Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1711-1720

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1711
The final stage.

Jeremy’s heart suddenly sank. He could see Shirley’s face betraying a sly expression as she spoke.

Shirley’s smile widened further upon seeing the worry in Jeremy’s eyes.

“Forget it, I won’t reveal it to you now so that you won’t get worried.”

“Shirley!” Jeremy’s patience was depleted. His deep, narrow eyes glared with a cold edge. “I’m not in the mood to waste time with you. I want the anti-toxoid test reagent. Do you understand?”

“Hiss.” Shirley could not suppress her pain. Her wrist felt like it could break anytime at Jeremy’s mercy.

Her beautiful brows snapped together. She then chuckled softly through gritted teeth, a helpless expression on her face.

“I understand, but you should also understand that I don’t have any extra anti-toxoid test reagent.”

When Jeremy heard this, his eyes emitted a ghastly murderous intent, and his thin lips pressed together. Without another word, he abruptly grabbed Shirley by her neck ruthlessly and dragged her outside.

“Ugh… Cough!”

Shirley had not expected Jeremy to be so menacing.

She immediately lost all control over her breathing. In that instant, she could see Carter’s face turning cold and fierce, as if he would explode at any second.

Just when she had thought Carter would come to her rescue, she saw Adam running over to her with a worried look on his face.

“Jeremy! Release her first! She doesn’t have the anti-toxoid test reagent, but I do. I’ve been experimenting the whole time, and I’ve almost succeeded! Really!’

Adam had deliberately emphasized that to convince Jeremy to temporarily release Shirley, who nearly suffocated.

Jeremy stopped in his tracks. He lowered his eyes and glared at Shirley in disgust before turning back to Adam.

“Do you think this kind of person is worth it? She’s unfit to be your sister.”

“This isn’t a matter of worthiness. I only know that, as a doctor, I have no intention to allow any living being to receive a death threat in my presence.”

Adam answered calmly, the panic on his face from a second ago vanished.

Jeremy peered coldly at Shirley and let out a chilling, sarcastic laugh, then suddenly released his grip.

Shirley fell onto the cold, hard floor with a thud, greedily gasping for air.

Just a moment ago, she truly had thought she would die from suffocation.

She had also thought Carter would rush over to her rescue at that moment, but even now, he merely stood by and watched, indifferent.

She had indeed mistaken that earlier shot as his care for her.

Shirley lifted her gaze and met the man’s condescending eyes. She then laughed at herself. A bitter feeling crept up her throat, and she started coughing. Unable to hold back her embarrassment any further, tears fell from the corners of her eyes as she continued coughing.

“Jeremy, bring me to Eveline. Don’t waste any more time. Hurry!” Adam reminded Jeremy.

Despite the rage that was already burning within Jeremy, Adam’s reminder prevailed. Now no longer interested to continue teaching Shirley a lesson, Jeremy wanted only to immediately return to Madeline and ease her current symptoms.

“Linnie’s in the hospital. Let’s go!” Jeremy said as he took a step out of the door.

Adam and Cathy quickly followed.

Carter watched the three of them leave and frowned.

The bodyguards awaited his orders for pursuit, but Carter gave no orders.

He walked toward Shirley who still laid sideways on the cold, hard floor. His tall and lean body towered over Shirley like an ice sculpture as he peered disdainfully at Shirley.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1712
“Did you do that on purpose? You want to free your brother, don’t you?” Carter asked coldly, the sternness expressed with the corners of his eyes and his eyebrows frightened Shirley.

“I… Cough cough… Why would I let him go?” Shirley answered Carter as she coughed. “He was the reason my parents had neglected me back then, the reason they’d sent me to study abroad. It wasn’t for my future. The fact was that they’d just wanted a better opportunity to nurture their precious son. Hmph!”

Shirley looked toward the direction where Adam had left and chuckled coldly.

“I only want to see just how great their precious, cherished son truly is.”

Shirley said this through gritted teeth.

