Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1701-1710

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1701
Madeline had not been able to contact Fabian the entire time. She also did not know where Fabian had taken Lillian. Despite her uneasiness throughout this ordeal, she still believed that Fabian would certainly not hurt Lillian.

“Linnie, I know where Fabian had taken Lily.” Jeremy sent Lillian’s location to Madeline’s phone.

This surprised Madeline. “Did you put a GPS tracker on Lillian?”

“That’s the work of our precious son,” Jeremy looked proud as he said that. “Even though Jack is only, he could sometimes think more comprehensively than we could.”

Madeline strongly agreed with this fact.

There were several instances where Jeremy had managed to save Madeline from trouble in the nick of time thanks to her son.

However, upon seeing Lilian’s location, Madeline’s heart started racing again.

“Why’s Lily in the hospital? Why did Fabian take Lily to the hospital when she’s fine?”

“Linnie, let’s not worry too much yet. We’re heading over now, and we’ll know what happened as soon as we get there,” Jeremy comforted Madeline with a soft voice.

Madeline, however, was still feeling anxious, and this feeling continued to eat at her on the way to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Madeline was the first to get out of the car and went into the hospital. She ran hurriedly toward the outpatient service following the location Jeremy had sent her.

In her hurry, Madeline ran into a man as they both rounded the same corner.

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m in a hurry…”

While Madeline was apologizing, she lifted her gaze to see a familiar face.

Compared to how he had previously looked, the handsome face in front of her had more hints of maturity.

“Fabian, I guess this counts as bumping into you,” Madeline said knowingly. “Why did you cut off all contact with us? Additionally, why did you take Lily away after getting off the plane? Where’s Lily? Why did you bring her to the hospital?”

Fabian listened to all of Madeline’s questions with a calm expression. His face, which used to have a self-indulgent look to it, let out a small smile.

“That’s a lot of questions. Which one would you like me to answer first?” Fabian’s tone was completely different from that of the past. His friendly, carefree tone was now laced with detachment and coldness.

Madeline got straight to the heart of the matter as well. As a mother, Madeline was most concerned about her precious daughter right now.

“First, tell me where’s Lily.” Fabian turned his head and looked behind him. “Lily’s in the doctor’s office.”

Madeline wanted to run past Fabian to the doctor’s office as soon as she heard the answer.

“However, it’s best if you’re mentally prepared.”

Madeline heard his sudden words as she walked past Fabian.

She abruptly stopped in her tracks; her heart started to feel uneasy again.

Madeline turned, looking at the side of Fabian’s cold face. “What do you mean, Fabian? What do you mean by that?”

After Madeline had said that, Jeremy too arrived hurriedly.

Jeremy briefly met Fabian’s eyes before shifting his gaze away, indifferent. “Linnie, what’s wrong?”

Madeline gently shook her head, her eyes glued to Fabian’s face. “Fabian, explain to me, clearly, what you just said. What do you mean by ‘mentally prepared’?”

Jeremy could immediately tell that something was off with these words. “Fabian, why did you say that? Where’s my daughter?”

Fabian, looking at the frantic faces of Madeline and Jeremy, slowly lifted his hand and handed them a medical test report.

“The doctor suspects that Lily has leukemia.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1702

Fabian’s answer, like a thunder in clear weather, shocked Madeline and Jeremy. The weight of the news felt like a sudden, heavy downpour, drenching them head to toe.

Madeline’s vision went blank, as though all the oxygen in her body had been sucked out.

“Linnie!” Jeremy supported Madeline, who seemed to be on the verge of fainting.

Madeline, suddenly roused from her state, shot a glance at Fabian, then turned around and ran toward the doctor’s office nearby.

Jeremy too glanced at Fabian, then quickly chased after Madeline. “Linnie, slow down.”

He was worried about her, but at the same time, he was also worried about Lillian.

‘No, there must be a mistake.

‘Lily has been fine all this while. How would she have leukemia?’

Jeremy kept denying this in his heart, as did Madeline.

