Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1760

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1760

It was the Glendale Airport.

Based on Fabian’s words earlier, Jeremy had a feeling that Fabian might leave Glendale with Lillian.

As he predicted, after checking the flight, he found out that Fabian had got on a chartered plane that

flew from Glendale to F Country.

The plane just took off five minutes ago.

It was impossible to stop a plane, so Jeremy could only book the next plane ticket to F Country immediately. In the meantime, he also contacted his colleagues from Interpol, hoping that they would stop Fabian at the airport.

Once Madeline knew about this, she wanted to go to F Country with Jeremy.

Jeremy knew he could not say no to Madeline, so together, they waited for their flight at the airport.

The closest flight was in three hours. There was little else they could do apart from waiting.

However, two hours later, Jeremy received a call from his Interpol colleague in F Country. The person told him that the chartered plane under Fabian’s name had just landed in F Country, but Fabian himself was not on the plane.

He did not take this plane to F Country! That was just a ruse!

Madeline and Jeremy were suddenly at a loss on

how to go about this. They had not expected Fabian to play this trick on them.

In the next few days, Jeremy went all out to look for Fabian’s whereabouts, but Fabian was extremely well hidden. He left not a single trace behind.

Winter was eventually replaced by spring, yet there was still no trace of Fabian and Lillian.

During a quiet afternoon, Madeline watched her youngest son who was learning to walk. She should be feeling happy, but when she recalled that her little princess was still missing, she felt as if a piece of her heart was missing, leaving her incomplete.

“Why are you staring into space here, Eveline?” Eloise suddenly appeared behind Madeline.

Madeline returned to her senses and looked at her mother who had not recovered, then felt another wave of heartache.

Even now, Madeline’s mother still could not recognize that Eveline, the precious daughter that Eloise longed for, was Madeline.

Madeline thought silently, then quickly got rid of her melancholic and negative emotions, smiling at Eloise.

“I’m playing with Pudding.”

Eloise looked at Pudding and asked curiously, “Why is Pudding the only one here? Where’s Jack and Lily? Say, it’s been a long time since I saw Lily.”

The mention of Lily at this moment made Madeline feel a tug at her heart, but she could only keep on smiling.

“Lily is playing somewhere with a friend of mine. She’ll be back after a while.”

“How long a while?” Eloise asked bluntly.

Tears pricked the corners of Madeline’s eyes as she could not control her emotions any further. “ I… I don’t know.”

“How could you not know? Aren’t you Lily’s mother?”

Madeline was momentarily speechless. Her eyes were already red.

Yes, she was Lillian’s mother.

She had lost her daughter, and as a mother, she could hardly be free from blame.

Upon seeing Madeline crying, Eloise furrowed her thin eyebrows, her heart suddenly started to feel heavy. “Why are you crying? Here, a tissue for you.”

When Madeline saw the tissue Eloise handed her, Madeline further lost control, and tears flowed from her eyes.

“I’ve failed as a mother, ” she blamed herself. “Back then, I didn’t manage to care for Jack properly, causing him to suffer so much when he was so little. Now, it’s Lily’s turn. Someone abducted her before my eyes, yet I couldn’t stop it in time.”

Madeline grabbed Eloise’s hand as she spoke, losing control of her emotions.

“Mom, tell me. What on earth do I have to do to become a passable, decent mother?”

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