Nonetheless, tears silently fell from the corners of her eyes. Her fists clenched as the thought of the notebook, containing her father’s handwritten, surfaced in her mind.

Upon hearing Shirley’s words and seeing the tears trickling out of the corners of her eyes, Carter’s eyes darkened.

He suddenly bent down and carried Shirley, who had still been lying on her side on the floor, in a bridal carry.

Shirley did not dare to expect much more. Being in Carter’s arms right now was exactly what she had wanted.

The hospital.

It was the middle of the night when Jeremy got back to the hospital room.

Even though Madeline had been injected with some tranquilizer, she was still shivering under the blankets.

Jeremy’s heart ached. There was nothing else he could do for Madeline.

If it was possible, he truly would endure it all in Madeline’s place.

During their departure from Carter’s villa, Adam had been informed of Madeline’s current symptoms by Jeremy.

He had first gone home to retrieve some of his things before following Jeremy to the hospital.

After a cursory examination of Madeline, he had given Madeline an injection with the anti-toxoid test reagent that he had brought with him.

After the injection, Madeline’s heart still ached, and the chills all over her body persisted. Ten minutes later, color finally returned to Madeline’s face.

On the side, Cathy shifted her gaze from the poison-afflicted Madeline to Lillian who had leukemia. The sight distressed her to the point of tears, so she turned and left the room quietly.

Soon after, Jeremy and Adam came out of the room as well.

With a serious look on his face, Adam explained the situation to Jeremy.

“I’ve injected Eveline with an analgesic that I developed. It can’t cure her completely, but it can temporarily help relieve her pain. To eliminate the poison, we’d still need to find out exactly what Shirley used in developing the poison. That’s the only way we can prescribe the right cure for Eveline.”

“That’s not something she’d tell us. She’s in this with Carter, and Carter’s goal is to get to me. Until this goal has been achieved, they’ll only be using Madeline to control me.”

In this regard, Jeremy understood clearly. He finally let go of his strong facade and sat down on the chair in exhaustion.

“Lillian has leukemia, and Linnie is in this state. Further, I’m not fully recovered. I truly don’t know when all of this will end.”

He lamented. For now, he only wanted to release the pressure he had been holding in.

Once this is over, he would still be the husband Madeline needs and the father his children want to depend on.

“It’ll all get better.” Cathy gave him her blessings. “I believe that we reap what we sow. Evie is a good person, so I’m sure she’ll be blessed.”

Jeremy smiled when he heard that. “I agree.”

His smile was quickly replaced with another frown. “Adam, since you’ve heard what Shirley said earlier, do you know what would be the symptoms that Linnie will show when the poison reaches the final stage?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1713
Adam frowned when he heard Jeremy’s question.

He only spoke after a few moments.

“I can’t be certain what symptoms would appear during the final stage, but I realize that Eveline’s flare-ups have been too frequent, and the intervals in between them were very short. This is unlike what you’d experienced back then.”

Jeremy too frowned in turn. “What does this mean?”

“This means that they want to achieve something in a very short period. Once the poison in Eveline’s body reaches its final stage, they’ll use this to coerce you into trading away something beneficial.”

Jeremy had already understood this.

The thing he wanted to know the most right now was the symptoms Madeline would exhibit.

Overwhelmed with worry, he lifted his hand to massage his forehead, exhaustion creeping out from his heart.

“I’m very sorry,” Adam suddenly apologized.

Confused, Jeremy lifted his gaze. “Why are you apologizing to me?”

“At the end of the day, she’s still my sister,” Adam simply answered.

While Jeremy understood what Adam meant, he only had gratitude and appreciation for Adam.

“You’re you, and Shirley’s Shirley. I won’t place you on the same level as her. Additionally, you’ve been helping us this entire time. If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead, and Linnie, as well as Jack, might not be alive now.”

“I am a doctor. It’s my duty to save others.” Adam repeated the same statement but then sighed in regret. “I truly don’t understand her. I’d already shown her the notebook, so why can’t she understand the trouble our parents had endured back then? Why is she still full of resentment?”