When they reached the doctor’s office, Madeline pushed the door open. As the doctor was about to speak upon seeing Madeline and Jeremy, they heard Lillian calling out to Madeline lovably, “Mom.”

Madeline swiftly ran to Lillian and squatted in front of her. “Lily, Lily, tell me. Where does it hurt? Let me take a good look at you.”

Madeline asked incoherently. Tears fell down her cheeks as she spoke.

Fabian’s words just now were like a sharp sword cruelly piercing through her heart, which now felt like it was bleeding profusely.

“Linnie, let’s calm down so that we don’t frighten Lily. Let’s ask the doctor first.” Jeremy walked over and gently patted Madeline’s shoulder, then handed Madeline a handkerchief to wipe the tears that were overflowing from her eyes.

Madeline recomposed herself, then turned toward the doctor.

“Doctor, we…”

“You’re Lillian’s parents?” the doctor asked instead.

Madeline and Jeremy nodded in tandem. “We’re her parents.”

“You’re just in time.” The doctor said and looked at Lillian in pity. “Your friend had sent your daughter over for a checkup. When I was examining the little one’s condition, I noticed that she was bleeding excessively. There could be something wrong with her blood clotting capability, that is why I suspect that she has leukemia.”

Upon hearing the doctor’s answer, Madeline’s mind went blank again.

“Linnie, Linnie, stay strong.” Jeremy held Madeline’s shoulder to comfort her.

In truth, his heart was also in great pain right now, as though it was being sliced to bits. However, as a man, as a husband, he could not let himself display his sadness and worry.

Although there was a raging storm in his heart, he had to hold out, holding up the umbrella amidst the tempest. For her, and for their children.

Madeline fought back her tears. She turned to look at Lillian who blinked her huge eyes, then felt waves of excruciating pain.

The child was barely five. Pure and bright, she was still young and ignorant, yet she had to endure this kind of pain.

Madeline suddenly felt exhausted. All she wanted was to have a peaceful life with her family, but such times always seemed out of her reach.

“You don’t have to worry for the time being. This is still merely my conjecture. We’ll have a concrete answer once we’ve completed a more comprehensive examination on the child.”

However, following the doctor’s hopeful words, Fabian’s cold voice drifted from the entrance of the doctor’s office.

“There’s no need to wait for the result.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1703
Madeline and Jeremy turned toward the voice and saw Fabian slowly walking into the office.

He gazed at the little one, who was standing at a side, blinking her clear, large eyes at him. He could not help but frown slightly.

“We basically could confirm that Lily has this disease,” Fabian answered with certainty. “I’ve already reminded you to be mentally prepared.”

“Fabian, how would you know that my daughter has this disease? Why did you find my daughter immediately after getting off the plane?” Jeremy questioned, feeling doubtful.

“Can’t I come back to see an old friend?” Fabian seemed to be downplaying his answer. He was even teasing the five-year-old Lillian as an old friend.

Madeline resisted waves of pain crashing against her as she turned back toward Lillian.

She had been so distressed earlier that she only just noticed the thick layer of gauze covering Lillian’s knee.

“Lily, what happened here?”

Lillian lowered her head and, for a few seconds, stared intensely at her knee. Although the little girl tried to speak, she still could not make a sound.

Suddenly, Madeline, dazed, felt the pain in her heart intensified.

How could she forget that her precious daughter could not say anything aside from “daddy” and “mommy”?

“I brought her to an amusement park, and she fell when I wasn’t paying attention,” Fabian explained from behind Madeline.

“You brought my daughter to an amusement park?” Jeremy’s confusion deepened further. He lowered his gaze and looked at his wife and daughter, then he looked askance at Fabian. “Come out for a moment. I have something to ask you.”

Fabian frowned. He seemed unwilling to comply, but in the end, he turned to follow Jeremy out of the doctor’s office.

“What do you want to talk to me about, Mr. Whitman? My time is precious now.”

These words made Jeremy realize that he could no longer recognize this person.

