want to disturb her now peaceful life.

“Go and rest,” Cathy reminded again.

Felipe froze for a while and finally turned around obediently.

When Cathy saw that he had gone back to bed, she was inexplicably relieved and went back to her room.

Felipe did not feel sleepy at all. He felt a faint tingling pain from his wounds. However, he stroked the red string on his wrist and smiled contentedly…

The next day, Felipe woke up very early.

As soon as he left the room, he saw Adam. Adam then gave Felipe the new toiletries before going to the kids.

Felipe could feel Adam’s dissatisfaction with him, but he did not mind it.

After washing up, Felipe saw Adam making breakfast in the open kitchen while the twins played in the living room.

When he saw the brother and sister, Felipe could not help but feel tenderness in his heart. He still remembered the boy’s name.

“Juan,” Felipe called out to him.

The two cute little chubby babies looked up with their innocent and childlike eyes.

When he looked at those two pairs of eyes, Felipe slowly squatted down, raised his hand, and stroked the boy’s little head. There was an inexplicable familiar smell on the boy’s forehead.

“Your name is Juan, right?”

The boy nodded and blinked his big, pure-looking eyes.

Felipe pursed his lips and smiled faintly. When he was about to ask the sister her name, Adam suddenly walked over to quickly stop him.

“Felipe, stay away from my child!” Adam said with a heavy tone and turned around before speaking softly, “Juan, go to the study with your sister.”

The two children did not know what was going on, but they followed Adam’s orders and left.

Felipe looked at the two tiny backs and parted his lips lightly. “I have no ill will.”

“I don’t care if you have any ill will. After having your breakfast, leave immediately,” Adam said coldly.

Cathy, who had just come down the stairs, was surprised and stopped when she saw how angry Adam was.

She thought Adam and Felipe were quarreling, but when she wanted to know what was going on, she heard Adam suddenly warning Felipe solemnly.

“Give up, Felipe. I’ll never let Cathy go back to you again.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1567
When she heard what he said, it was as if something heavy had hit her chest.

Cathy opened her eyes wide and felt her thoughts pulling her back. She blanked out for a moment.


Adam said that he would never let Cathy return to that man.

‘Is the Cathy Adam mentioned really me?

‘Am I really Cathy?’

Cathy was dumbfounded and stunned on the spot. All of her attention fell on Felipe’s body involuntarily.

She saw Felipe’s graceful and innocent handsome face showing a regretful smile.

“Don’t worry, I won’t force Cathy to do anything anymore. I’ve seen it myself that she’s more suited to stay with you now,” Felipe said with a sad smile, “I know I can’t give her the happiness she deserves. I just can’t help but miss her.”

“Miss her?” Adam laughed sarcastically. “If you really missed her, how could you have ordered someone to shoot Cathy in the first place?!”


When he brought up the events of that year and that day, Felipe’s face suddenly sank coldly. A touch of pain flowed between his eyebrows.

“If it weren’t for Cathy being lucky, do you think that you’ll still be able to see her now? She doesn’t remember all the unhappy things that happened before anymore, and she has forgotten you completely. She has started to live her life normally now, so why are you still showing up to bother her?”

Every word that Adam said was aimed at Felipe. He blamed him for everything. A moment later, he finally asked with a sigh.

“Felipe, do you really understand what love is? Have you ever actually loved Cathy? The love you think that you’re feeling now is nothing more than just regret and the atonement of what you’ve done.”

Felipe was stunned when he heard those words.

‘What counts as love?

‘What is love?’

He searched his mind and could not find any trace of his love for Cathy.

However, the bits and pieces of Cathy’s love for him were vivid in his mind, as if ingrained in his heart.

“Felipe, you don’t know love at all, and you definitely don’t deserve Cathy’s love.” When Adam saw Felipe quiet and inattentive, Adam made the final decision before turning back to the kitchen.

Felipe stood in a daze, unable to recover for a long time.

Was he doing all of this just for atonement?

Just to make himself feel better?

No, that was not true.

Felipe kept denying it in his heart, but he really could not find any actions of his toward Cathy that showed his love for her.

“I love her. I really love her. Cathy. I love her…”

Felipe whispered to himself and turned around, walking straight to the gates.

Cathy stood at the top of the stairs, watching Felipe’s departing back. For a long while, she was unable to recover from the information she had just heard.

‘It turns out that I’m really Cathy.

‘I really am…’

Adam had not noticed Cathy, and the conversation that he had with Felipe just now also made him a little distracted.

He absent-mindedly made breakfast only to find that Felipe was no longer there.

He thought that perhaps Cathy might still be asleep, so he went to call the siblings, who were playing in the study, over for breakfast.

Yesterday’s rain had not stopped, but the rain was much lighter now.

Felipe walked forward silently under the light rain with wounds all over his body as he recalled all the cruel things he had done to Cathy. He played them over and over again in his mind.