When Cathy saw Adam looking so troubled, she walked to his side and lifted her hand, patting his shoulder.

“Adam, don’t be sad. Perhaps your sister is compelled by her hardship.”

“Heh.” Adam softly laughed at himself. “What hardship could she possibly have? Her hardship is that she’s unhappy with how well our parents had treated me back then, always thinking that our parents had wanted to give up on her.”

Upon hearing Adam’s sarcastic remarks, Cathy was uncertain how to continue comforting him.

“She could be doing this for Carter.” Jeremy voiced his suspicion. “A woman would be willing to do anything for a man.”

While Jeremy was not referring to anyone specific, Cathy could not help but be stunned.


She agreed.

She wholeheartedly agreed with Jeremy’s words.

In the past, she had committed acts that went against her desires and conscience for Felipe. She had even heeded Felipe’s instructions to hypnotise Jeremy, nearly causing the demise of Jeremy and Madeline’s relationship.

This thought made Cathy blamed herself.

At the same time, it reminded her of Felipe.

He was dead now. Executed.

On that day, right before his grave, she had been taken by Carter’s men before she could bid a proper farewell.

“Cathy. Cathy.”

Cathy, still lost in thought, heard Adam calling to her.

She abruptly came back to her senses, then realized that Jeremy had gone into the room, and Adam was the only person next to her now.

“Cathy, let me drive you home first. You haven’t been back home these few days. Juan and Jan would be worried.”

Cathay nodded. “What about you, Adam?”

“I’ll move in with you.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1714
“You’re moving in with me?” Cathy felt surprised, but she also quickly figured out the reason.

“Is it because you don’t want anything else unexpected to happen to me, getting kidnapped to be used for blackmail again, so you want to protect me?”

Adam looked at Cathy without denying it.

“I don’t want you to go through any further shock. Even if they want to do anything to you again, at least I’ll be by your side to protect you.”

Cathy felt touched by Adam’s words, but they both knew that was not the same as love.

After Adam and Cathy had left, Jeremy stayed in the hospital room, watching over the two girls he cared for the most in this life.

One was his beloved wife, and the other was his precious little princess who he longed to protect. These two were so important to him, yet he could not protect them.

He lifted his hand and stroked Madeline’s cheek softly. Even the sight of her sleeping face could not dispel his anxiety.

Whenever he thought about that unknown final stage of the poison, Jeremy felt as if his heart was burning.

“Linnie, what should I do to make everything better?”

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand, kissing it again and again.

It seemed that he had never felt so helpless before. It was because this predicament was beyond his control and understanding.

That poison was developed by a specialist, so even if he were to start researching it now, it would still be too late.

The only thing he could do right now was to trust Adam. On the other hand, that woman was now essentially a fanatic. She no longer had any thoughts or opinions, and would only listen to Carter.

After Jeremy had kept watch for a night, Madeline awoke the next morning.

He could see that Madeline looked ill, her face lacking color. It was clear how much Madeline had suffered last night.

However, Madeline did not show any weakness in her. The first thing she did after waking was to check on Lillian.

When she saw that her daughter was still soundly asleep, Madeline immediately felt that her pain no longer mattered.

In the following days, Madeline and Jeremy safely stayed in the hospital to care for Lillian, whose condition stabilized too.

While Jeremy dared not inform Madeline about the poison’s final stage of the poison, Madeline did not seem bothered by the poison despite it having caused her so much pain the other night.

On Monday morning, Madeline stayed next to Lillian as usual. She watched the doctor give Lillian an injection using a syringe with a thick needle. Her little princess, barely five, pouted and widened her eyes without making a sound, let alone bursting into tears.

The sight broke Madeline’s heart into pieces. Despite Lilian’s age, her endurance and stubbornness were exactly like Madeline’s.

However, she did not hope for her precious daughter to be like her mother, shouldering so much pain like her.

After hanging the IV, Madeline caressed the little girl’s head. “You’re amazing, Lily.”

Lillian blinked her huge eyes and smiled.