“Fabian, could you tell me why you’ve been cutting off contact with us? When you had left, why did you go out of your way to meet with my daughter?”

After listening to Jeremy’s questions, Fabian momentarily seemed reticent. A while later, he removed a pack of exquisitely packaged cigarettes from his pocket, then he took out a cigarette, seemingly about to smoke.

“This is a hospital,” Jeremy reminded him.

Fabian paused briefly, but then quickly smiled. Nonchalantly, he turned and walked to the emergency staircase at the end of the corridor, then lit the cigarette.

He smoked and puffed away with expert ease.

A white cloud of smoke faintly floated past his face, obscuring his facial expression.

This was the first time Jeremy saw Fabian like this. Now, Jeremy was more certain that the Fabian before him and the Fabian he and Madeline had known were two different people.

“Do I need a reason to cut ties with you? I don’t have a special relationship with you guys anyway. It’s just that we used to get along.”

Fabian answered, his words were devoid of emotion as if he was talking to a stranger.

Jeremy could sense Fabian’s resolve in this, so he did not want to get tangled in this any further.

“Alright. Since you want to cut all ties with us and have even blocked Linnie’s number and mine, why are you still contacting my daughter? You went to the kindergarten and took my daughter away the moment you got off the plane. You even brought her to the amusement park. Why are you so eager to curry favor with my daughter?”


Fabian repeated the word as if he was talking to himself. Suddenly, he laughed.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1704
“No reason. I want to see her, so I did.”

Fabian answered matter-of-factly.

“That’s why you want to cut ties with us? It’s because you want to?”

“Uh-huh,” Fabian replied with a half-smile as he lit the cigarette. “If there’s anything else you want to ask, I can answer you now so that you two won’t keep contacting me through all sorts of channels.”

Fabian’s answer clearly showed that he had no intention whatsoever of maintaining contact with them after this.

Jeremy’s long eyebrows knitted together as he was about to speak, but then he heard hurried yet familiar footsteps behind him.

He looked back and saw Madeline running toward him with a worried expression.

Jeremy, not in the mood to deal with Fabian, quickly turned and ran to Madeline.

“Linnie, did something happen to Lily?” he asked with concern, fearing that the situation would go from bad to worse.

The look on Madeline’s face looked especially frightful, worrying him further.

Madeline glanced at Fabian, who was enjoying his cigarette by the window, then averted her gaze and shook her head. “Jeremy, let’s go home. The doctor said that Lily needs a comprehensive examination as soon as possible, only then we could arrange for her treatment.”

“Okay.” Jeremy held Madeline’s hand and turned, no longer paying any attention to Fabian.

Madeline glanced at Fabian again, but he only stood by the window without any response as he continued to smoke.

As per the doctor’s advice, Jeremy and Madeline brought Lillian for a comprehensive examination. When the results were out, it was just like Fabian had said–there was a problem with Lillian’s blood clotting capability.

This meant that when the little girl bled, it might be impossible for her to stop the bleeding.

It was still fortunate that the little girl’s situation was yet to be considered terrible. At the very least, she had not reached the stage where a bone marrow transplant was required.

Nevertheless, it was not that much better.

Madeline did not keep Lillian’s illness a secret. When their family members learned of Lillian’s physical condition, they were all shocked and heartbroken.

Madeline, utterly deflated, stood by the French window. She looked at Lillian who was being held in Karen’s arms, then closed her eyes, feeling exhausted.

Jeremy approached Madeline. “Linnie.”

He held her gently and said, “We’ve been through so many difficult times together. I believe that we can get through this as well.”

Madeline, feeling dejected, leaned her head against Jeremy’s shoulder. “Last time, it was me. Now, it’s my daughter’s turn. I’m so scared that Lily would go through the hardships I’d gone through.”

“She won’t.” Jeremy tightened his embrace. “Lily will get better. Trust me, okay?”