He remembered that it was because of him that the two kids’ lives were lost.

Was he crazy at that time?

He must have been very cruel to treat her so cruelly.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1568
Unknowingly, Felipe had been walking for a while before he stopped in his steps and looked up. When he looked up, he realized that everything in front of him was gray.

He really wished that he could go back in time, but everything was too late.

Some things could not go back to how they were after they happened.

He closed his eyes, and his heart was filled with endless regret.


Suddenly, a fierce voice interrupted his thoughts.

Felipe opened his eyes. It turned out that there were some people asking for trouble.

He still remembered that during the time when he thought Cathy was dead, he was determined to get on the right path for Cathy. As such, he eventually gave up the business he was in before.

However, the men who were initially under him rebelled.

Even though it had been a long time since it happened, they never stopped chasing after him. He also knew that those who he had called brothers were only in it for profit and money.

In this world, the only person who would risk their own life for him was his Cathy. She was the only one who was wholehearted and had eyes only for him.

“Felipe, are you still trying to hide?” The man who was leading the group walked toward Felipe with a knife. “If you didn’t want to do this sort of business, why didn’t you at least pave a good path for your brothers?”

“Those goods are still locked away in the warehouse. They’re all money! If you don’t want them, we want them.”

“Felipe, I’ll give you one last chance to transfer the company to us. If you want to keep protecting the dead person, you’re free to do so. Just don’t be the one stopping us from getting rich. Otherwise, we’ll send you down to hell to see your dead Cathy!”

Felipe was initially numb to everything, but when he heard those people saying Cathy’s name and referring to her as the dead, his anger suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart.

When the three men saw that Felipe was not going to transfer the company to them, they ganged up on Felipe with weapons and were about to hurt him.

Although Felipe had injuries all over his body, he did not give up completely and waited for them to hurt him as he defended himself by attacking as well.

In the end, however, one person going against three was a tough challenge. When Felipe was distracted, one of them took the opportunity and plunged a sharp knife that he was holding into Felipe’s chest.

The pain of the knife tearing into his flesh suddenly spread to his limbs and bones. Felipe looked up, his darkened and red eyes drenched in rainwater. He drew out the sharp knife that was pierced into his chest.

Scarlet red blood gushed out from the wound along with his movements, and all of a sudden, it dyed the rainwater under his feet red.

When Felipe did that, the three men felt a little scared.

“You want to kill me, right? Fine, but I’ll bring all of you down with me.”


When they saw Felipe’s scary and murderous eyes, the three men could not help but feel a chill running down their backs.

Felipe grabbed the man that led them from the back and held the knife across his neck. He was about to slash it across the man’s neck, making the man shiver with fright. He almost peed his pants.

Just when Felipe was about to do something, a familiar voice hurriedly sounded from behind him. The voice was nearing them.

“Mr. Policeman, they’re here!”

“The cops?”

“The cops are here! Let’s go immediately!”

When the two other men heard that, they ran away immediately.

The man who Felipe was holding tightly took advantage of the split second when Felipe was distracted, pushed him away, and ran away quickly.

When Felipe was pushed, he staggered backward.

He had new injuries along with his old injuries. He lost his balance from exhaustion and even his consciousness gradually began to blur.

When he was about to fall, he saw the face that he wanted to see the most but did not dare to.



Cathy embraced Felipe and saw the blood flowing relentlessly out of his chest along with the scattered rain. All the forgotten scenes at the back of her mind seemed to hit her all at once…
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1569
It had been a rainy night like it was now. He was beaten up by a group of troublemakers and got injured pretty badly.

She had gone over with an umbrella and rescued him.

While hugging Felipe, Cathy was stunned in the rain.

The scene that flashed before her just now confused her for a while. She could not tell whether it actually happened or if it was all part of her imagination.

Adam, who heard the noise and ran out, saw the scene in the distance and hurried over.


Cathy suddenly returned to her senses and saw that Felipe was covered in blood. Her eyes widened in shock as her tears fell uncontrollably.

“Don’t die on me, Felipe!” she cried out. Her voice sounded heartbroken and devastated.

When Cathy cried out, Adam’s heart followed her cries as it suddenly tightened.

He ran to Cathy’s side. When he saw Felipe who had lost consciousness, he immediately called an ambulance.

Before the ambulance arrived, Adam gave Felipe first aid.

Throughout the entire thing, Cathy stood by the side, scared out of her wits. Even when the two young kids tugged at the corners of her clothes, she showed no response.

She just looked at Felipe who had lost consciousness.

Felipe was sent into the ER. The knife had pierced through his chest. Even though it did not hurt any of his vital organs, he lost a lot of blood.

When Cathy heard that Felipe needed a blood transfusion, she was the first one to go over and volunteer.

“Doctor, I have the same blood type as him. I can donate my blood for his transfusion.”