Madeline felt her heart ache further as she held the little girl. “Lily, I’ll heal you no matter what.”

Lillian seemed to understand as she nodded knowingly.

Madeline truly felt relieved. She hoped that her daughter would be intelligent, but not too intelligent.

“Daddy,” the little girl suddenly called out for Jeremy.

“Daddy’s bringing Jack to see you. They’ll be here soon, so wait a little longer, Lily,” Madeline comforted Lillian in a soft voice.

Lillian blinked and suddenly, her lively, wide eyes stared toward the door, her gaze seemingly frozen.

Madeline found it odd, so she looked in the direction of the little princess’s gaze. She immediately saw an uninvited guest.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1715
Madeline stood, on her guard, and turned toward her precious daughter who remained ignorant.

She did not want to deal with this uninvited guest in front of the young child, but she was extremely uncomfortable with stepping out of the room, leaving this child alone in the room.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared to see me, Mrs. Whitman?” Mockery could be heard in the woman’s voice. “Don’t worry. I’ve heard that your daughter has an incurable disease, so I specially came here to express my sympathy,” Shirley said as she strode in, handing a bouquet of powder blue baby breaths to Lillian.

Madeline had wanted to stop her, but she did not want to frighten the child with her aggressive actions. She could only watch as Shirley tried to worm her way into being friends with Lillian.

“Lillian, these flowers are for you. Do you like them? I’ve heard that powder blue baby’s breaths are your favorite flowers. You ought to admire them properly. You might not necessarily have the chance to receive such beautiful flowers next time.”

She handed the flowers over, but Lillian did not take them. Her pair of beautiful, lively, wide eyes merely stared silently at Shirley.

Madeline could not bear watching this any further. Shirley’s words were plainly cursing her.

“Shirley, if you still have an ounce of conscience left, you’d only come at my husband and me. Do you think it’s admirable to bully a little kid?”

Shirley held the bouquet and straightened her back. Seeing Madeline enraged, Shirley’s smile further relaxed.

“Your daughter’s not an ordinary child. She’s the precious baby that’ll make you and Jeremy lose all reason.”

Shirley smiled knowingly. Madeline clearly understood the message Shirley had intended to convey with her words.

“Tch! How did you raise your children, Mrs. Whitman? I came to visit this child with good intentions. I even brought her flowers. It’s fine if she doesn’t accept my kindness, but she didn’t even thank me.”

Shirley then chuckled softly and displayed a look of realisation.

“Oh, no! How could I forget? Your precious daughter is mute. It’s because that woman, Lana, had scared your daughter into becoming mute.”

When Madeline heard this, she clenched her fists, but she had to control her emotions.

She loosened her hands and pressed her pink lips together into a faint smile.

“Well, so you know Lana?”

Shirley seemed to freeze momentarily upon hearing that. She then admitted nonchalantly, “Of course I know her. I don’t think there’s any harm in telling you now. I was the one who developed the poison that’s still in Jeremy’s body.”

Madeline was unfazed when she heard this.

“Birds of a feather indeed flock together.”


Madeline looked Shirley in the eye.

“If the reason you came here today is to strike at me, hurt me, and make me suffer, then I’ll tell you now that you’ve succeeded.

“As a mother, I would rather suffer than watch my children suffer any sickness or misery. The biggest blow for me right now is my daughter’s disease. Shirley, just as you’d hope, I, Eveline Montgomery, truly am in a lot of pain and suffering right now.”


Shirley was dumbfounded as she had completely not expected Madeline’s words.

While she was still out of sorts, she still caught sight of Madeline’s unshakable resolve in that sharp glare of hers.

“However, don’t think you’ve won just like this, Shirley. Eveline Montgomery will never crumble in the face of hardship and danger.”

When she heard Madeline’s words and saw the tenacity in her eyes, Shirley asked, “Eveline, are you truly not scared?”

“No one could be unafraid of misfortune and the unknown, but not everyone would surrender to the fear of the unknown.