Madeline lifted her gaze toward her precious daughter, who was completely oblivious of it all. She saw Lillian sitting on Karen’s lap. There was an innocent smile on Lilian’s pinkish cheeks, and her adorable hand was still fiddling with the candy that bonded her with Fabian.

Madeline could not help but frown. She moved out of the embrace and faced the man; her expression was serious while his was gentle.

“Jeremy, what did you and Fabian talk about? Did he tell you why he wants to cut ties with us?”

Jeremy frowned and shook his head. “He became kind of strange.”

“I think so too. It’s like he’s another person. Why on earth has he turned out this way?”

Jeremy pondered, then ventured a guess. “Perhaps this was the reason.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1705

The puzzlement in Madeline’s eyes intensified. “What reason?”

Jeremy seemed to hesitate for a few seconds, but he suddenly shook his head gently. “Nothing. Maybe I’m just overthinking. Linnie, let’s briefly discuss Lily’s treatment.”

He changed the subject, but he was starting to find Fabian’s change suspicious.

Since Madeline was now more concerned about Lillian’s disease, she did not question.

In the following days, Madeline and Jeremy had rushed between a few hospitals, and eventually found a place for Lillian in the hospital that was well-known and most authoritative in treating leukemia.

Madeline could not stand seeing such a young child going through so much pain. She had initially expected the child to swiftly recover and be able to speak, but they were merely jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Moreover, Eloise’s mind had yet to recover even now, so Madeline truly felt mentally exhausted.

The night came as usual.

Madeline was at the side of Lillian’s bed. After Lilian had fallen asleep, she tip-toed out of the room and into the corridor for some fresh air.

Presently, Jeremy was on his way home to get some daily necessities, so he would only be back a while longer. Now, there was only Madeline.

Madeline was about to sit down for a short rest when a nurse walked over and asked, “Excuse me, are you Lillian Whitman’s mother?”

“I am.”

“This is about Lilian’s information. I’d need you to verify them.”

Madeline glanced at the room. Even though the child was sleeping soundly, she was still quite worried.

The nurse, noticing Madeline’s worries, said, “I’ll ask my colleague to watch over the child. Don’t worry.”

“Thanks,” said Madeline as she followed the nurse to the nursing station.

However, the moment Madeline left, a figure swiftly walked over from the end of the corridor and sneaked into Lillian’s room.

The tall and upright figure went straight toward Lillian’s bed. Seeing the peaceful face still soundly asleep, the man reached out and caressed her cheeks. He then placed a bundle of powder blue baby’s breaths on the cabinet by the bed.


The door to the room opened suddenly. A nurse walked in and eyed the man, who stood next to the bed, with suspicion.

“Who are you?”

He briefly froze when he heard the words, then retracted his hand.

He immediately turned to leave without a word.

“Hey, who are you?” Confused, the nurse quickly and vigilantly chased after him.

The man, however, was quick on his feet, so she was unable to catch up.

Worried that something could happen to the unguarded Lillian, the nurse dared not continue her pursuit. She turned back and returned to the room, helping Madeline to watch over Lillian.

Barely a moment had passed, Madeline returned, and the nurse explained to her what had just happened.

Upon hearing the nurse’s description of the man, Madeline could roughly guess who it was.

She requested the nurse to continue watching over Lillian, then turned and headed toward the end of the corridor.

The hospital was very quiet at night. Madeline reached the door to the emergency staircase and saw that there was light coming from the staircase. This meant that the sound-activated light was turned on, clearly indicating that someone was there.

Without hesitation, Madeline pushed the door open and went in.

A faint smell of tobacco drifted over, and Madeline saw Fabian standing by the staircase, a cold look on his face as he smoked.

Fabian was slightly shocked to see Madeline, but he still managed to look very calm.

“You’re still as smart as ever, figuring out that I’m here, my lady,” Fabian said in a mocking tone all the while addressing Madeline as “my lady” like how he used to.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1706
“Didn’t you want to cut ties with us? Why are you still visiting my daughter then?” Madeline asked. “Fabian, can you tell me what kind of mentality you’re having right now?”