“Miss, just because you have the same blood type doesn’t mean we can be sure that your blood can be transfused. We still need to—”

“I understand. I’m very sure that my blood is suited to be transfused to him.” Cathy was very sure, and her eyes were extremely determined.

Adam stood behind Cathy. When he heard how affirmative she was, he began to feel a little uneasy.

After he accompanied Cathy to donate her blood for the transfusion, they sat in the chairs in the corridor as they waited. Eventually, Adam could not help but ask.

“Amy, you…”

Adam spoke but stopped abruptly. Suddenly, he no longer had the courage to ask because he was afraid of getting an answer that he did not want to hear.

“Adam.” Cathy turned to look at Adam. She voiced out the doubts in her heart, saying, “I’m actually the Cathy who Felipe speaks about, right?”

Adam knew that there was no way for him to hide it now. He furrowed his brows and said nothing.

From Adam’s silence, Cathy knew what the answer was.

She looked at the door of the emergency room, and her two beautiful willow-shaped eyebrows involuntarily furrowed deeply.

“Turns out he wasn’t lying to me. Turns out I really just forgot about him.”

When Adam heard that, a worry crept up in his heart. “Amy,” he called out to her and took her hand nervously. “Don’t go back to Felipe. Please, don’t ever.”

When Cathy saw how worried and anxious Adam’s handsome face looked, she gave a small smile.

“Don’t worry, Adam. What happened before has passed. I know who I’m supposed to cherish now.”

When Adam heard Cathy’s words, his erratic heartbeat finally calmed down.

Cathy turned around and continued looking at the closed door of the emergency room. Somehow, the smile on her face disappeared, but the image of that day gradually became clearer in her mind.

The next day.

Madeline spent the night at the manor and slept fairly comfortably.

After she quietly called Jeremy, she walked out of the room after taking a shower.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1570
She initially wanted to find an excuse to go out, but when she got downstairs, she happened to see Carter and his mother, Camille, seated in the dining room.

When Camille saw Madeline coming downstairs, she proactively invited her. “Come and have breakfast with us.”

Carter added, “Come here. I happen to have something to ask you too.”

Madeline had no choice but to walk to the dining table and sit down.

Although she did not know what was going on, she could clearly tell that the way Camille looked at her was different from before.

When Madeline was thinking about it, she heard Camille speak.

“I was very satisfied with the dinner you made yesterday. I made today’s breakfast myself, so you should try it.”


‘Did she actually make breakfast for me?’

Madeline was really surprised and became more certain about the severity of Camille’s peanut allergy.

“Have your breakfast first. I’ll discuss it with you afterward.” Carter glanced at Madeline with a slight smile.

Madeline nodded and did not want to say anything more.

She tried the breakfast prepared by Camille and it was indeed delicious.

Sure enough, the women of the Louis family were not only beautiful but also very good at cooking.

Madeline never thought that she would also enter that family. After she figured out why Carter was investigating Jeremy, she would leave immediately.

“I haven’t been in Glendale for long. I heard that you’re from Glendale. Can you be my tour guide and take me around town?” Camille requested.

Madeline wanted to go back to Jeremy and was looking for a reason to decline, but Carter agreed on behalf of her.

“Eveline has nothing better to do anyway. She’ll accompany you for a walk around town.”

“…” Madeline had nothing to say.

Meanwhile, Camille gave a very satisfied smile.

Madeline remembered that Carter had something to tell her, but after breakfast, he asked the driver to take her and Camille out.

The rain had not stopped, but it got lighter.

Madeline still wore a mask out of habit so that she would not meet acquaintances on the street and bring unnecessary trouble to herself.

Camille did not say anything about Madeline either but instead, she started to admire Madeline after what happened last night.

“What other relatives do you have in Glendale? How did you and Carter meet? How long have you known each other? How come you’re coincidentally called Eveline Montgomery too?” Camille seemed like a future mother-in-law who wanted to know more about Madeline.

Madeline thought for a while and felt that the only question she could answer was the last one.

She smiled a little. “My mother gave me that name. I don’t know why it’s so coincidental either.”

Camille did not seem to be satisfied with the answer. “Then you and Carter—”

“Right in front is Glendale Tower. It’s one of the more famous attractions in Glendale. I’ll take you there.” Madeline interrupted the question Camille had hoped to receive an answer to and marched forward.

Camille felt that Madeline was deliberately avoiding the question, but she was not the kind of person who insisted on getting to the bottom of the matter, so she did not continue asking her and followed Madeline’s footsteps.

Not far away under a tree beside the road, a black van slowly stopped. Two men quickly got out of the car and strode toward Madeline and Camille.

Madeline was thinking of an excuse to leave when she suddenly heard messy and hurried footsteps behind her.

She looked back vigilantly and saw two men wearing masks. They did not look like good people and were sprinting toward her and Camille.

Madeline sensed that something was wrong and pulled Camille along.

Camille was still looking at the surrounding scenery and did not know what was going on. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Madeline. “Why are you pulling me?”

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