Upon hearing this, Shirley’s expression changed, but a corner of her red lips lifted again.

“No, you will surrender. The reason I’m here today is to make you surrender.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1716
As Shirley was speaking, she looked at Lillian who was leaning against the hospital bed with a confused face.

She placed the baby’s breath, which had been in her hand, on the bedstand. A moment ago, Shirley’s eyes had been full of hostility and sarcasm. Her eyes were gentle as they scanned Lillian’s small face, then, with an arrogant and disdainful look, fell back onto Madeline.

“Eveline, I know you’re a special woman. You’re so special that you’re unyielding and tenacious. However, she should also know that I’m an evil woman. That is why I had especially concocted the poison in your body.”

“What about it?” Madeline asked indifferently.

Shirley’s beautiful eyes narrowed. “You already had three flare-ups. After these three stages, the poison in your body will slowly reach the final stage.”

As she spoke, she stopped for two seconds, taking two steps toward Madeline.

As Shirley confronted Madeline’s naturally stunning face which wore no makeup, Shirley’s eyes were tinged with a hint of regret and pity.

“Eveline, you won’t be able to endure the final stage.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes.” Shirley decisively gave her a firm answer. “Eveline, let me ask you a question. What’s the most terrifying and mortifying experience that you’re most reluctant to relive in your life?”

The most terrifying and mortifying experience that she was not reluctant to relive…

For some reason, Madeline felt as if her emotions were being drawn out by Shirley’s words. She immediately thought of the experience from years ago. Those extremely painful and dark memories…

At that moment, Shirley caught the uneasiness that flashed across Madeline’s eyes.

“Linnie. Linnie.”

Upon hearing the man’s gentle voice calling out to her by her side, Madeline abruptly returned to her senses. She blinked in surprise as she noticed that, unbeknownst to her, Shirley had already left, and Jeremy and Jackson were before her eyes.

Madeline forced a smile on her face quickly. “Jeremy, Jack, you’re here.”

“Mommy, what were you thinking about just now? Daddy and I were calling you the entire time, but it’s like you didn’t hear us.” Jackson lifted his handsome little face, peering at Madeline curiously.

Jeremy too was confused. “Linnie, what were you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Madeline denied it. She did not want Jeremy to worry about her when he was already so vexed, so she came up with a random lie. “I was just thinking about Lily’s condition.”

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand to comfort her. “I’ve managed to contact the most prestigious doctor in the field. Lily will recover.”

“Really?” Joy immediately appeared on Madeline’s face.

Jeremy nodded affirmatively. “I promise. Our daughter will definitely be fine.”

The man’s firm promise immediately made Madeline feel much more optimistic.

Jackson ran over to the bedside and held Lillian’s hand.

“Lily, are you in pain?” Jackson asked, pointing at the needle on Lillian’s neck.

Lillian shook her head. There was a small smile on her fair yet pinkish little face.

“It really doesn’t hurt?” Jackson was still uneasy. He felt that it must be very painful to have such a thick needle in one’s body.

Lillian pursed her lips. When she was about to shake her head, she nodded this time instead.

It hurts. How could it not?

Seeing this scene unfolded, Madeline and Jeremy felt as if their hearts had been pricked.

Jeremy patted Madeline’s shoulder. As he lifted his gaze, he noticed the bouquet of baby’s breaths next to Lillian.

“Did someone come to visit Lily?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1717
Madeline could not deny it now that Jeremey had asked.

“Yes, I guess so.”

“You guess so?”

“I… I was at the nursing station. The bouquet was already on Lillian’s bed when came back.”

Madeline avoided Jeremy’s gaze when she spoke. She knew that she was being untruthful, but she had to lie to him.

It was because she truly could not make someone up out of thin air.

If she had told him that Shirley was here, Jeremy would certainly be angry.

“Could it have been Fabian?” Jeremy guessed.

Madeline immediately followed along. “Fabian? It’s possible.”

“We’re the only people who know that Lily likes powder blue baby’s breaths. Apart from Fabian, I can’t think of anyone else,” Jeremy said, giving his analysis.