“What kind of mentality…” Fabian murmured in repetition. He tapped his cigarette with his finger lightly. The tip of the flickering cigarette turned into ashes that fell by the side of his feet silently.

“Heh.” Suddenly, he laughed.

Madeline suddenly felt that the look in Fabian’s eyes had changed. His gaze now was filled with a kind of hostility.

“If I tell you I have a mentality for revenge, what would you say to that?”


That word was very serious.

Madeline frowned. “Are you going to take revenge on Jeremy and me? Do you think we’re the ones responsible for Yorick’s and Lana’s deaths?”

Fabian narrowed his eyes, and there was a hint of disappointment in them.

“I thought we were friends this whole time, but eventually, I realized that I was just being used by you guys. Eveline Montgomery, we’re not friends anymore.”

Madeline was getting more and more confused as she listened to him. She did not know why Fabian would think that all of a sudden.

“Fabian, I think there’s some misunderstanding between you and us.”

“It’s not a misunderstanding.” Fabian denied this decisively before continuing, “Eveline, from now on, we can only be enemies.”

When Madeline saw the decisiveness and firmness in Fabian’s eyes, she felt that she did not need to explain too much.

“Alright, if you insist on thinking this way, then please go ahead. However, don’t approach my daughter, okay?”

After she said that, Fabian lifted his hand to take a drag on his cigarette.

“I think it’s hard for me to do that, Eveline.”

“Fabian, you—”

“Go look at your precious daughter. Watch out, something might happen if you’re not by her side,” Fabian reminded her profoundly.

Madeline’s expression changed. She immediately turned around and ran back.


‘Did Fabian deliberately lure me here?

‘Please don’t let anything happen to you, Lily!’

Madeline thought in her heart. Her heartbeat became more and more frenetic along with her footsteps.

When Jeremy arrived at the hospital, he saw Madeline hurriedly running over before he got to the door of the ward. He quickened the pace of his footsteps and sped toward Madeline. The two of them rushed over from both directions to the door of the ward.

“Linnie, what happened? Did something happen to Lily?” Jeremy’s face was filled with worry.

Madeline did not have time to explain the situation to him. She turned around and pushed the door open.

“Lily!” Madeline ran over while losing her head out of fear. She saw that there was no one in bed. The nurse from just now was gone as well.

A cold chill surged from the bottom of her feet, and Madeline felt as though every cell in her body had turned cold.

“Lily… Lily is gone.” Madeline looked at the empty bed with a despondent look. Her eyes went red in that instant.

“Why did Fabian do this? Why? What do we have to do with Yorick’s and Lana’s deaths? Why does he want to seek revenge on us?”

“Linie, what are you talking about? What happened to you?” Jeremy held Madeline’s shoulders in concern. He forced her to look at him. When he saw Madeline’s teary and red eyes, his heart ached even more.

“Linnie, did you see Fabian just now? What did he say to you?”

Madeline looked into Jeremy’s eyes with a lifeless look in her eyes. When she was about to say something, the nurse who had been watching Lillian just now appeared at the door. “Mrs. Whitman, what are you doing here?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1707
When Madeline heard the nurse asking her this, she abruptly came back to her senses.

She strode over to the nurse and grabbed the nurse’s hand. “Nurse, where is my daughter? Why is my daughter missing?”

“Missing?” The nurse blinked in confusion. “Lillian is sleeping in the next ward. How is she missing?”

“Next ward?”

Madeline immediately understood and noticed that this was not Lillian’s ward after all.

She ran out of the ward and into the next ward.

When she saw Lillian sleeping soundly in bed, Madeline’s racing heart started to calm down.

“Linnie.” Jeremy got behind Madeline and lifted his hand to caress her short hair.

Linnie turned around abruptly and hugged Jeremy. She could not hold in the tears that were welled up in her eyes.

Jeremy held Madeline while feeling sorry for her. He comforted her, saying, “I’ll always stay with you. Just cry if you want to. Don’t force yourself.”

