Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1753

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1753

Cathy and Adam looked at the source of the sound and were shocked by what they saw.

Shirley had fallen from the bed once again and it was obvious that she did it on purpose.

She could not walk, so she could only crawl. She was now crawling to the balcony.

When Adam saw this, he would be lying if he said he was not sad.

It was his sister, so he could not ignore her.

He strode to Shirley who was dragging the lower half of her body to crawl forward, reaching out to pull her up.

“Shirley, what are you doing? Are you crazy?” Adam angrily rebuked her. His emotional and angry yells only reflected how worried and concerned he was about her.

However, Shirley did not listen to him. She forcefully pulled Adam’s hand away and stared straight at him with eyes that had turned red unbeknownst to them.

“Let me go! Adam, are you so naive to think that I was telling the truth just now? I haven’t made up with you nor do I think of this place as my home. Also, I’ve never once thought of you as my brother! Let me go immediately! ”

When Adam heard this, he looked at the emotional and tearful Shirley with disappointment in his eyes.

“Do you like that man so much? You like him so much that you can throw away your dignity and self-respect, huh? Alright, go! Crawl to him like the good-for-nothing you are! ”

Adam clenched his fists, and under Shirley’s intense provocation, he let go of his hand.

Shirley fell to the cold hard floor once again. Cathy did not expect that Adam would really let go of his hand. When she wanted to go help Shirley up, it was already too late.

Shirley, who had fallen on the floor, frowned in pain but she did not make a sound. She continued to crawl to the balcony.

Her beautiful and charming eyes were filled with sparkling tears.

However, how could she match up with Carter’s walking speed when she was crawling?

Before Shirley could crawl to the balcony, she heard the familiar sound of the engine from downstairs.

She knew it was the sound of Carter leaving in his car.

She figured that she might not be able to see this man again, hence Shirley gritted her teeth and used all of her might to crawl forward. When she got to the balcony, she saw that familiar sports car speeding away from the corners of her teary eyes.


Shirley clenched her fists and watched as Carter’s car drove farther away. Her tears eventually fell drop by drop on the back of her hands.

“Heh, hehe, hahaha…”

Shirley lowered her head and started laughing at herself.

Her laughter reverberated amid the cold and biting snow and wind, sounding extremely mournful.

Carter sped all the way back to the manor.

The moment he went through the door, he saw Camille sitting upright and still on the sofa in front of him.

“You went to see her again.” It seemed that Camille knew this well and had seen through everything. “ Carter, don’t forget what you want. Are you seriously going to neglect your bright future for that woman?”

It was rare that Camille would talk to Carter in such a solemn manner.

“This is the last time, ” Carter promised. “From now on, I won’t go and see her again.”

“Good.” Camille was satisfied. Then, she said seriously, “Carter, I know you’re exceptional and you have dreams and aspirations. The future and prosperity of St. Piaf’s royalty depend on you.”

When Carter heard this, doubts appeared on his face.

Camille rarely talked to him about this. She had even mentioned previously that she did not want her son to participate in the fight among the royalty. However, she was taking the initiative to bring this up now.

There must be a reason for this.

“Carter, I’ve found a suitable candidate to be your viscountess. Not only do you know this person, but you also know her very well.

” I hope your wedding  will go smoothly  this time. ”

While Camille said that, she gestured to the butler to hand the tablet over to Carter.

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