Madeline very much agreed.

Indeed. Besides their parents, who else would understand their children’s preferences?

This shows how thorough Shirley had been in researching them.

On this day, Shirley’s words Madeline kept appearing on her mind from time to time.

This poison was made especially for her. When the poison reached the final stage, there would be no way for her to endure the symptoms.

Dread, fear, and the experience she was reluctant to relive.

Madeline did not want to be affected by her words, but she could not stop herself from taking this to heart.

Based on her calculation, all three flare-ups had happened within a month. Madeline’s hunch and estimation were that this fourth flare-up would happen within this week.

Madeline did not tell Jeremy about this, but she did not know that Jeremy had already known about this.

Jeremy would go to Adam’s place every day because he was expecting Adam to develop the anti-toxoid test reagent that could cure Madeline.

Even if it could not cure Madeline, it would be fine if it could alleviate Madeline’s pain.

However, as the days went by, Adam was still unable to make good progress.

The thought that Madeline’s suffering might be even more led Jeremy to a decision.

In the evening, after notifying Madeline, Jeremy left the hospital.

He drove his car to a street away from Carter’s villa. Jeremy calmly waited in the car from sunset until nightfall, waiting for the right moment with the utmost patience.

Four to five hours later, Jeremy finally saw a car driving toward Carter’s villa.

After a few seconds of careful observation, he quickly started the car.

Shirley was just returning from elsewhere, and thinking that she was nearly home, she took out her phone to read her messages. Suddenly, there was strong light beaming at her from afar.

She reflexively raised her hand to block the light, then saw Jeremy’s unique thin eyes from the corners of her eyes.

Shirley immediately understood what was happening. Unable to block the light in the distance in time, she frantically steered the car around.

Jeremy stepped on the pedal, chasing after her. He had anticipated Shirley to be panicking now, so he further accelerated, using his car to force Shirley’s car to a dead end. He then crashed the front of his car into Shirley’s driver’s seat door.

Bang! Shirley’s car suddenly lost control and crashed into the railings, white fumes quickly rose from the car hood.

Jeremy quickly stopped his car, strode toward the door of the passenger seat of Shirley’s car, then opened the door.

Shirley was now lying on the steering wheel, unconscious. Jeremy, without hesitation, yanked Shirley out of the car, then stuffed her into his car trunk.

Carter’s villa.

Carter was sitting in the living room awaiting Shirley’s return.

The tea in his teacup was almost finished, and Shirley was still not back.

Carter pondered, feeling that something was amiss.

He called Shirley. The call got through, but no one answered the phone.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1718
Shirley always answered his call.

Carter opened a location application on his phone and quickly found the location of Shirley’s phone.

He noticed that the location of Shirley’s phone was near the villa, but it remained stationary on the spot, unmoving.

Without hesitation, Carter rose and walked to the garage. He then got into his car and went to the street near the manor following the location indicated on his phone.

Before he had arrived, Carter could see from afar that Shirley’s car had crashed into the railing, white fumes still rising out of her car hood.

Carter’s eyes darkened. He quickly got out of the car and strode toward the door of the driver’s seat.

In that second, he had no idea how much fear and anxiety he had in his heart.


Carter yelled at the driver’s seat, his voice trembling.

When there was no response, Carter felt his heart and body went cold.

He got a closer look and realized that there was no one in the car; only Shirley’s phone glowed on the phone stand.

Carter felt less uneasy now.

He swiftly observed the surroundings and noticed a dent on the side of Shirley’s car, suggesting a collision.

‘Was it an accident?


‘If this was merely an accident, why would Shirley disappear along with the culprit?’

The more Carter thought about this, the fishier it seemed. He wanted to retrieve the security footage for this place, but there would be obstacles.

This was not St. Piaf. No one would give him the green light for his actions, and he certainly could not act recklessly here.

Even though Carter felt anxious, he could only adhere to the standard procedures and
make a police report, letting the traffic police deal with this.