Madeline bit her lip and nestled tightly against Jeremy’s chest as she let all her tears out.

However, she did not dare to cry too loud. She was worried that she would wake her little princess who was sleeping.

She was terrified. She was scared that something had happened to Lillian earlier, so that was why that situation happened just now. She did not realize she had walked into the wrong ward.

Madeline stayed in Jeremy’s arms for a very long time before finally recomposing herself.

When they saw that their child was still sleeping soundly, Madeline and Jeremy walked to the chairs outside the ward to sit down.

Madeline told Jeremy the conversation she had with Fabian just now. After Jeremy heard about it, he was not surprised. It seemed that he had expected this.

“I had also wondered if Fabian had suddenly changed because of Lana’s and Yorick’s deaths,” Jeremy stated the guesses he had in his heart.

However, Madeline thought that it was not so simple. “Yorick was executed because he violated the law and the same for Lana. She did so many things and in the end, she was killed by Ryan. The deaths of the siblings had nothing to do with us at all. Why is Fabian blaming us?”

Jeremy also thought that Madeline was making sense. He furrowed his handsome sword eyebrows and parted his thin lips, saying, “Perhaps something we don’t know about happened in between. If not, Fabian wouldn’t have said that to you either.”

‘I thought we were friends this whole time, but eventually, I realized that I was just being used by you guys. Eveline Montgomery, we’re not friends anymore.’

This statement repeated in Madeline’s and Jeremy’s heads at the same time.

“Linnie, something must have happened to Fabian and that was why he said this.”

“But I’ve never used him before. At first, I thought he was very unreliable and looked like a hedonistic son of rich parents who only know how to have fun, but gradually, I started to treat him as someone I could trust,” Madeline said before sighing in pity.

“Now, he’s treating us as enemies and the people he’s going to take revenge on. I’m so worried if he’ll do something to Lily.”

“I don’t think he will.” Jeremy gave her a firm answer. He grabbed Madeline’s hand and looked at her gorgeous eyes that were filled with worry. “Linnie, trust me and trust Fabian too. Trust that he won’t hurt Lily.”

Madeline nodded and leaned her head against Jeremy’s shoulder.

However, when she was about to close her eyes to rest for a while, her heart started racing all of a sudden.

Jeremy could see that something was not right with Madeline. “Linnie, what’s going on? Where does it hurt?”

Madeline sat up and tried her best to keep herself calm, but she could not stop her heart that was racing again. “Jeremy, I think it’s starting again. The poison is flaring up…”

Madeline lifted her hand to put it where her heart was. Her face was also gradually becoming paler and paler.

Jeremy’s expression changed as well. He carried Madeline bridal style and placed her on the carer’s bed in the ward. “Linnie, don’t be scared. You’ll be fine.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1708

Madeline replied weakly. At that moment, she felt as though cold waves were furiously crashing against her. It was as if she had fallen into an icy lake where she was slowly sinking. That bone-piercing feeling was about to drown out all of her senses.

“I’m so cold…”

Madeline murmured.

Jeremy quickly wrapped Madeline tightly with the blanket, and at the same time, he increased the temperature of the air conditioner. However, Madeline was still shaking uncontrollably.

Aside from feeling sorry for her, Jeremy could not do anything. This feeling of not being as capable as he wished to be caused him to feel distraught and anxious.

Jeremy calmed himself down and reached out to stroke Madeline’s cheek. He comforted her in a soft voice.

“Linnie, hold on. I’ll call Adam now. You’ll get through this.”

“Okay…” Madeline blinked.

She knew she would be able to make it through.

Shirley had told her she would not die as well. She would only have to suffer this kind of unknown torment.

Plus, it was also unknown what would happen the next time this happened.

While comforting Madeline, Jeremy made a call to Adam. However, he could not get through to Adam no matter how he tried.

He tried to call Cathy but it was the same result.

Jeremy looked at the time and thought that it would be impossible for Adam and Cathy to be sleeping at this hour. However, they were not picking up his calls.

As he watched Madeline suffering from the pain, he quickly called the dean of this hospital whom he was familiar with. After a while, an experienced doctor in a white coat walked into the room with a stabilizer.

Jeremy stood at one side as he watched the doctor inject the stabilizer into Madeline’s vein. However, Madeline’s chills and heartache only slightly got better for the time being.

The doctor said that he could not do anything as well. Madeline’s symptoms did not look like normal symptoms of any disease.

After the doctor left, Jeremy stayed next to Madeline for a while. After making sure that Madeline was not in as much pain anymore, he called the nurse over to take care of Madeline and his daughter before he hurriedly left.

He drove to Carter’s villa in Glendale. After he arrived, the bodyguards at the gate stopped Jeremy from entering.

Jeremy immediately beat up the two bodyguards and walked to the living room.

After the two bodyguards that had been defeated got up from the ground, they quickly ran over to chase after Jeremy. They even wanted to take action against Jeremy, but before they could do anything, Jeremy punched them. The two fell to the ground while wailing in pain.

“Shirley Brown, get the hell out!”

Jeremy yelled at the stairs.

Adam and Cathy, who were in the room, ran to the door when they heard this.

They wanted to go out but the door was locked from outside. They could not open the door at all.

“The poison in Eveline must be flaring up again, so that’s why Jeremy is here.” Adam’s guess was correct.

Cathy started to become worried as well. “What should we do now? Is Evie in danger?”

“I’m not sure.” Adam frowned. When he thought about Madeline’s situation back then, he could not make any judgments.

Adam lifted his hand and slammed on the door with all his might.

“Open the door!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1709
Adam tried to make some noises to get Jeremy’s attention while he was downstairs.

Cathy also tried to slam on the door while screaming. However, there seemed to be no sounds of activities around them even after a long while. It appeared that no one had heard them.

Jeremy heard some noises, but he did not know where the noises came from. He only knew that someone was repeatedly knocking.

He felt that something was amiss. When he was about to go upstairs, he saw Carter at the staircase.

“Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to come to my house so late at night, Mr. Whitman?” Carter’s face was as cold as an iceberg as he came downstairs emotionlessly.

“Whose name were you calling out just now? Shirley?”

When Jeremy saw Carter pretending to look confused, he looked at him coldly.

“Carter, stop pretending. Shirley is part of this whole plan with you. I already know it.”

“Oh? Really?” Carter asked coldly with a calm and indifferent expression. “If that’s the case, why are you still here? If you know we’re in this together and that the poison in your wife’s body doesn’t have an anti-toxoid test reagent, why did you still come to me?”

“You don’t have to teach me how to do things! Get me Shirley!” Jeremy did not have time to beat around the bush with Carter. His heart was now occupied with the desire to ease Madeline’s discomfort. However, only Shirley was able to help Madeline now because she was the person who created this poison.

When Carter saw Jeremy so deeply worried about Madeline, a small smile appeared on the corners of his lips.

He asked a maid to bring some tea over. He sat down on the sofa leisurely to drink the tea.

“Carter, ask Shirley to come out. I know she must be here.” Jeremy was sure. It had always been easy for him to track someone in Glendale.

If he wanted to find someone, he would have no problems doing it.

He also knew about Shirley and Carter coming to Glendale back then.

Carter slowly took a sip of his tea. “Even if she comes out to see you, she doesn’t have an anti-toxoid test reagent for you. Even if she does, it’s only able to ease your wife’s condition temporarily.”

“Don’t spew nonsense with me.” Jeremy’s patience was wearing thin. “Carter, you can do whatever you want in St. Piaf, but let me remind you, this is Glendale!”

Carter’s hand that was holding the teacup froze.

It looked as if he was contemplating something. After that, when he was about to say something, a loud bang came from upstairs. It sounded as if someone had kicked a door open.

Jeremy and Carter looked in the direction of the sound at the same tie. The next second, Shirley’s figure appeared in their vision.

Carter’s gaze turned cold. He placed his teacup down and stood up coldly.