It was already past dinner time, and the food served on the dining table had already turned cold.

Carter had sat at the dining table for a very long time, but there was still no news from the traffic police.

No one knew what he was worried about. Even he was a little confused. It seemed that Shirley had an immensely important position in his heart.

However, he did not want Shirley to remain in this position. Not at all.

He hoped to hate her, to exact vengeance on her for leaving him years ago.

In a dark underground garage with no source of light, Shirley awoke as a pail of cold water was poured over her.

She opened her eyes. She thought she heard a loud crashing sound in her mind, then recalled what had happened before she fell unconscious.


There was completely no emotion in Jeremy’s cold voice.

Startled, Shirley lifted her head.

A ray of the chrome yellow incandescent light illuminated Jeremy’s handsome face and his firm features.

He wore a black coat and was sitting on an old chair near her, his presence emitting an intimidating chill.

Through the transom, a ray of moonlight cast into the room and fell exactly onto his alluring, bottomless eyes, reflecting a cold, silver glint in his deep gaze.

Shirley suddenly felt her body turning frigid as the terrifying chill, much colder than the biting winds of winter outside, enveloped her inch by inch.

“Jeremy, what are you trying to do?” Shirley asked directly. “Are you trying to get the anti-toxoid reagent for Eveline?”

Jeremy coldly stared at Shirley. “Will you give it to me if I ask for it?”

He chuckled softly as he asked rhetorically. “That was my initial idea, but I’ve changed my mind now.”

As he spoke, he suddenly lifted his right hand, shaking an object between his long and thin fingers.

“Do you recognize this?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1719
In the silence that followed, Shirley turned her gaze toward Jeremy’s hand.

When she saw the object in Jeremy’s hand, her expression evidently changed.

Jeremy stood, his tall and straight figure casting a dark shadow over Shirley who laid on the ground, unable to get up.

“I’m guessing that you know exactly what this is?” Jeremy slowly squatted and gently opened the syringe in his hand.

“Give someone a dose of their own medicine,” Jeremy said as he grabbed Shirley’s arm, not giving Shirley any chance to resist, then injected the anti-toxoid test reagent directly into Shirley’s vein.

Shirley frowned in pain, her eyes widening at the same time.

She could only watch as Jeremy proficiently injected the cold liquid into her veins. At that moment, she felt as if all the cells in her body were frozen.


This was the new type of poison that she developed. The AXT69. She had developed this to deal with Madeline.

However, she had not expected that the extra samples would be used on her own body in the end.

Seeing the change of emotions on Shirley’s face, Jeremy felt a hint of satisfaction within him upon exacting his vengeance.

“Now, do you now know how someone feels when they’re injected with this twisted thing which you developed?”

Jeremy mercilessly grabbed Shirley’s collar and questioned, “I won’t bother pursuing the matter of the torture and hardships I’d suffered, but now you’re using this poison on my wife. Shirley, you’re certainly vicious. Adam’s such a kind person. How did he end up with a sister like you?”

Jeremy then pushed Shirley away.

Shirley laid on the cold, hard ground, her head in a daze. The poison that had been injected into her veins was spreading inch by inch. The bone-piercing cold was completely different from what Madeline had originally experienced.

Madeline’s poison had been mixed in the red wine. To prevent her from discovering it, the poison had been colorless and tasteless.

That was how she had been able to fool Madeline into drinking the red wine.

Meanwhile, she had another use for this vial of anti-toxoid test reagent.

This was meant for an emergency, to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

However, she had not used this vial of anti-toxoid test reagent, so she always kept it in her bag with her. She had not expected that the syringe would be used on her now.

‘Was this karma?’

Shirley wondered sarcastically as she lifted her trembling hands to hug herself.

However, this would not provide any warmth. Direct injection would be far more torturous and painful than simply swallowing the poison.


She let out a grunt of pain.

Jeremy looked down on Shirley, enjoying her torment.

He did not have a single ounce of sympathy for the vicious woman who kept harming others.