When Jeremy saw Shirley, he quickly ran to her.

He grabbed her wrist and tightened his grip on her without mercy. “Shirley, where is the anti-toxoid test reagent? Give it to me now!”

Shirley knitted her beautiful eyebrows in pain. Then, she curled her red lips into a smile.

“Is the poison flaring up again?”

“Stop asking when you clearly know the answer. Where is the anti-toxoid test reagent?”

“I need time to develop the test reagent and I don’t have any extra anti-toxoid test reagent with me anymore,” Shirley said carefreely. However, after she said that, she could feel the grip on her wrist tightening.

“Really? No more? Alright!” Jeremy said and pulled Shirley forcefully into the direction of the door.

When they had only taken a few steps, Carter’s cold and indifferent voice could be heard from behind them.

“Let go of her.” His tone was indistinct but filled with imposing chills.

Jeremy ignored Carter’s warning and continued dragging Shirley over to the door.

The next second, Jeremy suddenly heard the sound of someone loading a bullet into a gun. Then, a force came whooshing behind his ear at lightning speed.

His hearing was exceptional and he was very nimble.

In just a split second, he dodged the bullet that flew past the side of his face.

Carter had fired the gun.

Jeremy stopped, and Shirley, who witnessed this scene, was startled.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1710
She looked at Carter in disbelief. She saw him holding a gun with a cold expression. His face looked frigid, like he had on an emotionless poker face.

His elegant and noble image in front of others was completely reversed at this moment.

Right now, he looked like a cold-blooded and cruel duke of the night. He had a dark aura emitting from his body.

He clearly wanted to prevent Jeremy from taking Shirley away just now, so that was why he had fired the gun.

‘Did he do that for me?’

Shirley’s heart started racing.

Carter held the gun and walked toward Jeremy.

“No one can take anything away from my manor in front of me. It doesn’t matter if this is Glendale.”


This description caused Shirley’s initially gleeful heart to plunge into the abyss.


How would he care about her?

He had been using her this entire time. Their relationship was like that of a master and a servant.

“Jeremy, let her go,” Carter requested, his eyes looking icy.

However, Jeremy’s eyes looked colder than Carter’s. “Don’t think I’ll let her go if I don’t get the anti-toxoid test reagent.”

After he said that, a slight change appeared on Carter’s emotionless face.

“Jeremy, are you sure?”

“I’m very sure. You guys are the ones who are not sure.”

Jeremy said and dragged Shirley away even harder.

“Jeremy, you’re making me feel that you’re a challenging person to deal with,” Carter said this profound statement suddenly.

Jeremy could sense the profoundness in Carter’s statement, and he also realized that this man might take action against him. As such, Jeremy was prepared.

However, at this moment, two sets of frantic and messy footsteps could be heard from upstairs.


Adam’s voice could be heard soon after.

Jeremy’s leaving footsteps and Carter’s act of pulling the trigger abruptly stopped.

Thud, thud, thud. Adam quickly came downstairs, followed by Cathy.

Jeremy finally understood why he had failed to get through to Cathy and Adam. They had been trapped here.

Jeremy looked askance at Shirley, his eyes filled with disdain. “You’re even taking action against your brother. Shirley Brown, you’re truly despicable.”

Shirley smiled when Jeremy ridiculed her.

“Of course. If not, how else would I develop such poison to use on humans?”


“You’re in a lot of pain, right? You’ve experienced that kind of pain before, but now, it’s your wife’s turn.” Shirley chuckled as if she was mocking Jeremy.

“Is this time different from before? She’s feeling a weight on her chest, having breathing difficulties, and experiencing chills all over her body, right?” Shirley accurately stated Madeline’s current symptoms.

Jeremy’s grip tightened, and he wanted so badly to crush this evil woman into pieces.

Shirley gritted her teeth and frowned in pain. However, she soon curled her red lips into a smirk again. “Jeremy, do you want to know what the poison will do to the woman you love the most at the final stage?”

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