One had to bear in mind, Shirley was only bearing a fraction of what Jeremy and Madeline had to bear.

Since he could not obtain the anti-toxoid test reagent to cure Madeline, he would just have to let Shirley share the same experience. Let her feel how twisted the poison she developed was!

Jeremy turned and picked up the pail of cold water, which had not been used up, then poured it on Shirley’s face.

Shirley moved her head, trying to avoid it, but her entire body was sluggish.

She trembled all over, and her mind was a mess.

“Are you cold? In a lot of pain? It even feels like you can’t breathe now, huh?” Jeremy asked, sneering.

The sight of Shirley’s face, which was gradually turning pale, brought him only joy.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1720
“Shirley, if you’re able to, you could keep on enduring it and suffer. If you can’t stand it anymore, get me the anti-toxoid test reagent. Otherwise, don’t even think about seeing the sun again in this lifetime.”

As he was about to leave after speaking, he happened to hear a customized ringtone.

He looked askance at Shirley, who could not speak at all, then walked to a side, answering the phone.


He spoke first, gently calling out to Madeline.

Madeline’s gentle and pleasant voice responded from the other end. “Jeremy, won’t you be coming to the hospital tonight? Is there still work at the company?”

Jeremy turned to glance at Shirley, then walked toward the basement door. “I’ll be done soon. I’ll head over in a moment. You should lie down and rest if you’re tired. Where’s Lily?”

“I’m not tired yet. Lily’s already asleep.”

“I’ll head over now.”

“Take your time. Drive carefully,” Madeline reminded him.

Jeremy felt a warmth in his heart, but he started to feel uneasy again at the thought of Madeline suffering from the poison very soon.

After hanging up, he walked back to Shirley.

“Have you properly thought about what you’re going to do?” he asked bluntly.

Shirley held her arms and, with great effort, lifted her eyelids.

“There’s no anti-toxoid test reagent.”

Shirley’s voice trembled as she spoke.

“The ones I gave you back then were only half-complete. They could only briefly alleviate the symptoms.”

“What did you say?” Jeremy’s eyes immediately darkened.

Shirley chuckled bitterly. “Jeremy, you could have the half-complete products, but it’s best if you let me go. Otherwise, you’d only be helplessly watching the woman you love most continue to suffer.”

“Heh.” Jeremy chuckled coldly in disdain. “If there’s no completed anti-toxoid test reagent, what is your worth to me? Do you think I need you for the half-complete test reagents? Your brother Adam’s much more talented and capable than you.”

Jeremy’s praise for Adam seemed to strike at Shirley’s vulnerable spots, and the expression on her face instantly changed.

“Nonsense! I am more talented and capable than him in this!” Shirley defended herself passionately. “I’m smarter than him, and I have a better chance of becoming a medical scientist than him. They didn’t even give me a chance! It’s their fault! It’s all their fault!”

She was suddenly growling and snarling. Her facial expression turned malevolent, showing how much this mattered to her.

No longer interested in Shirley’s mad ravings, he turned and left.

“Jeremy, get me out of here!

“This is illegal imprisonment!

“Without my anti-toxoid test reagent, Eveline could definitely not endure it!


Shirley’s heart-rending screams continued, but they were eventually cut off by the basement door.

Jeremy drove back to the hospital as if nothing had happened. The moment he saw Madeline and Lillian, he felt relieved.

Madeline was oblivious to the fact that Jeremy had gone to find Shirley, nor did she know that he had injected Shirley with the same anti-toxoid reagent poison as the one from which she was suffering. However, she inevitably found it curious that there was some dust on Jeremy’s coat.

“Jeremy, did you just come from the office?”

“Yeah, I just finished my meeting.” Jeremy did not look Madeline in the eye as he casually came up with a lie.

“Is the meeting room so filthy? Why is there so much dust on your clothes?” Madeline patted the dust on Jeremy’s shoulders with suspicion. She had wanted to help him tidy his clothes when, much to her surprise, she felt a woman’s earring in Jeremy’s pocket.

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